Cursed: Jefferson's Story

Twenty-Seven Years Day Three Hundred and Sixty-Five– Oct 22, 2011

"I am going to kill you both!" Maleficent boomed as she stepped up to where Aurora's protection spell started and placed her staff on it. "I just can't decide which one I want to kill first." She smiled as she started sending energy on to the protective shield Aurora had projected. "Should it be the Hatter who stole you away from guards, and who double crossed me in our little deal?"

"I didn't double cross you, you crazy witch! I brought you the bloody Cauldron. You never said it had to work."

"I don't want to hear any more excuses on how our deal didn't specifically state that the Cauldron had to work. IT WAS IMPLIED!" Maleficent screamed as she placed her other hand on the shield doubling the energy she sent into Aurora's protective barrier.

"Or should it be you, Aurora" Maleficent questioned them again. "You who just refuses to give up and die. The fairies saved you once, Jefferson here saved you once, and the Dark One saved you once." Maleficent cruel laugh seemed to echo around the room. "Your nose is bleeding Aurora. It won't be much longer now. There is no one left to save you."

"There is me!" Aurora screamed as she dropped her protective spell. She took a step away from him and summed everything she had left to send a ball of fire at Maleficent. The flames engulfed her but instead of screams they heard laughter. The flames died and Maleficent stood there with a huge grin on her face.

"You think you can kill me with fire? I can turn into a dragon, you fool! I am fire!" Maleficent boomed as she stepped forward and grabbed Aurora.

Aurora tried to protect herself but her magic only held for a second or two, and then Maleficent's right hand lifted her off the ground by her throat.

He looked around for the closest thing to hit Maleficent. Grabbing a chair he moved to hit her from behind, but she raised her left hand with her staff and blasted him against the far wall into the glass cabinet. He hit it hard breaking the glass and several expensive items inside it. He fell to the floor in a shower of glass and wood and lay there for a few moments his head ringing.

As he came to he saw Maleficent had dragged Aurora across the table, through the silverware she had been polishing earlier, stopping at the end of the table in front of Jefferson, as he stagger to his feet, still shaking glass and splinters of wood out of his hair and coat.

"Congratulations Hatter" Maleficent smirked as she still held Aurora with her right hand she raised her left hand with the staff to blast him back off his feet so he landed hard on the floor against the wooden cabinet. She held him there as she continued to mock him. "I decided I am going to kill you first. But before I do that, I want you to watch what I do to your little beloved Princess."

"I curse you Aurora." Maleficent dug her nails into Aurora's neck as a black smoke came out from around top of the staff.

"NO!" He heard himself scream but with a wave of her staff she silenced him.

"On your 18th birthday you will…" she sees the spinning wheel in the corner of the room. "Prick your finger on a spinning wheel spindle and fall over dead." She smiled at Aurora who was choking down the black smoke.

As the smoke stopped her body glowed red, right before it could fade Rumple dove on top of table to grabbed a hold of Aurora's bare ankle "No she won't." He poured his magic into her bring back the glow that was surrounded her turning it gold. "She will fall into a sleeping curse and be awoken by her Prince."

"No!" Maleficent demanded. "She will lose all her magical abilities."

"A kiss from her True Love will bring her Magic back tenfold." Rumple countered as he brought up his free hand to blasted Maleficent back into his spinning wheel. With her hold broken on Aurora, the light around Aurora burned bright gold before it dimmed and faded to seal the curse.

Free from Maleficent's spell he jumped to his feet to rush to Aurora's side. He quickly helped her off the table protectively putting himself between her and Maleficent.

Rumple stood up straighten and walked to the end of the table to stand in front of the broken spinning wheel and Maleficent. "Now Maleficent I think you and Jefferson are even."

"We are even when I saw we are." Maleficent stated as she got back to her feet, kicking the broken spinning wheel to the side.

"She has my hat!" He exclaimed as he stepped forward from Aurora slightly, as he pointed at Maleficent. "Rumple she has my hat at her palace."

"I think I will keep it for now. Don't think I won't kill you next time I see you Hatter." And with a crackle of energy she was gone.

"That bitch!" He exclaimed. "You can break the curse on Aurora right?" He looked to Rumple. "And my hat… that crazy witch stole my hat!"

"Jefferson dearie, Aurora will be fine. Things will play out as they are supposed to. She will be Queen."

"Fine? A sleeping curse is fine?!" Jefferson shouted waking up as he gripped the sheets tight. "Aurora?" He gasped looking around the room seeing his bedroom in Storybrooke. He closed his eyes Rumple's words from long ago still ringing in his ears. "Things will play out as they are supposed to. Well you got that one wrong didn't you, Rumple."

Jefferson sat down at the piano his nightmare from this morning still playing over and over in his head. His fingers flew over the keys. He started by playing a few old songs without thinking about it and before he knew it his fingers had started to play a new song he had heard on the radio a few times this past week. He started to sing the words as he played.

"I don't like walking around this old and empty house." Jefferson started but before he could start the next line he heard Aurora's voice.

"So hold my hand, I'll walk with you my dear." She sang as she entered the room.

She isn't here, Jefferson had to remind himself, like all the other times in the last twenty-eight years. But still he sang along with her. "The stairs creak as you sleep, it's keeping me awake."

"It's the house telling you to close your eyes." Aurora sang as she sat down on the bench beside him placing an arm around his waist.

"Some days I can't even trust myself" Jefferson shook his head, memories of her touch flooding his mind as he could almost feel her arm around his waist.

"It's killing me to see you this way" Aurora sadly sung.

"Cause though the truth may vary, This ship will carry, Our bodies safe to shore" The two of them sang together.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Jefferson sang. "There's an old voice in my head that's holding me back"

"Well tell her that I miss our little talks" Aurora smiled as Jefferson felt her hand move up his back to his hair.

"Soon it will all be over, and buried with our past" Jefferson sang closing his eyes trying not to remember the way she used to love to play with his hair.

"We used to play outside when we were young," Aurora moved so she was singing softly in his ear. "And full of life and full of love"Jefferson's mind raced with thoughts of their days in Rumple's castle. Everything past by in seconds; their crash landing arrival in Rumple's parlor, her throwing him against the wall breaking his ribs, the snow angels, her saving his life, Christmas, him saving her life, her seventeenth birthday, showing her Robin Hood's bow, dancing, poker by the fireplace, walks in the garden, and finally his thoughts settled on their favorite spot in the back of the grounds under the weeping willow tree.

"Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right." Oh God was I ever right? Jefferson wondered.

"Your mind is playing tricks on you my dear" Aurora pulled back from him.

"Though the truth may vary, This ship will carry, Our bodies safe to shore" They sang together.

"Hey! Don't listen to a word I say, Hey! The screams all sound…" Jefferson trailed off closing his eyes remembering that night he lost Aurora. Her screams for help against Regina and then his name… the last time he heard her say it, she was screaming and chocking as they were lost in the water.

"Though the truth may vary, This ship will carry, Our bodies safe to shore." Aurora sang while Jefferson continued to play.

There is no safe to shore for you my love, I couldn't save you, and Rumple was too late. His fingers continued to play the notes as his thoughts drifted back to that dreadful morning when he came to, at Rumple's Castle, only to find her laid out dead on the table.

"You're gone, gone, gone away, I watched you disappear, All that's left is a ghost of you, Now we're torn, torn, torn apart, There's nothing we can do." Jefferson sang opening his eyes to look over at Aurora sitting beside him.

"Just let me go, we'll meet again soon" Aurora smiled as she started to fade before Jefferson's eyes.

"Now wait, wait, wait for me…." Jefferson hit the keys harder tears clouding his eyes, "Please hang around… I'll see you when I fall asleep." Jefferson started to cry as Aurora disappeared from his side.

Jefferson screamed as he hit the keys jumping up knocking the bench over. "Don't listen to a word I say!" Jefferson stopped playing the song and just randomly started to slam on the keys "Your screams all sound the same." Jefferson cried as he fell to his knees. He pushed himself away from the keys to sit back against the over turned piano bench He closed his eyes letting his head bounce off of the wooden bench a few times.

"Though the truth may vary"

Jefferson shook his head, his mind not letting him off that easy as he heard Aurora's voice still singing that damn love song.

"This ship will carry, Our bodies safe to shore."

Jefferson opened his eyes to see Aurora kneeing in front of him. He pulled back from her touch, even though he knew she wasn't really there or touching him. "Tomorrow marks twenty-eight years of being stuck here…thirty-eight years since that night and I still… I still can't cope with the reality of it all."

"You will see me again soon." Aurora smiled.

"Is Regina finally going to let me die?" Jefferson laughed. "Has she finally bored with me?"

"No, the curse Jefferson, It has been twenty-eight years."


"Jefferson you know what that means…"

"I don't know anything anymore; did I ever really know anything Aurora?"

"If I know what it means, you know what it means, because I am a part of you; Jefferson."

"You are in my head." Jefferson closed his eyes. "Go away Aurora, I don't want to talk right now"

"You need to listen…"

"Listen to you? YOU ARE DEAD! What do you want from me?"

"I am not dead. And I want the life you promised me all those years ago in Neverland." Aurora pulled back a hurt look on her face.

"I saw your dead body! Rumple and I buried you."

"Rumple lies, you know that!"

"Not to me he doesn't. Not counting the spell he did on me to make me forget my past so I would work for him. Other than that he has never lied to me."

"Jefferson you don't really believe that do you?"

"I was his business partner, I had to know more than anyone else to do the tasks he wanted me to do. He trusted me."

"True, but he still only told you what he wanted you to know, or believe. He lies to everyone, including himself."

"So what you are trying to tell me is you are just sleeping? Cursed back in the Enchanted Forest?" Jefferson laughed at his questions. "Because never in the last twenty-eight years of being stuck in this house would you admit to being dead whenever we talked. God I am so messed up that not even at a subconscious level can I let you go!"

"I am not dead, I am sleeping, but not for much longer. The curse is ending Jefferson. Twenty-eight years, don't you remember? Rumple talked about it in front of us once, of course at the time we didn't have a clue, but you..." Aurora reached up and touched his face and against Jefferson's better reason he felt it. "understand it all now."

He closed his eyes again wishing what she was saying was true and then he remembered.

It was right after Rumple had sent Belle away and before him and Aurora had run away. Aurora had been practicing some spell and she was having a hard time about. I was reading by the fire trying to act like I wasn't watching but Aurora and I had been on pins and needles since Rumple had thrown Belle out. Aurora failed whatever test Rumple was conducting too many times and he lost his temper yelling at her.

"No, that is wrong again! Why am I wasting my time on you?"

"I..I am sorry. Let me tried it again I almost had it."

"Almost doesn't cut it you silly worthless girl." Rumple yelled at her.

Aurora took a step back his comment clearly upsetting her. "I am so close. I know I can do it. I just need a little more practice, or a suggestion on what I can do…"

"Because of the curse I won't be there in thirty-eight years to hold your hand, when you are Queen and need to fix the mess that is left behind."

"Because of the curse?" I asked closing my book standing up, Rumble had shot me a nasty glare as a response.

"Thirty-eight years?" Aurora questioned a little stunned at Rumple's outburst. "Is that how long I am going to sleep?" She whispered looking at Rumple.

"The curse, Rumple knew about the curse…." Jefferson laughed taking Aurora hand in his. "Of course he bloody well did. I had thought that over the years stuck here, that he must have. Regina was powerful but not this powerful on her own. I am sure he gave it to her." Then the light bulb went on his head. "His son, he must be here… a world without magic, he always wanted to get to a world without magic. Yes his son is the only reason he would let Regina get away with this all."

"He told us it would be over in twenty-eight years."

"He said thirty-eight years… that would leave ten more…"

"No it was thirty-eight years from that day he told us. Jefferson I have been sleeping for thirty-eight years."

"No Rory, you have been dead for thirty-eight years."

"Have I?" Aurora challenged moving back from him, "You will find out soon enough." She said as she faded away in front of him.

"Soon enough." Jefferson muttered as he used his right hand to gently touch the spot on his cheek where he had thought Aurora's hand to have been.

Author's Note: the song I used here "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men, didn't come out until December of 2011 but it's an AU world so I am saying it did in this world because I really wanted to use that song for that scene. The version I used and like best is on the Big Hitters 2012 CD an Of Monsters and Men Tribute

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