Cursed: Jefferson's Story

Seventeen Years

"Regina, come away with me."

"Where ever do you want to take me?"

"Anywhere you want to go, with my Hat just about anything is possible. Then we can make love all day and all night without the use of spells or magic coins to summon me."

Regina pulled back from him."My God you are serious, aren't you?"

"I have never been more seriously about anything in my whole unnaturally long life. Regina come with me, let us leave here. I will take you wherever you want, and we will never come back. We can leave the Enchanted Forest and finally be free."

"Jefferson, are you asking me to run away with you?"

"Yes." He smiled reaching out for her.

Regina pulled back from his out strength hand laughing again.

He pulled back. "Please enlighten me Regina, what exactly is so funny?"

"I am a Queen and you are…" She paused a moment. "You are a thief."

"You know I am much more than a thief." Jefferson hissed out loud as he tossed in his bed.

"Where would we go? What would we do?"

"Anywhere, and anything we want. It will be a better life than the ones we have here."

"Where is this coming from you have never complained about your life before? I thought you loved your job? And my life here is fine with you in it."

"Yes, this, us, we are good together Regina. But we can't be more than this here. You hate your life here at the castle, come with me. Forget your title. Forget your senseless need for revenge on Snow and come away with me."

"My senseless need for revenge?" Regina hissed stepping out of bed and grabbing her undergarments, slipping into it. "Forget my title I think not Jefferson. I am a QUEEN. My title is the only thing I have left."

Jefferson shook his head and whispered out loud. "You are wrong." As he gripped his pillow tighter.

"I am what? How am I wrong? Look around what else do I have?"

"You have me."

"You work for Rumple, I can't fully trust you."

"I would quit, Regina, if you leave with me."

Regina laughed. "You would give up all your gold, magic, and home to run away with me?"

Jefferson pulled his shirt over his head. "Yes, yes I would."

"What happened to you? You haven't been your normal self tonight. Where have you been? Has Rumple found out about us?"

"No, it's not that Regina. Rumple isn't the problem. He saved me… again."

"What are you talking about Jefferson? Where have you been the last two and half weeks?" She started around the end of the bed towards him.

"I was caught stealing something." He muttered.

"Caught? But you never."

"It was in King George's Kingdom."

"No Magic."

"No Magic." He repeated out loud as he kicked at his covers his mind racing with what King George and Prince James had done to him.

"Damn it Regina, I thought I was going to die there." He started to explain as Regina reached out grabbing his right hand.

He felt her magic travel from where her hand had grabbed his all the way up his arm to his head. But unlike when she had used magic on him before this hurt. He could hear himself screaming out in pain as his legs gave out and he dropped down to his knees in front of her. Everything he had gone through the last sixteen days flash through his mind bringing back all that pain. The lashings, the bruises, the hungrier, and lastly all the pain of what James had done to his hand.

He pulled his hand close to his chest as he woke up pushing himself back against headrest "What the hell was that Regina? That hurt! THAT REALLY HURT! You hurt me. You have never…. I was telling you… You didn't have to do that!" His hand throbbed in pain like it was hurt again. "Damn it." He leaned back against the hard wood staring down at his hand half expecting it to be bloody and raw again.

It took him a moment to gather his wits and realize it had all been a nightmare. He wasn't really back in the Enchanted Forest in Regina's bedchamber. He wasn't seventeen or sharing Regina's bed anymore. He closed his eyes remembering more of their conversations that night.

"Regina there is nothing to worry about, just come away with me in my hat." He reasoned reaching out to her.

Regina laughed again, pushing his hand away sharply. "I most certainly will not be running away with you."

"Regina I know the risk it would be. You think me leaving Rumple's employment would be wise for my health."

"We are done Jefferson."

"Done?" He gasped. "What….what do you mean done?"

"We can't do this anymore. You need to leave."

"Leave? Regina…What if I am not done with you?" He challenged her.

"Goodbye Jefferson."

"No. I am not leaving. Regina I just …."

"Jefferson." Regina took him by his arms. "I don't wish to see you dead."

"And I don't want this to be over." He whispered before he kissed her softly on the lips.

"Regina" Jefferson whispered, his fingers going to his lips. He could almost taste Regina on him. He shook his head and forced himself to get out of bed, heading for the shower, wishing he could wash all his memories down the drain.

"Jefferson." Regina called as she closed his front door lowering her purse on to the table by the door. She took her jacket off laying it on top.

"Planning on staying long?" He commented coming down the stairs.

"Do you remember our first time together?"

"I would have thought you would have gotten sick of torturing me by now, what has it been seventeen years give or take a few months." He paused about five steps from the bottom of the stairs looking her over, when she didn't reply he continued down the stairs. "I remember it well. It was back when you were actually nice and caring." He crossed his arms as he joined her.

"I am still nice and caring. Just ask anyone in town."

Jefferson could tell Regina was upset about something, he didn't comment as he stared at her a moment before asking. "Why are you here today Regina? You don't seem to be up for the normal fight you always seem to come looking for when you visit me."

"I miss the past." Regina crossed her arms rubbing them with her hands as she looked down the hallway into Jefferson's living room.

"The past?" Jefferson asked uncrossing his arms, feeling bad for her against his better judgment. "Which past is it that you miss?"

"Our past." Regina moved close placing a hand on Jefferson's chest. "We use to have a good time together. Do you remember?"

Jefferson appeared quietly watching Regina finish a potion from across the room. She was startled when she turned around. "Sorry didn't mean to scare you but you were so intense with your potion work I thought it best to stay quiet."

"You didn't scare me, I was just expecting Rumple not you."

"Well I am sorry to disappoint you," He moved closer into Regina's personal space. "but Rumple is gone for the night. Had some business to take care of elsewhere" He moved around behind her moving her braid from off her shoulder. "He told me to finish up with you and see you out." His hands started to rub her shoulders. "But if I see you out I will be all alone and you will be stuck going back to that castle you hate. So whatever shall we do?"

Regina answered by turning and kissing him.

Regina leaned in and whispered in his ear. "Early on you used to watch me at lessons." She moved to kiss him.

But he pulled back asking. "Are you admitting that Rumplestiltskin taught you?"

"Jefferson dear, I thought you have been taking your medicine?"

"The medicine only dulls the real memories it doesn't make them disappear. Just the way you want it, I'm sure." Jefferson moved into the living room taking a seat on the couch closing his eyes trying to block out his memories as Regina explained their made up past.

"Don't you remember collage?" She asked moving around the couch behind him. "You were the TA for my chemistry class, giving me private lessons." She started rubbing Jefferson's shoulders. "It wasn't long before we were stealing kisses even though I did have a boyfriend at the time."

Jefferson pulled her closer as he kissed her back. He brought up his hand to his hat and with a spin of it he brought them to his bedchamber.

It was her first time through the hat and it left her off balance, Jefferson couldn't help but smile as she clung to his arms harder. "Next time warn me before you use that blasted hat of yours."

"Don't worry Regina I am the master of the hat it's not going to hurt you, while I am around." He tinted her head up to give her another kiss, but she pulled back.

"Where are we?" She asked looking around the room.

"My bedroom Your Majesty." Jefferson smiled wickedly at her. "I thought since this castle is empty it would be more private than your bedchambers at your castle."

"Jefferson I don't think I should be in your bedchambers or you in mine."

"Really Regina I didn't take you for one who would just do it in the Tower Room."

"I am married Jefferson, remember?"

"To the King… yes, yes, yes." Jefferson waved his hands around like he could wave that fact away. "But that hasn't stopped you from flirting the last couple of weeks or returning my kisses the last few days. And your kisses and fingers in my hair tell me you want more." Jefferson backed her up against the wall. "Tell me Regina, am I wrong?"

Regina felt the cold hard wall against her back and she placed her hands on Jefferson's chest as she looked up into his eyes. "You are not wrong." Regina leaned up like she was going to kiss him but stopped just short to add. "But if we are caught…"

Jefferson laughed picking her up throwing her on the bed. "There is no one here Regina. Your husband thinks you are off doing whatever it is you tell him you are doing when you are here for lessons with Rumple. We have all afternoon, and you can get as loud as you want." Jefferson raised an eyebrow at her as his hands moved under her rolling her over on top of him. Regina returned his kiss and she could feel his fingers undoing her corset.

Jefferson opened his eyes as Regina climbed on top of his lap. "Regina what are you doing?"

"I miss the old us."

"Isn't the heartless sheriff pulling his weight in the bedroom?" Jefferson pushed Regina back holding her at arm's length. "I thought you could just squeeze his heart and he would follow your every command?"

"Jefferson," Regina took a hold of his hands lowering them down to her thighs. "Graham could never replace you. I haven't let anyone in the way I let you in."

Jefferson pulled off Regina's corset and threw it off to the side of the room, his hands started up under her blouse when she pulled back lowering his hands on top of her skirt.

"Jefferson if we do this, it can only be this one time."

He pulled his hands back to pop up on his elbows as he looked up at her. "That may be true, Your Majesty but please let me try to convince you otherwise."

"I am not sure." She licked her lips as she looked him over.

"If all you want is one time so be it. But…" He pushed himself up grabbing her by her waist and turning her so she laid back against the pillows and the headboard. "give me at least the next hour and you will change your wish to the tune of we can only do this once a week."

Regina laughed as she pulled his shirt off over his head. "Really once a week? Is it not going to be good enough to be wishing for it once a day?"

Now it was Jefferson turn to laugh as he pulled her blouse off. Her hands went up to her breast covering them as she turned slightly on to her side.

"Oh I didn't say you wouldn't wish for me in your bed every night, but let's be realistic." Jefferson brushed his fingers up her side tracing his way up her back around her shoulder and down her arm. "Between my travels for work, and your lessons with Rumple AND your duties as Queen, that would be pushing our schedules a little thin." He reached up brushing her cheek. "Sadly my dear sacrifices must be made on our parts. Once a week maybe pushing it but I think I can work you in." Jefferson started to kiss his way up Regina's stomach.

"Work me in? Really?" Regina closed her eyes as Jefferson took her right breast in his hand and she moaned slightly as his lips worked their way to her left.

Regina hands left Jefferson's and started to unbutton his vest.

"Regina." Jefferson warned but he didn't move to stop her as she pulled his vest off of his shoulders and threw it to the side of the couch. Her hands pulled at his shirt, pulling it loose from his pants, before she started to unbutton its buttons.

Jefferson's hand slid up her thighs to her waist gripping her tight as her hands disappeared under his scarf to unbutton his shirt all the way up to his collar. Regina leaned in close to Jefferson's face like she was going to kiss him, but instead she put her forehead against his as she pushed his shirt open exposing his chest. Her hands went to the scarf and started to loosen it.

"No." Jefferson ordered, grabbing her hands sharply and pulling them away from his scarf.

"Jefferson there is no need to cover up, you are beautiful just the way you are." Regina purred in his ear before she pulled back kissing him hard on the lips.

"Why are you trying to cover yourself up?" Jefferson asked moving to lay beside her so he could whisper in her ear. "You are beautiful just the way you are." Jefferson noticed Regina blush at his comment and he couldn't help but smile as she uncovered herself turning on her side to face him.

Jefferson let his fingers run down her shoulder, down her arm, wrapping his fingers in hers before bringing her hand up to his lips for a kiss.

"You have me half undressed and all you want to kiss is my hand?" She teased.

Jefferson laughed letting her hand go as he wrapped his arm around her pulling her close kissing her hard on the lips.

Regina met his kiss only pulling back to gasp for air. Jefferson's lips moved to her neck as his hands moved down to her skirt and he started to push it down her legs.

Jefferson returned Regina's kiss his hands pulled her blouse out of her skirt his fingers quickly moving to the buttons on the front. Regina's right hand tightened in his hair as her left went under his arm, and she dragged her nails up his back to grip his shoulder hard.

Regina finally pulled back from Jefferson to catch her breath, as he pulled her closer to him and started kissing her neck. Regina gave a little moan as she moved her hands back to the scarf at Jefferson's throat.

"No!" Jefferson pulled back pushing Regina off his lap to his right on the couch. "I said no Regina." Jefferson stood up backing off to the left of the couch.

Regina let Jefferson finish undressing her feeling both nervous and excited. Her couples of intimate interactions with Jefferson were nothing like the moments she was forced to share with her husband. Kissing Jefferson was exciting and made her feel good not ashamed. It wasn't like what she had felt with Daniel but it felt good to finally feel something again. She never had a chance with Daniel to do what Jefferson was now asking her to do; her only experience was with the King.

Jefferson turned her so her back was against his chest. "Jefferson…" Regina started as his fingers slipped under her underwear. "I am not sure…" she barely whispered as he slipped a finger inside of her. What is he doing? Regina thought my husband has never. Regina moaned as he slipped a second finger in gently moving them in and out of her.

"What were you saying Regina." He paused to ask her.

"Don't stop." Regina moaned arching to meet his fingers.

"As you wish Your Majesty." He smiled.

"Jefferson don't push me away." Regina stood walking towards Jefferson who backed up against the wall. His scarf was loose and his hand moved to fix it. But Regina was quicker and before he knew it she was right in front of him pulling it off, throwing it to the floor.

Jefferson tried to pull back from her touch but he was up against the wall all he could do was close his eyes as Regina reached out touching his scar. "I am sorry Jefferson…"

Jefferson's eyes snapped open at her confession. "You're sorry?" He demanded grabbing her hard by her right hand and her neck, spinning her so her back hit the wall hard and her hand was pinned over her head. "What exactly are you sorry for Regina?" He hissed.

Regina looked up tears playing at the corners of her eyes. "Everything. That first day together, I never would have thought we would end up like this." Jefferson had her by the throat but she raised her free hand from her side and brought it to his belt starting to loosen it.

"You are the reason we are all where we are." He loosen his grip on her neck.

"It's been so long since I felt anything, Graham…" Regina shook her head a tear falling down her cheek. "I just want to feel something again." Her hands had worked the buckle free and she unbuttoned and unzip his pants.

Jefferson let go of her throat and caught her by the wrist stopping her from reaching inside his pants.

"Jefferson please if I could just feel something…" She looked up into his eyes. "Maybe I could fix this whole mess."

"Fix everything?" Jefferson asked tears playing at his own eyes at the idea of things going back to normal.

"Yes, I just need you…"

Jefferson didn't let her finish, he leaned in and kissed her back against the wall. He left her wrist go moving his hand to her hip as she reached inside his pants with her now free hand.

Jefferson pulled back from his kiss and moaned as Regina touched him. He let go of her other hand he had pinned above her head and pushed her blouse off her shoulders. He lowered his hands down her back undoing her bra throwing it to the side.

It was now Regina's turn to moan as his lips found her breast. She pushed his pants down as Jefferson's hands made their way under her short skirt and start to pull her panties down. She quickly wiggled out of them as Jefferson lifted her back up against the wall and thrust inside of her.

Regina didn't realize sex could be so much fun. I wonder if this is how it would have felt with Daniel she thought looking up into Jefferson's blue eyes.

"Whatever are you thinking Regina?" He asked slowing his pace to a tease.

"I am thinking I want to be on top."

He flashed her a toothy grin and said. "Who am I to deny the Queen what she wants." He rolled over on to his back taking her with him. "What ever will you do with me now?" He teased.

Regina repositioned herself and leaned down to whispered in his ear. "Whatever I damn well please."

He laughed. "It is good to be the Queen."

"Yes it is." Regina smiled as she started to rock her hips making him arch up in delight. Her smiled widen as his hands came up to her hips to help guide her.

"Jefferson stop, I want to be on top, where I can control how fast we go." Jefferson repositioned his hands and carried her over to the couch.

Regina moved herself into a comfortable angle and started to move up and down at a slower pace. "I don't want this fun to stop too soon."

Regina was enjoying herself and she didn't want it to end but she also didn't want to slow down to make it last longer. She wanted to go faster and judging by Jefferson hands guiding her on her hips he didn't want her to slow down either.

She closed her eyes digging her nails into Jefferson's chest as she came her magic spilled out over his skin causing him to moan. Regina started to slow her pace and Jefferson roll her over on to her back. Now on top he picked up the pace making her moan in delight extending her pleasure. Regina thought she may come again but before she could Jefferson left out a pleasurable sound as he came. He slowed kissing her gently on the lips before he pulled out and laid down beside her.

They both laid there for a moment breathing hard before Jefferson turned to Regina his fingers once again tracing her body making her want more. "So you still only want to make this a onetime thing?" Jefferson asked her softly.

"I think I could work you in once a week but I don't think we can count on Rumple leaving us alone." Regina turned running her fingers through his hair before trailing down to his chest.

Jefferson gave Regina a toothy grin "That's the wonderful thing my dear Queen, you have magic. There are certain spells one could cast on say your bedchambers which will allow us the freedom to do as we please. Do you think you could take care of that?"

Regina matched his smile "Yes I can take care of that."

"Good, then I can take care of you." Jefferson kissed her softly on the lips.

"Yes, but first let me take care of you." Regina moved her hand over Jefferson's chest healing the cut marks from her nails.

Jefferson closed his eyes feeling the magic wash over him. He opened his eyes to catch Regina staring at him. "You are amazing."

Regina ran her fingers through his hair one last time before she slipped off him standing and walking behind the couch picking up her bra putting it on. She picked up her blouse slipping it on leaving it unbutton for now.

Jefferson fixed his pants but left his shirt unbuttoned standing up to watch Regina wiggle her way back into her panties never taking her heels off. He kept his eyes on her as she buttoned her shirt. Pouring himself a drink he asked, "Do you want one?"

Regina looked over surprised at his offer. She gave a nod before running her hands through her hair, tucking her shirt into her skirt as she made her way over to him.

Jefferson leaned in to kiss her as he offered her the glass, but Regina avoided his kiss taking the glass stepping back from him. "Regina…"

"It's best we don't get too comfortable Jefferson." Regina watched as Jefferson's face lost any trace of his smile.

Jefferson shook his head at her. "You are amazing…" He drained his drink gripping the glass tight in his hand.

"Excuse me?" Regina raised an eyebrow at him.

"I thought it was different this time. I thought you were really feeling something when you walked through my door. But you just found a new way to fuck with me!" He started around the couch but Regina kept pace with his advancements moving around to the other side.

"Tell me Regina out of everyone who ever wronged you in the Enchanted Forest how did I get picked as the one you would fucked over the most? As if aiding in Maleficent killing Aurora wasn't enough you couldn't even wait for the curse to take effect before you enacted your first punishment for me, by leaving me in WONDERLAND!" He threw his empty scotch glass at Regina. It missed her as she shirked and moved off to the side. The glass hit the fireplace shattering down on the white carpet.

"I mean seriously there was Snow who you believe ruined your life, when really it was your mother Cora's doing from the second you were born. Now there is a crazy bitch who deserves to be punished and I am not just saying that because she order my own beheading." Jefferson fingers played at his scar on his neck a moment.

"But it appears you left her behind in Wonderland. What, didn't want mommy dearest giving you a run for the wickedest witch? And there was Rumple who played you like a puppet and made you into the monster you are now. And even Victor…"

"You make it sound like I just picked your name randomly out of a hat." Regina smiled evilly.

Jefferson stopped pointing his finger at her as he shook her head. He chuckled at her his eyes growing darker as he told her. "Its little comments like that Regina which make me realize what I remember is true, no matter how much denying it you do."

"Damn it Jefferson Storybrooke is what is real Not this fairy tale land you created. Aurora and Alice weren't real. Paige is not your daughter!"

"Don't you start again with your lies Regina. You said you would fix this mess."

"I said no such thing." Regina growled as Jefferson took two quick steps slapping the drink out of her hand.

"You said if I made you feel something again you would fix everything. So fix it!" Jefferson screamed inches from her face.

"This is reality; you will just have to wait for your happy ending."

"I have done my waiting. Seventeen years of it in this cursed house!"

Regina stood her ground. "I can't fix you Jefferson if you refuse to pick what is real over what is some sick fantasy." She pushed his hand off of her and walked around him to the door.

Jefferson laughed as he turned around watching her walk to the door. "You say you loved me, and you never let anyone in like me again, but Regina I think you are confused. You don't know what real love is."

"I know what real love is, I had it with Daniel and you and…" Regina stopped herself from calling out Victor and Rumple's part in destroying all hope she had of reviving Daniel.

"You were a child, you two didn't' even…" Jefferson started advancing on her backing her towards the door.

"Shut up Jefferson!" Regina screamed. "You… You…" Regina stood there in the parlor of Jefferson's house shaking as she pointed at him. "You haven't learned anything living here alone have you?" She lowered her hand and wrapped them around herself as she continued. "You have lost all your friends. You have lost everything. All you have is this house. Yet you still cling to the fantasy that is Aurora over me. I mean what did I ever do to you to make you create a lost love, and then on top of that there is the delusion of Alice and Grace."

Jefferson started across the room and Regina's eyes grew big as she realized she had pushed him too far. She grabbed her jacket and purse opening the door stepping out to the safety of the front porch. Jefferson grabbed the door holding on tightly to stop himself from trying to lunge at Regina, for he knew he would not be able to cross the threshold of the doorway.

"I did love you." Regina stated coldly. You broke me in ways you will never understand, she thought taking a deep breath before asking. "Did you ever love me?"

"I asked you to leave with me once." Jefferson leaned as far as Regina's spell would let him. "You answered by laughing in my face and using magic to hurt me. I didn't even know you thought you loved me until Aurora came along."

"I was a fool for not leaving with you. You were right when you said it was my one shot at happiness."

"No I was wrong," Jefferson pulled back from the threshold, "Rumple would have tracked us down the way he did Aurora and I. Only I would have been the one to die, because you had to live to curse everyone to Storybrooke and your so called happy ending. Cheer up Regina you are the Mayor, and it is good to be the Mayor. Everyone here but me seems to love you."

"Confusing realities again Jefferson and I thought we had a moment. I thought you remembered the real us."

"Oh I remember everything, Regina." Jefferson placed his right hand on the door frame. "I remember the real us early on when we both wished I could spend the night, and I remember the fake us, were I was ordered to your bed much like the Huntsman is now." She flinched at his statement; her pain brought him a small comfort in knowing that Regina's happy ending wasn't as happy as she thought it would be.

"And I remember the ridiculous lies of you and me meeting at college and me stealing you away from your horrible boyfriend, like a knight in shining armor. Like I said I remember it all. But we both know two thirds of what I remember about us are lies. Don't come back here until you are willing to admit the truth and return my Grace to me." And with that statement Jefferson closed the door on Regina and his messed up past.

He walked back into the kitchen massaging his temples as voices and memories bounced around inside his head. Out of habit Jefferson opened up the one cabinet taking out the pill bottles Doctor Whale had given him and one by one placed all three of them on the kitchen counter.

Standing across from him was Victor's ghost. "Jefferson how many times do I have to tell you, you shouldn't be taking these?"

"You gave them to me."

"No, that is not really me and you know it, Jeff. In all our travels I have never lied to you."

"Other than when playing cards?"

"Cards hardly count."

Jefferson laughed as he slowly opened the lids on all of the bottles. He took a deep breath looking at the hundreds of the pills in the silly orange tinted bottles. He picked the first bottle spilling all of the pills out on the island's counter top. Then he picked up the next bottle spilling it, following it with the third bottle. The three different pills mixed together creating a crazy pattern.

"I am not crazy. I am the only one who knows what is real here in Storybrooke. I have to clear my head. I have to find a way to make this all stop. To get Grace back, and get us home."

He held one random pill up looking at it closely. "You are the reason I keep letting Regina in…You are the mistake I need to stop making." Jefferson grabbed the trashcan sweeping all the pills into it.

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