Broken Goggles: The Begining of the End

Haunted Past


It all lay in ruins, nothing but a barren wasteland with a burning sky, all that could be seen was a figure standing atop a hill; in his hands were three bloody and broken goggles, “I did it master…” the young man said “I killed them all and I destroyed everything as you commanded” he continued.

Then a dark cloud formed next to the young man “Nicely done, my boy” a voice within the cloud said, “You have done well my boy now rejoice for the world is ours, REJOICE MY BOY REJOICE TAI!!!”

“NO!” Tai awoke with a yell breathing heavily, he was shaking hard and sweating from his recent dream, he took some deep breaths and started to sit up slowly, but as he did he once again went to his back after feeling a an immense pain in his chest.

He placed his hand over his chest, to feel some bandages, it was until then he noticed his surroundings, a white room, some chairs and a sofa and the constant beeping sound of a machine. He was in a hospital but the question was where?

After thinking for a while his eyes widened at the memory of the last thing he saw before he lost consciousness “Mimi…” he whispered, he then examined the room carefully. His eyes passed throughout the room until he saw something glimmer on the edge of the sofa, a Digivice, but not just any Digivice an original one, next to it was a purse and a bag, but purse was something that he immediately recognized.

“I’m not sure if I can face them yet, least of all her…” he said to himself thinking of his childhood friend, he mustered the courage to sit up ignoring the immense pain that his chest caused him he stretched his arm out to reach the bag, and just as he thought, his clothes were in there.

He carefully took off the serum that was strapped to him and the cables that monitored his heartbeat, but just as he did that an alarm went off and he knew he didn’t have much time, quickly the examined the purse for his Digivice, but all he found was his wallet, without thinking it too much he took his wallet and his bag and ran for the door ignoring the pain.

Once out he could hear the steps of the doctors running towards his room, ‘Too bad I’m on the second floor, or else I would have gone out the window’ he thought, he took a run for the nearest bathroom, so he could change, once he reached the corner he could hear the doctors “Quickly room 102!” A male voice said.

Tai ran for the bathroom cautiously not to run into anyone that could stop him or worse anyone familiar, once in the bathroom he locked himself up in one of the toilet rooms and stared to change, just before he came out he froze once he heard a very familiar voice.

“Yeah babe, he’s still unconscious……..well it hasn’t been that much just a day it’s not much to worry about, what worries me is the other thing……….. well you know, how we all got separated” ‘Separated?” Tai thought “I mean come on he tried hard to make this team and we broke it without a second thought………. Yeah I know………. Well I’ll call you back babe kay take care” and the voice went silent for a while.

Then Tai heard the water running, and a couple splatter, “Damn it!” the voice yelled “Why did you have to run off, and leave us?! AGHG!” Tai was thinking to reveal his presence but he reconsidered it ‘It would only get things worse, they must hate me as much as it is’ Tai was broken out of his thoughts with the sound of a song.

“Hello” the voice said answering his cellphone, “I’d rather not tell you where-….. wait calm down Sor’” The sound of that name made Tai’s heart skip a beat “Explain- wait…. WHAT! I’ll be right there!” and he hung up then the person ran towards the door with a yell “DAMN YOU TAI!”

Once Tai was certain he was far gone he got out of the toilet room “I’m sorry Matt” he said and after splashing his face with water he got out of the bathroom and ran for the backdoor exit.

Once he was out he noticed it was raining, he just stopped and let himself get drenched in the rain “It’s raining as hard as that day” and his mind took him back….. back to the day’s he so painfully tried to forget….


2 months after Takato’s fall…

Digital World, 3rd quadrant…

It was raining, raining hard as if the sky itself was crying, Agunimon the legendary human digimon of flame was running from something holding in his hands 4 of the legendary ancient spirits, behind him trees could be seen falling he was heading to Ophanimon’s castle.

It’s been 3 years since Takuya and the rest of his fellow friends had restored the 3rd quadrant’s digital world and left it in care of the ten legendary spirits, but now they had all fallen, all but Agunimon, his only hope was to get Ophanimon to transport him to the digimon sovereign Baihumon and bring back the digi-destined to save the world once again.

Agunimon was painting heavily he felt as if his feet could give of in any second but still he kept running, he could see Ophanimon’s castle by now and it appeared she was waiting joined by the other 4 legendary ancient spirits, Grumblemon, Arbormon, Ranamon and Mercurymon

“Everyone get in the castle!” Agunimon yelled at his companions, they all did as they were told once Agunimon came inside they all followed suit, locking the door behind them.

Agunimon let himself fall to the floor still holding his friend’s spirits tight, painting heavily, Mercurymon came up close to him “Agunimon what happened?”

Agunimon had scraps and scratches almost everywhere, “I have no time to explain you guys” he said getting up once again “Ophanimon I need you to take me to the Sovereign”

Ophanimon was taken aback from his sudden request but just as soon as she was going to begin to replicate the castle started shaking and strong blasts were trying to get the castle doors open Agunimon turned to Ophanimon “Please Ophanimon we don’t have much time, TAKE ME TO THE SOVEREIGN!” he requested once again.

Ophanimon could see the fear in Agunimon’s eyes, she thought about it but the blasts trying to open the door didn’t give much time “Alright let’s go” she finally said but as soon as she said that the door was blasted open and all were flown to the ground.

Footsteps could be heard entering the castle, slowly as if taking his time to enjoy the sight, they all looked up to see the person who Agunimon was fleeing from, Ophanimon could only opening out one word “Why?”

Coming through the blasted door was a young boy maybe in his 15 or 17 years old, he was wearing a black hooded jacket over a dark blue T-shirt, and his pants were the same color of his jacket, his hair was black but his most notable feature were his eyes they were deep red crimson, he carried a smile as if he were enjoying their pain.

“Agunimon, Agunimon, Agunimon you know I never shot you as the type to let others sacrifice themselves for you” The young boy said.

Ranamon looked around “Where’s Loweemon?” she asked in a trembled voice, Agunimon looked down into the ground at her question, “He…”

The young boy laughed “Oh you mean him?” the boy held up Loweemon spirit up, “He had quite the strong spirit too bad he just wasn’t cut out to face me, though he did buy Agunimon the time he needed to run away”

“But thay are but a mere boy, how could thay defeat Loweemon?” Mercurymon asked the young boy.

Agunimon brought himself to his feet “He has a partner” he said in pain, once hearing this everyone started looking around.

“Looking for me?” a dark voice said behind Mercurymon.

He didn’t have time to react, the digimon behind Mercurymon slashed his flaming sword through Mercurymon, who screamed in pain, his scream went silent revealing his fractal code along with his two spirits both human and beast.

The digimon grabbed the spirits and took his fractal code leaving a digi-egg where Mercurymon once stood.

The young boy came up to the victorious digimon “Well in case some of you don’t know him I present to you Mistymon” the said gesturing to the warrior in white and gold strapped armor, he carried a long flaming sword along with a blue cape.

Then the boy turned to face them “Well now that introductions are over, let’s come back to business” he said looking at Agunimon “Hand over the spirits and I’ll let your friends live” he said obviously referring to the remaining three warriors.

“Never!” Agunimon firmly said.

The young boy sighed “Oh well you asked for it, Mistymon get them” he said all so calmly.

Eden’s Javelin!” Ophanimon sent a beam of strong light from her javelin, aiming at the ceiling creating a blockade between them and Mistymon.

“That won’t hold them for long” Ophanimon said turning to Agunimon “Now Agunimon I will send you to the Sovereign but warn them about the incoming danger” Agunimon nodded “Of course but what about you?”

Ophanimon looked at the rubble, “I will hold them back” she said stabbing her Javelin in the ground, the javelin started to light up then it opened a portal.

“No!” Agunimon said staring at the portal. “He already has the power of two human spirits and two beast spirits he’s two strong for you to fight alone now!” he said in a worried tone.

“She won’t be alone” A feminine voice said

Agunimon turned to see his fellow companions “Yeah we stay to help” Grumblemon said.

“But-” Agunimon was about to argue when the ground trembled, “Quickly you don’t have much time” Ophanimon hurried Agunimon.

Agunimon stayed still in front of the portal not knowing what to do, then… he felt a hand push him through the portal “GO!” Ranamon said pushing him trough.

The portal closed once Agunimon went through, and right on time the barricade was demolished, “Well that took some time” the young boy said, then he noticed something “Where’s Agunimon?”

“Who?” Ranamon asked.

“Me don’t know who is” Grumblemon continued.

“Enough!” The young boy said “I will find him even if I have to turn this castle to ruble! Mistymon stop playing around and finish them, use the power we took from Seraphimon and Cherubimon!”

“What!” Ophanimon said just in time to see a gigantic flame erupt from Mistymon’s sword engulfing them all in the blast…

Where once stood a beautiful castle now lay only ruins, and a single boy and his digimon partner were standing over a defeated Ophanimon, “Why?” she said in a weak tone “You are one of the legendary digi-destined, why are you doing this?”

Mistymon lifted her by the neck “That’s history, and none of your concern as well” the boy said “Now tell me, where is Agunimon?” he asked in a menacing tone.

Ophanimon managed a smile “You’ll… never… find him….” She struggled to get the words out.

The boy looked around, then his D-Arc started to sound “Mistymon let her down” Mistymon released her but still kept her close “Yes master what is it?” the boy said through his D-Arc

A dark sinister voice answered “Takato my boy, it appears that Agunimon has left the quadrant it seems that our friend sent him to the Sovereign, unfortunately that place is too well protected for us to go, let him be for now, move on to the other mater with our dear madam”.

Takato turned to look at the defeated Ophanimon “And if she neglects?”

The voice remained silent as if taking in the question, “If she neglects use the ‘Other Method’ to persuade her”

Takato smiled “Yes sir” and the light that emitted from the D-Arc went dead, Takato went closer to Ophanimon and kneeled to see her face “Ophanimon I’m going to ask you one single question and you are to answer it” Ophanimon said nothing.

Takato took a deep breath “Where is the crest?” he said looking deeply into the face of the surprised Ophanimon.

Ophanimon had her mouth open “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said looking away.

Takato sighed ‘So I’m going to have to repeat this again’ “Look Ophanimon I know that you were a Demon Lord in the past as well as Seraphimon and I know that each Demon Lord was given a crest each representing his or her sin and I know you hid the crest somewhere so tell me”

Ophanimon could not be more surprised by the knowledge the young boy had “I will never tell you where the crest is. It was hidden for a reason”

Takato stood up and gestured to Mistymon to pick her up, just as ordered he lifted her by the neck, Ophanimon didn’t seem to be troubled by this “Destroy me if you wish but I will never tell you the whereabouts of the crest” she said firmly ready to accept her fate.

Takato chuckled at the sudden response of Ophanimon, “Destroy you?! Hehe oh no, no, no, no, no” Takato said looking firmly into the face of Ophanimon “Mistymon put her down but keep her at her feet” Mistymon did as he was told.

Takato didn’t ease his stare “So nothing I do will make you change your mind about telling me?” he asked Ophanimon, all she did was look away.

Takato took out his D-Arc “Airchi are you there?” nobody seemed answer for while then a voice came out “Yeah” he said in a bored tone.

Takato turned to Ophanimon “I’m going to give you two options Ophanimon, number one you keep on going with your charade of not telling me where that crest is or you can tell me willingly and no one will have to get hurt”

THAT caught Ophanimon’s attention “W-What are you talking about” she said in fear.

Takato talked through his D-Arc once again “Airchi put her on” Takato demanded

A struggle could be heard from the D-Arc “SPEAK!” A masculine voice said, “L-L-Lady O-Ophanimon?” said a feminine voice that seemed to be in pain.

“Swanmon!?” Ophanimon said trying to take the D-Arc from Takato’s hand.

Takato just moved a side “Ophanimon either you tell me where it is or we destroy the Village of Beginnings”

Ophanimon stayed silent, “I’m going to give you five seconds to answer me” Takato said dead serious….

“Five”…. Nothing…..

“Four”….. A beat……

“Three”… A deep breath….


“One”….Takato lifted his D-Arc to his mouth……

“Airchi…. Do it… and keep the line on so she can hear what she has done” Takato finally said.

“Gladly” Airchi said in a happy tone, for a moment it was silent nothing could be heard, in that moment Ophanimon thought it was all a lie to make her tell them then… a sound of a dragon in rage was heard accompanied by a sound of blasts and screams of little new born digimon.

Ophanimon heard in horror all of the massacre until she finally broke, “PRIMARY VILLAGE!” she screamed at the top of her lungs “That’s where I hid it, Primary Village in Azulongmon’s quadrant, just please stop this” She begged.

“See that wasn’t so hard” he mocked, “Airchi it’s in Primary Village, head back and notify T” Takato said strapping his D-Arc to his belt, he then turned to Ophanimon “Now… there’s one more thing we need form you…” the gentle quite that had become of the place was interrupted by a pained scream coming from Ophanimon…



T was on his way to the sea where he always took out his thought’s, but he was interrupted by the sound of his D-Ark, “Yeah” he answered with a not so amused tone.

“Ya’ know sometimes I hate calling you” Airchi´s voice came through

“What do you want?” T asked

“We got the coordinates, Primary Village, Second Quadrant” Airchi said

“Got it, anything else?” T asked

“Yeah, Agunimon got away to the Sovereign, I’ll let the master know”

“You know he won’t be happy about this right?” T said as he took out his purple card

“Yeah, but he has to know that they’ll be aware of us now, anyways you better go get that crest fast, the sovereign will not waste a moment, Airchi out” and the line went dead.

“BlackAgumon…” T called.

“Yeah” BlackAgumon said as he came to T’s side

“Ready?” he then passed the purple card though the D-Ark and went through the portal.

Once through the portal he was in a place that looked much like a kid’s playground, colorful and peaceful, T noticed that there were many digi-eggs around the place and that it was raining hard, “This place….. somehow…. It makes me nostalgic… BlackAgumon have we been here be-” T stopped suddenly by the immense pain that came to his head.

Images of people and digimon that he didn’t recognize came to his head, the pain keep growing, but just when he was about to pass out a black aura came out from his D-ark and started to surround him, and just like the images had come they went.

“T, are you ok?” BlackAgumon asked concerned

T just nodded “Yeah I’m ok, let’s just find the crest and get out of here” and he took out his D-ark and activated the radar “Let’s just hope that Takato sent us the data of Ophanimon, that way we won’t have to go destroying everything in our way” They spent two hours walking around the area and nothing came in the radar. ‘Damn Takato’

T pressed a button on his D-Ark and called Takato

“What’s up T?” Takato´s voice came through

“What’s up? What’s up!? Damn, you have me walking around like a maniac here in the rain and all you have to say is What’s up!?” T yelled through the D-ark

“Yo man calm down I did do what I was told I uploaded Ophanimon’s data, the crest should appear on the radar”

“Well it doesn’t and-” just then a beeping sound came on T’s D-ark “Wait scratch that”

“See?! Now go for it meet you up here” And Takato’s voice was gone, and all that remained was The beeping sound on the radar, once it was brought up the red dot that appeared seemed to be moving and getting closer to him.

Closer. Closer. Closer. Closer. Right on top of him.

T turned to see a digimon, Elecmon, the digimon just stared at T and at BlackAgumon, until it broke the silence “Digidestened?” he asked.

T just stared at him “No, I’m not a part of them I’m here for the crest of Lust” the digimon just stared dumbfolded at him “what are you talking about-”

“Don’t play games with me! I know it’s here Ophanimon told us” T interrupted, apparently at the mention of Ophanimon, Elecmon turned dead serious.

“I don’t know what has corrupted you but I will never tell you the whereabouts of the crest, that crest was hidden for a reason” Elecmon said

T just smiled “Ok, then let me put it this way if you don’t tell me the whereabouts of the crest I will destroy the village along with all of the digi-eggs”

Elecmon just stared at him with terrified eyes “You wouldn’t!”

T didn’t respond he just took out a green card from his deck…


Warp Digivolution Activate…

BlackAgumon Warp Digivolve Too….


“BlackWarGreymon if you please…” T asked, and Elecmon just watched in fear as BlackWarGreymon flew higher and higher into the sky “Wait! Wait! Fine I will tell you just don’t do anything please” Elecmon pleased

“You know you guy’s picked lousy places to hide these crest’s didn’t it ever occur to you that they would clearly threaten you like this?” T asked

“They were placed in these places for the reason that they were the least expected places to be” Elecmon answered.

“Hmmm bad choice” T said in a dark voice, and looked up, Elecmon followed his gaze and his eyes widened in fear and horror.

BlackWarGreymon was up in the sky with an immense ball of black fire in his hands “TERRA DESTROYER!” and he let it go in the direction of the center of the village, Elecmon ran towards the center of the village as fast as he could, once he reached it he jumped directly into the ball of black fire in hopes to make it blow above the village sacrificing himself , but it was too late the ball of black fire was to close.

A black light engulfed primary village, followed by a strong tremble. Once it was over what was once a colorful village now in its center was a huge crater, which in it lay a single digimon.

T came to the edge of the crater and looked down in it, BlackWarGreymon went in and grabbed the digimon and brought it up to T “Now I wonder how a low leveled digimon like you could have withstanded that attack that nearly blew a whole village?”

Elecmon painfully opened his eyes “What happened to you?”

T looked at him with pitiful eyes “I don’t know what you are talking about, you maybe have me confused with someone else, now where were we? Ah that’s right the crest, I know it’s in you, and I also know that if I kill you the crest is killed along with you, in other words if you turn into a digi-egg the crest still remains in you, am I right?”

Elecmon chuckled “You will never be able to get the crest”

T smiled “Now that, is where you are wrong” and with that said he took out his purple card..


Dimensional Gate activate!…

Third Quadrant

Takato was sitting in the rubble that was left of Ophanimon’s castle “Damn that T what’s taking him so long?” just then a portal opened in front of him, and from it stepped out T with BlackWarGreymon carrying a digimon.

“What took you so long? And what’s with the prisoner?” Takato asked

T looked at him “It’s not a prisoner, it’s the crest” Takato looked at the semi-conscious digimon and smiled “Well they certainly hid this one well, Wizardmon!” he called

Wizardmon appeared behind Takato “You called?”

Takato nodded “Yes, the Crest of Lust is inside this digimon, you know what to do.”

Wizardmon nodded and motioned BlackWarGreymon to put Elecmon down and pin him to the ground so he wouldn’t move, and he did so, once he was down Wizardmon kneeled and his right hand started to glow gold, slowly he put his hand on top of Elecmon’s chest, then he pressed slowly until his hand went through, once his hand was almost at his target Elecmon’s eyes opened and he started to wither in pain, but he couldn’t move due to BlackWarGreymon pinning him to the ground.

“Got it” Wizardmon said and immediately pulled his hand out, leaving a burnt mark on Elecmon’s chest “Y-You h-h-h-have no idea of w-what you’ve d-done!” Elecmon said in pain.

Takato looked at him “Al the contrary my friend we do” and then he did a sign to Wizardmon and said digimon raised with his left hand his staff and let lose a surge of electricity that destroyed Elecmon.

“Here is the crest T” Wizardmon said as he handed out the black green crest.

“Two down five to go” T said, just as they were about to go a white portal opened up behind them “WHILDFIRE TSUNAMI!”

A blast of fire came directly out from the portal, but Wizardmon blocked the fire by creating a barrier around them. “So you came” Takato said

“Where is Ophanimon?!” a big red winged digimon said

“Well, well, well, we didn’t expect to see you so soon…BurningGreymon, or should I say Takuya Kanbara?” T asked

BurningGreymon didn’t say anything just stared at them “I asked a question! Where is Ophanimon?!”

T was about to command BlackWarGerymon to attack but Takato beat him to the punch…

“Leave him to me T, he’s not worth your time” Takato said as he took out a blue card and his D-ark

T smiled “Fine I’ll be by the sidelines call if you need any help”

Takato took stance and slid the card…


“Matrix Digivolution Activate!...”

“Wizardmon Matrix Digivolve too….”


BurningGreymon didn’t waste any time and charged directly at Mistymon, but right after his digivolution was complete Mistymon slashed his sword down completely catching BurningGreymon of guard, BurningGreymon barely evaded the slash and jumped to the right.

PYRO BARRAGE!” BurningGreymon fired bullets of fire towards Mistymon but Mistymon blocked them with his sword, once his attack was done he didn’t give Mistymon any time to react with an attack and launched at him with all his might, tackling him and launching Mistymon a couple feet far.

But just as he threw him BurningGreymon reacted once again “WILDFIRE TSUNAMI!” and he sent a wave of blazing fire to where Mistymon had flown, apparently it had impacted because something was burning aflame. Once he saw that there was no reaction from the flames he turned his attention towards Takato. “Now where were we?”

Takato simply smiled “You know you shouldn’t turn your back on your opponent”

BLAST FIRE!” BurningGreymon turned just in time to be hit on by a ball of flame that exploded on impact sending him a couple feet into the air, but in the air Mistymon was expecting him and struck him down with an electric wave.

BurningGreymon impacted on the ground but got up as fast as he could ‘Darn it I have no choice I have to fusion evolve, but to do that I have to de-evolve which could be dangerous, but I have no choice’ BurningGreymon started to take a few steps back, but apparently Mistymon had read his thoughts because he charged directly at him.

PYRO BARRAGE!” Mistymon moved to the side and evaded the blasts and kept on getting closer to him. “WILDFIRE TSUNAMI” BurningGreymon engulfed the entire area around him in flames hopefully in order to pull Mistymon away so he could fusion evolve.

Mistymon pulled away seeing the fire to close, and went near Takato, seeing his opportunity Takuya was about to de-evolve but…


BurningGreymon felt as if all the strength in him was swept away, he looked down and saw that he just had been impaled by Mistymon’s sword. Then his vision went dark, BurningGerymon’s fractal code appeared and Mistymon went and pulled out his sword, while at the same time Takato came to him and took both BurningGreymon and Agunimon’s spirits, leaving a beaten Takuya lying in the ground unconscious.

“Nice job” T said as he came into the scene with BlackWarGreymon by his side.

Takato smiled “It was easy, know what worries me is where is the rest of his team?” he said while looking around.

T kneeled and looked at Takuya “I think that he was the only one they could come in contact with, or else he wouldn’t have come alone, and let’s be thankful for that”

Takato chuckled “Na I doubt even all of them could have beaten the both of us”

T shook his head “Don’t be so cocky they are as powerful as us if they are together”

“Humph anyways why don’t we take him to the master he’d make a fine addition to the team don’t you think?” Takato said as Mistymon lifted the unconscious Takuya.

T smiled “You take him I’ll go join Airchi in the conquering of this quadrant, this place has to be under our absolute control before the end of the year remember?”

“Yeah, yeah, just be sure to save me some kay!” Takato said as he opened a portal and took Takuya though it.

“Can’t promise anything” T said as the portal closed, and turned to look at BlackWarGreymon, and got on top of him, that night never stopped raining as the destruction in the third quadrant grew and grew and grew….


Tai sat in a bench in a park near the hospital as the rain kept falling on top of him, fusing his tears with the rain, all that had happened in those days, he seemed to have enjoyed it, destroying villages killing digimon young or old it didn’t matter to him.

But now as he thought back, all that he did was vile and cruel “I don’t deserve to be called a digidestend nor to be with them” Tai was certain now that he couldn’t face his friend’s nor family knowing all that he had done in the past year.

He would never be the same again

“T-Tai?” a voice called out.

Tai’s eyes widened as he recognized the voice he slowly lifted up his face and came face to face with…. “M-Mimi?”

Little by little the rain started to dissipate and the sun started to come out…

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