Cursed: Jefferson's Story

Eighteen Years

"Come on Alice, you heard Victor, one more push, should do it." He encouraged her.

Alice leaned back against his chest squeezing his hands hard as she pushed one last time. She collapsed back closing her eyes in relief.

"You did great." He whispered in her ear before moving slightly to give her a kiss on her cheek as they both heard the baby's first cries.

"It's a girl!" Victor announced as he finished wiping her off and picked up another blanket to wrap her in. "Just like the Gypsy foretold." The Doctor commented as he handed the baby to Alice.

"What Gypsy?" Alice questioned softly as she looked down at her daughter.

"Just something a crazy fortune teller once told me." He muttered looking down at his beautiful daughter. Her head was covered in those bright blonde curls just like her mother's, and just like Aurora had once had. Not wanting to think about Aurora now or ever, he asked Alice. "Does she look like a Grace to you?"

Alice laughed. "I think she does, don't you?"

"Let's ask her." He smiled down at his daughter. "Do you like the name Grace?"

"Grace Jones." Alice corrected him.

"Yes of course if you insist on her taking my good for nothing last name."

"A name is only as good as you make it Jefferson." She reminded him as the baby made a noise and blinked a few times. "I think she agrees with her mother."

"Of course she does." He teased as he got off of bed. "I am doomed Victor it's always going to be two against one now."

"Well you will just have to get busy making that second child, the boy the Gypsy foretold."

"A son would be nice." Alice commented before he could tell Victor to shut up about the Gypsy. "But I don't want to think about going through all this again so soon."

"And I think one baby is going to be enough to get use to without worrying about a second one." He agreed. "I am going to get little Grace all cleaned up like a good papa, while Victor finishes seeing to you. He gave Alice another kiss before carefully picking up his daughter.

Victor watched as his friend's smile grew even larger. "You're a father now Jeff."

"Yes, yes I am. And I am going to be the best father ever." He carefully cradled her to his chest. "You are going to have everything you have ever wanted and more my little Grace."

The doorbell brought Jefferson back from his daydream. He was in the work room Regina had supplied him, looking through the telescope at his daughter and the fake family she was living with. Those fake parents making sure his Grace would never want for anything. As the doorbell rang again he took one last look at Grace before leaving the room and going down to answer the door.

He heard the baby's cries before he had a chance to open the door. Regina stood before him carrying a car seat which contained a very young boy which was clearly not happy about something. "You are looking even more desperate then the last time you were here." Jefferson mocked her as she tried to quite the screaming baby.

He had seen her the last few days with a baby and for the life of him couldn't figure out how it was she had gotten herself one. Cinderella was still waddling along in misery for the last eighteen years and as far as Jefferson knew no one else was noticeably with child.

"How did you get a baby the curse… that poor Cinderella has been nine months pregnant and ready to pop for over eighteen years now? You couldn't have had one with the Huntsman, because nothing here changes."

"I tried but the spell wasn't strong enough."

"You tried a spell?"

"Yes magic here is a nuisance. It doesn't work the way it should." Regina complained as she placed the car seat and diaper bag on the side table in Jefferson's parlor. She took the baby out bouncing it trying to get it to stop crying.

"You tried to have a baby with the Huntsman?" Jefferson wasn't sure why he felt so angry at this fact.

"No, I had a hole in my heart and I came to you to try to have a child but I couldn't; the curse didn't let me."

"With me?" Jefferson took a step back from her and the baby. "You mean the last time you were here what you did was to have a child?" Jefferson mind flashed back to the last time she had came to see him over six months ago.

"I miss the past." Regina crossed her arms rubbing them with her hands as she looked down the hallway into Jefferson's living room.

"The past?" Jefferson asked uncrossing his arms, feeling bad for her against his better judgment. "Which past is it that you miss?"

"Our past." Regina moved close placing a hand on Jefferson's chest. "We use to have a good time together. Do you remember?"

Regina's voice brought him back to the present. "Yes, do relax Jefferson. You are smart, do the math, and I am sure you noticed through your telescope that I never was pregnant. I am afraid you never will get to have the little Prince which Gypsy foretold to you all those years ago."

"Regina." Jefferson hissed clearly upset that she would bring up what may have been if Aurora had lived.

"When the spell didn't work I went to Gold and he found Henry for me."

"Henry?" Jefferson took another step back from her and the baby. The name made him feel sick remembering how Regina had left him in Wonderland for her father.

Regina didn't seem to notice as she continued to bounce Henry."I tried telling him a story he just threw up on me. I took him to Doctor Whale and the jerk just told me that he was just a crying baby."

Jefferson laughed. "That does sound like Victor, short and to the point. I am more surprised that you let Rumple get a child for you? But like I asked before, whose child is it? Rumple can't leave Storybrooke."

"He may not be able to leave his town but his memories reach beyond these city limits. He had contacts in Boston."

"So the baby isn't from our realm? It is a child from this world?"

"Do you think that is the problem?"

"Yes it is a problem he's going to grow up, when everyone else in this town is going to stay the same. But the more pressing problem is that you of all people are trying to be a mother. Where the child comes from isn't going to change that fact." Jefferson coldly stated.

"Victor told me that if something was wrong the parents would need to be consulted but it was a closed adoption so no contact. But Sydney is working on that now so I am waiting for him to get back to me."

"So he hasn't stopped crying?"

"Not really…"

"What aren't you telling me Regina?"

"Mary Margret got him to stop but if she can do it I can too."

"But it seems like you can't, maybe it is a good thing we never ran away together and started a family. You really have no clue on being a mother. But then again why would anything in its right mind want to cuddle up to someone so cold-hearted as you."

"Are you going to help me Jefferson or not?"

"I am not doing anything for you Regina, but I am not going to let the little boy scream his head off until you do something stupid like send him back or worst kill him."

"I would never kill him…" She listened to his screams for another moment. "Do you think they would let me give him back?"

"You don't abandon family Regina." He coldly reminded her taking the crying baby from her arms. "A child isn't something you just give back because you don't think you can be a parent. You said your heart longed to feel something, well when you become a parent your child comes first, no matter how painful for yourself it may become. "

"Well what am I supposed to do?"

"For starters he needs a diaper change."

"No I just did that before I drove up here."

"Well he needs it again, don't you, you little Prince." Henry giggled reaching out for Jefferson.

"How did you do that?" Regina asked amazed at how Henry seemed to warm up to Jefferson.

"They can sense your troubles and fears you need to be strong for both of you." He stated cradling the baby in one arm so he could pick up the diaper bag from beside car seat before he started into living room.

"How do you do that?" Regina ask following close behind.

"Some days it is hard. I was all alone with Grace and we didn't have much. There were days where I was worried I wouldn't be able to find enough food to feed her, but I always managed to even if it meant I went to bed hungry." He explained as he carefully laid Henry down on the carpet and search through the diaper bag for the items he need. "It's called sacrifice, maybe you should look up what it means sometime."

"Jefferson I…"


"I knew you weren't well off but I never thought." She stopped short of saying she was sorry.

"No you never did think long term have you?" He asked as he finished fastening the new diaper. "Not since your time with the stable boy."

"Daniel has nothing to do with this."

"Daniel has everything to do with this." He demanded looking up from Henry to her. "You wanted a life with him; a family?"

"You know I did."

"You have to think long term with this child no matter what problems you may face you are his mother now. God help you with that one little Prince." Jefferson finished fixing the boy's outfit and picked him up. "Take a minute Regina and think about what you want. It isn't about you anymore. When you become a parent you must put your child first no matter what happens. Do you understand that? You have to put your own problems aside and put your child first."

"And if I can't?"

"You can always take him back through he is the only one in this town that doesn't have a reason to hate you."

"Yes," Regina took Henry back from him. "Henry is all I have and if I lose him I lose everything, but what if he never loves me the way I love him?"

"Well this is reality and you will just have to wait for your happy ending." Jefferson threw her words back from her last visit back in her face as he handed her the diaper bag.

Regina met his glare with one of her own before she shouldered the bag and turned to put Henry into his car seat. "Well at least I have a chance at a happy ending." She hissed as she opened the door and once again left Jefferson all alone.

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