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More than Friends


Kageyama is lonely and looking for a friend. He meets Hinata and they become friends, and eventually more than that.

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Kageyama Tobio, was a lonely boy.

Well, it wasn't that he was lonely, more like irritable. He had a cold glare at all times, a scowl plastered on his face, and a dark aura that seemed to radiate from him.

Kageyama had Raven coloured hair, blue eyes, and pasty, pale ass skin. He rarely ever looked at anyone directly, and usually just growled in response.

Nobody really knew anything about him, just to avoid him at all costs.

Kageyama headed to his seat at the back of the room, lazily dropping his bag to the floor. It landed with a dull 'thud' as he sat down. He pulled out his new book, opening to where he left off.

He was interrupted just as the bell rang, when a boy asked if the seat next to him was taken. He was kind of shocked by the boy, as most steered clear of him. Kageyama just shook his head 'no'. And turned back to his book. At least until sensei Takeda yelled at him to put it away.

Kageyama instead, looked to the boy next to him. He didn't recognize the boy, and concluded that he must be new to the class.

The boy had fluffy, orange, soft looking hair, that stuck up in all directions. He had large eyes the same color as his hair, and a soft looking face.

The boy seemed to be furiously taking notes, and paying close attention to Takeda sensei.

Kageyama noticed that he wore an old sweater, a faded pair of now-grey jeans and a pair of falling apart tennis shoes. The boy noticed Kageyama looking at him, and shot a smile at him. Kageyama looked to his notebook. Class went on, and soon enough it was lunch time.

Kageyama took his lunch to the rooftop where he usually ate alone. Today, would be different as the orange haired boy had also come to the roof.

The boy hadn't seen Kageyama, and was sitting almost directly in front of him. Kageyama felt awkward, and called out to the boy.

"Hey." The boy jumped, startled.

"Oh, hi!" He greeted smiling. "You're in my class! I'm Hinata, Hinata Shoyou. What's your name?"

"Kageyama, Kageyama Tobio." He answered, turning back to his food.

Hinata turned himself around to face Kageyama. "So, are you a part of any clubs? I'd like to join one, but I don't know what kind they have here."

Kageyama shook his head. "I'm not a part of any, but at the front of the school, you can find a list of clubs and activities."

"Ah, thanks!" Hinata grinned. "No one's talked to me all day till now. I wonder why..." He mumbled sadly.

"It's because of me...." Kageyama said.

"Huh?" The boy was confused by the others response.

"You sat next to me. That's why nobody said anything." Kageyama started to clean up his lunch. "C'mon breaks almost over."

He headed back to the class as Hinata cleaned up his own lunch.

Kageyama returned to his own seat and pulled his book out again. He was hoping to at least finish the chapter he'd started this morning, but was once again interrupted by the soft-looking boy.

"What did you mean by that? Saying it was because of you?" He rested his head on his fists, waiting for a reply.

The Raven haired boy sighed, exasperated. "Nobody likes me. I'm rude and cold and I never talk." He seemed almost....sad as he relayed this to Hinata.

"So nobody will talk to me because they don't like you?" Hinata questioned.

"More like terrified of me. I never even did anything but they run away when ever I try to talk to them.." He said.

Sensei called the class to attention, ending the conversation.

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