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Queen of the Dragon-Slayers: A New Beginning!


Crossover between Fairy Tail and Pokemon. Ashley is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who expects his daughter to be perfect. But that isn't what Ashley wants. Join her and her Pokemon in journey to freedom through the Fairy Tail guild!

Fantasy / Adventure
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'Hey mom, dad, I'm home!' Shouted a girl with long blue hair. 'Say, where's Alexis, Lilian?' She asked the maid.

She's in her room.' Lilian replied nervously.' But I don't think it's wise to go to her now, Lady Ashley.'

'Why not?' Ashley asked, surprised. Before Lilian could answer, Mr. Mays came out of the sitting room.

'No need to answer Lilian. You may go now.' He beckoned to Ashley to follow him outside to the gardens. Lilian sighed and left while Ashley followed her father outside. They went to her mom's favourite spot and her father sat down, not saying anything.

'Dad, what's wrong? Why's everyone acting strange? But most importantly, where's mom?' The little girl fired these questions at her father expecting answers. There was a brief silence. 'D-dad?'

'I'm sorry,' Mr. Mays said. 'I'm sorry we never told you. Your mom didn't want us to.'

Ashley felt a chill run up her spine. Something happened to mom. Something bad.

'W-what are you trying to say dad?' She asked him.

'3 years ago, your mother used a spell that would drain her magic, her strength, her life.'

'No...' Ashley took a shaky step back with tears in her eyes.

'Today was her last day with us. She died just before you came home.'


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