Broken Goggles: The Begining of the End

Retaliation Begins

Pain, that was all that he could feel, every move, every twitch, he couldn’t even open his eyes without some pain coming into his mind. He was sure he hadn’t felt such pain in a very long time. Henry was sure this day was going to go well, it was supposed to be the best day of them all since that incident, yet….

He slowly opened his eyes, all he could make out was that Terriermon was lying on top of him and to his right was Ryo lying out cold along with Monodramon, he couldn’t see Rika. He tried to get up but an immense pain in his stomach put him back in place. He couldn’t have imagined that this would have happened, there had been no alarm that a bio-emergence had happened, and yet they had come and ruined the best day that had come to them since that dreadful day.

“Henry!” A voice that he recognized called out.

“D-Dad?” he voiced in pain. His father appeared from the edge of the giant crater that had formed and jumped to the aid of his son.

“Henry! Henry!” His father called out desperately as he came closer. Henry attempted to get up but once his father got to him he stopped him, “Calm down son” His father ordered, as he took out his phone “It’s me Yamaki the situation didn’t go well, the children are out cold…” Henry was about to say something but coughed instead, he brought his hand to cover his mouth ignoring the pain that the movement made. He felt something wet get on his hand, fear crept his eyes as he looked at his blooded hand: he had coughed up blood. His father turned towards him and his eyes widened.

“Yamaki…. Bring an ambulance…” He said as he hung-up the phone, he immediately grabbed Terriermon to check if he was ok but saw that he had a very black mark on his stomach, he gently placed Terriermon on Henry’s lap and started to check his son for any injuries, he started taping him on the shoulders then chest and then stomach, but once his palm merely touched him their Henry yelped in pain. His father pushed Henrys shirt up and worry immediately covered his eyes.

“You should see the other guy” Henry joked in an attempt to lighten the mood, but his father just let the shirt fall back to its place his father’s gaze was still in the place where the wound was. Henry coughed again letting out more blood.

His father turned to him “You think this is a joke!” he yelled and Henry flinched at the harsh tone of his father’s voice. “Henry you may have an internal injury, and yet you joke about it?! No digimon had ever hurt you so much! How in the-”

“TAKATO HAD IT WORSE!” Henry voiced the name that held many memories, “He received many injuries like these because his bond with Guilmon was strong and yet he didn’t ever waver. HE DIED DAD! I’m not going to stop just because of this, they took Takato’s D-Arc and I’m getting it back! No matter what the cost!” Henry said with all might, he grabbed Terriermon and started to slowly get up, but by putting force in his feet they started to tremble ‘NO! I WON’T DROP!’ with that thought in mind he got up with all the pain that it came with it and all the might he could come up with.

Henry’s dad was about to voice his thoughts when another voice interrupted him “Henry’s right, we can’t waver now… He wouldn’t have.” Henry’s dad turned to see Ryo getting up with the same difficulty as his son. But as much as it took him to admit it, he understood. He understood that they had to get up and keep on going, they had to. For him, the person that started and ended everything, their friend. “Besides this ain’t nothin’” A little voice interrupted, Janyu looked up to see Terriermon looking at him with a pained smile, “Momentai, we’ve been through worse”

Janyu smiled ‘There is no helping it huh?’ He thought to himself, he got up and faced his son “Ok, but first let’s check on Rika as well” he said, and both boys nodded and started to walk out of the crater and found out that Rika was still lying on the floor.

“Rika!” Ryo yelled as he ran towards his girlfriend, once he got to her he kneeled and checked her heartbeat, he let out a breath once he found out that it was ok, and looked around to find Renamon not far from her but her state was bad it seemed as if she was trembling and couldn’t stop “Renamon! Renamon!” Monodramon yelled as he got to the fallen digimon.

Janyu got close to Renamon and gave her a worrisome look “An ambulance is on its way, Rika will be ok, but I don’t know what we can do about Renamon. We’ll see what is salvageable from the lab and see if we can find something out.”

Henry nodded and looked at Ryo who now had Rika in his arms “She’s gonna be ok” he said to him, Ryo just nodded and looked to the crater, but once his eyes got to the crater he noticed a familiar green cellphone that had been dropped to close to the edge “Henry, isn’t that your phone?” he asked. Henry looked at him “It can’t be my phone is-” he stopped in his tracks when he put his hand on his pocket and felt emptiness he immediately jumped to the crater and picked it up only to realize the worse, it had been open to a message sent by Jeri.

The next thing he knew all the pain was gone and his conviction was renewed he got out of the crater that had been his downfall “Dad…” he started as he looked to his father, he expected a remark of o kind but all he found was his dad’s strong gaze “Go get them son” he said. Henry nodded and without a second thought he started sprinting towards his puppet-loving girlfriends house ‘I won’t let anyone else die!’ that simple thought had him sprinting like he was in a marathon Terriermon had by now got on top of his head “We’ll get there in time Henry” he said “This time… For sure… we won’t be late”

Ryo was left just looking at the back of Henry, he was amazed at his determination. Henry had received the most fatal blow and yet he was still on his two feet, and now he was running to where he knew was Jeri’s home. Even though it was only for a moment, he could have sworn, even if it was just for a moment, he saw Takato in Henry. He looked down at the sleeping form of Rika ‘I’m still looking at his back, even though he’s not here anymore, he’s still a better man than I’ll ever be’ He laid Rika gently down and turned to look at Janyu who was looking at the boy as if he knew what was going on in his mind.

“You’re a good man Ryo, never doubt that” Janyu said knowingly.

“Not as good as he was…” he murmured as he looked back at Rika, Janyu just looked at him with a saddened expression, Ryo looked to Monodramon and nodded. “But I still got some fight left in me, and I’ll keep on trying to be the man she deserves” he smiled as he took out his D-Arc and pointed it to the skies.


Lungs burning… feeling needles in his feet… stomach crying in agony… yet even with all that Henry was running as if his life depended on it. In a way of speaking, it was, for him Jerry meant much more than he let on, and he would not let any harm come to her and much less ruin the best day of her life. So, he ran... and nothing was going to stop him.

He was certain they were after Guilmon’s egg, why they wanted him he was not certain but he was not going to let them take one of their best friends away again. The other thing that pushed him to his limits was Jerri, she had already suffered enough. First Leomon, then Takato and now that he had finally managed to get her to sincerely smile, now that he had got to bring both Leomon and Guilmon back, a new threat appeared and menaced to take it all away, along with her happiness., he was not going to let that happen.

Henry was certain that these people were allied with the one who had killed Takato almost a year ago, they were the ones responsible for everything. Blood boiled through his veins as he thought about that, he had a chance, he had a chance to discover who did it and why. He would not let them get away with it. He continued to run with all his might, pain long forgotten, evading people as he kept on running and keeping Terriermon griping on his head.

He wanted answers, and he was going to get them even if that meant beating it out of them. Henry came to an abrupt stop once he saw that many people and cars were blocking the way to Jeri’s house.

“Excuse me!” Henry said as he tried to make way only to hit an invisible wall, but not only that but the street had been destroyed, ruble and cars were stacked up blocking any other roads to the street. Henry cursed inwards, he didn’t want to ruin the element of surprise he had. If he digi-evolving Terriermon they would sense him coming, but it seemed he had no choice. He looked around to see any means of passing when he heard a slight crumble, his eyes widened they were already on the other side, and it would take him to long to go around all the block.

He was desperately looking around, he stopped in front of an apartment building, behind this building was the road that lead to Jeri’s house, if he could only get through it, then it hit him. He stormed into the building and searched for the elevator.

Once he found it he pressed the buttons desperately “Damn it I don’t have time for this!” He ran towards the stairs and began to go up as fast as he could. He could feel his aching muscles, his lungs burning and his body begging for mercy. But he would not give in, not now not never again.

Once he reached the top he went to the far side that had view to the street that was lead to Jeri’s house, that’s when he saw them. He smiled, ‘Walking like you have all the time in the world huh?’ he thought. He was sure that they were thinking that he was out of the picture, how wrong they were. Henry ran back various meters, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, ‘No turning back!’ and with that thought he began to run as fast as he could towards the ledge of the building.

“Henryyyy, are you really gonna-” Terriermon did not have a chance to stop what he was going to say because Henry without thinking it twice jumped off the apartment building’s roof. As he was falling he could now see the masked man and two digimon that had done him in a couple minutes ago, just a few houses away from Jerry’s.

Memories of his best friend came back to him in that moment. The first time he had met him… the good times they had passed together… the bad… and the moments that were meant to come… if only… ‘IF ONLY… IT WEREN’T FOR THEM!’ with that thought in mind he pulled his fist behind him, he knew he was going to land straight on the one who had knocked him out, and he felt the anger invade him, pure unrestrained anger, he let out a furried scream and his D-Arc began to glow.

Agunimon turned at the sound of the scream but he was blinded by a light from the sky and from it came an enormous green fist that struck him straight on pushing him deep into the ground, making the earth tremble hard, but it wasn’t everything the enormous fist at the same time as the punch hit its target released the missiles it had on its wrist impacting hard on the target, releasing a deafening explosion, that pushed the masked man and his wizard digimon that were accompanying Agunimon far from the blast.

Once the masked man could get up he just stared in amazement at the thing that had just impacted on his partner. MegaGargomon was standing tall and defiant ant the edge of a new created crater where Takuya now lay unconscious. MegaGargomon wasted no time and sent a brigade off missiles at the masked man.

“Wizardmon!” The man screamed, and his digimon partner appeared in front of him creating an invisible barrier where the missiles impacted, a dust of smoke was created by the missiles and right when Wizardmon let the barrier drop, “JUSTICE KICK!” a silver leg came forth and hit Wizardmon straight in the face sending him flying past the masked man blasting through the building behind him.

The masked man could not believe his eyes, in front of him now was Justimon as well, the two tamers they had just defeated so easily had now turned the tides on them in a miraculous way.

“You have something that doesn’t belong to you!” Justimon said in an angered tone.

MegaGargomon did not waste any time and reached out to grab the masked man but all he met was thin air, “Wha- where did he go?” he asked to no one in particular.

“I have to admit, we sincerely underestimated you” A voice behind them said, they turned around to see the masked man carrying an unconscious young man out of the newly formed crater and by his side was his partner Wizardmon.

Justimon looked at the wizard digimon as if he were looking at a ghost, he turned to see where he had sent flying Wizardmon but was met with everything intact “What did you do?” he asked in a mid-pained voice the hits he had received taking a toll on him once again.

“Just a little mind trick” Wizardmon said, the only downside to what he had just done was that it wasn’t going to work twice. Not only were they outnumbered but outclassed as well, one thing was taking them on one by one, but it was another completely to mega leveled digimon at the same time. But not only that, something told Wizardmon, that the two warriors they had in front were completely different from the ones they had beaten just moments ago, what changed?

MegaGargomon was the first to break the silence “I’m going to give you one last chance, give up now and we will not hurt you, but if I see you move a single muscle I will blast to until there is nothing but ash left.” The voice in which he said that held no doubt.

Takato was in a tough predicament, he hadn’t planned this at all, this was the day he was supposed to begin to bring forth his vengeance. As things were, he had two options fight it out and risk everything he had planned or leave Takuya and run himself, things were not looking good.

“Fine then” the masked man said, he started to let Takuya on the floor.

“Drop your deck and D-Arc now!” Justimon exclaimed.

The masked man raised his hands with D-Arc and deck in each hand, “I yield!” he said, motioning to Wizardmon to stand down, Wizardmon nodded and dropped his staff.

“Drop them!” MegaGargomon yelled at the man motioning to his D-Arc and deck.

That’s when the masked man smiled, he threw the cards in the air. He spotted the one card he needed and on mid-air scanned the card.


“Justimon stop him!” MegaGargomon yelled as he, as well tried to reach out to the man, but the pain in his stomach was too much to bare and he dropped to his knees ‘Damn it! Why now of all the times!’ he thought as he tried to get up but to no avail.

Justimon was about to jump to the man but- “THUNDER BALL!” Wizardmon had sent a ball of electricity towards him, and hit him straight on.

Dimensional Gate Activate…!

Justimon stopped mid-way upon receiving the blast “But- you dropped your staff…” he said as he dropped and de-digivolved once again, to Monodramon and Ryo out cold once again. The masked man laughed and quickly picked up Takuya and began to pass through the portal. MegaGargomon watched with dread at the strapped golden and red D-Arc that the man had on his belt and was about to take with him “NOOOOOO!” He screamed and with all his might tried to get up, but that only lead him to a forced de-evolution.

Henry fell to his knees while Terriermon was lying on the ground “I’m sorry Henry, I can’t… keep up any longer…” he said as he once again went out cold. Henry clenched his fist, they were going to leave with Rika’s most prized possession, with a memory of him, his best friend. He felt his eyes starting to get wet and he glared at the now closing portal, with the strapped D-Arc still in view, that’s when it happened…

A vine that came practically out of no-where went through the portal and got a firm hold on the D-Arc and snatched it away taking it back to out of the portal, the masked man turned with anger and dread in his eyes, he tried to reach out to grab hold of it but the portal closed leaving the D-Arc in the safety of this world. Henry turned to see that it had been a green digimon who had saved his best friends memory, the said digimon was now running towards him, “Thank you” he said softly as he finally gave into the pain and closed his eyes.

The sun had begun to come out and the dark clouds began to dissipate, in this park where a DigiDestined had cried his heart out, was starting to look a little brighter.

“M-Mimi?” the young man in question looked up at the person who had called his name moments ago, it was a young girl about his age with long brunette hair, she was wearing a blue pants and a green blouse she was also carrying an umbrella.

Mimi wasted no time and let the umbrella go to hug Tai forcefully, Tai was taken aback from Mimi’s actions, but accepted the hug and embraced her as well “It’s been long hasn’t it Mimi”. He felt her nod, he heard a faint sob and it pained him to no end to hear that.

“I’m sorry I left like I did Mimi, it’s just that-” Mimi shook her head strongly not letting him go.

“You don’t have to explain, I know… just… let me stay like this a while longer.” Tai blushed a little at her comment but accepted her request and closed his eyes for a moment, ‘She always smelled nice’ he thought as he took in the scent from her hair, he wondered what kind of shampoo she used.

“Your soaking” She said to him, he chuckled lightly, it was funny how fast his worries could leave and go upon seeing an old friend who cared about you so.

“Mimi, why don’t you sit down or we can go for a walk if you want, I’m sure you have loads of questions to ask me” he said as he tried to loosen himself a bit from her grasp.

Mimi let him go and picked up her umbrella, “I’d prefer to walk for a bit, if it’s ok with you” she asked him. He nodded and got up, flinching a bit as the pain on his chest began to grow a bit, Mimi noticed it but Tai gave her a reassuring smile that meant that he would be ok. They began to walk in silence, side by side none wanting to be the first to tense up the air.

Tai sighed “Well I guess I’ll be the one to start” he spoke up as the continued to walk, the sun had come out and it felt refreshing to him, he had to dry out his cloths anyway.

Mimi gulped a bit, she didn’t know how she was going to answer if he asked about the team, the family. She was nervous and scared that he might want to leave again, because she knew that the idiot beside her would just go on blaming himself, and she didn’t want that. So, she stopped her advance and took a decision, Tai stopped as well and looked at her with a puzzled look.

Mimi took a deep breath and voiced out her thoughts “Tai… I know what you had been doing these past months… and I also know about your D-Arc… about Agumon… also about the third quadrant… I know everything” She said as she looked up to meet his eyes that were widened in confusion, fear and worry.

He took a step back shaking his head “Y-You knew?” he asked with a tremble in his voice, Mimi nodded but never eased her stare. How? How could she know? Since when?

Mimi smiled and reached out to caresses his cheek, she felt him jump at the contact “Don’t worry Tai, I knew it wasn’t you” she looked at him with the most beautiful eyes Tai had ever seen on her, and in that moment, he broke, he reached out and hugged her strongly as if it were the first time in his life he ever felt that kind of warmness, letting the tears run out in floods.

“I did terrible things, awful things to people and digimon alike, I-I kil-” he couldn’t bring himself to say it he just hugged Mimi even tighter, she began to pat his head softly.

“Tai, it wasn’t your fault, it never was, and it never will be. I know you are not like that and me and the rest of the team, your family, Kari your parents. We all believe in you even if they don’t know they will and they will always stand by your side, so please Tai… please… never leave us again… never leave… me again” Mimi said as she hugged him back with the same force as he was, with tears threatening to come out.

The last part that she said stunned Tai he knew from Layna that she had never stopped looking for him but, did that mean anything else? He let her go but still held her by her shoulders, looking at down at her straight into her brown eyes, then he remembered, in the battle against Takato the girl he had seen, it was her all along, in all the events and hardships they had passed she never gave up believing in him, even now when he had left and done horrible things. She never gave up on him, she kept believing in him.

“Mimi…” he said softly, he looked at her and whipped away the tear that had begun to form in her eye, but at the same time without him actually knowing it he began to close the distance in between them, Mimi was started at first by the sudden turn that it had begun to take but she could not move, she was mesmerized by him and the fact that he had said her name in that tone didn’t help her regain her composure, without realizing she too was beginning to lean in she could feel his breath on her lips, her heart was pounding hard inside her chest, she felt as if in any moment it was going to explode. Even breathing had become hard, but she slowly began to close her eyes and slowly kept on.

Tai never let his grip on her ease up, he feared that if he let go, this would all have been a dream and he would wake up once again in that god forsaken mansion. Did he really want it to be a dream? He did not know, all he knew is that he wanted Mimi close… closer than he had ever felt her and it just felt right, his breathing was out of balance, her scent… GOD her scent was hypnotizing, he couldn’t have enough of it, he wanted it. Tai didn’t know where all of these emotions had come from but it felt as if he had opened a vine bottle that had been building up pressure, and what made his heart beat even faster was that it felt right. He began to close the distance between them even more and to slowly close his eyes, he could swear that he was feeling her lips on his, and was about to cross the final leap…




They both jumped and Mimi pushed Tai a bit to forcefully from the sudden startle that her own cellphone had brought about, Tai pushed her back as well thanks to the same thing. They just stayed still none daring to move a muscle, Mimi was trying to calm her raging heart, she had her hand over her chest, and her cheeks were a little more than red. Tai on the other hand was trying -and failing- to breath normally again, it did not help at all that he had memorized her scent so clearly that he could swear he was still smelling. And it was beginning to drive him mad, ‘I-I have to calm myself, also note to self, tell her to never wear that perfume again, or I might not know what I’ll do’ he thought to himself.

Mimi’s cellphone kept on ringing, abandoned by her owner completely forgotten “A-Aren’t y-you gonna answer that?” he asked her with a mid-shaky voice. Mimi just nodded and took out her phone from her pocket.

“H-Hello?” she answered a bit out of breath.

“Mimi… you okay you sound a bit out of breath, were you exercising?” the voice from the phone asked.

“N-N-No, I was just- I mean yes I was out for a morning jog” She corrected herself

“Sorry to interrupt, but Tai’s nowhere to be found, he ran out of the hospital apparently think you could give us a hand searching for him?” Tai swallowed hard he was brought back to reality by that.

Mimi turned to look at Tai a bit guilty, Tai knew she did not like to lie “Yeah Sora I’ll be there as fast as I can” she said as she hung up, and once again there it was, the name he had avoided since he left. Mimi noticed that he tensed up and felt guilty for feeling immense joy for what almost happened.

“You know you’re going to have to clear thing out with her eventually right?” Mimi asked him softer than before.

“Yeah, I know” he said as he looked down, he didn’t want to think about that for the moment.

Mimi just looked at him and wondered if he still held feelings for her friend, she wouldn’t be surprised if he still did. Suddenly Tai began to get very red, and Mimi wondered if he was getting a fever. Without thinking she put her palm on his forehead, noticing that his body temperature was slowly rising.

“I think you need to change before we head back to the hospital, you seem to be catching a fever, we can go to my apartment I have a spare set of clothes for you there” Mimi said motioning the way they should go, as she began to walk.

Tai just rubbed the back of his neck, as he looked at her back “Um… Listen Mimi, I’m- sorry for… you know… what happened… or what nearly happened… I don’t know wha-”

“Don’t be” Mimi said as she stopped walking without turning around. Tai blinked a few times, he heard the birds singing, maybe he was dreaming or catching a high fever because he just thought he heard Mimi say that he shouldn’t be sorry.

Tai laughed awkwardly “I think I am catching a fever, I just thought I heard you say-”

“I said don’t be… because… I’m not” Mimi said as she continued to walk not turning around to see his face, but if she would have turned she would have been witness to the most shocked face on Taichi Kamiya’s face, but what shocked Tai more was that, even if it was for a millisecond he felt a shock of pure excitement upon hearing those words.

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