Semper Fi

Valentine's Day

Olivia had to stay overnight in the hospital for observation and was released the next morning with orders to rest for the next two weeks and only leave the house to go see her doctor. Due to her emergency the night before she was able to get an appointment with her ob/gyn the next day in the afternoon.

She spent the morning sleeping and Elliot had already gone into overprotective mode. Lucy was not coming until later in the day when they got ready to go to the appointment so he spent the morning tending to her and Noah. Noah woke up promptly at 7am and he insisted on getting up to take care of him.

"El I can get up and walk a few feet to his nursery to get him," Olivia protested in annoyance.

"Actually no you shouldn't. The doctor said you need to rest and not over exert yourself. Since I'm here why won't you just let me take care of you? You really are so stubborn you know that," he said teasing her. "I know it's hard for you but you are going to have to take it easy from now on."

Olivia rolled her eyes because she knew this was coming. Elliot was always overprotective in any situation but with her being pregnant he suspected that it would be overkill. She situated Noah on the bed next to her and gathered a few of his toys to keep him occupied.

"Don't start please. The doctor said for the next two weeks, not for the duration of the pregnancy that I would have to lie in this bed with you waiting on me hand and foot. I fully plan on going back to work when this two weeks is up."

Elliot went to the kitchen and grabbed breakfast and brought it to her on the bed and the three of them proceeded to eat in bed together. Elliot was holding back his thoughts on her and work because he didn't want to argue in front of Noah or upset her. After the incident that happened in the interrogation room that was all the ammo he needed to convince her to go on desk duty as soon as possible when she returned to work.

The three of them spent the morning together in bed looking at TV and playing with Noah. The team kept calling to check in on Olivia but she assured them that she was doing fine and had a follow up appointment that afternoon. She left Fin in charge which was perfect practice for what was to come and she felt a little guilty that she hadn't told him about the pregnancy yet. Amanda was still the only person that knew and she trusted that she would keep her secret.

Around noon Noah was down for his nap and Olivia wanted to take the opportunity to finish the discussion with Elliot about his views on her going back to work and the pregnancy in general.

"El, baby come here." She pointed to the empty space next to her in the bed. "You've been running around all morning making breakfast and tending to us. Come lay with me for a little bit."

"We have to get ready for your appointment in an hour or so," he said pulling back the covers and lying down.

"We have a few more hours. Let's just lay and talk. We haven't really talked about everything."

Elliot rested his head on her shoulder and ran his hand across her stomach and she rubbed his back.

"I want you to tell me how you are really feeling El."

"I told you. I'm excited about the baby," he said confused looking up at her. "You don't believe me?"

"No it's not that at all. I'm excited too but I'm still scared and nervous and worried. You have to be feeling some of that too. It's ok you can tell me," she coaxed. Placing a kiss on his forehead and then his nose she held her face close to his willing him to open up.

Elliot searched his thoughts trying to figure out how articulate how he felt without her being upset.

"Well….I am worried about you being pregnant and with your job. I'm afraid that you will get hurt and I know there are already a lot of risks because of your age. I don't want to hold you back Liv. I know how much you love your job but I just…I would prefer if you weren't there as much or took a leave or something." She was quiet after his admission and he was certain that she would lash out at him.

"Are you worried at all that this is too soon for us to have a baby? That your kids will be mad about you for having another child? That we are too old to do this?"

He pulled back from her grip and looked at her concerned. "No I don't feel like that..but do you? Are you worried about all of that?"

Olivia hung her head and he immediately knew it was true. "Do you not want the baby?" he asked.

"Of course not! Don't be ridiculous. I want this baby more than anything. This is me and you inside me," she said bringing his hand back to her stomach and rubbing it back and forth. "I think it's amazing." They smiled at each other.


"But I am worried that your kids have just gotten to accept Noah and us and now this. I don't want to cause any more turmoil in your family. It's just all very fast, you know?"

"It is fast. But the kids are fine I promise you. They have been nothing short of amazing these past few months, well years actually. I've learned more from them about acceptance than I have taught them I'm sure. And also baby we played around for so long before all this it just makes sense that we would be on the fast track once we got it right," he assured her. "Plus we're old. We don't have much time left to court and wait the normal amount of time for all these life events to occur."

They both laughed and she punched him in shoulder playfully. "Speak for yourself."

"Ok Miss I'm almost fifty, I'm almost fifty," he said mocking her.

"I have something else to tell you." He looked at her expectantly. "What? Is it not mine?"

"Would you shut up and be serious for a second?" she laughed and then sighed before finally telling him, "Kathy knows."

"What? How?"

"When I was sick at your house and she was in the bathroom with me. She said she could tell I was pregnant."

"Wow," he said taking it all in. "Well the fact that my phone hasn't been ringing off the hook should give you more confidence in how you fit in the family and them being able to handle it. She hasn't mentioned anything and I don't think she said anything to the kids."

"Yeah I was thinking the same thing," she agreed.

"The truth is Liv. I am scared. I am scared that something could be wrong with the baby or that you could miscarry. I am nervous that us both being scared will tear us apart or put a wedge between us and we won't enjoy every moment of this pregnancy like we should."

"It won't tear us apart. I want us to be honest with each other always no matter what. If we piss each other off then we take the time to deal with that and go through those emotions but we don't let it drive a wedge within us." Elliot nodded his head in agreement.

"The truth is you and I both have demanding jobs and we have six other kids to think about here. We have to make sure that all decisions we make going forward is for their best interest. Where we live, our work schedules, this baby, everything," she continued.

"Five," he whispered.


"You said six other kids to consider in everything. We have five."

"Elliot look at me." She lifted his head and put her finger under his chin to make him have eye contact with her.

"We have six kids to consider Elliot and one on the way. Kathleen being dead doesn't make her any less a part of our decisions. Because of her not being here I rethink how we handle situations with the other kids and how they will react to this baby. I know it affects how you deal with the kids now and that was evident with how you handled Lizzie with the rapist situation," she explained as a single tear slid down his cheek. "She's always here Elliot. Making an impact in every way that only she can," she said smiling referring to Kathleen's always candid personality.

"I thanked her."


"Kathleen. When everything was okay with you and the baby at the hospital. I thanked her. I felt like she had something to do with it."

She placed a tender kiss on his lips and took his hand. "I'm sure she did baby. I'm sure she did."

A few hours later Elliot and Olivia were at the doctor's office in the examination room. She was sitting on the exam table fidgeting nervously while Elliot sat in the guest chairs.

"Liv. You've got to calm down."

"Can I ask you something?" she asked cautiously.

"You are having my child so I guess that entitles you to one question," he smirked.

"Are you mad that I wasn't on birth control and didn't tell you?"

"Are you mad at me?" he retorted.

"You know what I mean. We never talked about it so I just assumed you assumed that I was on something."

"I don't know about you but I didn't talk about it because it didn't matter to me. I don't think you trapped me if that's what you are worried about," he explained.

"I kinda was. I just didn't think I needed to be on anything because of my age you know? And I didn't ask you to use anything because I trust you and…."

"And?" he prodded.

"I guess I didn't want any barriers between us," she admitted embarrassed.

He returned her embarrassed smile. "I didn't want any between us either."

"Well hello Olivia. I hear congratulations are in order," her doctor said coming in at that moment.

"Yeah I guess so. Dr. Wilder, this is Elliot Stabler, my partner and the baby's father."

"Nice to meet you," Elliot said extending his hand.

"Nice to meet you too," she returned the handshake and gave Olivia a wink obviously referring to his looks which seemed to go unnoticed by no one.

"So I read over the reports and everything from your visit to the ER last night and saw the ultrasound pictures. I agree with everything the doctor said about your placenta previa. I think we are in good shape and this will probably take care of itself," she said to Elliot and Olivia's relief.

"So let's talk dates. When was the start of your last period?" she asked.

"May 10th. It literally lasted a day," she explained.

"Well the closer you get to menopause that's typically how it becomes if it comes on at all. So May 10th, that puts your conception date on around May 20th. Does that date make sense?"

Olivia thought for a split second and her and Elliot exchanged knowing smiles.

"Yes. I could never forget that date. That's the date my son was formally adopted," she said.

"Ahh well that's definitely worth celebrating," she said returning their smiles. "That makes you 6 weeks this Wednesday and your due date…Valentine's Day. How appropriate. So lean back and let's take a look."

After performing another ultrasound she printed out some pictures for them both to keep and wrote Olivia a prescription for prenatal vitamins.

"So everything looks good?" Elliot asked.

"Everything looks fine so far Mr. Stabler," she said.

"Please call me Elliot. Is there anything we can do or she should be doing?" he asked.

"Well with the concussion and because of the brief bleeding I agree with the doctor that for the next weeks she needs to be resting as much as possible. Nothing strenuous…if you know what I mean," she said and they both blushed. "She needs to stay away from work. I would even minimize the calls and everything for right now. The greatest risk for miscarriage is in the first trimester and you are right in the middle of that," she said to Olivia. "I'm ordering you to take it easy and I know with that job of yours that's not easy. I want to see you back here in two weeks to see how you are feeling before I release you back to work which will be desk duty."

Olivia shot Elliot a glance and he was beaming with enthusiasm at the doctor's orders. He knew she would think he was just being overprotective but coming from the doctor she would be more willing to listen.

"What about getting some tests done on the baby to see if everything is ok? What are our options with that?" she asked.

"Well we normally don't start those tests until you are a little further along around 11 weeks or so. We have a first trimester screen and a quad marker screen that we do in the second trimester and I would recommend you to have an amniocentesis. I'll give you all the information so you can read up on them. Some I would definitely suggest because you are at a high risk for your child possibly having down syndrome or other defects. But I don't want you to get caught up in the hypotheticals Olivia. You don't need any additional stress or worry. You are healthy and have always taken very good care of yourself and that goes a long way with any pregnancy. Your baby could be perfectly healthy. I will be monitoring you closely to ensure that if there is something abnormal we are on top of it immediately. Ok?"

Elliot really liked her doctor. The lady was straightforward and he could tell she knew enough about Olivia to know she was a worrywart that worked too much.

"Should we wait to start telling people?" she asked timidly.

"It's entirely up to you," Dr. Wilder said. "Most people wait until after the first trimester but I would suggest telling the people closest to you especially family because if anything else comes up, they will need to know that you are pregnant in case there is some kind of emergency."

They both nodded their head in agreement as Olivia hopped off the table to reach for her clothes.

"Call me if you need any additional documentation for work regarding the pregnancy. Other than that, congratulations. To both of you," she said with a genuine smile. "I know this is something you have wanted for a long time Olivia."

"So desk duty it is hunh?" Elliot gloated while they drove back from the appointment.

"You don't have to look so smug Stabler. I haven't been going out that much in the field lately anyway."

"But you are worried about something?" he asked noticing her demeanor.

"My promotion to Lieutenant is not official yet. Dropping this bomb right now I'm just worried how it could affect that. I know it should be the least of my concerns right now but I feel sometimes like they are looking for any reason to take me out as CO of SVU."

Elliot wanted to reassure her but he knew how 1PP worked and she probably wasn't being overly paranoid. The other side of him was being a little selfish and wouldn't be entirely upset if she didn't go back to work.

"It's all going to be fine. Plus you don't have to tell them today. The exam results should be in soon and you have to be out for the next two weeks for the concussion anyway," he assured her.

"So who do we tell first?" she asked changing the subject.

"Well you said Kathy knows."

"And Melinda and Amanda," she added. He shot her a glance.

"Oh sorry did I not mention that?" she grinned. "Melinda was with me when I took the test and well you saw Amanda in the room with me at the hospital."

"Well you definitely need to tell your squad and I want to tell the kids…assuming Kathy hasn't already," he said.

"And I want to tell Casey and Alex."

Elliot rolled his eyes and she laughed. "What?! They are my best friends!"

"Liv, telling Casey is like plastering it on the front of the New York Post."

"It is not! She kept it a secret that you and I were seeing each other. She was one of the first to know," she said defending her.

"Ok ok, fine tell your girlfriends."

"Well gee thanks for the permission," she said rolling her eyes. "How about we pick up some ice cream on the way home?"

"Cravings already? Should we pick up pickles too?" he teased.

"No. It's Noah's favorite. I want us to tell him when we get home"

After giving Noah and Lucy the good news, they were both wiped out for the day. Lucy assured Olivia that she would be okay staying on and could take care of both children much to their relief. Elliot was taking a shower, but due to the doctor's orders that they couldn't have sex she didn't risk it by jumping in with him. Instead she decided to make a phone call while he was occupied.


"Hi Judge Linden it's Olivia Benson, I'm sorry to call you so late."

"Well hello Olivia. It's not too late at all. I was here wrapping up notes on a case. I figured I would be hearing from you soon."

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