Semper Fi

Start Spreading the News

Olivia, Noah and Elliot spent a few peaceful days at home alone before deciding to meet with everyone to start spreading the news of the pregnancy. Elliot wanted to tell his kids face to face and he figured that Maureen's 4th of July barbecue that weekend would be the perfect time to tell them. They tried to come over at separate times because of their schedules and check on Olivia to see how she was recovering but they both stalled wanting there to be a perfect occasion and all the kids be together.

Elliot put in a call to Eric who was of course expecting a child of his own. Chelsea was already in her second trimester and they recently found out they were expecting a baby boy. Eric offered his support to Elliot and Chelsea already texted Olivia with advice on how to handle first trimester illness. She also told her that she sent an extra special gift in the mail for her that would come in handy.

Don and Eileen had gone back to Florida for the holiday so she had to settle for telling him over the phone. He was quiet for a few moments when they both told him over speakerphone. She thought he was stunned in silence but once he started talking she soon realized he was trying to regain his composure.

"You are giving me another grandchild hunh?" he managed to say.

"Yeah," Olivia responded. She was finding it hard to hold back her emotions as well. He truly loved her like a daughter and treated Noah like a grandson and she was beyond grateful. "Are you excited?"

"I couldn't be more excited. I guess it's a good thing I have a good amount of money saved up from my pension. These grandchildren and their college funds are going to bleed me dry before too long," he laughed through his sentiments.

"Don don't you dare," Olivia warned.

"It's already done Olivia. I set Noah's up a few months ago. This little baby will have one as well."

"Don you-."

"Elliot no arguments. You just take care of them ok?"

"I will," Elliot promised.

"Olivia. No heroics and I assume it will be desk duty for you from now on," he said in a tone that sounded much like the same one he used on both of them when he was their captain.

"Yes I will."

After their conversation with Don, Olivia got ready for lunch with Alex, Melinda and Casey. They agreed to all come over to the apartment and bring some take out believing they were just coming to check on her after she was hospitalized. Melinda had been in touch with Olivia since the ER visit and helped to put her mind at ease about the baby's health. Elliot was taking Noah and heading over to Dickie and Eli's to work on another small project for his apartment.

"Ok, I think I have everything. We are outta here," Elliot said rushing with Noah in his arms.

"Why are you moving so fast?" Olivia asked amused.

"I don't want to be anywhere near here when they arrive. I heard the questions they were asking you at the adoption party. I can only imagine what they are going to ask you now and I want to be completely out of dodge."

She sat on the couch comfortably in a sundress and bare feet and watched in humor as he tried everything in his power to avoid her girlfriends.

"I can't believe big bad Elliot Stabler is afraid of a group of women," she mocked him getting his attention for a second.

"A group of women, no. A group of relentless gossiping women, yes," he said giving her a kiss goodbye. "Although I do love them all dearly."

"I'm sure you do."

They were almost to the door when Noah began to whine for his toy.

"Daddy car car." He pointed to the car on the ground and Elliot bent down to pick it up. Noah rarely went anywhere without the toy car the kids gave him the day of the adoption and Olivia thought it was the cutest thing ever.

"Ok I got it buddy. We gotta go before we run into your aunts," he whispered to the little boy and earning another laugh from Olivia.

As he opened the door he ran right into them.

"Well well well. Where are you running off to so fast Stabler?" Alex asked with her brow lifted.

"Surely you weren't trying to avoid us," Melinda added.

"Of course not. It's just that I'm running late to meet Dickie," he lied. He gave each of them a peck on the cheek.

"You're lying through your teeth but lucky for you this is a full on girls date so we won't beg you to stick around."

Casey piped in, "Plus it's easier for us to talk about you when you are not here. Bye."

Elliot didn't waste any time leaving and all the ladies watched him walk to the elevator from the door.

"Wow, it's still an honor to watch him walk away," Casey said as they all laughed. "His ass is a thing of beauty."

"Hey that is my man you are talking about," Olivia yelled from the couch.

"Oh I know. And if I haven't said it before…congratulations on nabbing that." She reached her hand out for Olivia to shake it and she playfully knocked it away.

"Ok ok enough about Elliot's perfect ass," she said reaching for the take out. "What all did you bring to eat?"

"Well slow down Liv. We wanted to see how you were feeling with the concussion and everything. I heard about what happened I was worried sick," Alex said bending down to hug her.

Casey bent down to hug her as well, "Benson I swear you and your heroics are going to give us all heart attacks one day."

"I'm fine. You know I've been through worse and survived," she said digging in to the Chinese food.

They all exchanged glances with their first thoughts going to William Lewis. No one dared to bring up his name.

"Well we can see you are doing ok. How much longer are you down for?" Alex asked.

"Another week."

Melinda started to spread out the food on the coffee table while the ladies settled on the floor and Olivia continued to eat out of the carton.

"Then it's back to busting perps. Liv, have you thought about slowing down a little bit? I don't remember Cragen getting hurt or being in the field as much as you when he was CO," Alex said concerned.

Melinda and Olivia exchanged a look that didn't go unnoticed.

Alex asked, "Ok what's going on?"

"Well I am going to slow down. I was going to anyway with Fin being my number 2 and with Noah and everything but there's been a new development that's going to kind of force the issue," she said setting down her food.

Alex and Casey leaned in waiting for her to finish.

Fidgeting with her hands and with unshed tears in her eyes she announced, "I'm pregnant. Elliot and I are having a baby."

The two ADA's sat with their mouths wide open and didn't know what to say.

"Guys say something," Olivia prodded and Melinda took her hand.

"Oh my gooooood!" Casey shrieked. "Oh my god Liv! A baby! You are having a baby! You are having Elliot's baby," she continued to scream in disbelief with tears in her eyes.

"I can't believe this! How far along are you? How long have you known?" Alex fired off question after question while Casey hugged Olivia tight.

"You knew didn't you?" Alex asked Melinda. "That's why you've been so quiet."

"I was with her when she took the test and confirmed it." In all the chaos, they exchanged hugs, some food was spilled on the floor and Casey and Alex were firing off questions left and right.

"Ok ok one at a time," Olivia said calming them. "Sit, let's eat and I'll go over everything."

"Start with the sex!" Casey blurted out.

"Why are you so obsessed with my sex life?"

"I'm not obsessed with your sex life. I'm obsessed with your sex life with Elliot. There's a difference. You held out on us at lunch, there will be no holding out now Benson."

Alex joined in, "Especially since you are now carrying around the fruit of his labor."

"Woo and I bet he put in some work," Melinda goaded her.

They laughed hysterically and continued to eat.

"Well I'm six weeks along so I'm due on Valentine's day."

"Six weeks hunh? Isn't that right around the time that Noah's adoption was finalized," Alex concluded.

Olivia shot her a stupefied look. "Oh don't look like that. I've hung around detectives long enough to put two and two together. You guys probably jumped each other the second we all left," she teased.

"Not true," Olivia said rolling her eyes in mock disgust. "We put Noah down to sleep first." She winked at them and they cracked up again.

"But everything's ok right? Even with you being in the hospital and getting hurt when the guy attacked you?"

"Yeah I was bleeding right after but it stopped by the time I got to the ER. They did an ultrasound and the heartbeat was strong but…"

"But what?" Casey asked immediately concerned.

Melinda immediately spoke up offering her medical expertise.

"Olivia has placenta previa which is what caused the bleeding. It's a fairly common condition especially in women over 40 who are pregnant. I've looked at the ultrasound pictures and her doctor has as well. We both think that the condition will correct itself by the second trimester but her doctor will continue to monitor her to make sure."

They talked a little more about the risks to Olivia and the child and what tests she would have done to ensure there were no problems before the baby was born.

"I have to say Liv. I never thought I would see the day when you would slow down," Alex said as they were now eating leftover dessert Olivia had in the fridge.

"It's weird isn't it?" she agreed. "I've always wanted a family. Always. Now I have it and it's still unbelievable to me. A little over a year ago I was trying to recover from everything with…him. I never saw myself here. And then when I got Noah everything changed. I said it was going to be me and him from now on and then in comes Elliot," she said swiping away at tears. "Noah and I were a family before he came along but now everything just seems so complete. I want this baby more than anything. As bad as it sounds I always fantasized about me and Elliot being here and now that we are it's just…."

"Amazing?" Casey finished for her.


"Don't get me wrong I love my job. You know it's been my life for so long but I will never forget what Cragen said to me when he retired. He said "take care of yourself" and that I would know what it means eventually. Now I do. I'm taking care of myself by taking a step back and not letting SVU consume me. I need to make sure this little one is ok," she said rubbing her stomach. "And I will have young children that will need me to be around as long as possible so I've got to get myself out of the line of fire as much as I can."

"Do you realize you are going to be in your 60's with teenagers?" Casey asked smirking.

"Yes we both realized that but thank you for reminding us."

"Oh man. I hope I am around to see that. Now that's pure comedy."

"On top of that a Benson Stabler combination. God help us all," Alex added.

"It will be a beautiful child though," Melinda added.

"Aww thanks Mel," Olivia said taking her hand.

"A hellion…..but beautiful nonetheless," Melinda joked and they erupted in laughter again.

"Yeah I have to admit I'm a bit concerned about that as well but it is what it is."

"I'm proud of you Olivia," Casey said seriously.

"For getting knocked up? Well thanks."

"No silly. For not running. I remember the conversation we had when he first came back around and I was worried that you would sabotage it but you are making life changes that show you are really committed to this family that the two of you have created so I'm really proud of you."

"Thanks Case. That means a lot," she said appreciatively.

"Just goes to show, there's nothing that some good dick can't do," she added and quickly took a sip of her drink while they all bent over laughing. Olivia knew she couldn't stay serious for too long.

"It can work miracles," Melinda added.

"Cheers to that," Alex said and the ladies clinked their classes while Olivia looked on shaking her head.

"Ok sorry Liv. Why don't you grab a glass of water and join in? You know no lunch of ours is complete without a toast," Casey said trying to compose herself.

Olivia scooted to the end of the couch and they all raised their glasses while Alex started the toast.

"To Olivia, on finally finding her happily ever after."

Then Casey cut in, "and to Elliot Stabler, who always finds a way to get em barefoot and pregnant."

The next day Olivia and Elliot were on their way to Maureen's apartment for her Fourth of July party. It was the first time she left the house since her doctor's appointment and she was happy to be out even if it was just to go and sit at another house. All of the kids were going to be there and Kathy had other plans with some friends so it seemed like the perfect time to tell them the news. Olivia was a little worried that Maureen may have been on to her because she seemed very nervous and jittery on the phone when they talked the day before but she was hiding it pretty well. She couldn't help but worry about the kids' reaction to the news. Elliot seemed to be pretty calm about it and had all the confidence in the world in his children but she was concerned that it was all too much too fast for them. She hadn't talked to Kathy since she confirmed the pregnancy but that was a conversation she wanted to have one on one.

"You ok?" Elliot asked. He picked up her hand and gave her a kiss on the hand.

"This feels like déjà vu doesn't it? Me nervous on the way to a member of your family's home."

"Yeah and we see how well that went. Do you have any other secrets you want to bestow on me before we get there?"

"Hmmm," she pretended to think for a minute. "I don't think so."

They pulled up to a stop outside of Maureen's building.

"There better not be," he said reaching over to kiss her. He started to kiss her and She leaned over to kiss him and quickly slipped her tongue into his mouth earning a moan from Elliot.

"I miss you," she said in between kisses.

"I miss you too so much. I can't wait for next week."

"We have exactly 6 days and 3 hours," she said looking at her watch. "before I have to go back to the doctor to get the all clear. And when I do Mr. Stabler, there will be a lot of making up I have to do."

She crashed her lips back to his and his hands were rubbing through her dark tresses when they were interrupted by a knock on the window.

"Seriously dad I know she's hot but you can't keep your hands off of her for one second? Noah's in the backseat for God's sake," Dickie said annoyed.

Olivia turned around and tried to fix her lipstick in the mirror while Dickie reached in the backseat to unbuckle Noah.

"Ill take him inside while you two…..get yourself together."

"We are never going to live that down," Olivia said reapplying her makeup.

"Yeah I'm having bigger problems over here." She followed his eyes down to his pants to see his erection bulging through his pants.

"Are you sure you don't want me to help you with that? Let me take care of you," she said in a low sultry voice that did nothing to help his raging hard on.

"No!" he said quickly. "You've done enough."

"But Elliot," she began to protest.

"No. Liv, I appreciate the offer, especially in this romantic setting but you are not supposed to be doing anything strenuous."

"I don't think that giving my man a hand job would be considered strenuous," she rebutted leaning in to kiss him again and reaching for his pants.

He quickly stilled her hands. "Honestly it would just make matters worse anyway. There's nothing that you could do that wouldn't make me still want to be inside you," he said kissing her cheek softly. "There's no substitute for that. Just give me a minute, I'll settle down."

In Maureen's apartment, Noah, Eli and Dickie played together in her tiny living room while Maureen made herself busy in the kitchen. Olivia sat in the dining room and watched contently as Jason whispered to Maureen making her giggle. They stole kisses from one another as they prepared dinner and Elliot busied himself setting the table.

When it was finally time for dinner, conversation flowed freely. Olivia tried to avoid all eye contact with Dickie still feeling a little embarrassed but he was clearly over it and she eventually lightened up as well. She was waiting for Elliot's lead on when they would share the news but it was hard to fit it in with the conversation. Once dinner was over, and Maureen got ready to serve dessert Elliot decided to pipe up.

"Well I'm glad that we are all able to get together like this again. We should do this more often..especially because there are going to be some changes to the family soon," he said looking over at Olivia.

"You're absolutely right dad," Maureen interrupted. "There have been some changes with Olivia and Noah joining the family and we are pleased to announce there will be another addition. Me and Jason are having a baby. I'm pregnant."

"That's amazing!" Lizzie shouted and jumped up to hug Maureen.

"Congrats Mo and Jason. That's awesome," Dickie said hugging his sister and bumping fists with Jason.

Olivia and Elliot sat quiet unsure of what to say or do.

"That's really great Maureen. I'm so happy for you," Olivia finally said. "We both are." She nudged Elliot back into reality.

"What do you say dad?" Maureen asked expectantly.

"I couldn't be happier," he said getting up to hug her. "Congratulations honey."

"Yeah dad you're going to be a grandpa," Lizzie added.

Olivia and Elliot locked eyes and smirked at the irony.

"Oh dad I'm so sorry. You were going to say something and I interrupted you. What were you going to say?"

"Well umm….actually me and…" he started but Olivia cut him off.

"Me and your dad were wondering if you all would like to come to the ceremony in a few weeks when I get my Lieutenant's badge. You are all invited if you want and maybe we could do a little celebration or something after," she recovered squeezing Elliot's knee.

"I would like that," Maureen agreed.

"Count me in."

"Me too," Dickie added.

For the rest of the night, Maureen talked about baby names and listened as Eli tried to coax her into naming the baby after him even though he was already a junior. They said their goodbyes after a few hours and as they walked to the car Elliot asked her about the announcement.

"You didn't want to tell them tonight?" he asked concerned that there was another reason she was holding back.

"Honey it was Maureen's night. I didn't want to take the spotlight from her and her news."

"You really are amazing you know that?"

"Yes I do," she said giving him a kiss. "You're not so bad yourself Grandpa."

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