Broken Goggles: The Begining of the End

Return of The Fallen Leader

A Certain Hospital…

All that could be heard from a certain room was the beeping’s of a machine that said that the heart was still beating, the room was not all that special it was a plain white colored room, with a simple bed on the side of the machines, to the side of the bed there was a brown couch, and in one of the corners of the room there was a chair, finally to the left of the bed there was a large window that let you see out to the city and sea.

In the couch there was a sleeping girl who seemed to be in her mid-teens she was wearing a pink shirt and some brown shorts that reached a little higher than her knees, she had brown hair.

On the bed there was a certain brown spikey-haired young boy he had bandages over his chest area that had a very disturbing burnt mark.

*Knock* *Knock*

There was knocking on the door that made the girl stuttered awake, she rubbed her eyes and gazed at the sleeping figure in the bed and sighed relived that all was not a dream, she hesitantly got up and reached the door.

“Good morning Kari” A burnet entered the room.

“Morning Mimi, how are you?” Kari asked while yawning.

Mimi entered the room and took the available chair and placed it next to the bed and sat down looking at the boy with a saddened expression “He still hasn’t awoken…” she said almost to herself but Kari was able to hear.

Kari closed the door and took a seat at the couch she shook her head “No and I’m starting to get worried he’s been out for what now?”

Mimi smiled at Kari then turned back to look at the young man “Tai’s a strong man Kari he’s been through a lot I’m sure he’ll be ok he just needs a rest, after all it’s only been a day”

Kari looked at Mimi suspiciously and remembered what she had told them the day Tai had miraculously and mysteriously returned…


Kari had just dropped the phone stunned by the sudden words that Mimi the bearer of the crest of sincerity had just told her “He’s back”

Of course Kari did not believe her at first, she thought it was all some back and lame joke, she even got to the point where she yelled at Mimi, but after Mimi explained everything about his return and that he was currently heading to the hospital Kari dropped the phone.

Once she came back to her senses she was on her house couch and she could see that her mom was on the phone crying just listening to Mimi, her father was on his cellphone calling the hospital to confirm the news.

In a couple minutes they arrived at the hospital to see all familiar faces in the waiting lobby, Matt, Izzy, Joe, TK, Mimi and the face that Kari had learned to hate Sora, seeing the tension that was immediately caused Kari’s mother spoke up “Catch up to us in a minute Kari we’ll go to the desk to see in which room he’s in.” Kari just nodded not moving from her current place.

Mimi stood up from the couch she was sitting in and gestured them to follow her, they all did so without a word, Mimi led them to the outside of the hospital to a place where nobody else could hear, once out and in place Kari was the first to speak up “What’s she doing here?” she said as she glared at Sora.

Sora said nothing just looked away, “Hey give her a break Kari” Matt spoke up.

Kari immediately responded “Defending your beloved once again Matt?”

Matt glared at Kari, Joe saw this and stood in-between them not wanting an argument to begin “Come on Kari calm down you know Matt’s dating Jun’s sister, just give Sora a break for once, just for this occasion kay?” Joe said

Kari just huffed and looked away “Thanks Joe…” Sora said in a whisper but he heard it, he smiled at her “No prob…”

“So why’d you call us out Mimi?” Izzy spoke up once the tension was a little calmer.

Mimi sighed “I see nothing’s changed here at all, what would he say if he saw us like this?”

The moment she said that all of them felt guilty and a knot felt in their stomach Mimi spoke up once again “He worked so hard to bring this team, this family together and look what we did to it” Kari opened her mouth to say something but Mimi beat her to the punch “No Kari it was not Sora’s fault it was all of ours for blaming others Tai just needed time to think things through”

Kari formed a fist and griped hard making her knuckles a little white, “Mimi’s right there you know” this time it was TK who started talking “All this time we’ve just been blaming each other for his leave, yeah maybe Sora did have a little fault in it but what did we do when she did and said all those things to him?”

“We just stayed in the sidelines doing nothing” Izzy finished for him, as hard as it was to face those facts it was true, yeah Sora may have been the trigger to his leave but none of the rest save for Kari said anything to Sora to make her stop insulting Tai or said anything to Tai to make him feel better.

Mimi crossed her arms “When he wakes, with what face are we going to face him and tell him all that’s happened?” all stayed silent “Most likely if we tell him he will all blame it on himself just like he always has”

Kari and the rest knew Tai and knew that Mimi was right if they were to tell him-no, when they told him all that has happened in the time he has left he would blame himself and say that all of this happened because of his stupid decision of leaving.

Mimi sighed once again seeing the faces of all of her friends “You know this is the first time in a very long time that we are all together without fighting or insulting on another”

Kari smiled as she remembered all of the good laughs she has had with all of them then she remembered “Hey where’s Davis, Ken and the rest?”

“I told them to come back in an hour or so I needed to speak with you guys only, and now that I’m on it, I must tell you the reason that I am here” Mimi said as she rested her back on the wall.

Mimi looked up to the sky and began “I kinda… well… have known where Tai was all these years” once she said that she caught the attention of all of them.

“W-What?” Kari asked with a shaky voice.

“How do you know?” Sora asked.

“And for how long?” Matt continued the questions

Mimi smiled knowing that once she told them for how long they would get angry at her for not telling them sooner, she took a deep breath “A couple months ago when I went into the digital world searching for Tai, in the Continent of Server along with Layna and her boyfriend, just before we came back we got a lead, Gennai contacted us and said that he had answers to what we needed to know, he said to come look for him the next day in a certain location, unfortunately as much as I wanted and wished to go I couldn’t as I had a meeting to attend with my family something that I would have liked to skip out but if I did it would have been a catastrophe, but anyways I sent Layna along with his boyfriend to talk with Gennai, what I didn’t expect was for them to go out to the place Tai was spotted, as it turns out it appears that Tai suddenly appeared in the Continent of Server but other than that he also told them the reason as to why you guys can no longer enter the digital world”

“What, Why?” Izzy interrupted getting curious.

“About that he didn’t explain himself, you see all Gennai said, and I quote was ‘Their light has faded’” Mimi explained putting her hand at her chin as if she was thinking.

“We’ll figure that out latter you were explaining about Tai” Joe continued

Mimi nodded crossing her arms once again “Well after they went to the Continent of Server I lost contact with them and well I went in looking for them and no trace was left I tried contacting Gennai but it was futile as if he was never there, then a few days later I found Knightmon carrying Layna then-” she was interrupted when Kari’s parents came into the scene.

“We’re sorry to interrupt but the doctors say that we can go in to see him now but only three at a time” Mimi and the rest nodded.

“We’ll continue this later” Matt said walking back to the lobby with the rest.

Once in the lobby they decided the order in which they were going to go see Tai, of course it had to be family first so Kari and her parents entered first, followed by Matt, Sora and TK then Joe, Izzy and Davis who had just arrived once they came out Yolie, Ken and Mimi.

Everybody was happy to see that Tai was back but as it happened to be all wondered where he had gone and wondered how he got that injury, once night came Kari decided to stay with Tai her parents gladly accepted, but before any of them left the doctors said it may take a while for Tai to wake given the fact that his body was so worn out.

*End of Flashback*

It had already been a day since then and Mimi had still not told them everything she knew, and somehow Kari had the impression that she knew more that she had told them a lot more.

Mimi was looking at Tai with saddened eyes ‘Tai is back but she hasn’t returned, oh Layna where are you?’...

Third Quadrant…

A group of teenagers walked into a castle that lied in ruins, it used to be a great castle fit for royalty, full of books of wisdom, but all that was of no use many of the books were scattered on the ground while many seemed burnt, the castles walls had many holes and the roof, well what was left of it had many blast burns.

“Who did all this?” A young girl’s voice asked as she stood in horror at the scene.

A young boy wearing a bandana across his head came up and picked up a book for examination “Who knows, all I know is we got here to late”

“More than half a year late” A voice came from inside the ruble of the castle.

All the teens looked to where the voice had come, “Nefertimon!” they said in unison.

“It’s been long Legendary Warriors”

Sinjuku City…

It was a nice day in Shinjuku City, the sun was up high and the temperature was warm, anyone would enjoy this day outside, anyone but the tamers today was the day that would change everything.

Rika, Ryo and Impmon were on their way to pick up Jeri, and then head to Yamaki’s lab, Impmon yawned “Geez, couldn’t you guys pick a later hour for this?”

Ryo chuckled “Its 8: 20 AM Impmon, we’re already late for the meeting, I bet Henry if freaking out by now.”

Rika smiled at Ryo’s mention of Henry, then her phone started to ring…

“Hello” She answered

“Where the heck are you guys?!” Henry yelled through the phone.

“Hey Brainiac, we’ll be there in a sec ok no need to yell”

“Agh just get here quick everything’s ready, if you guys don’t get here in 5 minutes I’m starting without you” and without he closed the call.

“That Nut-brain better not start without me or else it’d be the end of him” Rika said tightening her grip on the phone, Ryo grabbed her hand “I doubt he’ll start without you, he knows it means too much to you” Rika blushed at the comment but he knew Ryo was right.

Once they arrived at Jeri’s she came out saying goodbyes to her parents “Hey guys, hi Impmon” she said enthusiastically.

‘Seriously that girl has too much energy’ Rika thought “Hey Jeri, ready to go?”

Jeri nodded “Yup, ready to go to wherever it is you’re taking me, Henry called me, but he wouldn’t give me any details either”

They started walking towards the lab Ryo and the rest trying to evade the questions Jeri sent them of their destination once they were close they put a bandana over Jeri’s eyes “Sorry Jeri but this was henry’s idea not ours” Ryo said.

Jeri just giggled and let them guide her into the lab, they entered a large room that had a big camber in the middle and many computers to its sides to the left side of the chamber there was a machine that looked like a resonance chamber, in the biggest computer was Henry, Janyu and Yamaki, “Finally” Henry said, with Terriermon on his head “It’s about time”

Once Henry saw Jeri he grabbed her hand “Just wait a little while like that ok?” Jeri nodded.

Henry looked at Impmon and kneeled down to him “You ready?” he asked the little digimon.

“Y-Yeah just a little nervous that’s all?” he said looking around seeing everybody in the room looking at him.

Henry laughed “Yeah I’m a little to”.

“Momentai” Terriermon said, Henry sighed and he took a deep breath “Come over here Impmon and get into this bed” he said motioning the bead that was connected with the resonance chamber.

Impmon got on it and they strapped him down on it “Don’t worry Impmon nothing’s gonna happen to you, all you’re going to feel is a little shock once we take out the data” Janyu explained, Impmon just nodded.

“Beginning scan” a woman on a computer said, the bed started to go in the chamber, once in Henry went on a computer and started typing in a code and Terriermon jumped off of him and sat down on the table, while Janyu was on another looking at the image the camber was giving out, “It appears that Impmon had absorbed many data of different digimon, it’s gonna take a while to find the data we’re looking for”

Yamaki cleared his thought “Rika could you come with me for a second” Rika turned to look at Yamaki with suspicious eyes but to be honest she saw this coming. She nodded and followed Yamaki out of the room and into what looked to be a garden of sorts of the facility, just as she expected she could sense Renamon not far behind.

Rika exhaled, “What do you want to know Yamaki?” She asked in an irritated tone, Yamaki smiled at this knowing that she was mad because he had interrupted an important moment for her.

“I’m sorry for talking about this today, but I have to know exactly what happened with that man yesterday.” Yamaki said cautiously, he could see Rika starting to get angered just by the thought.

“You already know what happened, I got home, he talked to me like if nothing ever happened and he said he wanted to prevent something” Rika said not wanting to remember that man’s voice at all, it made her sick inside.

Yamaki fixed his glasses like he always did “Yes I know all that but I want to know if any details were left off. Could you see his face? Could you see what markings the portal card had? Or-"

“Listen Yamaki! I know you want to know every miniscule detail but I don’t know more than you already do, I don’t know why the sudden strike of fascination of this man with me, when all I know is that he came to my house came into my room and-” That’s when it hit her, he came into her room, inside, then probably just maybe he may have dropped something or left something there.

“It seems you finally figured out where I was headed, yes he was in your room, so did you search your room afterward?” Yamaki asked, to which Rika could only shake her head.

“I thought so, when you get home you should probably look around to see if you find anything, any clues or something could help us get to the bottom of this.” Yamaki said as he went past her to go back to the room.

Rika stayed still playing yesterdays events in her head, yeah maybe she didn’t take a look around her room she was a little dumb on that part, but she knew her partner wasn’t “Renamon” Rika called out.

Renamon appeared by her side in an instant “You called Rika?” Rika smiled and looked at her digimon, all she said was “What did you find?” Renamon wasn’t surprised she expected it after all she was her tamer, for Renamon, the best of the best.

Renamon handed her out an object that held a similarity to an object that for her opinion was very similar to what she always carried around her neck, goggles… Rika just stared at them in her hands, they felt heavy, but not physically it seemed as if they carried heavy burdens, memories and hardships and most of all it seemed to carry sadness and Happiness, ‘This doesn’t belong to a killer’ Rika thought, she gripped her Goggles that were around her neck tightly.

“Rika?” Renamon asked worriedly.

Rika didn’t look at her, “Renamon are you absolutely certain that these belong to that man?” she asked softly. Renamon just looked at her and answered her question “Yes Rika I’m certain those belong to him.”

Silence… That was what remained for what appeared to be many minutes until Rika spoke up, “Renamon, could you take these back home? Leave them in my room, please” Renamon wanted to ask why but she was sure she had her reasons and didn’t press the matter further. She grabbed the goggles and jumped away.

‘Who is this man? Those goggles, they seem familiar, as if I’ve seen them before I just can’t remember where…’ She looked towards where Renamon had taken off ‘I’ll look into it tomorrow today is to much of an important day to worry over something like that.’ Rika let go of her goggles and started to walk off to the lab. What she didn’t realize was that Ryo had been watching her from another entrance, he watched her walk off inside the facility. He had wached with jelousy the way she had griped onto the goggles around her neck.

‘Still not over him... Am I not enough?’ He tried to take his thoughts out of that and concentrate on the other thing at hand ‘Someone else with goggles? I have a few teories, I just hope I’m wrong’ He thought as he went back into the corridor.

Rika entered the lab and looked around to see that Jeri still had her eyes covered and that Henry was still typing away, aparantly he was getting stressed, she found out that Ryo wasn’t around and went towards Terriermon “Hey Bunny-head, did you see where Ryo went?”

Terriermon smiled “Oh, yeah he said he was going to the bathroom, why? You wanna go join him?” he teased. Rika just got red out of enbarasment of the implicacions that Terriermon ment “Listen hear you Nut-brained bunny!! I-” She was cut off when to arms hugged her from behind “I wouldn’t have minded your company princess” Ryo said to her ear seductevly.

Rika just seemed to get redder than a tomato, Terriermon couldn’t help but laugh out loud, Rika started to send death glares to him and gave Ryo an elbow hit to the stomach, Ryo just kneeled to the floor grabbing his poor stomach “Keep dreaming Ryo!”.

Henry just sighed “Jezz you guys get a room” Rika turned to glare at him which sent shivers down his spine “Henr-”

“Ah, here’s that data, Yamaki connect the D-Arc to the mainframe” Janyu said saving his son’s behind, Yamaki nodded and connected Jeri’s D-Arc to the computer, Henry let out a breath of relief and Rika stepped back to see the screen which was now displaying a text and bar that said Loading Data’ “Now Henry activate the program” Henry nodded.

He typed a few things in the computer and then the screen on Jeri’s D-Arc turned from static to a white screen, “Recovery commenced, rendering data into digi-egg” a man said.

Everybody stopped typing and on the biggest screen a digi-egg in construction could be seen “Status?” Yamaki asked, “Recovery program stable, no anomalies detected, digi-egg will bio-emerge in 5 minutes, recovery at 45%” Riley answered.

“It’s working, it’s actually working” Henry said with an incredible happiness and excitement.

A green light illuminated the room “Bio-emerge commencing, emergence chamber locked down” the chamber that was in the middle of the room was closed with a steel door and locked, a few moments after the image of the digi-egg left the screen and the green light faded, “Recovery complete” Riley said, and the steel door opened and revealed a room covered in a fog, no one dared to move an inch, nor did anyone say a thing.

Then Henry got up from his chair and entered the chamber fading into the fog, it seemed as if the chamber swallowed him it felt as if he was never going to come out until a figure could be seen coming out with an white and orange striped digi-egg in his hands with tears coming out of his eyes, “We did it” Henry said and the whole team burst into cheers and started clapping.

Janyu came up to his son and hugged him “Well done son you did it”

Henry shook his head “No dad, we all did” he smiled at the digi-egg and then at Jeri who still had the bandana covering her eyes, then he started walking towards her and stopped once in front of her “You can take that off now” he said in a shaky voice due to the emotion.

Jeri slowly removed her bandana, and once the scene in front of her was viewed by her eyes she stood confused, she looked around seeing everybody looking at her then she turned to the figure in front of her, and saw what he was holding “Henry is that…”

Henry nodded “Yes, Yes… this digi-egg is Leomon’s digi-egg, your Leomon” Jeri could not believe what she just heard she dropped the bandana and brought her hand to her mouth “We got him back” Henry smiled giving the digi-egg to Jeri who with shaky hands grabbed it and hugged it tightly while sobbing, Henry disconnected Jeri’s D-Arc and gave it back to her, once the D-Arc touched the digi-egg it imitated a bright light and the once white screen turned to a dark screen with the image of the digi-egg, Jeri smiled while she looked at the screen.

“Rika are you crying?” Ryo said looking at Rika who appeared to have tears falling from her eyes.

“Hu?! Wha-! NO I’M JUST- SOMETHING GOT IM MY EYE!!” She said blushing and turning around wiping her eyes.

They all laughed “Hehe, we’ll see if you still have something in your eyes once we pass on to the next thing” Henry said teasingly, he was about to go sit down when he was grabbed by the wrist and pulled back all he felt was a pair of lips on his, at first he was shocked but then he embraced it, once the lips broke Jeri smiled in front of him “Thank you Henry” she said with her cheeks a little pink, she was holding the digi-egg with her other hand.

Henry smiled he brought his hand to her cheek “No need to thank me we all did it but of all of us you should thank Impmon” once he said his name all of the people in the room looked at the bed in the resonance chamber and smirked at the sight Impmon was asleep.

They carried him out of the chamber and then Henry turned to Terriermon “Hey buddy you ready to see that glutton?” he asked, Terriermon smiled and nodded he jumped on the bed and then they strapped him “Commencing scan” and so it began…

Atop a building…

A body covered in a cape with a hood, was watching over a building along with another body with a cape but unlike the first his one was exposing his face, “Oi, Takato how much are we going to wait?” The un-hooded boy asked impatiently.

“Patience Takuya I don’t want to enter before they recover Guilmon, a single miscalculation and it’s all over” Takato explained.

“Then you mind explaining me why the mask and the voice distortion device?” Takuya asked while he looked at the mask that was in Takato’s hand

Takato smiled “I want to keep my presence a secret, that is until the master says so”

Takuya smiled and looked at the building, then they saw a green light come out of a window “I guess that’s our queue” Takuya smiled taking out his digivice and jumping down the roof.





Takato chuckled “Always wanna be first hum? Wizardmon?” suddenly Wizardmon appeared by his sided “You called sir?”

Takato nodded “Yes, it’s time to get an old friend back” and he jumped down the roof followed by Wizardmon.

Hypnos Laboratory…

The green light faded and once again everybody stayed still as all the steel door of the camber opened, but this time a certain girl did not wait a moment and once the steel door was fully open she ran inside the chamber.

Everybody held their breath as they waited for the certain girl to come out of the chamber, her figure started to form slowly in the mist that had formed because of the bio-emerge, once the figure came out into the light of the room everybody smiled happily at the sight, and some had to hold back some tears.

Rika had come out of the chamber holding tightly to her chest a white digi-egg with red stripes as tears came down her cheeks, the tamers came close to her and examined the digi-egg, then Terriermon came and hopped on Henry’s head.

“We did it pal” Henry said as he patted Terriermon’s head, Terriermon had a hard time fighting the tears that came down his face.

Everyone was enjoying the tearful reunion until….


The ground shook and an alarm raised in the lab “What-the” Yamaki immediately grabbed his communicator “This is Yamaki what the heck is going on out there?” he got nothing but static.

“I repeat this is Yamaki what is going on out there?” again he got nothing but static, Rika came over to the Tamers and whispered “You think it’s a digimon?” she asked Henry “I doubt it we would have known if it was then, the doors to the entrance of the room started to open slowly, everyone stood in silence while holding their breath.

Once the door fully opened the room was engulfed with steam hot stream that clouded eyesight, then steps could be heard getting closer and closer to where the tamers were, “HENRY BLAST THE WALL OPEN TO YOUR RIGHT NOW!!!” it was Yamaki’s voice that came through.

Henry did what he was told without a second thought and he took out a modify card and held his D-Arc tightly…


Digivolution Activate!...

Terriermon Digivolve to…..

Terriermon was engulfed in a green digi-egg while he changed form to…


“Gargomon you heard him blast open the wall!” Henry ordered, Gargomon nodded and shot at the wall right to them.


The blast gave a big hole opening where all of the Tamers exited the lab room, Rika and Jeri were still holding tightly the digi-eggs, then Renamon appeared next to Rika carrying Monodramon “There are two very strong digimon in there” she said looking into the steam-filled room through the hole, releasing Monodramon.

That said everyone took their stance and had there digimon by them in seconds Rika came close to Jeri “Hey think you can hold him for me for a little while?” she asked her Jeri nodded taking the digi-egg from Rika’s hands though it took her some trouble carrying two of them at the same time.

Then Henry turned to her “Hey I-we need you to get out of here and take them out of here okay” Jeri just stood there wondering why he had asked that but once she saw his gaze she knew this was serious, she simply nodded and said “Be careful” then she ran to the street looking for a cab, “Advise me when you get there!” Henry yelled back at her.

“Gargomon de-digivolve” he ordered and Gargomon turned once again into Terriermon “Ready?!” Henry asked, they all (Henry, Rika and Ryo) nodded and took out their D-Arc’s and pointed them to the sky and they all yelled in unison…


Renamon Biomerge to!...

Terriermon Biomerge to!.…

Monodramon Biomerge to!.…

They all became one with their digimon going into their mega levels…

Rika and Renamon finished first… Sakuyamon!...

Followed by Terriermon and Henry… MegaGargomon!...

And finally Ryo and Monodramon… Justimon!...

They waited while they watched the hole in the wall, then one by one all of the people came out of the room which included Janyu, Yamaki and Riley, “Is everyone out?” MegaGargomon asked.

Janyu nodded and Sakuyamon looked into through the hole “I can still feel that they’re in there” then a realization hit her “WAIT, Henry where’s-” she was cut short when a ferocious fire ball came out through the hole and hit her straight on launching her into the building behind them.

“Sakuyamon!” Justimon yelled as he went after her, Janyu, Yamaki and MegaGargomon looked at where the fire ball had been launched and three figures were coming out from the hole, one of them was wearing a much to familiar black cape along with a dragon mask, to his right was a digimon who looked like a wizard, it was carrying a wand-type stick and to the masked man’s left was a digimon who had a human appearance but it appeared as if he had flames over his body.

The human-shaped digimon laughed “Is that all it takes to knock you down? Because if it is I can take you all out by myself!”

“Calm down Agunimon and look for what we came for” The wizard said, Agunimon as he was called just smiled “Yeah, Yeah”

The masked man took a step forward “If you give us what we came here for we won’t hurt you, much” he said in an amusing tone.

MegaGargomon took a stance “I don’t know who you are or what you came for but whatever it is you can’t have it, and the ones that better leave are you three” he menaced.

Agunimon laughed “OH, Really?” then…



“WHAT!” they all said in unison, “Dad you and Yamaki get everyone including yourselves out of here I think he digivolve-” MegaGargomon was cut off by being tackled by BurningGreymon and then he grabbed him by the foot and started to hover him into the sky “Hey I have a theory to prove” BurningGreymon started as he went higher and higher into the sky “Is it true that the bigger they are the harder they fall?” then he stopped at a certain altitude “Let’s try it out shall we?” and BurningGreymon released MegaGargomon.

Back on the ground…

Right after BurningGreymon took MegaGargomon into the skies Sakuyamon and Justimon reentered the scene just to see their friend being taken to the sky’s “MEGAGARGOMON!” Sakuyamon yelled.

“You better pay attention to what’s in front of you” A voice said, then she looked in front of her and turned pale, ‘No, no, no it can’t be it was just a dream right it can’t be him’ she saw the same masked man as she had seen in her dreams just that the voice wasn’t the same.

“What do you want” Justimon said knocking Sakuyamon out of her thoughts, the man just chuckled “I’m just here to pick something up” his thick voice said.

“And what might that be?” Sakuyamon asked “The pair that goes with this” he said as he held up in his hands one of Rika’s most prized possessions “That’s Takato’s D-Arc!” Sakuyamon said out loud “Give that back!” Justimon said in a menacing tone.

The man chuckled “Hehe you’ll have to take it from my cold dead hands”.

“With pleasure!” Sakuyamon said and charged at him “Sakuyamon WAIT!” Justimon yelled at her but too late, Sakuyamon charged at him and raised her staff ready to hit him but…

When she let the staff drop to the hit she felt as if she had hit a metal wall, the cause of the rebound caused the staff to fly from her hands “AGH!” she yelled then the wizard digimon appeared behind her “Sakuyamon!” Justimon launched himself to them but then he saw a big shadow forming underneath him, he looked up to see something big and green fall right on top of him with an extreme force knocking him out, MegaGargomon tried getting up but was immediately received with a massive kick to the stomach grinding him back to the ground with an extreme pain.

BurningGreymon got off from MegaGargomon “I guess the theory is right” he chuckled, Sakuyamon turned just in time to see MegaGargomon being kicked “NO!” then she noticed a wizard-type digimon in front of her and with a single hand that he placed on her chest she felt an excruciating pain emit from her body “AGGGHHHH!! WHA-WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?” she asked at the top of her lungs.

“Oh nothing just implanting a little virus” the masked man said walking in front of Sakuyamon with a smile “A VIRUS?!”

The man’s smile turned into a grin even though it couldn’t be seen she knew he was grinning Sakuyamon felt the pain was getting stronger and stronger she just wanted it to stop, “Yes a virus, you see you were given the ability to unite with your digimon in the real word, so you can understand clearly let’s consider that as a program and this virus terminates said program, catching up yet?” the man asked mockingly.

Sakuyamon’s eyes widened she knew what he meant “If the ability is taken away do you know what will happen to you if you remain in that form?” Sakuyamon who was at her knees didn’t want to hear the answer to that question.

“You may survive with minor broken bones and some internal organs a little out of place out of the cause of a forced separation but your digimon… will not make it plus your D-Arc will blow” the man kneeled down to her eyesight “So you have two options if you want to make it out will all the pieces intact, one: tell me where the egg is and I’ll take the virus away or, two: de-digivolve now and lose the power to Biomerge, it’s on you”

Sakuyamon knew she didn’t have much time to think about it, but she was not going to give a friend for mere power so she did what anyone in her team would have done for her ‘I’m sorry Renamon’ she thought, Renamon chuckled ‘Hmm… I guess we’ll have to go back to the basics’ then a bright light engulfed Sakuyamon and she de-digivolved back to Renamon and Rika who both laid unconscious on the floor.

The man was surprised he didn’t expect her to give that power up “Hmmm… I guess I overestimated her” he said as he turned around walking away from her, he started to walk to Takuya who was standing in the edge of a crater he had formed by dropping the body of MegaGargomon from many feet from the sky, but now inside the crater were four unconscious bodies, Henry, Terriermon, Ryo and Monodramon, “So Takuya did you find anything?” the masked man came up to him, along with the wizard digimon.

Takuya turned around and the masked man saw that he was carrying a cellphone “Yeah, but before that care to answer a question?” the masked man stayed silent “Why are they so weak I thought they were stronger than this?” the masked man looked into the crater “First we caught them off guard, Second we have an extra boost of power thanks to the master, and Third they are out of shape they haven’t been in a fight in quite some time and that believe it or not gives us a great advantage, getting used to peace makes you weak” Takuya nodded accepting the answer “Ok gotcha, oh and I just found out where you’re egg is” he said handing the masked man the cellphone with a message displaying.

From: Jeri

Hey Henry I’m at my place I’ve got the eggs safe and sound, how are you guys?

The masked man took his mask off and inhaled the fresh air “Well we got the most important piece of the puzzle” he said taking out his old D-Arc with now displayed a digi-egg in the center, “Shall we?” Takuya asked as Takato put his mask back on he threw the phone back into the crater and looked out to the road “Let’s…” and they left off leaving the tamers in defeat, heading towards a certain puppet-loving girl’s home…

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