Cursed: Jefferson's Story

Day Two

His travel bag fell past him hitting the water below him. He clung on to the tree branch. Aurora cried out for him as Maleficent came up behind grabbing her sharply by her hair. "I don't need magic to kill you." Maleficent commented throwing her off the cliff.

"No Aurora!" He caught her by the chain that was hanging between her magic binding handcuffs.

"I don't think so." Maleficent blasts the tree branch.

"Jefferson!" Aurora screamed as they fell down towards the river.

He lost his grip on Aurora's chain as they free fell down "Aurora!" He screamed reaching out for her, trying to get to her before they hit the water, but he couldn't.

"Aurora!" Jefferson woke with a start. He looked around for her. It took him a moment to realize he was thrashing through his bed sheets and not the cold river waters. He froze trying to get his bearings. The clock showed it was 8:15.

He moved the covers back and sat at the edge of his bed. "Urgh!" He moaned holding his head before he looked back over at the clock. He noticed a small paperback book entitled, Sleeping Beauty.

You couldn't get to Aurora and she died. That little voice in the back of his head told him.

"No that isn't real, Regina…" Jefferson stopped mid sentence as he thought he heard crying.

He stood tilting his head trying to decide where it was coming from. He opened the door entering the hallway but he couldn't hear the sobbing anymore. He went back into his room trying to find the source of the noise. Looking up he noticed an air vent. The sound is coming from the attic.

He quickly walked down to the end of the hallway. There was a door leading up to the attic.

But I am alone in this house. He thought as he opened the door. There in front of him were darken wooden steps. No stone, he thought as they changed before his eyes.

Jefferson leaned back against the door. Not again. The rooms to this house just can't change at will. "The house isn't made of stone, this is not some castle from the middle ages get a grip man. " He told himself as he forced his eyes open and started up the stairs. It was dark except for the light coming in from the window across the room. The crying was louder. He could make out some words now.

"Always in the dark…" It was a young woman's voice Jefferson noted as he listened. "Nothing but darkness, mirrors, and smoke…"

"Hello?" Jefferson asked coming to stand at the top of the stairs. "Is there someone up here?"

"Who's there?" The voice cried out. "All this time and I never ran into anyone before."

"Who are you? What do you mean all this time? You are in my house." There was a string in front of him attached to a light so Jefferson pulled it.

The room lit up to a normal attic filled with boxes and junk but then the room flicked and the walls turned to stone. There were tables filled with potion bottles and candles, bookcases over flowing with books, a fireplace and chairs, and there under the window was a young lady sitting and crying.

"Jefferson?" She stated confused shaking her head looking at him like she didn't believe he was there. "How are you here? Then looking around the room she asked. "How am I am here?"

"Do I know you?" He asked moving closer as the room changed back to a normal attic with boxes and forgotten junk.

"You don't remember me?" She asked fresh tears falling from her eyes.

He looked down at her realizing who she was. The room switched back to the castle as he knelt down in front of her "Aurora?"

She let out a deep breath smiling as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "You do remember me."

"You are not real." Jefferson stood back up backing away from her.

"What?" Aurora gasped. "What are you talking about? You once told me that I was the only real thing in your life."

"It's my head from the accident, the medicine. I need to take my pills. I am making you up. Regina's right I need to keep taking the pills." He closed his eyes trying to will away this crazy vision. When he opened them back up the room looked like his attic again but the girl was still there.

"Making me up!" Aurora yelled standing up moving closer to him, but Jefferson jumped back. Aurora stopped hurt showing on her face. "Since when do you listen to Regina?"

"I need to take my medicine. I am supposed to do that each morning." He moved past the boxes for the wooden stairs.

"Medicine? What potions does Regina have you taking?"

"Potions? " He shook his head. "Regina isn't doing anything but trying to help me."

"Regina doesn't know how to help anyone but herself. She is an evil witch. She only causes pain. I thought she lead to you being killed, but if you are here you can't be dead. Unless I have finally died too and this is some kind of messed up afterlife."

"No she killed you." Jefferson exclaimed turning back to her once again seeing the stone walls and stain glass window behind Aurora. "You died years ago, and I moved on… the best I could. It wasn't easy." He placed a hand on Aurora's cheek. "I couldn't …. I can't forget you Rory, I love you still."

"I still love you too Jefferson." She brought her hand up his.

I remember what her touch felt like. But this… this isn't the same. It's like a faded memory not reality. "But this isn't real. You are not really here. We are not in Rumple's Tower Room." That is what this room is. Jefferson remembered. I used to live with Aurora, Rumple, and Belle…. Who are Rumple and Belle? He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. "This isn't our realm. This isn't any realm we have been too before."

"No…No…" Aurora complained "I am not dead Jefferson; I am sleeping in the Enchanted Forest. Just use your hat and come save me."

"My hat?" Jefferson asked images of him spinning his black hat and purple smoke flooded his mind… so much purple smoke. He shook his head trying to clear it all away.

"Yes your hat. All your portals, use it to get home, find Phillip, and me, then break my curse. Free me from this horrible prison."

"Portals." Jefferson shook his head as he remembered all the doors. They all led to different worlds; Oz, Narina, Westeros, Wonderland… I used to travel between worlds like merchants would travel between market places. His eyes grew big "Phillip…"

"He's just a boy, I know but Maleficent's curse states he is the only one who can wake me."

"He's not a boy anymore Rory. It's been almost nine years since you die. I am twenty-eight, and Phillip would be about seventeen now."

"Twenty-eight? Nine years?" Aurora shook her head not wanting to hear his answer. "I have been stuck in this darkness for nine years?!"

"No you have been dead for nine years."

"No! I am not dead. But the sleeping curse it's horrible. It is a never ending maze filled with darkness, mirrors, and smoke. There something in there with me, and I am worried if I stop it will get me and I may never wake up. Jefferson I don't want to go back to it… Jefferson don't let me go back." She grabbed at him but this time her hands went through his as he tried to grab a hold of her.

"Aurora! I can't save you, you are already gone."

"It's so cold and dark where I am at… I don't want to go back to the darkness. This is where I belong with you at Rumple's Castle." She spun around pleading to the air. "No please…. Let me stay! Even if it means I have died. Please let me stay with him! Let me stay with you! Jefferson!" She screamed as she disappeared.

"Aurora." Jefferson screamed turning around the room as it flashed between the normal modern attic and Rumple's Tower Room, before it settled on modern attic. Jefferson collapsed to the floor grabbing his head. "What is real? Did that happened? What is real anymore? Why can't I tell the difference?" He screamed before staggering over to the top of the stairs sitting down.

At the moment they looked like normal wooden stairs. "But if this is Rumple's Tower Room there was a wooden railing right about here." Jefferson muttered as he raised his hand. Sure enough he reached up grabbing the wooden railing, and as he did it appeared and the room switched back over to the room Rory and him had spent so many days and nights together.

Jefferson stood on the stone steps gripping the wooden railing with both hands. "This feels so real." He raised his hands to his face. It feels real because you are crazy. Lost Princess, Rumple… no Rumplestiltskin. A magic hat, Wonderland, Grace…Grace. He shook his head.

"What is real?" He whispered to himself. Then taking a deep breath he reached up turned out the light and walked down the wooden stairs back into the hallway, and down the hall to take his pills.

Jefferson exited the kitchen with a tea tray. "Regina can we talk?"

"What have we been doing all through dinner?" She laughed taking her cup and spooning out some sugar.

"I just feel liking I am forgetting things." Jefferson muttered as he sat back down in his seat.

She lowered her spoon to the side of her cup. "What things?"

"Can we talk about the night of the accident?"

"You want to talk about it with me?"

"Yes, I am just confused about it. I need to know what happened."

"Are you sure you don't want to talk to Doctor Hopper about it? When is your next appointment with him?"

"No, I don't want to wait to talk to him."

"Jefferson it has been an extremely long day. I had to deal with two outsiders who are stuck here until the end of the week when their car can be fixed." I guess that is what I get for having a worthless mouse be a car mechanic. Regina thought twisting her napkin in frustration.

"Outsiders? Storybrooke doesn't really get many visitors."

"I don't want to talk about it. We weren't supposed to get any." Regina complained taking a long drink of her tea.

"All towns get visitors…"

"I said I don't want to talk about it." Regina hissed.

Jefferson took a sip of his tea as they both sat there in silence a moment, before going back to his original topic. "I just want to know what you think happened the night of the accident."

"What I think happened?" She asked raising an eyebrow at him.

"I mean what happened that night. It has been two years and that night is still a bit of a blur." Jefferson sat uncomfortably in his seat trying to play it off like he was alright, and not freaking out about his missing and jumbled memories.

"Well you did hit your head, it is a miracle you are alive, your scar…" Regina trailed off her hands going to her neck.

"Yes… my scar." Jefferson whispered looking into his tea cup hearing the Queen of Heart's off with his head order ringing in his ears. "You saved my life that night, did you not?"

"You have no idea what all I did to save your life the night you got that scar. Things could have turned out very differently." Regina placed her cup back down in front of her. She stared down at it a long moment before she continued. "The car was on its side and I pulled you back inside right before the car hit the water. Lucky for me I could break the rest of the windshield to get us both out to the bank of the river."

"Yes lucky for us both." Jefferson's hand went to the scarf at his neck.

"Jefferson are you sure there isn't something else you remember?"

"The water…" Jefferson looked up from his cup to stare across the table. "Was your hair blonde?"

"Blonde?" Regina couldn't help but smile.

"Yes I recall being in the cold water searching for…. you, but there was blonde hair, and I couldn't get to her…" He quickly shook his head correcting himself. "I mean you."

"It's just your mind playing tricks on you my dear Jefferson. The only time I had blonde hair was the wig I wore when I went as Alice and you went as the Mad Hatter to that Halloween Party back in College." Regina stood and started up the table towards him.

"Alice…" Jefferson felt himself tremble and he had to looked away from Regina suddenly very uncomfortable like there was something there he should remember but he just couldn't place it.

"Yes, you played with your hat all night long."

"Yes, my hat…" He tightened his fingers around his tea cup willing himself to stop shaking and to remember the night Regina was talking about.

"Yes you loved the costumes" Regina ran her fingers down the table as she came to stand beside him.

"I remember that cute little blue dress." Jefferson let go of his tea cup to grin up at her.

Regina leaned over and whispered in his ear. "And how quickly it came off."

"Yes it looked even better on the floor of my dorm room." Jefferson agreed turning his chair to face her better. He pulled her down onto his lap.

"You always did enjoy throwing my clothes on to the floor." Regina smiled before she leaned in and kissed him.

"Oh I think you enjoy throwing mine as well." Jefferson grinned back up at her all worries of what was real gone as he held Regina close.

"Yes, and you always did wear so many layers." She whispered as her hands started to undo the buttons on his vest.

"I didn't think you minded them." He flashed a playful smile as he started to pull her fancy blouse out of her skirt. "Just look at it as a challenge." He whispered as his fingers reached up under her shirt. "Remember nothing worth doing is ever easy."

Regina's only answer was to rock her hips into his and kiss him harder.

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