Cursed: Jefferson's Story

Day Six

He grabbed Dracula by his cloak and shoved the stake farther into Dracula's back not stopping till the tip was exposed through his chest. Seeing the stake sticking out from the vampire's chest he felt satisfied and let go of Dracula letting him fall to his knees. As Dracula screeched in pain, he rushed over coming to aide Victor who was trying to deal with Aurora as she fought to go help her master.

"Let me go to him!" Aurora shouted.

"Judging by Aurora's reaction. I take it you missed the heart." Victor teased lifting a kicking Aurora off the ground as he readjusted his hold around her waist.

"Regina always did tell me I didn't have a heart or know where one was located." He snickered pulling out a handful of fairy dust from his travel bag. "Hold her still."

"What do you think I am trying to do?" Victor struggled turning his head as Jefferson blew the fairy dust into Aurora's face. As soon as she breathed it in Aurora fell asleep and collapsed in Victor's arms.

"If you think your little bits of magic are going to save you from my revenge, then you are wrong Jefferson." Dracula stated gripping the expose stake which stuck out of his chest and started to pull it forward.

"Take Aurora and go." Victor ordered his friend as he handed Aurora over to him. "Once you get her out of this world Dracula should not have ahold over her any longer. Did you get the blood bags?"

"Yes, but Victor..."

"Get the blood inside her as soon as possible, and she should be fine by morning. Now go!" Victor ordered.

"Victor I just can't leave you." He looked his friend in the eye.

"Yes, you can and you will. Both of you can never come back as long as Dracula is alive." Victor ordered.

"Victor…" He trailed off not wanting to say goodbye.

"Don't worry about me I will be…" Victor paused a moment before forcing himself to say. "fine. I will contact that Van Helsing we read about. I think the two of us can…." Victor stopped talking as both his eyes and Jefferson's eyes grew big in fear when they heard Dracula's growl.

They both turned their heads to the side to look at him as Dracula pulled the stake completely out of his chest. Dracula stood turning the bloody stake over and over again in his right hand.

"Go!" Victor screamed as Dracula pulled back his right hand with the stake and threw it across the room at Jefferson and Aurora.

Jefferson awoke with a start his hands going to his chest because he was sure a stake would be sticking out of it. "No I spun my hat and got Aurora and myself out of there." Jefferson shook his head falling back on to the bed. "That doesn't make sense. Spun my hat and disappeared from that black and white world. What the hell…"

His eyes went to the clock 8:15 again this time the book beside the bed was Frankenstein. "Victor … No!" He stood up shaking his head. "What the hell is wrong with me? And what is real?"

Jefferson spent the morning drifting around his over sized house. Each room he entered seemed to bring him more of his hallucination and nightmares. Earlier in the week his bedroom had looked like the room Alice and him had shared. The upstairs guest room had looked like a playroom for Grace, and the attic had been Rumple's Tower Room where he had spent so many of his late childhood and young adulthood days and night studying, practicing, and just plain trying to please Rumple.

But today he felt drawn to the rooms off of his living room. He had discovered the rooms behind the white folding doors to the left of the fireplace flickered between the normal guest bedrooms and the cold stone walls of a castle. The first room had looked like the bedroom he had had at Rumple's Castle from the time he was dragged from his father in Neverland to the time he ran away barely clinging to life with Aurora just before his nineteen birthday.

The second room looked like Aurora's bedroom and he found himself lingering in there hoping for the first time that he would see a ghost, but for all his willingness she refused to appear for him.

But it was in the last room in the hallway that be came across his first ghostly visitor of the day. He knew the moment he opened the door it was Belle's room. Rumple had given her a bedroom which doubled as her own personal library as part of their deal for helping to nurse him back to health after Rumple had saved him from Prince James and King George's Dungeon.

Jefferson found himself walking around the room his fingers brushing over the old dusty books. He came to a stop at her desk. One of Belle's journals was lying open. He picked it up and noticed it was a new journal, completely unused.

"I know you always picked on me for writing down the events of what you called my boring days here at the castle, but I stand by what I told. You should write down your adventures."

"I did." Jefferson turned not surprised to see Belle stand there. It was her room after all. "It was years later after I left here, after I betrayed you to Regina." He gripped the empty journal close to his chest. "I wrote the stories down for my daughter Grace, and you were right she loved them."

"I am sure you had to leave out parts to make it child friendly."

Jefferson laughed. "I don't know if you or any of this is real, but still I feel like I have missed you so much Belle. There are only two things I regret more in my life than what I did to you. I was nineteen, heartbroken, and beyond stupid, but wherever you are I hope you know it has haunted me ever since."

"I told you, I am still alive. I am here in Storybrooke. You need clear your head of all of Regina's nonsense and then you can come and save me. "

"You and all these ghosts say one thing is nonsense and Regina and the Doctors say you are nonsense. I can't save you Belle, because I can't seem to save myself."

"You have all the facts Jefferson you just need to read between the lines, and as I recall you were always so good at doing that." She smiled before she started to fade away in front of him.

"Belle wait!" Jefferson yelled moving forward but it was too late the ghost of his old friend had disappeared. He stood there staring at the room as it flickered back and forth a moment before settling on a modern guest room.

He stood there in the center of the room still clutching the old leather journal. He looked down at its worn cover and then around the very clean and modern looking room. "This doesn't fit here. But if none of that world is real how can I still have this journal?"

He walked back out into the hallway and back into his living room this time moving past the white folding doors to the right of the fireplace. There were three rooms down this hallway as well.

He slowly opened the first door and the room he saw was the bedroom he had shared with Aurora those three wonderful but short months in Neverland. He walked over grabbing the dark wooden bed post as memories of Aurora fixing the little run down shack into the lovely home they had planned to spend the rest of their lives together in flooded his mind.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and for the second time that day he actually was hoping for a ghost to appear to him. "Aurora" he softly whispered to the empty room as his eyes searched for her. He wasn't sure how long he sat there but she never did appear.

Finally he stood and walked out of the room, turning down the hallway to the next door. This time the room didn't focus on one image for long. It changed back and forth between a den with a pool table and bar to the little pub he and Aurora had worked in Neverland.

"We were going to be the owners of this place. I was going to have a real job like Aurora had wanted me to have instead of always having to lie and steal to get what I wanted. But my father..." He growled to the empty room as memories of his father and his faithful pirates kidnapping Aurora and him back to The Jolly Roger.

Jefferson stepped back slamming the door shut not wanting to remember what had happened in Neverland. Not wanting this version of the past to be true. If it was real it meant he lost not only Aurora, but Alice and Grace too. That his daughter was currently down in Storybrooke without him.

Still gripping Belle's journal in his hand he opened the last door and saw stairs leading down into the basement. Not really wanting to but knowing he had too he flicked on the light and went down into the basement. What he saw at the bottom made his heart race and his mind scream.

The basement looked like his little cottage in Wonderland. There were hats everywhere. Hats on the tables, hats on the chairs, hats piled on hats in every nook and corner possible.

"No…" Jefferson muttered backing up as his own voice in his head was repeating. Get it to work. Get it to work! He raced back up the stairs down the hallway and back out into the clean white living room as his voice in his head screamed GET IT TO WORK! He grabbed his head dropping Belle's Journal, as he rocked back and forth on his knees trying to will not only the voice away but the memories of the weeks and months spend stuck in Wonderland back to the dark corners of his mind.

"It's not real…" He muttered out loud. "That place… I am not there… I was never…" He didn't finish his thought as his eyes focused Belle's journal lying on the white carpet in front of him.

"You know none of what you are wishing for is real."

Jefferson turned to the voice behind him seeing his friend Victor Frankenstein. "This has to be real everything else sound so crazy. Neverland? Rumplestiltskin? Sleeping Beauty? Alice and Wonderland? Snow White and the Evil Queen? And then there is you," He pointed at his friend's ghost as he got back up to his feet. "Doctor Frankenstein and his black and white world." He shook his head trying to will the ghost away but his wish just like earlier when wishing to see Aurora did not come true.

"Now you sound like me the first time I ran into you. All those colors but your damn red scarf and blue eyes are what have always stuck with me."

"Listen to you… listen to me I mean you are my hallucination after all. A world without color? This isn't some cheesy horror movie or gothic soap opera, or hell this isn't the land Dorothy came from in OZ, this is reality and I am damn well trying to be a part of!" His laughter had an edge of insanity to it. "I maybe failing quite horribly it yes...but I do want to be a part of the real world."

"The Jeff I knew would be so disappointed that a version of him didn't believe in all the realms which are out there to be traveled. And yes I have to say I did prefer Oz over my dreary world even with the flying monkeys and wicked witch."

Jefferson laughed again only this time it seemed more like his old self. "You only liked Oz because they all thought you were a powerful wizard. I know you love your science Vic but tell me you didn't enjoy pretending to be a wizard."

"Well science only got us so far, your hat and bag of tricks did the rest."

"Those shape-shifting winged monkeys were the worst thing we ever ran into." Jefferson bend over picking up Belle's Journal. He wasn't sure why he was walking around with this old thing. There is something I need to do, something to figure out. What should I do with it? He ruffled the pages trying to remember what he was going to do with it.

"How many days has it been since you have been here?" Victor asked from behind him.

"Since Regina came here to become Mayor? It's been little less than two years."

"No that is a lie and you know it. How long have you been having nightmares?"

"Since the night of the accident…" Jefferson quickly shook his head. "Since the night Aurora died." He paused a moment thinking about it. "No that isn't even right; since Prince James tortured me, but they weren't nightmares like the way they are here." He licked his lips. "Doctor Hopper said…"

"Doctor Hopper, please." Victor shook his head disappointing. "He's not a real Doctor, I on the other hand am."

Jefferson laughed and the ghostly doppelgänger of his friend came over placing a hand on his shoulder.

"When is the last time you left this house?"

Jefferson thought and he couldn't recall.

"You can't remember leaving this place because you have never left this house. You haven't so much as opened a window! How long have you really been here Jeff? How many nightmares?"

"No it's crazy...Magic?" He shook his head backing away from his friend. "Magic isn't real!"

"I once told you that Magic is just unexplained science! Come on now, you have figured it out because I know it and as you said I am just a part of you. So just say it out loud already."

Jefferson mind flashed back to his horrible mornings as he picked up a pencil from the coffee table. "Six Nightmares. I have been here only six days. But Doc how is that possible?"

"Regina is a witch, and evil one at that. You are the expert on magic Jefferson you tell me how did she cursed us all to his land?"

"I am crazy…" He toyed with the pencil against the notebook page.

"No you my friend are the only one who knows the whole truth."

"Let me guess, you want me to write everything down and keep records on how long I am here to find a way to break his curse?" A curse, is that really what all this is? Jefferson's mind raced. Why I have two sets of memories?

"Yes of course, you will lose track of time and the facts if you don't write them down." Victor encouraged him.

"Yes you always did go all mad scientist when it came to writing down your findings."

"Well since we both agree I will let you be to start."

Jefferson watched as Victor disappeared. This is crazy. He thought as he started to write down the first nightmare starting with the date.

Jefferson had spent the rest of the day writing down his nightmares, and working on a new hat in his workroom. He placed the finished hat on the piano bench before he went into the kitchen to start his and Regina's dinner. He was just finishing up when Regina rang the doorbell.

He greeted her with a smile and took her black jacket. He noticed how Regina was dress all in black tonight except her red scarf. His eyes couldn't help but drift down to her legs in her tight mini skirt and high black boots. He hung up her coat as she walked into the living room. He watched her freeze as she noticed the hat on the piano bench.

She recognizes the hat. He thought but out loud he asked. "How was your day, Madam Mayor?"

"Terrible." She muttered still staring down at his hat, before picking it up looking it over and tossing it on to the couch before she turned back to him. "Please tell me dinner is ready, and there is wine." She rubbed her hands on her arms and added. "Lots of wine."

"The answer to all three is yes." He still stood in the foyer and pointed towards the kitchen. "After you."

They ate dinner in silence both lost in their own thoughts. Jefferson's about what was real and what wasn't. Did Regina recognize the hat because my memories are true, or was it because I have made a hat like it before claiming to be able to travel worlds with it?

And Regina's mind was dealing with the fact that she had just lost Owen and what she was going to have to do with his father. So when Jefferson finally asked his question she was caught off guard.

"Do you know where my hat is?"

"Your hat?" Regina raised an eyebrow at him. "Did you check your closet?"

"Yes… the one I am looking for isn't there."

"The one you are looking for?" She raised an eyebrow at him across the table.

"It looks like the one the was on the piano bench when you came in." He looked up from his plate to watch her face. "The one you picked up and played with before tossing it on to the couch."

Regina smirked. "You made a hat to look just like the one you were missing but yet you still want the other one?"

"I think we both know why I am looking for the other one."

Regina narrowed her eyes, nodding her head at him. "Oh, I see now. I had a horrible day dealing with Kurt and Owen…"

"Kurt and Owen?"

"The outsiders, alright?" Regina hissed. "So let just get this fight over with already, I am so ready to be done with this day." Regina lowered her fork. "So tell me who did you see you today? Which of your imagery friends filled your head with nonsense today?"

"Victor Frankenstein …" He drummed his fingers on the table top.

"Victor Frankenstein?" Regina laughed.

"What is so funny?" Jefferson growled.

"My dear Jefferson you sound crazier than normal, leaving behind your Fairy Tale characters for horror movie characters are we? Next thing you will be telling me you know Dracula and the Wolfman as well." She stood up. "I think I will be leaving now."

"Yes I think that is for the best." He continued to drum his fingers on the table top as she stormed past him. Having second thoughts he called out. "Regina please stop!" He followed her to the door stopping her. "I am sorry it just feels like I am two people at once and both people are fighting for control. All day it just goes around and around and I am not sure which one I should let win control."

Regina pulled back from him fixing her coat. "Go take your pills and get some sleep Jefferson. Think about what you want out of this new life, because if you can't be what I want then I won't be coming up here each night." Regina opened the door.

"You are the only thing that I know is real. Even if you are this Evil Queen you are still the only thing that is real in my life."

Regina looked conflicted for a moment but she quickly regained control "You helped make me into what I am Jefferson. You should have thought better of your past actions and you damn well better think about how you want to move forward. Just how alone with your ghosts do you want to be?"

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