Semper Fi


Everyone started to file out of the party since it was getting late. The party went on much later than they expected because everyone was so excited to see each other after so long and get reacquainted. There were soon stories of old times in SVU and remembering some of their best times. Elliot's children left a bit earlier but not before each giving Noah a hug and promising that they would all get together soon for dinner.

"Ok, so you promise lunch in the next week?" Alex asked Olivia while getting ready to head out.

"Yes, within the next week," Olivia promised.

"Don't worry Alex I will hold her to that. She is NOT copping out on us," Casey interrupted.

"Especially after we behaved ourselves today," Melinda added.

"If you call this behaving then I'm definitely in trouble."

"Oh you better believe we behaved," Melinda said leaning in so only the four of them heard. "None of us have mentioned Noah's little admission have we?"

They all started laughing and Olivia playfully slapped Melinda on the back.

"Touche. Within the week ladies. I promise."

"Goodbye little man and welcome to the family…officially," Casey said placing a kiss in his hair while he hung tight to Olivia in her arms.

Lucy and Elliot continued to clean up as more guests filed out.

"Goodnight Liv, it was good to see you again and good to see you too little man," Munch added giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"He wants to spend more time with his Uncle Munch so you name the time and place and he will be over."

"You got it."

He paused for a little bit before heading towards the door.

"Liv, he's a lucky little boy to have you guys for parents. I'm glad everything is working out for you…both of you," he said looking towards Elliot in the kitchen. "Ill save my I told you so lecture for another day," he winked and walked out the door.

"Elliot, it was good to see you man," Fin said reaching out to shake his hand again before he left.

"Good to see you too Fin. Thanks for being my wing man tonight. Made things a lot easier," he added.

"No problem. Was it good seeing everyone?"

"It was actually. Despite all the shit we dealt with everyday, you guys were really like family to me. I saw you guys more than I actually saw my own family. It's good to catch up. Everyone seems to be doing well."

"Yeah and at least now everyone knows you didn't fall off the face of the earth," Fin joked.

"Yeah," Elliot chuckled. "That too."

"Take care of her Elliot. Don't hurt her again. That's all I ask," he said seriously.

"You have my word."

"Alright Liv, I'm headed out so you can put this little guy to sleep. Looks like he's had about enough." Noah was now sleeping on Olivia's shoulder and moved slightly at Fin's touch. After assuring him that she didn't need any help with cleaning everything he left and it was just Lucy, Elliot and Olivia.

They were trying to get up as much as they could but there was a lot to do and everyone was exhausted.

"Hey Lucy we are going to take care of the rest of this tomorrow. It's late, you can go ahead and head home," Olivia offered. She handed a sleeping Noah to Elliot while talking to her.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course. Thank you for all your help today and everyday. You really are such a big help to me and Noah just loves you," she said giving her a hug.

"It's my pleasure. He's such a good boy. And if I didn't say it before, congrats Olivia. He couldn't have a greater mommy."

"Thank you sweetie."

"Goodnight Elliot," Lucy said heading for the door.

"Goodnight. Drive safely."

Olivia stood in the living room surveying the damage and immediately became more exhausted.

"Hey don't worry about it," Elliot said noticing her overwhelmed look. "We will take care of it tomorrow. We're all tired, especially the guest of honor here," he said kissing Noah's hair.

"Let's put him down."

They went into the nursery and laid Noah down in his crib. Both couldn't help but spend a few silent moments watching him sleep. Olivia rubbed his back and kissed two of her fingers and placed them gently on his cheek.

"Can't believe it's official hunh?" Elliot asked watching her stare at her son.

"Yes and no. I feel like this year went by so slow and so fast all at once," she whispered. "I'm just glad it's over. No more visits from social services and having every step I make watched and ridiculed. He's really mine."

"Yeah he is. I know I said it before already but I'm really happy for you Liv. No one deserves to be a mom more than you," he said kissing her forehead.

"Well thanks, daddy," she said emphasizing the last word. The corner of his mouth curled up slightly as he caught her joke and tried to bypass it. "Don't you think for a second that we aren't going to talk about that."

She was smiling so he knew she wasn't mad but he loved that she was so caught off guard earlier during the party.

"Good night Noah, sweet dreams," Elliot said as he began to walk out ignoring her comment.

"Good night Angel. I love you," Olivia added following Elliot out of the room. They cut off the lights in the front and headed to her bedroom where she quickly shut the door.

"Now where we?" she asked moving close to him.

"Well I was getting ready to undress and unwind after a long day."

"Well don't let me disturb you. By all means undress," she said flirtatiously.

Elliot accepted the challenge and began to take off his clothes while she stood nearby. When he reached for the buttons on his shirt she watched every move. Elliot's rock hard chest and muscular arms never ceased to amaze her. Although they had seen each other naked and she explored him several times, his physical beauty often left her speechless.

"See something you like?" he asked with an eyebrow arched.

She licked her lips before she stepped towards him. "I do actually. Allow me."

She began to kiss his neck softly and immediately heard his breath quicken in her ear. She rubbed her hands across his chest and his arms and pulled back to look at him. What she was pure love and lust mixed together and she swore she would never forget how those ice blue eyes looked at her right then at that moment. Her eyes flickered briefly to his lips and back up to his eyes as an indication of what she was about to do. He smiled lazily as she leaned in and sucked on his bottom lip, then his top lip while reaching for his belt.

"Liiiiv," he whispered in a low husky voice. She took the opportunity to kiss him deeper when he opened his mouth to say her name and soon their tongues were tangling with one another. Their slow pace quickly picked up to be more frenzied while she unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She reached down to take his length in her hands and he moaned loudly.

"That feels so good baby," he said as she continued to stroke him and pushing his pants down to the floor. "Is this your way of getting information out of me? Because if so, it just might work."

"No," she said seriously and pulled back to hold his blue gaze once again. "This is for how you love me and how you love my son." She reached in and kissed him again. "Our son," she whispered in his ear emphasizing our and captured his lips in a deep kiss. She didn't notice that her eyes were welling up with tears as she poured her heart out to the man she loved for so long.

Olivia gently pushed Elliot down to sit on the edge of the bed as she took a few steps back and reached behind her back to unzip her dress. He continued to watch her through hooded eyes. She stepped out of her dress kicked off her heels and walked over to stand in between his legs at the edge of the bed.

"This," she kissed him, "is for how you make me feel so safe and protected when I have always felt so alone and that I had to look out for myself." She straddled him putting her knees on either side of his thighs as he laid back.

"This is for how you are the strongest man I know. I trust you with everything I have." She reached back and pulled off her bra exposing her breasts and took out the pins in her hair releasing her wavy chestnut locks that fell loosely around her shoulders.

"Oh baby, you are so beautiful," he said reaching up to put her hair behind her ears and moving his hands slowly down her neck, chest and finally squeezing her breasts. Olivia instantly moaned and threw her head back at the sensation of his large hands on her tender hardened nipples.

"I love you so much Elliot more than you will ever know," she whispered as she stood back up and went for his boxer briefs. He lifted up slightly so she could pull them down his legs and she also sank to her knees in front of him. They locked eyes and she gave him a small smile before she took him into her mouth.

He placed his hands in her hair as she continued to pleasure him. Her hot and wet mouth was almost too much for him to take and he was fighting with every bit of willpower he had to not finish in her mouth. He wanted to come inside her but when she started to flick her tongue across his tip he knew he had to stop her or this would be over much sooner than he wanted it to be.

"Liv baby, you have to stop," he rasped trying to still her. His resistance caused her to suck harder. "Fuuuuu- Liv!" he strained out. He reached under her arms, pulled her up and threw her on to the bed. Before she could say anything, his mouth was on hers while pulling down her panties. He could feel the warmth between her legs and soon settled himself in between her thighs.

She started to wiggle around in anticipation for what he was about to do. He blew gently on her core and she whimpered from the sensation. He waited for her to stop moving before he finally slipped his tongue inside her and sucked on her sensitive nub. It wasn't long before he felt her legs start to shake and he felt her release.

He kissed his way back up her stomach and took her left breast in his mouth while he fondled the other.

"El please," she breathed. "I need you…please."

He positioned himself at her opening and paused. "Liv, open your eyes."

She hesitated briefly before eventually forcing her eyes open and gazing into his.

"This…you and it for me. I will never love anyone else the way I love you. Only you..always," he whispered as he sunk deep inside her.

Olivia moaned as he filled her completely, emotionally and physically. While he continued to stroke inside her slowly, she felt tears run down her cheek and was completely overcome with emotion. Between the intense love he made her feel in her heart and soul and currently in between her legs she had never been so wonderfully overwhelmed. Her body began to tighten around him and her breathing became labored. He could tell that she was close.

"That's it. Come for me baby," he whispered to her and like a novice to her master she let her orgasm explode through her and screamed into his shoulder. He thrust a few more times before he released inside her.

They lay in each other's arms for a few minutes trying to catch their breath before Elliot leaned back to pull out of her. She turned on her side and he pulled the blanket over them and snuggled his chest into her back. She lifted her leg so he could cradle one of his legs between hers and he rested his chin on her shoulder. She took a deep breath and began to draw lazy circles over his hand, similar to how she did after they made love the first time.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked when he could tell she was in deep thought.

"Nothing," she lied.


"You won't get mad?" she asked timidly.

"No." He braced himself for whatever she was going to say.

"I've never felt anything like that before in my life. That was so intense. You…,"

"What is it baby?"

"You scare the hell out of me Elliot. What I feel for you scares me," she whispered.

He knew exactly how she felt and he wasn't at all offended. She scared him as well. Not in a negative way but he felt that he wouldn't be able to survive if they weren't together. He was completely consumed by her.

"You scare me too," he confessed.

"Really?" She turned around and faced him with a smile on her face.

"Well you don't have to be so happy about it," he teased and they both laughed a little.

"Olivia, I meant what I said. No matter what happens with us, there will never be anything or anyone else for me. We just have to try like hell to make sure we make it work ok? Whatever it takes."

"Ok," she said simply and turned back around.

They laid in comfortable silence before Elliot spoke up again.

"The first time he called me daddy was the night we argued about his adoption," he admitted.

"Why didn't you tell me then?"

He let out a deep sigh. "Because it was so unexpected and you were being evasive about his adoption it just didn't seem like the time. I didn't want you to think I wanted to adopt him just because he called me daddy that night. And….I was feeling a little guilty."

"Guilty. Why?" she asked concerned.

"Because of Kathleen. I wondered how I could be a father to him when I wasn't a good father to her. I don't want her to think that I'm trying to replace her," he said solemnly.

She turned back around to him again and stroked his face. "Elliot listen to me. You were a good father to Kathleen. You are a good father to all of your kids. Noah is not meant to replace anyone. She will always be your daughter whether she's here physically or not. Please don't feel guilty for loving him or wanting to be his father. Ok?"


"Plus I think Noah's already made the decision for you, so you are stuck now," she laughed and he joined in with her briefly.

"El, Kathleen always wanted you to be happy even when things were rough between you two. I don't think that's changed. I think she would be very proud of you and the man you have become."

"You think so?" he asked playing with her hands.

"Yeah I do. I'm proud of you too."

"I love you," he said sincerely.

"I love you too. Now sleep," she told him.

She fell asleep almost instantly and he watched her for a few minutes while thinking about everything she said. She always had a way of calming him down and putting him at ease when he was upset about something. He laid down and took in everything about the environment around him. The apartment was dead silent after a day of nothing but love and reconnecting with the people that meant the most to him. With the love of his life at his side and his son in the other room, Elliot closed his eyes and drifted into a completely peaceful sleep for the first time in a long time. He finally had what he wanted for years….serenity.

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