Semper Fi

Date Night Redo

On Monday morning, the caseload for the squad was pretty low so Olivia called her team over to her apartment under the guise of checking in on her since the incident and she promised them breakfast.

"Thanks for picking up the breakfast," Olivia said giving Elliot a chaste kiss. "You really are taking such good care of me."

"It's my pleasure. Mostly because you are actually letting me take care of you. I never thought I would see the day."

He pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back while resting his face in her hair. He loved the smell of her and the feel of her against him. He mostly loved simple little moments like this in the morning or at night when they weren't talking about work or children or anything else, just bantering back and forth and enjoying each other. He was so comfortable with her and he didn't want his life to be any other way.

"I'm a little shocked actually that I like being taken care of," she said wistfully. "I've always had to take care of myself and didn't want to rely on anyone else but a girl could get used to being doted on."

"Is that right?"

"Yes. Especially being doted on by someone as handsome as the man in front of me," she added wrapping her arms around his waist.

"So it's official. You are only using me for my devilish good looks," he joked back.

"Don't be ridiculous. I'm using you for your perfect ass too," she said slapping him hard on the backside.

He threw his head back in amusement and laughed out loud capturing the attention of Noah who laughed and clapped his hands in response.

"Perfect hunh?" he asked.

"Well that's what the girls said when they were here this weekend."

"Oh God," he said burying his head in his hands. "Do I even want to know what else was said about me when I left?"

"Umm probably not. I think the perfect ass comment should be enough to hold you over," she said. She walked over to Noah's high chair and began to feed him his breakfast.

"Mama eat." He stuffed a few of his dry cheerios in her mouth while Elliot stood by in the kitchen and watched.

"Mmm, that's good. Now you eat," she said trying to convince him to finish his breakfast. "Do you mind feeding him the rest so I can throw something on and look presentable for when everyone gets here?"

"Of course not."

Before Olivia walked into her bedroom she looked back for a second to watch Elliot and Noah. "Daddy eat." He stuffed some more of his cheerios in Elliot's mouth and giggled when he spit them out dramatically.

She made a mental note to reach out to Trevor Langan to set up an appointment with him when she was back on her feet. She already had a meeting set with Judge Linden.

"Thank you guys for coming over. I appreciate it," she said as Carisi, Amaro, Fin and Rollins all navigated around her breakfast bar picking at food and grabbing coffee.

"Are you kidding? This is the best breakfast we've all had in weeks, of course we were going to come over," Rollins said grabbing a bagel.

"Yeah so you've got us all curious. What's going on?" Amaro asked. He was walking with a slight limp now and barely had to use his cane. He would be off desk duty in no time.

"Everything's alright hunh Sarge? You aren't retiring or anything are you because of what happened?" Carisi asked. They all rolled their eyes at his flair for the dramatics.

"No no, you guys aren't getting rid of me that easy," she assured him. She sat down on the barstool and everyone followed suit sitting down in the living room. "You guys know that Fin will soon be my official second in command but what you don't know is that I will be taking more of a backseat approach and spending less time in the field from now on but moreso over the next 7 months or so," she explained.

Rollins smiled but the other guys still hadn't caught on.

"I am pregnant. I'm about 7 weeks along and when I return to the office next week I'll be on desk duty until I come back from maternity leave and yes I absolutely plan on coming back."

The team exchanged glances before smiling and offering their congratulations.

"Congratulations Liv, that's great news," Amaro said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"That's great Sarge. You look happy."

"I am Carisi, thank you."

Fin hung back waiting for everyone to back up before coming over to hug her.

"So Elliot knocked you up hunh? I should've known it was only a matter of time," he said smiling at her. "Come here." He pulled her into a hug and not like the few they have exchanged sporadically over the years when one of them was in danger and they were relieved that the other was safe but a real genuine hug. Something she's never seen Fin do. When he pulled back she thought she almost saw a little something in his eyes. "So baby girl is having a baby girl," he said trying to lighten the mood.

"Well it's still early. I don't know what it is yet," she responded rubbing her stomach.

"Trust me," he whispered winking at her.

Rollins stood back guardedly but offered her congratulations to Olivia. They got down to business for about half an hour discussing the various cases before Noah and Elliot emerged from the back bedroom.

"Hey there's little man," Fin said upon seeing Noah.

"He just came out to visit for a little bit," Elliot said handing the tot over to Fin. Everyone doted over Noah for a few minutes and offered their congratulations to Elliot on the new baby.

"So don't mind us, please continue on with whatever you guys were talking about before we came out. Surely it wasn't about work considering that someone is on strict orders to take it easy for a few more days," he reminded them.

Olivia rolled her eyes and everyone started packing up.

"We can take the hint," Nick said standing up and getting ready to head out.

"Thanks again for coming," Olivia said. "Rollins can I see you for a second?"

"Sure. Everything ok boss?"

"Yeah I just never got the chance to properly thank you for everything you did for me at the hospital. I was really in a bad way that night and scared to death. If you wouldn't have been there….I don't know how I would've gotten through it. Thank you," she said sincerely and gave her a hug.

Rollins was completely floored and stalled for a second before she returned the hug. She had always looked up to Olivia and wanted her respect. Also, as juvenile as it sounded, she also wanted Olivia to like her. "You are welcome. It was my pleasure. I'm really glad that everything turned out ok for you and the little one."

While Amanda and Olivia talked, Elliot pulled Fin to the side outside of the door.

"Hey Fin, I need a favor."

"Whatcha got?"

Elliot looked over his shoulder to see if Olivia was watching him and was relieved when she wasn't.

"When Liv returns next week to work, I know she says she wants to take it easy and be on desk duty but you know—"

"Say no more," Fin said cutting him off. "You got it."

"There are some risks and everything with the pregnancy because of her age and I just want to make sure that—"

"I know," Fin said putting his hand on Elliot's shoulder. "Ill talk to Nick too. We'll keep an eye on her. You have my word."

"Thanks man. I appreciate it."

Later that week, Olivia waited nervously at the doctor's office for some good news.

After an examination and taking all of her vitals and assurance that she had no pelvic bleeding or headaches, she was medically released to go back to work.

"Ok Ms. Benson, everything looks good," Dr. Wilder said.

"Really?" she asked excitedly.

"Yep. You are all clear. Of course I want you to let me know if you start to have any headaches, bleeding or anything abnormal but other than that you are good to go."

"That's great news."

"So all clear for everything?" Elliot asked trying to be discrete.

"Yes Elliot for every…..thing," the doctor said pronouncing each syllable and wiggling her eyebrows.

Olivia rolled her eyes. "Dr. Wilder please excuse him and his libido."

"It's ok dear. There's nothing wrong with a healthy sex life with the one you love," she said while writing in her chart.

"See there Liv. It's almost like doctor's orders."

"Keep telling yourself that Stabler," she laughed and slapped his shoulder.

"My nurse will call you next week to set up your first set of tests for the baby for the first trimester. We will do the test in about three weeks when you are at eleven weeks. Any other questions?"

Olivia and Elliot looked at each other before nodding their heads no.

"Ok see you in a few weeks."

"How about we go out for dinner tonight?" Olivia asked. "You know to celebrate."

"Or we could just get right to the good stuff," he proposed.

"Elliot, I want a date night redo before all that craziness happened."

"A redo?"

"Yeah. The night I got called in I was going to take you to dinner to tell you about the baby and then we were going to go to a hotel and celebrate."

"You were going to do all of that?" he asked surprised.

"Of course. How many times do you get the chance to tell the man you love that he knocked you up?" she joked.

"Good point."

"It's kind of short notice Benson, do you think you can pull the plans off again?"

"I'm pretty sure I can."

"Ok well Date Night Redo it is."

Olivia managed to get a reservation at the same restaurant and hotel that she booked a few weeks prior. She wanted to put on the same dress but was surprised to already find it a little tighter than it was just two weeks ago.

"What the hell? This can't be right," she said trying to pull up the zipper. Her stomach wasn't that much bigger but the dress definitely showed the growth in her cleavage.

Lucy knocked on the door and peeked in. "Ok if I come in?"

"Of course. Does this look ok?" Olivia asked turning around and looking at herself from different angles in the mirror.

"You look gorgeous Olivia. I think Elliot is definitely going to appreciate this region," Lucy said pointing to her breasts.

"I'm sure he is," she laughed. "Ok, so we will be back in the morning…or maybe around noon. No later than noon for sure."

"No worries Olivia. Stay as late as you need. Me and Noah will be just fine."

Lucy started to fidget anxiously and Olivia got a little nervous.

"Lucy you ok?"

"I wanted to run something by you but I didn't want to upset you."

"Come here, sit down," Olivia said pointing down to the edge of her bed. She waited patiently for Lucy to express what was going on.

"Well Richard asked me out and I wasn't sure how you would feel about that. I didn't know if that would be a conflict of interest," she asked apprehensively.

"Richard?" Olivia asked perplexed.

"Elliot's oldest son."

"Ohhh Dickie. I forget his name is Richard," Olivia laughed. "Honey that's just fine."

"Really?!" Lucy asked surprised. "I thought you would be a little bothered."

"Lucy, if there is one thing I can't argue with is the appeal of Stabler men. I totally get it. But can you do me a favor?"


"Please be careful. Stabler men are gorgeous, intense and protective, but also happen to be the most fertile beings on the planet. Trust me I know," she said putting her arm around her neck and they laughed together.

An hour later, Elliot and Olivia were sitting in the restaurant preparing to order their food. Olivia was browsing the menu while Elliot was browsing her dress.

"Eyes on the menu Stabler."

"Why? I already know what I have a taste for," he said licking his lips.

"Can you behave for at least an hour so we can get through dinner?"

"Ok ok. I'll try."

They managed to order their entrees and conversation began to flow freely and steer away from the sexual overtone of the night.

"So how do you feel about being a grandpa and a dad at the same time?" she asked seriously.

"I think it's interesting but so is my life and so is everything right now," he said with a smile.

"And that is a non answer."

He smirked at her calling him out but the truth is he didn't quite know how he felt. He was happy for Maureen because he knew how hard they had been trying to have a baby but he worried about having his daughter and the woman he loved pregnant at the same time. He wanted to help take care of them both and worried that he would be stretched too thin.

"I'm worried that I won't have time to take care of both of you and I'm worried that it is going to affect how Maureen feels about you being pregnant. But other than that, I think it's a great blessing. More kids, more family. What could be wrong with that?"

"Well maybe we could wait a little longer to tell them," she suggested. "Maybe until I'm out of the first trimester just to make sure everything…"

He reached across the table and took her hand, "Hey everything is going to be fine. Valentine's Day is going to come and we will be holding a little baby in our arms with hopefully your good looks and my charm."

"Oh geez. Well just so you know the consensus among everyone I've told is that the world should be concerned about a Benson/Stabler combination taking on this world," she joked still holding his hand.

"I can see how that could be concerning, yes."

She played with his hands and stared at him for a while, still not believing that they were together and she was carrying his child.

The candles on the table contrasting with the low light of the restaurant made her face glow and he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with how beautiful she was.

"Whatcha staring at Benson?" he asked.


"Well I know that. Why are you staring?"

"Because at this moment I'm trying to reconcile how it is even remotely possible to be as in love with a person as I am with you," she said honestly.

"Welcome to my world Benson. I try to figure that out everyday," he said kissing her hand.

"El? Do you mind if we order dessert to go?" she asked with a gleam in her eyes.

"Absolutely not!"

With their dessert in hand, Olivia and Elliot walked across the street to the hotel and quickly checked in. She thought back to when she surprised him in DC the first time they were intimate and how anxious he was when he led her back to his place. He was no less eager this time and his intense need and want for her was gratifying.

Once they made it to the room, Olivia sat down her purse and Elliot began to remove his tie.

"No please let me," she said stepping closer to him before removing her heels.

She slowly took off his tie while his hands rested on her hips. She then moved to take off his shirt kissing every inch of his chest that was exposed with every button that became undone.

"Liiiv," he moaned in that way that always sent chills to her spine and wetness in between her legs. She could already feel his erection against her thigh but she continued to take her time with him. She reached for his belt and unbuckled it while he showered the top of her head with kisses. Once she took of his belt and unbuttoned his pants she reached inside and began to stroke him tenderly. His head immediately arched back and let out a deep groan.

"Liv baby… gotta stop. I don't want to come in your hand," he choked out between panting.

"It's ok. You can come as many times as you want," she whispered in his ear. "We have allll night. You and me. Celebrating our baby," she said kissing up his chest. "That we created." She kissed him again. "All night."

He rested his forehead against hers as he gave in to her stroking him. She pulled his pants down and dropped to her knees in front of him. Without a word she put his length into her mouth and moved slowly back and forth. She relaxed her throat in order to take him all the way in.

"Fuck." Elliot spat and put his hand in her hair and she moved her head back and forth on him. "Liv I'm gonna….you gotta move baby," he struggled to say but it only pushed her on more and he exploded in her mouth. She took in every drop that he gave her and kissed the tip before standing back up.

He struggled to regain his composure and then pulled her into a deep kiss. "You are fucking amazing," he said tasting himself on her lips. Before she could respond he picked her up bridal style taking her by surprise and walked her over to the bed.

He set her down on the edge of the bed and unzipped her dress revealing black lace bra and panties with garter belts.

"You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever laid my eyes on," he said looking at her from head to toe. "I don't know how I got so lucky." He made quick work of the garters and left her in her bra and panties as he stood in front of her naked taking in every inch of her.

He lifted her right leg and starting with her feet he began to kiss up her leg and thigh and repeated the motion on the left leg as well before settling at her underwear. He kissed over them and could smell her arousal and feel how wet she was. He skipped up to her face and began to kiss her deeply leaving her lips swollen. She looked at him through hooded eyes and he made his way down her neck, sucking, nipping and biting which she was sure would leave marks. He then pulled down her bra straps and focused his attention on her full breasts. Her nipples were straining against her bra and when he released them he immediately took one in his mouth. Olivia bucked and moaned at the sensation of his hot mouth on her hard nipples.

"That feels so good baby," Olivia moaned.

"Mmmm," he said in response. The vibration making her wetter than she already was. He switched from one breast to the other and it was driving her crazy.

"El please," she begged.

"Oh no baby. I'm nowhere near done with you."

She sighed in defeat and pleasure as he made his way down pausing when he reached her stomach. "I love you," he whispered against her belly to their baby inside of her and placed a lingering kiss there. He slowly pulled her underwear down her thighs and buried his face in the apex of her thighs. Olivia cried out in pleasure and he held her thighs in place to stop her movements.

"Oh my god, that, don't stop," she screamed.

He pushed one then two fingers inside of her and that it was all it took to send her over the edge. She was still coming down from her orgasm when he pushed himself inside her. She yelled out again and buried her head in his shoulder trying to muffle her sounds.

"Oh no baby. Let me hear you," he said enticing her along. "You feel so good. So tight for me."

They settled into a perfect rhythm with Olivia meeting him thrust for thrust. Elliot was trying to hold on but knew he didn't have much longer. He switched his angle and began to hit her clit directly and he immediately felt her start to clench around him.

"Elliot!" she screamed.

"That's it baby. Let it go."

She dug her fingernails into his back almost drawing blood as her second orgasm swept over her and was more intense than the first. "Fuck Liv," he cried out. He thrust into her a few more times before he filled her with his hot seed. They both lay for a few moments waiting for their breaths to calm down and their heart rate to return to normal.

He usually laid on her after they made love, but didn't want to put his weight on her because of the baby. They laid together side by side for a few moments each not saying anything but basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Elliot's hand rested on her stomach and began to rub back and forth.

"I think it's a girl," he said out of the blue.

"You what?" she asked in delight.

"I think it's a girl."

"Now you sound like Fin."

"Fin said it's a girl?"

"Yep. He actually said baby girl is having a baby girl", she said doing her best impression of Fin that was spot on and made them both laugh.

"I have something for you," Olivia said.

"You just gave me plenty," he joked kissing her shoulder.

"I know but I have a gift for you. Another gift."

She got up and reached inside her purse and pulled out an envelope.

"What's this?" he asked curiously.

"The night of our original date, I was going to give you a box with the pregnancy test in it to let you know that we were having a child. This gift is very similar to that. It's not a pregnancy test but…close."

"Okkkk," Elliot said confused.

He sat up and opened the envelope. When he saw the heading on the paper he immediately dropped it in disbelief. The paperwork read "Petition for Adoption"

He put his hand over his mouth as tears filled his eyes while he stared at the paper on the bed. He was so overcome with emotion that he didn't know what to say so Olivia said something instead.

"This is not a pregnancy test but this is a gift that's also giving you another child." She pulled his face to hers and made him lock eyes with her. "You are his daddy Elliot and he is your son, in every way that matters. This will make it official. This will make him a Stabler."

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