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Cursed: Jefferson's Story


AU Jefferson is stuck in Storybrooke, from the start of Regina's curse to 28 years later when Emma Swan comes. How will he deal with his punishment, the conflicting realities and ghosts of his past?

Fantasy / Romance
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Day One

He had gotten the antidote from Regina's vault and rushed back to Rumple's Tower Room, dropping down to his knees he took Aurora up on to his lap. He uncorked the potion bottle and brought it up to Aurora's mouth and tipped it so some of the liquid fell into her mouth. She choked on the liquid, spiting some of it up.

"No, you have to drink it, come on Aurora." He whispered before he carefully placed the bottle beside him and lifted her higher into a sitting position; with her now leaning back against his chest she was at a better angle to drink the potion, without spitting too much of the liquid up.

Jefferson kicked at the sheets in as he moved uncomfortably in his bed.

"No "Open your eyes!" He demanded, giving Aurora's face a light slap. "Aurora, Come on Rory! Damn it! Open your eyes I need you to open your eyes." He was pleading to her. "I don't understand the potion it should have worked by now."

Jefferson rolled over gripping one of his pillows tightly.

"I am sorry, Aurora I should have been back to dinner sooner. I wasted time getting that stupid flying carpet because I thought you would think it was interesting and it would make my story better. I should have…" His voice broke the tears finally falling down his cheeks. "Come on Aurora." He pleaded. "I got what you needed now I just need you to just open your eyes…"

"Father?" Aurora whispered out loud.

"No Rory, your father is dead." Jefferson buried his face into his pillow.

"If you are seeing a light don't go anywhere near it." He told Aurora as he repositioned her in his arms. "Come on open your eyes."

"I love you mother." Aurora muttered in his arms.

"No!" Jefferson called out as he rolled over on to his back.

"Aurora, stop talking to your parents and open your eyes and talk to me!" He hugged her close rocking slightly with her in his arms.

"Goodbye." Aurora whispered.

"No! This isn't goodbye, come on, come on Aurora." His voiced cracked as he let his tears fall.

"Wake up." Jefferson muttered as he gripped the sheets of his bed. "Aurora!" He yelled waking up in his bed covered in a cold sweat. He sat up looking around his room.

"Where am I this isn't… right. This isn't my bedroom. It's too neat, where are all the hats?" He looked around the bedroom. "This isn't my cottage." He got out of his bed and looked out his window. "I am on the second floor? My house didn't have a second floor in Wonderland." He looked down towards the valley and the little town which was nestled in between the forest. "And that town looks far too normal to be in Wonderland."

Jefferson shook his head realizing what he was saying. "Wonderland…what man…" He wiped some of the sleep out of his eyes. "What was I dreaming?"

He took in the room noticing the clock which read 8:15. To the side of the clock lay the book, Through The Looking Glass. "Well that explains why I was thinking I would think I was in Wonderland. But what all was I dreaming? Potions, flying carpets, and there isn't an Aurora in that story, it's Alice."

You couldn't save Alice either, a voice in the back of his head whispered. He paused looking down at the book. "I need some caffeine and to really wake up."

He started down the hall but he thought he heard a noise coming from the last room on the right of the hallway. There shouldn't be anyone in the guest room. He thought as he leaned against the door trying to listen.

"Papa's going to be any minute. I just know it. He said he will be home for tea." He heard a little girl's voice.

How did a little girl get in here? He wondered as he started to open the door.

"Mr. Rabbit would you like more tea." He heard the little girl's voice ask.

The room was dark the only light was coming from the hallway. The room doesn't look right. Jefferson thought as he opened the door wider. There were homemade toys and small table set up like a tea party, but as the light from the hallway touched the objects they disappeared, replaced with a very modern and clean looking guest room.

Jefferson switched on the light and the room looked like it was supposed to. It was just a simple guest room. He walked into the room turning around in a circle. There was no sign of the toys, the girl, or the tea party she had been having.

"I really need to stop reading so late at night." He snapped the pages on the paperback book. "A good cup of tea will clear my head from that messed up nightmare I had."

Jefferson had made his tea and had just settled into his spot at the kitchen table when the phone rang.

With a slight huff of annoyance he got out of the chair and made his way over to the telephone on the wall. It was an old fashion Victorian style phone. Victor would love this phone, though it would be black and white in this world, not lovely shade of mahogany and gold. He paused a moment, Wait who is Victor? He massaged his temple a moment trying to place the person he was thinking about, before he picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

A woman's voice on the other end asked. "Jefferson, I didn't wake you did I?"

"No, Regina." He smiled. "I was just making a cup of tea."

"Tea!" She laughed. "That is so you, good to see some things never change."

"Are you able to stop by this morning? Should I put extra water in the kettle?"

"No, I have other things to deal with this morning." She chuckled like she had made a joke.

"Yes being Mayor keeps you busy. You should make sure you are not over doing it."

"How nice of you to care Jefferson, but I ensure you I am feeling wonderful this morning. Everything has gone as planned. How are you feeling this morning?"

"I…" He thought about telling her about his morning, but something was holding him back. "I am feeling fine. Are we still on for tonight?"

"If you mean dinner, of course my dear Jefferson. I wouldn't miss if for all the world." She laughed again. "Enjoy your day."

"Of course Madam Mayor, see you later tonight."

Jefferson had finished his tea, and still felt a bit groggy so he went back upstairs to shower. He didn't notice anything was different until he was washing his neck. His fingers went over a thick scar. He pulled back the shower curtain to try to see it in the mirror, but the mirror was fogged over by the steam from the shower.

He finished washing, turned off the water and he threw back the curtain. He grabbed a towel and dried off his hair really quick with it before wrapping it around his body. He stepped out on the tile grabbing the hand towel by the sink to wipe off the mirror. He stood there starting at the ugly scar that ran the whole way across his neck. His fingers went up on both sides of his neck following it around to the back.

"Does it go the whole way around?"

You know it does. A voice in the back of his head whispered to him.

"How the hell did I get a scar like this?" He wondered out loud as he tried to see the back of his neck.

His wet feet slipped on the tile and he fell back hitting his head on the tub, as images flashed before his eyes.

"If I tell you will you let me go home to my daughter?" He asked

The man laughed and the Queen of Hearts whispered "Off with his head."

"Daughter? Off with my head…" He shook his head sitting up muttering. "No. no. no…" as he rubbed the back of his head. "That isn't possible. I don't have a daughter. And if I lost my head in Wonderland I would be dead."

You know that isn't how things work in Wonderland. That voice in the back of his head whispered as he stood back up in front of the mirror.

"Wonderland isn't real." Jefferson told himself as he opened the medicine cabinet looking for something for his headache. He saw three different medicine bottles.

He picked up the first one. Thiamine, Jefferson Jones was printed on the label, prescribed by Dr. James Whale. "Doctor Whale…" He looked over the other two bottles. "Antidepressants and Anti-anxiety meds…" All with his name and the same Doctor, he placed them back on the shelf closing the mirror.

He stood looking in the mirror trying to recall this Doctor Whale, when he noticed a young man standing behind him, only his coloring was off, like he was only shades of gray. Jefferson stood there. "I know you."

"Of course you do Jeff. Just like you know those pills are not going to make you feel better."

"Victor…" Jefferson turned around to face him but the man was gone. He leaned back heavily against the sink shaking his head at the empty room. He brought a hand up to his forehead rubbing his temple. "Thiamine is for confusion… I am having problems deciding what is real and what isn't. Wonderland, a daughter, Aurora, and Victor… these things aren't real." He turned back taking the Thiamine bottle out of the cabinet. He popped the lid and took one of the pills.

He closed his eyes trying to focus on what was real. Why do I have this scar? Why do I have to take these pills? What caused it?

"The accident." He opened his eyes wide with fear. "Dear God how could I forget about that night." Jefferson stumbled over to sit on the toilet taking his head in his hands as he recalled that night.

He had been driving and Regina had been in the passenger seat. They had just come from a party and they had both had a bit more to drink then they should have. He had been fooling around with one hand on the steering wheel and the other trying to work its way under Regina's skirt, not wanting to wait until they got home to start the fun.

He hadn't seen the wolf in the middle of the road until it was too late. He had hit the brakes and swerved but he had lost control of the vehicle, right before the bridge. The car had clipped the side of the bridge before going airborne and landed on its side.

I didn't have my seat belt on and I hit the windshield. "No I went through the windshield. Regina she pulled me back inside the car right before it fell off the embankment into the river." He paused remembering hitting the cold water and flash of blonde hair.

"Aurora." He whispered. "No… It was Regina in the water… who the hell is Aurora?" He wondered as he moved to take the other two pill bottles from the cabinet.

"Why do you keep looking at me like that Jefferson?" Regina asked putting her dirty napkin on her empty plate.

"Because I can't remember the last time I saw you smile like you have tonight." Jefferson lowered his own napkin on to his plate.

"You always did enjoy my smile didn't you?"

"You are always beautiful, but your smile, it just intensifies it." He gave her a small sad smile. "Though I am surprised you cut your beautiful hair."

"You don't like it?" Regina pouted.

"I never said that." He flashed her a smile. "I have to say I love your new look you seem to have going on."

"Well I do have to admit I love my new wardrobe." Her smiled brighten as she remembered waking up this morning in Storybrooke and seeing all of her hard work finally paying off.

"You were right on the phone this morning. You must have had an amazing day to be smiling like that."

Regina's smile widen even more "You have no idea." Her fingers drummed on the table top.

"Why don' you tell me about it?"

"I finally got my revenge on someone who has been trying to ruin my life."

Jefferson laughed. "Ruin your life? Regina you always were so dramatic, you have the prefect life here. You wouldn't have been elect if everyone didn't love you."

"Yes, I know, I was unopposed." Regina corrected him.

"Oh I am so sorry, you are so hated you ran unopposed." Jefferson teased flashing a toothy grin at her.

"Tease me all you want Jefferson but it was still nice seeing this person get put in their place today."

"Well now I want to know who this person is? It's a small town, and I can't imagine who it could be. Maybe I will come down to town tomorrow…" Jefferson paused a moment seeing Regina's smile change and take on a more wicked glow for a moment. "I could meet you for lunch at Granny's. You can point this evil mastermind out."

"I have a meeting with Graham over lunch tomorrow."

"Don't you mean Sheriff Graham?" Jefferson corrected her raising an eyebrow at her wondering what exactly was going on with her and him.

"Yes Sheriff Graham." She stood up and took his and her plates into the kitchen.

Jefferson followed her leaning against the frame he crossed his arms and watched her a moment, before quietly asking. "Regina when are you going to move back in here?"

She turned surprised at his question. "You want me to move back in?"

"Yes, I am insanely jealous of you down there in that stupid little town all day." He started to move closer to her as he talked. "I miss being the one who makes you smile like you have been doing all night."

Regina blushed. "I don't know about me moving back…" She turned back around to the sink.

"You don't want to move back in but you are willing to do my dishes?" He teased as he filled the little bit of space between them, slipping up behind her as she rinsed the dishes off.

"Just cleaning up. You seem to be having a good day, too. It is good to see you looking well again. Maybe Doctor Whale has finally found a good set of mediation for you to take."

"Yes… Maybe" Jefferson pulled back slightly at her comment remembering what he had seen and heard earlier.

"You did cook a delicious meal, so I thought why leave you the dishes." Regina reached for a sponge.

"The dishes can wait, I on the other hand can't." He kissed her neck as he leaned over her to stop the water. "I can't remember the last time I woke up with you by my side. It feels like it has been years."

"I can't spend the night." She whispered her eyes closed as she enjoyed Jefferson lips at her neck and his fingers brushing up under her blouse, for it had been years since she had been able to enjoy such pleasures.

"That maybe true, Madam Mayor but please let me try to convince you otherwise."

With a cat like grin Regina turned around to face him and met his kiss.

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