Cursed: Jefferson's Story

Twenty-Two Years Part One

He watched Grace run off into the woods before he turned to face their little cottage with the Queen's carriage parked in front of it. Regina had found him at last and the outcome of which was sure not to lead to good things for him and Grace.

"Damn you Regina!" Jefferson shouted as he stopped writing to hit the kitchen table. He looked around at his notes and drawings, scattered around the kitchen table. He had been working on all the stories he knew from his life back in the Enchanted Forest. He had worked for Rumple and Regina and between the two of them they had, had their noises into just about every major player in their world lives. Rumple had used him for years to influence things to make sure The Dark One would get the outcome he wanted.

Writing down everyone's true stories has helped pass the time over the last twenty-two years. He thought as he looked through some of his drawings. But my drawings don't do the people justice. With a shake of his head he sadly stated out loud. "Victor was always better at drawing people. I on the other hand always preferred drawing maps to people."

His thoughts where interrupted by the ringing of his doorbell. He looked at the clock, it was early for Doctor Hopper's visit and Regina had barely been up to see him since she had adopted the little boy. As the doorbell rang again he stood leaving the papers on the table as he made his way to the front door.

"Doctor Hopper you are early." He stated as he blocked the doorway.

"Good morning Jefferson, didn't Regina pass on my message?"


"Well…" Archie stood there looking awkward. "I told her to let you know I had to change our weekly appointment time, I have other business to attend too later."

"Other crazy people in town to take care of?"

"Jefferson you or any of my patients are not crazy. You are just misguided and need some help to…" He stop talking as he caught the look on Jefferson face. "May I come in for our weekly session?"

Jefferson thought about not allowing it but as much as he hated how the Doctor went on about why everything he believed was wrong, Archie still was the only person besides Regina he had, had a chance to actually talk to in twenty-two years. So he stepped back and let him enter. The good Doctor started back into the kitchen.

"No wait let's go into the living room today…" Jefferson started as he chased after him.

"Oh not the usual spot in the kitchen. I was hoping for a spot of tea." Archie stopped beside the table as he saw all of Jefferson's work laying out on the table.

"Jefferson what is this?"

"Nothing…." He started as he came around the other side of the table trying to gather them up before he could see what they really were, but he was too late the Doctor had picked up the pile of drawings.

"Is this Miss Blanchard with long hair?" He looked through a few more as he talked. "Mayor Mills, Doctor Whale, Paige?" He questioned turning the picture of the little girl around to face Jefferson.

"Grace, her name is Grace." Jefferson stated through a clutched jaw as he tried to remain calm and not rip the drawings from the cricket's hands.

Archie looked through a couple more before pausing and looking at one drawing. "Is this who I think it is?" he asked turning over the drawing so Jefferson could see.

It was a drawing of himself with Aurora in the little pub they had owned in Neverland. "It is me and Aurora if that is what you are thinking." Jefferson hissed grabbing it from Archie and adding it to the pile as he rushed to gather the rest up.

"How long have you been writing and drawing down your…."

"My what Doctor? Day Dreams? Fantasies? Delusions?"

"Jefferson calm down there is no need to get upset. We just need to talk about…"

"Talk about what? How I have escalated from just believing to recording my so called fictional past?"

"Is that what you think you are doing? Recording the past?"

Jefferson collapsed down into the chair pulling the pile of his writings and drawings closer to him so he could rest his chin on top. "Someone has to. Everyone needs to know the truth; Regina is a monster and all the reason why things have led to this."

Archie sat down across the table from him. "Jefferson may I please look at your writings?"

Jefferson refused to look up from the pile in front of him as he thought. Things are going to go one of two ways. One the cricket will read this and want to lock you up which Regina won't allow so nothing will change. Or two maybe just maybe he will remember.

Very slowly he pushed the pile across the table.

Archie had wanted to take the papers back to town with him but Jefferson had refused to let him, so the good Doctor had left empty hand and said something about some new medications he had wanted him to try. Disappointed but not surprised Jefferson had gone up to his workroom to watch Grace at school.

He was surprised for the second time that day when less than two hours later someone else was ringing his doorbell. He was even more shocked when he opened the door to see not only Doctor Hopper but also Regina and Sheriff Graham.

"I thought our sessions were private Doctor Hopper." Jefferson hissed blocking Regina from entering.

"They are private but Regina here is your emergency contact and I think a change in your therapy may be in order. Matters have to be discussed and agreed upon."

"The Doctor is worried about you Jefferson."

Jefferson ignore Regina's fake concern and asked. "Why is he here?" He nodded towards the Sheriff.

"We were in a meeting when Doctor Hopper called."

"A meeting." Jefferson smirked. "I remember our meetings Regina."

"It sounds like you remember more things than anyone in this town." Sheriff Graham mocked him.

"That is enough Graham." Regina warned. "Jefferson I want to see this book you are putting together and I want to discuss your next step in treatment." She demanded pushing her way past him into the foyer.

"I won't let you destroy my work."

"No one is going to destroy anything Jefferson." Doctor Hopper tied to reassure him as he and the Sheriff entered the house closing the door behind them.

"Regina seems to like to destroy everything she touches these days. I would watch out Sheriff it is only a matter of time before she hurts you or that boy she has adopted."

"Jefferson I can't believe you would say that. I would never hurt the good Sheriff or my son."

"Not as long as they behave the way you wish them too. But once they step out of line all bets are off. Look at what you did to me or even worst Aurora."

"Jefferson you never had a relationship with Aurora, because she isn't real." Archie once again tried to explain.

"Contrary to what you believe Doctor, Aurora was real. I was engaged to her, and nothing Regina makes you say is going to change my mind about that fact."

"You weren't engaged to her Jefferson. Doctor Hopper is correct, you made Aurora up after the accident. You were engaged to me."

"No that isn't real." Jefferson brought his hands up to his head as he closed his eyes trying to block out those fake memories. "Those are lies you made up when you brought us all here."

"I still wear the ring you gave me." Regina pulled a chain out from under her shirt to show him the ring. "You do recognize this don't you?"

He opened his eyes seeing the ring he had given to Aurora around her neck. "That is not your ring! Take it off right this instant!"

"Jefferson calm down." Doctor Hopper tried to reach out to stop him.

Pushing the Doctor away he shouted. "I will not clam down she is wearing my mother's ring. The same ring I gave to Aurora." Turning back to Regina he demanded. "How did you get it? She had it on the night she… drowned. Rumple buried her with it. How did you get it?" Jefferson pushed Regina up against the wall grabbing for the chain and the ring.

"Mr. Jones, stop!" Sheriff Graham ordered as he pulled Jefferson away from her. Jefferson broke free from him with the chain clutched in his hand. He stumbled away back into the living room and collapsed on to the couch staring at the ring.

"Are you okay?" Graham asked her.

"I am fine." Regina hissed pulling free of Graham to follow after Jefferson continuing to taunt him. "Jefferson Aurora didn't drown."

"Don't Regina, just don't. Maleficent…..I saw Aurora's body, Rumple and I buried her."

"I was in the car that night. We had been drinking, a wolf ran out in front of us, you swerved and we went off the bridge. You hit your head, almost drown. But I saved you."

"No Rumple saved me. You are the one that almost killed me. And you helped Maleficent kill Aurora because I loved her and not you. You couldn't take the rejection, you still can't and it's been over thirty years!"

"Jefferson it's only been two years since the accident."

Jefferson laughed. "Oh cricket if you only knew. She has had us trapped here in this horrible land without magic for twenty-two years. Day by day I sit here stuck in this house."


"No!" Jefferson brought his hand up to his head rubbing it a moment as if trying to get this thoughts together. "It's all in the book! Just read the book and you will see."

"I plan on reading it but this fairy tale world is just a…."

"If I am lying then how do you explain Henry? That boy is what four years old now? She adopted him when he was just a baby. If he is four years old that proves we have been here longer than just two years."

"Jefferson I adopted Henry last year when he was three. Everyone knows that."

Jefferson looked from Regina's grin to Doctor Hopper who agreed with her. "Regina is correct Henry's only been here about a year."

Jefferson laughed rocking back to lean back on the couch. "How much magic does it take Regina to make them all believe that lie every year?" He looked back down examining the ring in his hand. "You only have what Magic you brought with you. Whatever will you do with the boy when he starts to question things?"

"He is even worse off than I thought. Maybe we should lock him up in the Doctor Whale's psych ward until his new meds kick in." the Sheriff suggested.

Jefferson laughed again. "Yes, please lock me up in the psych ward. I would so love to see Victor again, and have an actually conversation with him that isn't in my head. But tell me Regina however are you going to explain to them how it is I can't leave the house?"

"I think that is a perfect idea."

"You do?" Jefferson stopped smiling and looked up from the ring to her.

"Doctor Hopper do you think you could arrange for him to be escorted there, until you can get him back on medication which will work?"

"Yes, not sure if it can all be worked out tonight, but tomorrow morning everything should be set."

"Then tomorrow morning we will move him." Regina stated before turning and heading back into the foyer.

"You are just going to leave him here tonight by himself?" The Sheriff questioned.

"Yes you heard him. He thinks he can't leave the house. He won't go anywhere."

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