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College and Boyfriends


Hinata Shoyo is the adopted son of Sugawara Koushi and Daichi Sawamura. (They decided to keep their own last names.) He isn't ashamed of them, and loves both of them dearly. Kageyama Tobio is another student I. one of his classes. He is quiet and smart. (I know, that's ooc. forgive me.) They don't really talk untill they are partnered up for a project in the class they share.

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College was much harder than Hinata thought it would be. He was grateful to the help and encouragement his parents provided.

He lived with them, and took classes on campus. He worked on the weekends even though his parents paid his tuition.

Hinata was Majoring in Business and music arts. His dream job was to one day become the manager of an artist and make them famous.

Suga, his mother, made sure he got plenty to eat and plenty of sleep. His father helped him with his side classes in digital marketing.

Today was the day they were to be assigned the final for Business and marketing.
Hinata rode his bike to school, all the way wondering what kind of project it would be.





He hoped it would be a presentation, he was good at those.

He entered the large room, taking his usual empty seat.

The class started, and they spent the hour taking notes on a successful business presentation. It was just a review as they'd already learned it during the semester.

The project was to make your own business and product presentation. The goal was to make the consumer want to buy the product.

"Partners have already been assigned randomly." The Prof announced.

Groans encircled the room. Papers were passed around while the Prof called out names of partners.

"Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama tobio."

Who the hell was tobio?

He scanned the room, after the names were finished being called. Everyone seemed to have a partner.


There was a boy in the corner. Hinata almost didn't see him. He wore a dark shirt, black jeans and converse. His large blue eyes were outlined in eyeliner.

Hinata timidly walked over. "Are you Kageyama?" The boy jumped, nodding. "Uh, yeah, sorry, didn't see you." He stood up, picking up his things. He wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to Hinata.

"Let me know when you're free so we can meet up." Then he walked out leaving a stunned Hinata standing there.

Wow. That was unexpected.

Hinata was still a freshman, and hadn't realized that's how most projects went.

Welp, time to check my schedule.


Hinata put down the textbook. His head was starting to hurt. He checked his watch. It was almost supper time, so he headed down early.

Suga was already in the kitchen. "What's for dinner?" He asked walking over to join him.

"Chicken curry." He smiled leaning over to ruffle Hinata's orange curls. "Rough day?"

Hinata yawned. "Yeah. I have to study for two written exams and one project. Oh yeah! Project!" He dashed out of the room to get his bag.

He dug through the bag to find the slip of paper on wich Kageyama's number resided.

He typed it into his phone, saving it under [Kageyama Tobio (BMpartner)]

He checked his calendar before sending Kageyama his information, and telling him who it was.

Hinata then retuned to the kitchen. "What was that about?" Suga asked, setting plates with food into the table. "BM project." He answered, sitting down.

Before Suga sat down he called for Daichi, who came running down the stairs to the table. "Ooh! Chicken curry!" He gave suga a peck on the lips before sitting down.

About the middle of supper he got a message.

He pulled his phone out to see who it was.

Hey, just got your message. Anywhere in particular you want to meet up?

We could meet up at my house. Or the library if you feel more comfortable there. If it helps I live with my parents.

Your place is fine I guess. What time?

Are you homophobic?


Then whatever time works best for you.

How's 4.
Send me your address.

Hinata sent him the address.

See you tomorrow then.
Goodnight :)

Goodnight. :)

Hinata retuned his attention to the dinner table. "Mom, Dad, I'm inviting my BM partner over to work on our project. Please don't be weird."

Suga sent him a smile. "We'll do our best not to embarrass you." He stated, turning back to Daichi.

Hinata sighed, and cleared his plate, before heading to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

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