Cursed: Jefferson's Story

Twenty-Eight Years

He made it half way up the marketplace when he noticed the King's Guard appear at the end of the street he was approaching. Turning he looked back behind him, there were also King's Guard coming up the street from the direction he had just come from, so he slipped into the nearest tent.

"Hello good sir, have you come to hear your fortune?" a voice asked behind him.

He turned around to see he had stumbled into some gypsy's tent. "No thanks, I have mistaken your tent for…"

"An escape route?" the old woman asked.

He gave her a look that said well actually yes that is correct but out loud he asked. "I am sorry what did you say?"

"You are on the run but you haven't started your real running yet. But it will come soon enough. If you listen to me you will get away today. Now come over here and have a seat." She waved to the seat across from her at the table. "Here put this on." The old woman told him holding out an old worn out cloak.

"Whatever for?" he asked moving back from the ratty old cloak like it was going to bite him.

"Search all the tents!" he heard someone shout nearby.

He took the cloak, putting it on and pulling up the hood. She sat across from him looking into the crystal ball."Is this the part where you look into your crystal ball and tell me a bunch of generic things about my future that would basically apply to any common person?"

"I did not take you for a common person, or one who wished to know such generic things but if you must know I see children in your future."

"Oh now you are just being ridiculous." he scoffed. "And here I thought you were actually real..."

"Your first born child will be a little girl with smiles and dirty blonde curls. The second child, the Prince... will come many years… no deca…." The old woman was cut off when the soldier busted in to her tent.

"What do you think you are doing?" The old woman shouted jumping up and rushing forward. "Coming in here? In the middle of a reading? You will anger the spirits!"

"I am sorry madam but I have orders to search all the tents for a thief."

"Do you see a thief here? I am trying to contact this man's dead wife's spirit. Would you like to search while the gateway to the undead is open?"

"No madam I am sorry… sorry to have bothered you." The guard quickly stumbled out of the tent.

The old woman turned back to him "The next thing will be the most important, so listen very carefully do you understand."


"You will honor your word, and protect her the best you can. You must not blame yourself, for what happens."

"Well, I don't usually blame myself for anything. Not even things which are my fault. So I don't think you will have to worry…" He started to joke but the old woman slammed her hands on the table.

"Do you think the Princess's life is so worthless that you can sit there and joke about it?" She hissed.

"N…No." He stuttered surprised at her outburst. "Rory's life is nothing to joke about. Who are you? How do you know me or Aurora for that matter?"

"Relax, I am just an old woman who knows what is coming, and wants to make sure the Princess is where she is supposed to be."

"You want her to fall victim to the sleeping curse too?"

"I know you do not like it but it will keep her safe from what is coming."

"From what is coming" When she didn't reply he went on. "Well thank you for your mysterious message, but you wasted your time coming here today. You don't have to worry. I am going to protect Rory and I plan on finding a way around her curse. Whatever is coming we will face it together."

The old woman shook her head. "I am truly sorry Jefferson for I can see you truly love her. But there are things in this world we must face alone. Your paths go different ways, but that is not to say they won't come back together, one day."

"No, our fates are not decided already! I refuse to believe that!" He started for the tent opening.

"Believe what you want. But you do not want to go out of the tent that way." She warned him.

He turned to her as she opened the back of her tent. "You are going to want to climb up the castle wall and sneak down through the kitchens out into the woods to get out of range to use your hat."

He stood there a moment wondering if he should believe her.

"Don't stand there like a clueless boy. Go! Start on the path which will lead to you becoming the man the seven year old in you never thought you would be, and be smart about it." She shoved him out of her tent.

He started to climb up the old stairs when the old woman called up to him. "The curse will end when the Savoir arrives with her yellow bug!"

He looked back at her "What?"

"Just go and be quick about it."

Her harsh tone woke Jefferson from his dream. "The curse will end when the Savoir arrives with her yellow bug." He muttered sitting up in bed trying to wrap his mind around the statement. He had always thought the old woman had been talking about Aurora's sleeping curse, but now after twenty-eight years of being stuck here in Storybrooke he finally realized it was Regina's Curse she was talking about.

"Yellow bug!" He exclaimed jumping up and rushing down the hall to his work room and his telescope. "That boy Henry, he had brought a woman into town last night and they had been driving in an old yellow VW Beetle." He moved the telescope searching the town seeing the old yellow Beetle outside the police station.

"She is still here. The Savoir is here." He pulled back daring to hope the curse had been broken. He walked slowly back out into the hallway and down the stairs to the front door. He opened it and tried to step out, but the curse was still blocking him from his freedom. "Damn it!" He screamed slamming the door.

"You always were an impatient child. It was something I never could break you from." Rumple's voice stated from behind.

"Really because I feel that was a rather restrained reaction for someone whose freedom has been taken away for the last twenty-eight years." He commented as he walked past Rumple's ghost and back up to his workroom. He looked through the telescope and watched as Regina entered the police station.

"Don't worry," Rumple voice once again stated from behind him. "Regina doesn't know her happy ending is coming to an end just yet."

"Is it really?" Jefferson muttered more to himself than in response to Rumple's ghost. "First Aurora last night and now you." He watched the blonde haired woman leave the police station with Regina and the Sheriff. He stood back up looking at his old business partner.

"You know I never would have let Regina cast this curse if it wouldn't help me in some way."

"Yes the land without Magic, your son." He tried to keep his jealous out of his tone, but it was still there after all these years. Jefferson could never be the son Rumple wanted, no matter how much he had once tried to be. "But who is she?"

"Come now, I raised you better than that, you know."

"She has to be from our world and have some kind of magic to be the one who breaks the curse. And the fact that Henry is the one who went out and found her." He stopped for a moment realizing who the woman had to be to the boy. "She is his mother."

"Now you are thinking clearly. Now think back before Regina found you. I know you were out of the game for many years but a man like you would have kept up with what was happening in the world around him."

"Snow and James had banished Regina, and captured you. Snow was pregnant." His eyes light up as it all clicked together. "Why didn't I ever remember that before? Snow doesn't have a child here. They must have found a way to save her from the curse. That woman, Henry's mother, is Snow White and Prince James's daughter."

Rumple did that unnerving giggle of his as he threw his hands up. "The chosen one born of True Love. She will break this curse, ruin Regina's happily ever after and free us both to find our families."

"My daughter. I will be able to be with my Grace again."

"All in due time, dearie, all in due time."

Jefferson watched as Rumple disappeared appeared. He turned back to the telescope and spent the better part of his day following the blonde woman around town. The three of them first went to Regina house and then the Savior had gone to Henry's school, and finally she had found Henry on the old neglected playground by the water's edge.

Jefferson couldn't help but smile as he watched her give Henry his fairy tale book that Victor and him had made. "I didn't realize it at the time but Regina shipping me off to the loony bin was the best thing to ever happen to me here."

He watched the two of them talking on the rotting castle playground. "Henry knows, but how long will it take for his mother who grew up here in this world without magic to believe everything he says is true?"

When they were done talking he watched as she took him back to Regina's. "God I would do anything to know what those two are saying." He stated out loud as he watched the two of them talking outside of Regina's house. He could tell by Regina's body language that she was clearly unhappy and feeling threaten.

He watched as the Savoir left worried for a moment Regina had succeed in scaring her off, but relief watched over him as she parked her yellow bug outside of Granny's Bed and Breakfast. A few moments after she had entered he noticed Rumple walk in. A couple of minutes later Rumple walked out and Jefferson couldn't place it but there was something different about him. "Does he know?"

He followed Rumple down the street down towards the closed library. He noticed Rumple stop outside the library and look up.

"What is he looking at with smile on his face?" Jefferson wondered moving the telescope up. What he saw made him jump back. "The clock!" He exclaimed, looking again to make sure what he saw was true. "The clock is moving!"

He forgot about following Rumple and rushed out the door and back down the stairs to the front door. He paused in the doorway remembering how the curse was still in place this morning. "But time is finally moving forward again." He bit his lip as he reached out his hand.

He gave a laugh as his hand extended past the doorway. He stepped out on to the porch. He moved to walk down the stairs and hit the spell staggering back against the door frame. He gave a little huff as he realized that the spell was weakening but wasn't broken yet.

"Regina I hope you enjoyed your happy ending because it will come to an end for you soon enough." Shaking his head laughing as he realized freedom was finally coming, he slid down the outside wall of his home coming to sit on the porch just because he finally could.

Over the next several days Jefferson spent most of his time watching the Savoir. He had been worried that Regina would be successful in running her out of town, but she seemed to be settling in to Storybrooke as best she could. Unknown to her she had befriended Henry's teacher and her mother, Snow White. Even moving into her apartment with her.

She also had seem to taking a liking to the Huntsman, she was with him now at the police station. Jefferson watched as the Sheriff handed her a badge. As she put it on the ground shook hard enough to making him wobble and the telescope to fall over.

"Could that mean…" He whispered to himself. He picked up the telescope and focused back on the Sheriff's Office. The phones must have started ringing after the earthquake and they were both answering callings.

The Huntsman didn't look like a man who just remembered his past and how Regina has been using him for over the last three decades. "But the earth shaking at the exact same time the Savior puts on badge, symbolizing her planning on staying in Storybrooke, has to mean something."

He left the telescope and went down into the kitchen to the phone. He looked at one of the notes beside the phone and dialed Doctor Whale's number. If Victor remembers then I will know. He thought listening to the phone ringing.

"Yes, Hello?" The doctor answered sounding out of breath.

"Doctor Whale? Is everything alright down there?" Jefferson questioned holding his breath.

"Yes, I believe so." Doctor Whale answer not realizing who was on the other end. "I was just checking the hallway, the earthquake didn't seem to do any damage. Just gave us a good shake but everything seems to be normally operating…"

Jefferson hung up the phone. So her decision to stay didn't unlock everyone's memories but I wonder how far from the house I can now get. He thought opening the door. Each day since the clock had moved he had tested to see how far from the house he could get. The spell had weaken to the edge of the mansion's grounds, but hadn't expanded past that in a few days.

He quickly made his way down to the end of his driveway opening the gate and stepping through on to the road. His smile grew as he took a couple of steps down the road. Resisting the urge to run to see just how much farther he could now move freely, he carefully walked down the road.

He couldn't believe the spell on his house was broken. He stood on the corner of the street watching Grace walking with her friends into Granny's dinner.

"Oh the end is coming for you Regina. The spell will be over and everyone will remember and you… you will wish for death, but if there is any fairness left in the world Snow won't let anyone kill you again. Then you can experience what it feels like to be locked up, alone and helpless for the rest of your life."

He watched his daughter for a few moments before he turned and started to walk back to his house.

It won't be long now. He repeated over and over to himself, enjoying the fresh air as he watched the sunset knowing for the first time in decades that tomorrow could actually be a better day.

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