Semper Fi


They both raced back to Olivia's apartment and got there in record time. When they pulled into the parking garage she ran out and Elliot was close behind. At the elevator, she held her head down and cursed her building for the fact they ran slow at night. Once inside she tried to punch the number to her floor but the button wouldn't light up.

"You have to be kidding me," she punched the number again and again before she got so frustrated that she kicked the wall.

"Hey, it's ok. I got it." He gently moved her out of the way before pressing the button repeatedly and it finally lit up. As the door closed, he reached out to grab her hand and she pulled back. This was typical behavior of hers and he wasn't offended. When she was very upset she hated to be touched but he wanted to comfort her.

As they exited the floor they both ran down the hall and could hear Noah crying before she opened the door.

"Hey. His temperature is 102 and he's been crying since about ten minutes before I called you. I gave him something for the fever but it hasn't gone down yet," Lucy said in a panic. Elliot noticed she looked exhausted and stressed out.

Olivia ran to pick up Noah and soothe him to see if it would help but he was inconsolable and started to struggle in her arms.

"I'm going to call his doctor," Olivia said as she struggled to hold Noah and reach for her cell phone.

Elliot reached out to take Noah from her while she called Dr. Lee. He walked around the living room with the screaming little boy and uttered reassuring words while Olivia went to the back to try and leave a voicemail without Noah's crying in the background. When she hung up the phone she was surprised to find there was no more crying. She walked out of the room to the living room to find the little boy sleeping in Elliot's arms as he continued to walk with him in the limited space he had.

"He's sleeping?" Olivia asked surprised.

"Yeah he's still a little fussy but better for now. What did the doctor say?"

"I'm waiting on her to call me back."

She laid her hand on his head to see if the fever had gone down a little and reached to take him from Elliot when the phone rang.

"It's ok I got him," he whispered to him while Olivia talked on the phone. Lucy grabbed her things and left asking Elliot to tell her to give her an update as soon as she knew something.

After explaining a little to the doctor, she told her to bring Noah to the ER and she would meet her there.

"She said to bring him to the ER," heading over to grab Noah and her keys.

"Ok, do you have a diaper bag or anything else you want to bring?" He was already grabbing a toy he found on the floor as he talked.

"Yeah but Elliot you don't.-"

"Olivia, let's go. I'll drive," he said while locking the door behind them.

At the hospital they were taken in a room where Noah was hooked up to fluids while they waited for Dr. Lee to arrive.

Olivia was on one side of the crib while Elliot stood over the other side. She rubbed Noah's back to help soothe him back to sleep while he tossed and turned.

"You're going to be ok little man," he said as he rubbed his hair. Briefly their hands touched while they were both comforting Noah. He closed his hand around hers and it gave her a moment to take everything in. She started to cry softly while stroking his hand.

"I'm worried El. He's been through so much already. His respiratory system has always been weak," she whispered.

"It's going to be ok I promise. You will find yourself here a lot more than you want to be but in the end it's all going to be ok."

"Olivia, sorry it took me so long," Dr. Lee said as she walked in.

"It's ok. I know it's late, thanks for coming down."

"I just looked over his chart and I'm going to examine him. I have some paperwork I need you to fill out at the nurses station."

"Oh…ok," she replied reluctantly not wanting to leave Noah

"I'll stay with him. You do what you have to do," Elliot assured her.

"I won't be long."

It took her about twenty minutes to go over everything and text Fin to let them know she wouldn't be in tomorrow due to Noah's health. When she walked back in the room, Dr. Lee was writing in the medical chart and Elliot was sitting in the rocking chair with Noah who had nodded off back to sleep.

"Olivia, let's talk outside," she said ushering her out.

Dr. Lee said she believed Noah was exposed to the measles and she would release him the next day if his fever went down but they would have to stay indoors for a few days to see if he had any other symptoms. She also gave her some other care instructions for him while at home and paperwork to bring home.

"You look exhausted. I'll have a roll away bed brought in for you and your friend," the doctor said with a smirk.

Olivia couldn't help but smile back at her. "Thanks."

As she walked back in the room she was taken aback by the image before her. Elliot was sound asleep in the rocking chair with Noah on his chest sleeping. His arms were wrapped around her son in a protective nature and they both looked so peaceful. She wanted to wake him to tell him he could go home, she knew he had to be tired but she couldn't stop staring. She used her phone to take a picture of the two of them before going to sit in the other chair careful not to disturb them. After about an hour a nurse came in to check Noah's temperature again and had to wake them both up.

"Hey. You fell asleep, I didn't want to wake you," Olivia said softly.

"Oh. How long was I out?" he asked rubbing his eyes.

"Just an hour. Go ahead and get yourself home and get some rest. We will be fine."

"What did the doctor say? When are you two going home?"

"She said probably tomorrow as long as his temperature goes down which it looks like it is. He was exposed to the measles so it looks like we will be quarantined in the house for a few days, maybe a week."

"I don't have to go, I can stay here with the two of you. I don't mind."

"You are exhausted El. It's ok. Go home and I will call you tomorrow and let you know how we are."

"Ok. I will leave on one condition. You call me tomorrow as soon as the two of you are released and I will come over with Chinese, a movie and anything else you need me to pick up and will keep you company."

"You drive a hard bargain Stabler," she said smiling. "Deal."

"Good night little man. I'll see you tomorrow buddy," he said as he reached over to rub his back. He was back in the crib and dozed back off to sleep.

Elliot and Olivia walked into the hall to say goodbye.

"Well I tell you one thing Liv. I haven't gone on many dates, but this is definitely the most memorable," he joked.

"Yeah my life is all over the place these days."

"And that's just fine with me. I'll see you tomorrow." He leaned forward and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. "Good night."

"Good night El. Thanks for everything. Really."

"Call me if you need anything or if anything comes up. Ok?"

"I will." He looked at her not believing her. "I promise," she added to assure him.

With that she watched him disappear down the corridor of the hospital and she suddenly felt like crying. She wanted to cry for her son who once again sick and saying goodbye to Elliot was harder than she thought it would be. She was used to going to doctor's appointments and everything alone but having him there with her tonight had been such a relief. She thought for a second about calling him back up there but she knew he would come and she didn't want to be selfish.

Noah's fever went down and they were released in the early afternoon the next day. She kept her promise and text Elliot when she got home and went on to get Noah settled back at home.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that Noah and I are on the way home.

She received a reply back almost immediately.

Ok. Ill be over later.

She figured he would be by this evening and decided to get caught up on some work.

Fin and Amaro came by with some case files and to update her on everything that was going on at the office.

"Hey baby girl, how's little man doing?" Fin asked as he walked in.

"He's napping, but overall he's ok. Just gotta chill here for a bit."

"Well don't worry about anything, we got you covered at the office," Nick assured her.

"Thanks guys. Ok so run it down for me. Where are we on the rape/murder in Chelsea?"

For the next hour, they discussed the open case statuses and she handed out assignments for everyone until there was a knock at the door.

Elliot was at the door with Chinese take out in his hand and movies.

"Elliot?" she asked surprised.

"Yeah I told you I would be right over after you were released," he replied walking in. "Oh sorry I didn't realize you were working."

"It's ok man we were just heading out," Fin volunteered.

"No don't let me rush you guys. I can just sit here while you wrap up. Is Noah sleeping?"

"Yeah he went down about an hour and a half ago," she responded.

"Ok, do you mind if I go peek in on him?"

"No, not at all."

As Elliot headed into Noah's room, Nick and Fin exchanged glances.

"Ok where were we?" Olivia tried to move on ignoring their looks.

"You were telling us what you wanted Carisi and Rollins to handle," Nick responded.

"Oh. Yeah. Have them question the vic's mom again, it sounds like she's holding something back. I want you and Fin to take another crack at Jordan and check with her schoolmates. Give me a call later and let me know what you find out."

"You got it boss. I guess we will uhh…head out," Nick said.

After they left, she went into Noah's room to check on Elliot. He was standing over him watching him sleep.


"Hey, he's still sleeping?"

"Oh yeah. He must be happy to be home. Can't get much rest in hospitals. Believe me I know."

His comment made Olivia realize that she didn't even think about how being in the hospital could've triggered some bad memories for him.

"El..I'm sorry I didn't realize," she started apologizing.

"It's ok Liv. You don't have to treat me with kid gloves. I'm just glad he's ok." He smiled at her and they walked back to the living room.

"Are you hungry? I got enough Chinese to last us for lunch and dinner."

"I'm starving actually."

They sat on the sofa and popped in one of the movies he brought while eating. They talked about Noah's previous health issues and random conversation until Noah finally woke up from his nap.

"Let me go grab him. I'll be right back."

Elliot picked up the food containers and straightened up a bit while she tended to Noah. He hated to admit that being in the hospital was somewhat of a trigger for him. He was happy to be there for her the night before but was a bit relieved to go home. It started to all feel too familiar for him. He called and talked to Maureen on his way home after the hospital and she was glad he reached out. When he was in trouble the first time it was Maureen that he leaned on the most. Although she was married and had to be up early the next morning, she talked to her dad until he assured her that he was ok and was going to sleep.

"Hey, someone wants to say hello to you," Olivia said carrying Noah into the living room.

"Hey there little guy," he said reaching out for him. The little boy went into his arms willingly. "You gave me and your mommy a little scare last night. But that's alright, we will just hang out here for the next few days until you can go outside."

"Oh we will?" Olivia asked raising an eyebrow playfully.

"Yes we will. I plan to come over everyday and check on you guys and plus I know you will be a bit bored while he's napping so I can entertain you."

"El. That's a generous offer but we don't want to disrupt your life."

"You are not a disruption. I have Eli tomorrow and this weekend but in between that time I can stop by here if that's ok with you."

"Yes of course. It's fine. I think we would like that a lot," Olivia said flashing him a big smile. She was genuinely happy she would be seeing him everyday.

"Ok, good. What do you say we put on the next movie?"

"Uhh I don't think he would be interested in these old action movies you have."

"No problem. I came prepared. I have a cartoon movie in here that I know he will love. It's one of Eli's favorites," he said as he moved to the DVD player and put the movie in.

The three of them sat on the couch and watched the movie laughing and enjoying the rest of the day. Olivia would steal glances in Elliot and Noah's direction every now and then during the movie. She wasn't surprised that Elliot managed to capture her heart again, but seeing him capture the heart of her son brought on another level of love that she never imagined was possible to feel.

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