Broken Goggles: The Begining of the End

Fallen Courage

Rika’s POV

Shinjuku park…

Okay maybe I did go a little too far with Brainiac, gut come on the guy got on my nerves, but anyways we’re still in Guilmon’s house waiting for the Brainiac to wake up, it had been fifteen minutes since I beat the living daylights out of him and he still was unconscious, to tell the truth I started to get just a bit worried.

Just then Henry started to get it back together, “Huh? Where am I?”

Ryo came up and kneeled down to him “Hello my name is Ryo it’s a pleasure to meet you” he gave out his hand to take it.

“Ryo I know who you are, and seriously Rika next time you hit me avoid the face please.” He was sobbing his cheek where I had left him a bruise ‘What a wimp’

“Please, Henry I didn’t hit you that hard” I said looking away.

“Sure you didn’t” Impmon said to me, “You want to be next?!” I menaced, showing him a fist, I saw him starting to sweat “Calm down sweet-cheeks, I’m just j-joking hehe” I just turned around.

Ai and Mako had to leave before Henry told us the reason he had called us, they said they had something to do, I felt a hand wrap around mine I turned to see Ryo smiling at me, I calmed down and smiled back in a way he made me feel safe and secure.

Ryo continued the talk “Anyways Henry why’d you call us up? You sounded pretty excited about something”

Henry’s expression did a 180 turn from upset to downright happy “Well yes, the truth is ever since that day I kept a secret from all of you” at the sound of his words the whole room went silent.

I immediately knew which day he was talking about, I started to get really upset but not like before this time it was serious, Henry was keeping a secret form us about that day? They all know that when it comes down to Takato I’m not up for jokes. I started to grip Ryo’s hand even harder, “You better have a good reason to have kept something from us Henry” my voice sounded serious and cold.

Ryo said nothing, I looked straight at Henry and he looked straight back at me as if only the two of us were there, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath “Rika…. If you remember back up to that day I had Terriermon load Guilmon’s data” he said not easing his stare.

The fact that Terriermon had done that was deep imprinted in my mind, but the truth was that I never knew the reason why he had ordered Terriermon to do such a thing “Yeah what about it?”

Henry looked back to the hole that Guilmon had dug-up “Well I had him load the data in order to get him back” he didn’t turn around.

WHAT?!? Was he serious?! No digimon can come back after being deleted, those words made me want to lunge at him “You better not be joking Wong because I swear if you are I-”

“I’m not” He said in a serious tone looking back at me “I’m not joking because ever since that day I helped my dad develop a program to do so and now…” He came up close to me and put his hand on my shoulder “It’s done Rika….. We can get him back” he was fighting back the tears.

I could not speak I was frozen at place, could he really have created a way to bring back Guilmon? I wanted to believe him but it was too… too good to be true I felt something wet run down my cheeks, I was crying “A-Are you r-really serious?” my voice was shaking and barely audible.

Henry hugged me and whispered to my ear “Yes Rika we can finally see that glutton back, he’s all we have left of him” I felt my heart soften, I released Ryo’s hand and hugged Henry back and whispered back to Henry “Thank you”…..

POV Change…


Takato was walking the usual rout that T used to take aside the ocean, he stopped at the place where T always stood and looked at the eternal ocean as the sun started to set, and to his own amazement he found the view beautiful.

His mind started to wander on to his painful memories he had of his so called friends, then he found himself smiling at the situation he was now in and he knew it was all their fault and they had to pay.


Takato suddenly turned around at the sound of a voice he could not identify, “Who’s there?” he called out….. No answer.

“Takato come back…….”

He kept looking around in all directions “Wizardmon?”….. Again no answer.

“Takato we need you to come back….”

This time the voices were much more intense, then an overwhelming pain came to his head “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” he dropped to his knees and raised his hands to his head.

“Takato come back…. Taka-…. You’re not ok….. Takato…. Takato…”

“GET OUT OF MY HEAD AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” the pain was excruciating.


“Come back…”


“Come back to us….”

“Come back to….”

Then after what seemed to be hours of pain went away, Takato was on his knees holding himself up with his hands he was breathing heavily and sweating, he felt very weak as if he could not even stand, and he couldn’t recognize any of those voices just as there were to many, although he knew exactly who that last voice was from it was just that he was trying to deny it.

Wizardmon suddenly appeared by his side “Sir what’s wrong?” he said helping Takato to his feet, he noticed that he was barely able to keep his balance.

“I’m….. Gasp… I’m fine” he said swaying away Wizardmon’s hand, and nearly falling off his balance.

Wizardmon caught him again “No you’re not sir please allow me to take you to your room” the digimon nearly begged.

“I SAID- AAAAHHHHHHGGGGG!” The pain came back to him and Takato grabbed his head once again and drooped to his knees, hearing the same voices in the same sequence all over again, when it stopped Takato had fell to the ground fainted.

Wizardmon carried him and went back into the house taking Takato to his room, little did they know that a dark cloud was lying overhead, and from it came a deep dark voice “Interesting, it appears that his subconscious is still fighting the dark spore, it seems I will have to take this matter into my own hands, I cannot allow to lose another of my valuable assets.” And with that said the dark cloud dispersed.

The dark room…

Airchi came into the room, with Dorumon by his side “You called me master?” he asked looking at the darkest side of the room.

Silence took over for a brief moment then the dark voice overpowered the silence “Yes Aichi, it appears another problem has occurred” he gestured the chess board to him.

Airchi came closer to the chess board and his eyes widened at the fact that T’s piece was on the digidestined side, “B-But how is this possible? The dark spore should have taken complete control over his body.”

Airchi heard a sigh “To be honest with you my boy I had been expecting this since the day I took over him”

Airchi started to look confused, the voice came once again “Let me explain, he is not like anyone of you”.

Airchi looked even more disoriented “What do you mean not like anyone of us?”

The voice responded “You see Airchi the original digidestined have something that no other digidestined will ever have” saying this Airchi knew exactly what his master was referring to.

Airchi gained his composure “The tags and crests” he confirmed.

The voice continued “Indeed, you see Airchi the tags and crests are not represented physically, but they themselves represent the crests” There was a pause seeing that Airchi was understanding the voice continued “The reason I wanted Taichi was that I could lure the rest in by using him once I had them all together I could take the crests for myself.”

Airchi nodded “I see Master, but if you allow me I have one question”

The voice’s silence confirmed he was able to continue, and so Airchi did “How exactly are you going to get the tags and crest given the fact that they are themselves hold the crest deep inside them?”

The voice chuckled “That my boy, is Wizardmon’s purpose, he is a digimon who is capable of many things returning the crests to their original forms in the tags will not be much of a task for him, although I cannot guaranty that the children will survive after the removal of the crests, not that it matters, but if they do survive there is no need to fear them any more, once we take the crests from them they will be powerless and they will not be able to digivolve their digimon much more than mere champions” the voice mocked.

Airchi smiled “Then I will go retrieve Tai for you Master” he said as he turned to leave the door.

“That will not be necessary, I do not want you to reveal your existence just yet, I have sent Takato, but there lies yet another problem” The voice stopped Airchi causing him to turn around.

“What’s the issue?” He asked angered by the fact that he has not been able to go to the field.

The deep voice noticed his anger “Do not fear my boy you will go out sooner than you realize, regarding to Takato’s problem it appears that his subconscious is fighting the dark spore” there was another silence but the voice continued “If this continues we will lose our most valuable asset and most powerful weapon at hand”.

Airchi looked interested now “What do you want me to do Master?” just as he said that a little black ball that looked like a seed went across the room to Airchi, “Another one?” he asked looking curiously at the other side of the darkened room.

The voice laughed “Do not fear Airchi, Takato maybe the only one apart from Taichi and Davis to withstand two dark spores in his body, now go and once he awakens send him after my crest.”

Airchi made Dorumon grab the dark spore, and headed for the door but he had yet another question, “Yes?” the dark voice seemed to be able to read his intentions.

Airchi asked without turning around “What about the other you sent to get Tai?”

Airchi heard a chuckle “He’s just to make sure that he doesn’t escape once Takato reaches him, then my other boy is to come back”

“Humph” Airchi said leaving the room.

“It is only a matter of time….” The dark voice laughed…

Aichi headed to the room where Takato was staying with Dorumon by his side carrying the dark spore cautiously not to squeeze it, which if he does will end up inside in him instead of Takato.

Once Airchi reached the room he opened the door and noticed that Wizardmon was on the side of the bed where Takato laid, Takato had a wet towel on his forehead, he appeared to be breathing heavily and sweating cold, Wizardmon looked at Airchi then at Dorumon his eyes widened once he saw what the little digimon was carrying, “What are you planning to do Airchi?” Wizardmon demanded.

Airchi was surprised by the way Airchi had answered him “You dare use that tone against me?! You are but a mere digimon you should lean your place when you speak to me!” Airchi glared.

Wizardmon stood his ground “The only one who deserves my respect and earns it is Takato and no one else I vowed to protect him and keep him safe and that’s what I’ll do even if that means I have to take you down then so be it!”

Airchi was stunned by this ‘Wizardmon should not be like this I wonder what happened to him’ Airchi thought but then he looked at the young boy who seemed to be in agony ‘Takato you are a special boy indeed’ Airchi thought for a moment then saw as he could use this as his advantage “Wizardmon, if what you say is true than let me stabilize Takato”

Wizardmon didn’t seem to buy it “How? By inserting him another dark spore? Please Airchi I’m not that stupid I know what the dark spore does to a human body, it enhances the athletic abilities of the host by a big number, it also enchants the heart rate by a bare minimum and last but not least it makes the user potentially violent and stronger, in other words it can be called a drug and as I know inserting a large amount of drugs into a person leads to sudden death.” He stood in the way between Dorumon and Takato.

Airchi sighed “I guess you did do your research, in any case you are right, but as you can see he is in agony and if I don’t try to do something his brain will have a breakdown and he will remain a vegetable” he lied.

Wizardmon seemed to be buying Airchi’s lie, he looked back at his agonizing partner then back at Airchi, it seemed as he was about to say no once again and Aichi was ready to use whatever means necessary to insert the dark spore but… “Very well…” Wizardmon said moving aside, Airchi laughed inside his mind.

“Thank you Wizardmon, you have just saved your partner, now, do it Dorumon” as his partner commanded Dorumon got on the bed and released the dark spore on top of Takato’s chest and carefully pushed it in, once it was all in he hopped out of the bed and stood by Airchi’s side as they waited for it to take effect.

Wizardmon watched that Takato’s breathing was calming down, also the fever was coming down as well, and then he slowly opened his eyes “Wizardmon?” he asked in a low weak voice.

“I’m here Takato, please rest you need to rest” Takato didn’t argue with that and went back to sleep without breathing heavily nor sweating.

Airchi turned to leave but was stopped by Wizardmon “Thank you Airchi, I’m-I’m sorry for doubting you” he apologized.

Airchi looked at him almost in disgust, “Just be sure not to talk to me in that tone ever again got it!” he menaced.

Wizardmon nodded, Airchi then remembered the other aspect he had to take care of “Oh, and when he wakens you two are to retrieve the Crest of Courage, the Master said he already filled you in in what you have to do” he remembered the digimon.

Wizardmon did not seem to content but he nodded “Indeed I do”

“Good the Master will not tolerate any failure” Airchi said leaving the digimon with his partner, once in the corridor Airchi stopped and looked back from to room he had just exited ‘Those eyes they were not the crimson color that they should have been…Takato I can see your real self is still in there and it’s fighting to get out’ on that though Airchi left the corridor and stormed out of the house….

Rika’s POV

Nightfall had fallen and Ryo wanted to accompany me to my house but I shot down his offer I told him I wanted to have some time alone to myself and of course Renamon, to tell the truth I couldn’t be more happier this day could be one of the best ever since that misfortunate incident…


“Well no need to thank me Rika you should do that to my dad it was his plan all along” Henry told me after we broke the hug.

I suddenly saw Impmon pull Henrys pants like he was a shy kid asking his father for permission “Hey Pineapple-head d-does t-that mean we can g-get back Leomon to?”

Henry kneeled down and patted Impmon on the head “Hey, that’s why I called you we made this so we can get both of them back, that’s also why I didn’t call Jeri in because I want it to be a surprise, so you think you can help me?” he asked smiling.

Impmon was on the verge of tears “Y-You aren’t kidding? W-We can get Leomon back?”

Henry smiled at him once more “No I’m not kidding Impmon we can get him back, you can finally make up for the mistake you made Impmon”

If it weren’t for Impmon’s pride he would’ve hugged Henry here and now though he did shed a couple of tears and I shared some with him, “So when do we do this?” Ryo asked enthusiastically.

Henry stood up and looked at us “Well it’s getting late today so tomorrow at eight o-clock sharp in Yamaki’s lab, we’ll have the program up and running once you and Impmon arrive, all we need to complete the process is the D-Arc of the digimon’s partner, I have Jeri’s right here” He held up crazy-girl’s D-Arc “I just need Takato’s” He said that last part looking at me with begging eyes he knew very well that I didn’t let anyone else touch Goggle-head’s D-Arc.

“I’ll bring it with me tomorrow” I said in a firm tone.

“Aw come on Rika I just want to study it with the program” he begged at me, I just looked away.

Without turning I asked “Hey you already got Puppet-girl’s so why do you want Google-head’s?”

Henry was nearly kneeling at this point, “Rika please I want to try it out with both before the real test tomorrow”

Ryo intervened “Come on darling, if you lend it for him for one day I’ll stop calling you that name” he blackmailed

I sighed I really did want Ryo to stop calling me that so I gave in “Oh, alright.” I said reaching for Goggle-head’s D-Arc in my belt, “Here” I said handing it out to Braniac.

I saw his stupid nerd eyes glitter “Thanks Rika, I’ll give it back when it’s done” he said taking it, as he did I felt as if I was giving away a part of me, that D-Arc was now as much of a part of me as were his stupid goggles that I always wear around my neck.

As he strapped the white and gold D-Arc on his belt I threatened him “You better not make a single dent in that or I will give you a worse punishment than the beating I just gave you got that?!” I said raising him a fist, I saw him sweat drop.

“Y-Yes mam” he said nodding like crazy ‘Ah it’s good to be feared’ I giggled in my thoughts…

**End of Flashback**

I seriously could not wait for tomorrow it was going to be a thrilling and meaningful day, I couldn’t stop smiling at the thought that I would have a part of him with me now, his bond with Guilmon was so strong I would try and treat Guilmon like Goggle-head would although I couldn’t imagine how much of my salary I would spend on food, but that was the least of my worries.

I entered my house and couldn’t wait to tell my mom and grandmother the great news, “Mom, Grandma’ I’m home you wouldn’t believe what Henry told us!” I entered the house and noticed nobody answered “Mom!? Grandma’?!” ‘That’s strange’ I thought to myself I came into the kitchen.

Then I saw a note on the table…

Honey I had to go to a photo-shooting they offered me at last minute sorry for not texting you but I didn’t want to disturb your day with Ryo.

Your Grandmother decided to accompany me so you’re home-alone for a day, you better not bring that boy while I’m away over or else…

We left food in the kitchen, be back soon…


Your Mother…

And Grandmother…..

P.S We left some in charge of looking after you, I’m not telling who but it’s just in case you get any weird ideas about brining Ryo over for the night…

‘Seriously my mom thinks I will give in to Ryo that easily, Pl-ease I’d rather give myself to Goggle-head first- Wait did I just say that?’’ I couldn’t see my face but I was sure I was red all over I couldn’t believe I just said that ‘Oh my God I can’t believe I just said that’ Suddenly weird images came into my head about me and Goggle-head, I abruptly shook my head to get the ideas out of my mind ‘God Rika get that out of your head’

“Is anything wrong Rika?” I jumped at the sight that Renamon appeared beside me, I normally didn’t react like that since I was used to it “N-No Renamon nothing at all geez you sound like my mother…” I heard Renamon giggle as she disappeared again ‘Man I need to rest, I’m not to hungry anyways’ I started to head to my room.

When I reached it Renamon appeared again “I told you I’m fine Ren-”

“Step back somebody is in there!” She told me and that caught my attention “Who? A digimon?” I asked desperately.

“No it’s a person” when she said that it made me shiver ‘Who? Who could be in my room? Everyone knew I was a tamer only a dumbass would try and break an entering or worse try to do something to me’ I munched on the thought until Renamon pushed me away from the door, “He’s coming” she grabbed me and pulled me a few meters back then the door slid open, but all I saw was darkness, then I heard him.

“It’s nice to see you again, Rika” I felt a wave of fear run down my spine, a wave of guilt and anger entered me as I immediately recognized the voice, the voice of a murderer, the murderer that killed the one of the most important people in my life.

I was shivering in fear ‘If Goggle-head couldn’t beat this guy than I don’t stand a chance, not alone anyhow’ I slowly reached the red button on the D-Arc a beckoning signal that Henry’s dad added after what happened to Takato.

“Do not fear, I’m not here to hurt you in any case I’m here to warn you” Warn me?? HIM?! He couldn’t be serious right?! First he kills Goggle-head then he comes telling me he wants to warn me?!! The hell he does!!

“Warn me after all you did, you want to warn me?!” I yelled in a shaking voice, Renamon was ready to enter battle any moment now.

“I-I know it’s hard to understand but please you have to listen to me you’re about to make a huge mistake!” I heard that the man was having trouble to muster up the words.

“Mistake?!” I could stand this guy I wanted to grab him and tear him apart, I wanted him to fell what he made us all feel.

“Yes a mistake you’re about to bring back Guilmon I request you don’t do it, if you do all it will bring is more agony and pain” Was this guy crazy?! He is talking to me about agony and pain?! And that he’s trying to stop it?! To top it all he wants me to give up on bringing back the only living connection I have towards Goggle-head?! He must be out of his mind!

“Pain...? Agony?” I said in a dark deep voice, I could feel the tears starting to run down my cheeks, “You want us to stop bringing back an old friend that you killed?!” I didn’t try to suppress my anger.

“Look I know this maybe hard but-” That did it.



I saw a portal opening up in the room, and I saw the capped man once again “RENAMON STOP HIM!!” but it was too late, once Renamon entered the room the man passed the portal and closed behind him.

Suddenly I felt my knees and legs give in my vision goes burry and I start to fall, but somebody catches me, “Ryo?” was the last thing I murmured and then it all went blank…

I’m in a dark room I can’t see a thing in here, all I can see is a chess board in the middle, the pieces look to familiar but I can’t see them too well, I try to get close but my legs won’t move.

“Are you ready my boy?” I turned towards the darkest side of the room, but I see nothing but I am certain a voice came from there.

A young boy enters the room, he was wearing a cape with a hood that didn’t allow you to see his hair he also wore a dragon mask that prevented his face to be seen all that I could see were his dark crimson red eyes, the boy nodded at the question.

“Good now it is time for you to go, go and retrieve your one and true friend” I saw the boy turn to his right and a portal opened.

“Indeed I shall” My eyes widened at the sound of that voice it couldn’t be, I reached out to him and opened my mouth to scream his name….

“Takato!!” I woke with a start, I felt a sting in my throat

“Easy there” A voice that I recognized so much said gently as he laid me down, I realized I was in my bedroom lying on the bed, it appears I had been sweating hard.

“Ryo?” I asked as I looked at him, he was kneeling by my side putting passing his hand though my hair.

“You know you gave us quite a scare when you activated the emergency beckon” he smiled at me as he looked into my eyes, then I remembered what had just happened.

“That man!” I said sitting up again “That man who was here, he was-”

“We know Rika, Renamon filled us in with the details” I saw Henry enter the room closing his cellphone while entering, “I just called Yamaki and he said that no digital field was sensed in the area, but a search for him has already been sent out, he wants to talk to us tomorrow when we get there.”

“I doubt they’ll find him” I said in a low tone, I started to recap all that he had said to me then it then hit me ‘He had a chance to take me out why didn’t he take it? Then again I didn’t see his digimon with him neither, and what was all that he said to me about trying to prevent us from causing more pain and agony? Maybe-’

Ryo broke me out of my thoughts “Well anyways you gotta rest we’ll talk about this tomorrow, besides we have a special day in store for us tomorrow we better rest” Ryo tried lightening the mood though it was in vain, it’s not every day you come face to face with the guy who took your heart out.

“Well we gotta go Rika call if you need anything” Henry waved as he left the room.

Ryo came up to me and kissed my cheek, which made me blush a bit “I gotta go to, but if you need anything just holler and I’ll be here before you can spell Schwarzenegger” I smiled, though I really didn’t want to spend this night alone in my house my mother would freak if see saw Ryo here when she gets home.

Just as he left I overheard him say to Renamon “Ren take care of her kay?” I only saw Renamon nod and said something to him which made him look back at me with worried eyes, but then he smiled and left leaving me alone with my thoughts, even though I wanted to know what Renamon had said to him I needed to rest it was getting late and we had a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

But there was a thing that keep bugging me, that dream I had when I fell asleep I could have sworn that that was Goggle-head’s voice but that was impossible…. Wasn’t it? After all it was just a dream…. Right?

And with that in thought I fell into sleep’s grace….


Shinjuku City…


A portal appeared in an ally, luckily for the young man that came out of it, it was empty.

The young boy was wearing a black cape that covered him from head to toes, he had a hood that prevented anyone to see his hair, he came out of the portal and immediately leaned his back on the nearest wall, letting himself to the ground.

“I’m sorry…” Tai mumbled softly “I’m so sorry…” he let the tears run down his cheeks, knowing he had yet destroyed another life and was about to ruin even more for not being able to convince Rika to stop the inevitable.

Tough he should’ve known better, ‘How could I have ever thought that she would want to listen to me after all that I told her that night? She’s right to hate me, even to try and kill me…’ his thoughts were interrupted by his D-Arc which started beeping.

He took it out and an image of Gallantmon came to the screen “What do you want” Tai asked coldly.

Gallantmon sighed “I sense it did not go well” he said in a tone that angered Tai to the nerves.

“What did you expect for her to receive me with open arms?” Tai raised his tone “You knew what I did to her and still you made me come here to talk to her?”

“Tai we must stop the incoming event if not all shall fall” Gallantmon said in a cold tone, Tai suddenly got up and was furious.

“Gallantmon you understand not a single thing about humans, if what’s going to happen then it will and if it’s a threat then I will just stop it even if it cost me my life, back home they all must think I’m dead so it won’t matter if it cost me my life, I will repay for the mistakes I’ve committed, but even still I don’t understand why you refused to let me tell her that he was still alive, and worst I don’t know why I agreed with you in the first place!! As the digidestined of Courage I must be prepared to face any consequence that may come to me for my past actions, no matter what the cost, but I will not allow any more people to get hurt because of me!!! So I don’t care what you say tomorrow morning I will go and tell them all the truth whether you like it or not!!!” and with that not waiting for an answer Tai closed the link in his D-Arc and started walking.

He headed towards a cafe that was open 24/7, ‘Eh might as well, I don’t feel like sleeping’ He was lucky that he had found a couple of money in his wallet.

He order his latte and took a seat in a table that was outside of the café to enjoy the night ‘I still prefer those back at home’ he thought as he took another slurp of the late, he then spotted a girl that was coming up to where he was sitting, he found himself staring at the young girl’s beauty she had a very slim body and her hair was a beautiful light teal color that was noticeable under a lamp post her hair reached to half of her back, she was shorter than Tai but not by so much, but what caught the most of his attention were her gorgeous violet eyes, she was wearing a light blue blouse with white flowers, over it she wore a white coat and dark blue pants.

“Are you Taichi Kamiya?” The young girl asked, Tai just nodded not capable of mustering a few words.

The girl giggled a bit, it appeared she received these reactions a bit more often “My name is Layna, it’s a pleasure to meet you… Legendary Digidestined” with that said Tai knew this wasn’t going to be a simple meeting.

“How-” Tai tried but was interrupted as the girl put her finger on Tai’s lips, making him blush

“I’m flattered to make you blush but I haven’t got much time to tell you all the details your so called Maser has sent some of his boys after you, so I ask for you to please stay quiet and let me talk” The young girl asked, Tai just nodded.

“I know this will result quite of a shock to you but I’m from your world and I’m from America, I was with Mimi’s group in the search for you when you left” Layna explained.

“Search?” Tai asked a little shocked that they had gone so far to look for him, apart from the fact that he had in front of him a person that traveled between dimensions, he had so many things to ask but he was not allowed.

Layna nodded “Yes I with Mimi and some others went looking for you in the digital world after your sudden disappearance, but after a few days, people started to give up even some of the digidestined”

Tai was a bit disappointed that they gave up on him, “But not all gave up, we later found out that none of the original digidestined except for Mimi, Joe and all their digimon could not enter the digital world” Layna continued.

“It was later that we found out why, after a couple months of searching for you, we finally caught a lead and Mimi could not accompany us so I went in with my boyfriend and we meet up with Gennai and he told us that you had been spotted in the Continent of Server” Layna took a slurp from Tai’s latte, which made him blush even more.

Layna giggled seeing his reaction “Once we came up there we searched for a couple of days until…”

“Until?” Tai pushed

Layna took a deep breath “Until we found you, only that it wasn’t the real you, you were cold ruthless and you seemed to enjoy making us suffer.”

Tai looked down “I’m sorry I-” Layna shushed him “Hey no need to explain” she comforted him.

Layna continued “Well you had BlackAgumon with you at that time and well you made him digivolve into BlackWarGreymon using a special digivice, my boyfriend and I fought valiantly against you but we ultimately lost, we thought it was the end but then my boyfriend lunged at you and his digimon lunged at BlackWarGreymon, I was about to help but then he told me to run, I couldn’t believe what he was asking me so I refused but then he made my digimon grab me and take me away” she was on the verge of tears.

Tai looked at her and noticed that she was just yet another life who he had destroyed, he was about to open his mouth to apologize but, “Please don’t apologize” Layna asked.

Tai couldn’t understand “But Layna, I did so many horrible things to you and many others that…” he trailed off not wanting to shed more tears.

Layna looked at him amused “Hey I came here to bring you back to the people that care about you, you don’t know how hard Mimi has been looking for you”

Tai was stunned by this “Mimi?”

Layna giggled a bit “Yeah Mimi hasn’t stopped not even up until now she still enters the digital world every week looking for you”

Tai smiled ‘Wow I never could have imagined Mimi doing something like that’, Layna saw that Tai was deep in thought “Hey lover-boy we gotta go they’re going to be here any minute so we better-”

“You better what” a voice came from the darkness.

Layna and Ta immediately got up and looked around “Who’s there?” asked Layna.

“Oh and who might you be? I was only sent to stall Tai until Takato reached me but seeing as you’re here maybe make things more interesting” the voice mocked.

“Come out you coward!” Tai demanded.

“Tai, Tai, Tai, you know I admired you man that was until you wimped out and joined the other team, what made you chicken out?” Suddenly some steps were getting closer to where Tai and Layna were.

“Layna did you bring your digimon?” Tai whispered to Layna.

“Yeah he’s sitting in the dark in case something like this happened” Layna said slowly reach her belt for her digivice, it was an original model just like Tai’s first, Tai looked at her then he saw something on her neck something that he hadn’t seen before, ‘It can’t be that’s…’ He was cut off by Layna “Look there he is!”

Tai turned to face where Layna and sure enough there was a young boy in a cape just as Tai’s only that this boy wore a brown cap with goggles on it, his brown hair could be seen, and his skin seemed a bit tanned giving it a medium brown color, though his eyes were red, “Allow me to introduce myself my name is Takuya Kanbara, and today I shall be your demise” he said in a menacing tone, taking out his digivice.

“Oh yeah you and who else” Layna asked clearly noticing the lack of a digimon partner, but Tai knew better than this “Layna call your digimon now before-”




“Before that happens” Tai finished, as they stood in awe as a human digivolved into a digimon.


“Knightmon come out!” Layna yelled, and as she did a digimon knight with grey armor and a long sword with a golden shield strapped to its back came from the darkness lunging himself to BurningGreymon, tackling him straight on.

“Layna take Tai and get out of here I’ll hold him off!” Knightmon yelled back holding BurningGreymon to the ground.

“Ok but be sure to catch up to us” Layna said grabbing Tai’s hand and running off into an alley.

“Hehe, how noble of you” BurningGreymon laughed “But they won’t get to far…” he pushed Knightmon off him “Now I shall give you an ultimatum…. Submit or die…” BurningGreymon said to him.

“I pledged my loyalty to Layna I will not let her down!” Knightmon tightened his grip on his sword.

“Hehe so be it… I’ll be sure to keep to alive so you can hear her screams” BurningGreymon mocked.

“SHUT IT!!!” Knightmon ran towards BurningGreymon with both hands on his sword, he jumped and brought the sword down ready to slice BurningGreymon in half, but all in vain as BurningGreymon grabbed the sword with one hand.

“What?!” Knightmon was perplexed and pulled himself back, “That attack should’ve sliced your hand”

BurningGreymon smiled “You would be surprised to know how…. But now I’ve grown board of you, and to think that you may have been a good opponent.”

“Don’t mock me!” Knightmon positioned his sword to his side with both hands, he closed his eyes and concentrated, and then his Greatsword started to glow.

“Oh no you don’t” BurningGreymon said running up to him in an attempt to stop the attack nut all too late.

Knightmon opened his eyes “ELECTRIC SLASH!!!” he started so slash his sword sending powerful blasts of energy towards BurningGreymon and they all hit him straight on, Knightmon kept slashing nonstop until he was fully agitated.

He stopped inhaling heavily looking at the smoke in front of him, once it dispersed were once had stood BurningGreymon only air remained “Hehe, he wasn’t so tough”

“You know you shouldn’t count victory so soon… WILDFIRE TSUNAMI!!!” a voice behind him said, Knightmon turned just to see the fires of his demise.


Layna and Tai were running nonstop they had passed by an alley and now they were passing by a soccer field , Tai suddenly stopped in place making Layna look back “What are you doing we have to keep going”

“Just where are we going?” Tai asked

“Look I don’t have time to explain we have to get you back or else…” Layna stopped knowing she had gone too far.

Tai looked at her suspiciously “Or else what?”

Layna remained quiet turning her gaze to the ground “I…I can’t say” she mumbled.

“Look Layna if you don’t tell me what you know how can I trust you? I mean why are you in such a hurry to take me back? And now that I’m at it HOW will you take me back?” Tai asked unsure to trust her or not.

Layna still remained quiet, but then turned her gaze up “I’m sorry I-I really can’t”

Tai was about to answer when a body fell a few feet away from them, “What the?” Tai ran up to the body which seemed to be in armor, Layna saw that and rapidly came running up to it.

“Knightmon!!?? Knightmon!! What happened??!” Layna cried it was obvious that she was holding back tears, as she knelt down trying to wake the fainted digimon, his grey armor was dented and cracked in many places and had some burn marks on it, his Greatsword was broken as he still held a great grip on it.

“Oh, do not worry he’ll live, just to see her scream in pain” Tai and Layna looked up to see Takuya walking up to them, but this time he had somebody else with him a young boy the same height of Takuya he had a cape that covered him from head to toes and he wore a hood that covered his hair along with a dragon mask that covered his identity, but as he came up close he removed the hood to reveal his brown hair along with his mask, the face that appeared made shivers go down Tai’s back.

Layna saw Tai’s reaction once he saw the other boy “Takato” he whispered to himself.

“Tai what’s wrong?” Layna asked him asked him.

Tai answered her not daring to look other away from his enemies, “You have to get out of here” Layna was surprised by his answer.

Layna looked at him surprised “But I can’t go without you I-”

“Layna don’t argue, you have to!! You are no match for them, run I’ll give you time” Tai said as he stood and went in front of Knightmon and Layna.

Layna hesitantly de-digivolved Knightmon to his rookie form Kotemon a little digimon who wears samurai armor along with a helmet covering his whole head, she picked him up and looked at Tai one more time who had his back on her, “I’ll be back for you”

Tai chuckled “I count on it” he said not turning around.

Layna smiled and started running away leaving the soccer field but as soon as she was leaving she felt an excruciating pain run down her back, “AAAHHHH!” she got on one knee and turned to see a Wizardmon with his hand aiming at her, and her eyes grew with fear as she saw Wizardmon’s hand glow….

“AAAAHHHHHH!!” Tai turned to see Layna on the ground knocked unconscious “No! Layna!” he started to run to her but was blocked by Wizardmon.

“Ah, ah, ah, I wouldn’t do that if I were you” Takuya said.

“What do you want from her I thought the one you wanted was me?” Tai questioned them.

“Yes that is true but we can use her” Takato said stopping a few feet away from him.

“What do you want from me?” Tai asked in a fearful voice ‘I’m alone right now and that maybe better, Agumon….’

Takato came up to him “You know at first my Master wanted to get you back, but then he realized it wasn’t necessary, we needed you for one purpose, a purpose you can fulfill with us or not.”

Tai looked at him with rage “What are you talking about?”

Takato laughed “Hehe you’re really anxious to know don’t you?” he looked up at the sky then back at him, “Night…. Feared by most and loved by few…. Tai you will fulfill your task whether you like it or not, even if you don’t realize it, you will do it”

“Takato why do you do this when you don’t even remember who you are?” Tai eased his gaze.

Takato looked at him with mocking eyes “Hehe, unlike you or Takuya my memories didn’t have to be altered, I embraced the darkness and accepted it, do you think I don’t remember my parents? My so called friends that abandoned me when I most needed them? All they ever did was use me, they took advantage of my powers and when I was defeated they took my partner and left me for dead!”

Tai was surprised at this ‘Takato…. You decided this?’

“Well enough of this, Wizardmon do it” Takato said as he turned around and walked towards Takuya.

“Wait what are you- AHHHHHHHH!!!” Tai felt a pain unimaginable like none other he looked down to his chest to see that it was glowing and that a hand had entered in that zone as light came out from it, he followed the hand to its owner and saw that it was Wizardmon.

“You see Tai all we need is your Crest of Courage, and the other thing of course but that is if you live” Takato said turning to him.

Tai couldn’t talk all he felt was pain he kept screaming at the top of his lungs as he felt Wizardmon’s hand grab something inside him, tears were starting to run down Tai’s face form the pain, then Wizardmon started pulling his hand out, but as he did Wizardmon whispered something into Tai’s ear something that made his eyes widen even more.

“Tai you don’t know the value of your crest so it’s time you gave that crest to someone else!” As soon as Takato finished that Wizardmon tugged his had out of Tai, leaving a burnt mark on his chest and a hole in his shirt.

Tai dropped to his knees he was dizzy, his head, chest and all his body hurt to an extreme level, Wizardmon opened his hand and in it was the golden tag and bright orange crest that had engraved in it the symbol of Courage “Here it is Takato… and it appeared he lived” he said giving the Tag to him.

Takato took the crest and put it on, suddenly the crest started to glow a dark color and the once orange crest turned dark and the symbol turned a white color, the tag turned red, “I guess these colors do fit me better”

He looked at Tai and took out his D-Arc “Now phase two” he took a purple card from his deck…



A portal opened behind Takato as he went and picked up Tai by his cape, “If you know what’s good for you, don’t come back” he told him as he threw Tai into the portal “Though I should advise you it’ll be a while till you appear in the other side.” Once Tai passed, the portal closed.

Takato turned and started to walk away, “Takato what do we do with them?” Takuya asked him referring to the unconscious Layna and Kotemon.

“We’ve got what we came for, leave them.” Takato said opening another portal and passing through it along with Wizardmon, Takuya took another look at the fainted couple then he followed Takato.


It was a beautiful afternoon in Odaiba and Sora Takenouchi was heading towards the park with dear friend Biyomon, walking with her was her ex-boyfriend Matt who was now surprisingly dating Davis’ sister Jun, he was going with Gabumon.

“Hey Sora did you hear that Mimi was arriving here today to spend the weekend?” Matt asked her.

Sora nodded “Yeah usually she doesn’t come but she did call Izzy to tell him it was urgent and that she wanted to meet all of us”

“Wonder what it may be” Matt asked.

Sora thought about that for a while, and then when they reached for the park they sat down at a bench while Gabumon and Biyomon went to the swings, Sora watched them with amusement.

“It’s amazing that after all these years they still find our world so entertaining.” Matt said

“Y-Yeah” Sora said not paying much attention to Matt.

Matt looked at her with concern “Hey Sor’ you ok?”

Sora looked up “Yeah Matt I’m ok” she lied

But Matt as her ex new her better than that “Sor’ don’t lie to me I’ve known you for quite some time you know”

Sora took a deep breath and looked back to the ground “Well Mimi said she wanted to talk to all of us… in the same room…”

“Yeah…. so?” Matt said knowing where this was going.

Sora took a while to answer “So… Y-You think she still hates me?” she asked in a shaky voice.

Matt sighed “Sor’ I know that what happened hurt Kari very much but being honest put yourself in her shoes, would you have forgiven yourself by now knowing all that you did to her?”

Sora thought about that for a while, and she came up to a conclusion she didn’t want to here, she just shook her head “I wouldn’t forgive myself”

Matt put his hand on his shoulder “Hey I know she’ll forgive you one day…. The day he comes back”

Sora smiled although deep inside she knew that there was a big possibility that he was never going to return.

They keep talking about other things, laughing joking and talking about the collages Sora might go given the fact that Matt’s band was going straight to fame, suddenly they heard a scream

They immediately stood up and looked around to see that a girl and some other people had their sights to the sky some were pointing at a certain point, Sora and Matt turned to the sky to see a black dot free falling from the sky, until it started to take form…

“Oh my God that looks like a person!” Sora exclaimed.

“It doesn’t seem he has a parachute!” Matt said.

“He’s going to land straight in the cement!” Sora said running towards Biyomon “Biyo, digivolve.” Biyomon got off from the swings and nodded.



Sora got on Birdramon’s leg “Come on Biyo we gotta catch that person!” with that Birdramon took off and went straight for the free faller.

“Sora we only have one chance at this that man is falling to fast, if I miss I won’t be able to fly back down to him in time.” Birdramon explained.

“We’ll make it” Sora firmly said.

As they got closer the figure could be seen, it appeared to be a man as Birdramon said, he was also wearing a black cape that coved his body, though his hair was long and black somehow Sora had a familiar feeling.

“Here we go” Birdramon said as she was in reach for the man, Sora held her breath as the man kept falling towards them ‘Please don’t miss Birdramon’ but as soon as Sora thought that, the man passed inches away from Birdramon’s grasp.

“NO!” Sora yelled, Birdramon went straight after him clasping her wings to her sides and diving after the man making it hard to breath for Sora because of the speed of the free fall, but just as Birdramon had said the man was just too far now it was inevitable.

Birdramon couldn’t keep free falling “I’m sorry Sora” she said as she expanded her wings once again.

Sora just watched and waited… waited for the man to crushed by the impact… but just as he was to hit the ground, a thing-no a person was sling-shot like a bullet from a certain direction at him catching him and sending both of them straight into the ocean which was a few feet away from them, Sora sighed in relief and then turned at the direction where the rescuer had been thrown form and what she saw surprised her even more.

“Togemon!?” Sora said amazed

“Togemon?” Birdramon asked perplexed “Then that means…”

“Birdramon drop me down in the park that’s near the shore” as she said that she could see the rescuer, Mimi swimming to shore with the man in one arm.

Birdramon dropped Sora a few meters away from shore and was surprised to see that many people had already surrounded the area, “Excuse me… Sorry… Excuse me” once she reached the center of the circle she saw Mimi soaking kneeling near the man’s head and holding one of the man’s hand, Mimi had painted her pink hair back to Burnett and was wearing a pink shirt and some ocean blue pants, Sora could hear her crying.

“It’s you…. It really is you… I… can’t believe it” Mimi said between tears, and as she did Sora stopped a few feet behind her.

Mimi continued “You finally came back… Please…Hang in there… Please… an ambulance is on the way…. Don’t leave us… Don’t leave me… not again…” Mimi sobbed ‘Again?’ Sora thought as she got closer.

Then the man started to cough up water and inhaled air once again, “Mimi?” the man painfully said, Sora thought she recognized that voice, but her thoughts were confirmed and she nearly fainted once Mimi talked again.

“Oh…. Tai… I’ve missed you so much….” Mimi said as she cried and caressed Tai’s cheek.

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