Semper Fi

Dream Come True

"Great answer," Elliot responded kissing and rubbing her feet as he removed each of her shoes. She watched him closely, his slow fluent moves making her relaxed and overcome with anticipation at the same time.

"Come here."

He pulled her into a standing position and perused her body from head to toe.

"If I forgot to tell you earlier or forget to tell you later, you looked absolutely beautiful tonight."

His low throaty whisper was full of arousal and wonder and Olivia couldn't find her voice to respond. She was completely caught up in him and the atmosphere of the room.

He moved an inch closer to her and began to slowly sweep his hand down from her forehead rubbing the side of her face and landing on her chin. He tipped her chin up to force her eyes on his. Her lips were slightly parted and when she met his eyes she saw a heady mix of love and arousal. He gave her a soft kiss and turned her around so her back was to his chest.

Olivia's breathing changed and she started taking slow shallow breaths. She waited for him to unzip her dress but instead his fingers were in her hair. The unexpected move caused her breath to hitch. He rubbed his hands through her hair before finding the pins and taking them out one by one. There were only a few, a calculated move on Casey's part to make sure that she wouldn't have a complicated hairstyle to take out for this very moment. Once he took out the last pin, her hair fell in curls and landed a little past her shoulders. He brushed his fingers through her hair making contact with her bare back. Her eyes shut and she leaned into his touch aching for more of his rough hands on her soft skin.

"You ok?" he whispered.

"Yeah." Her voice was so low, she wasn't sure he heard her but he continued on.

He caressed her skin back and forth in a tortuously slow pace and delighted seeing the goosebumps form all over her skin from his touch.

"So beautiful," she heard him whisper.

His hands played around at her zipper for a few moments and then she finally felt it descend and the air began to cool the rest of her back. A few of his fingers touched her warm skin while he worked on removing her dress and she almost jerked from the sensation it stirred in her. The dress pooled at her feet and he took her hand to help her step out of it. She was left in a strapless bra that showed off her ample cleavage and white lace panties. Olivia thought for a brief moment about the lingerie that Alex brought her and how she wanted to wear it for their first time as husband and wife but figured she would have to wait to wear it at some point during their honeymoon. She didn't want to interrupt the mood he was setting.

Elliot stepped behind her once again. She could feel his erection pressed against her and moaned.

With her back against him, he kissed her hair and moved slowly down placing warm open mouth kisses to her neck and her shoulder. She was finding it hard to stand still, the combination of his hands, his breath and his lips too much for her to bear.

"I got you Liv," he whispered in her ear and wrapped his arm around her to help hold her in place.

Hearing his seductive voice only turned her on more and she felt as if her knees were going to buckle beneath her.

His mouth continued at an unhurried pace down her body. When he reached her the top of her spine she moaned. He kissed down her spine and paused when he got to her ass that was barely covered in her thin white lace underwear. He put his hands into her underwear and squeezed gently before continuing his descent down both of her legs.

Olivia's eyes were screwed shut, her head was tossed back and a sheen covered her body. Although she could tell the room was a comfortable temperature she was beginning to feel more and more warm. She was taking in every moment and every kiss, lick and nip that he was making on her body. She wanted to look at him but she thought it would be too much. Her underwear were now useless and she knew he could tell she was soaked through even though he hadn't touched her there yet.

He was now on his knees fully dressed and making his way to the front of her.

"Liv, baby look at me," he rasped. She took a few quick breaths to steady herself before locking eyes with him. He gave her a lazy smile and stood straight up on his knees in front of her putting him eye length with her pregnant belly.

He rubbed her belly a few times before kissing it tenderly.

"I love you little girl," he whispered.

His hands moved up to squeeze her breasts and her sensitive nipples were aching against her bra.

"El, please," she whimpered throwing her head back.

Hearing her cry out spurred him on and he put his hands in the waistbands of her panties pulling them down her legs.

The air hitting her center gave her temporary relief and she took in a deep breath but her core was throbbing to be touched. He gave her one long kiss there inhaling her scent then stood up. Her eyes were still closed and he knew she was ready but he wasn't done with her yet.

"Please. I need you," she whispered again against his lips tasting a faint hint of herself.

"We don't have to rush," he rasped putting her hair behind her ears. "We have forever baby."

His words sobered her and he gave her a long languid kiss. His tongue explored every crevice of her mouth. While he kissed her he took off her bra and she moaned when her sensitive taut nipples made contact with his shirt.

He finally pulled back and stepped back a few feet from her watching her completely naked in front of him. Her skin was flushed and warm and he could sense that she was a little shy under his scrutiny.

"Come here," she said her voice betraying her nervousness.

"One minute. I just want to look at you."

She was becoming more comfortable while watching him look at her. Her apprehension slowly faded away when she saw his lips slowly lift up to a smile admiring her. She flashed him a flirty smile in return.

"You're wearing too many clothes Mr. Stabler," she said seductively. "Doesn't really seem fair does it?"

He grinned at her, a real genuine grin that she only got used to seeing in the last months. It wasn't present much during their partnership.

"You have a point Mrs. Stabler. Allow me to remedy that situation."

Still standing in the same spot staring at her, he began to undress for her. He took off his jacket and toed off his shoes. When he got to his shirt he suddenly felt the need to hurry and even the playing field. At the site of his bare chest, Olivia let out a low groan. She had seen his bare chest so many times but she always amazed at the sheer beauty of his muscles and the sturdiness of his frame. He was all man and she appreciated every contour and every ridge of his chest, arms and back. The man was truly a vision, sexy and all hers.

She began to sway slightly when she saw him grasp the button on his pants. He pulled down his pants and his underwear at the same time revealing his extraordinary erection. She instinctively licked her lips at the sight of him and dragged her eyes the length of his body taking him in.

"Are you finished staring?" he asked her playfully.

"Are you?" she shot back.

"Never," he said moving to stand back behind her. He nudged her forward towards the full-length mirror that was near the window of the room.

He squeezed her breasts and kneaded her nipples with his thumb extending them while placing while kissing her neck. She instinctively rubbed her ass against his erection and her head feel back in ecstasy. He flicked his thumb across the pebbled nubs and kissed her shoulder.

"That feels so good," she moaned.

His left hand continued to work her breasts while his right hand traveled down to her waist. She spread her legs in anticipation for his hand to land on her core and he didn't disappoint. He teased her opening and she turned her head to the side, her frantic kisses landing on his cheek and jaw.

"Please," she finally whispered. He obliged. He sank his middle finger in between her folds and let out a harsh whistle at how wet she was.

"Oh baby, you are so wet. So wet for me," he whispered turning his head and capturing her lips.

Olivia was panting feeling his finger move in and out of her. His hand was working her breast, his finger was inside her and she felt his erection on her back. The senses were all too much and she felt herself begin to tighten around him. He added a second a finger that stretched her and she tried to grab onto his thigh to keep herself steady. His thigh was sweaty as was the rest of his body so she couldn't get a good grip on him.

"El, shit," she cursed.

"You feel so good baby," he whispered in her ear. "So damn good. " His thumb swiped her clit one time and she felt the explosion inside of her rising.

"You're so close. I can feel it Liv." She tried hard to concentrate on his words but all she felt was his fingers and his body all over her. She felt like she was sweating and her vision was getting blurry. She knew she was going to come hard and was nervous that she wouldn't be able to keep her balance.

"It's ok, I've got you. I've always got you. Forever."

She put her right arm around his neck frantically trying to get a grip.

"Look in the mirror baby. Look at you," he whispered.

She tried to get her bearings together long enough to force her eyes open and look straight ahead. He eased the pressure lightly between her legs and she was finally able to look in the mirror. It took a few moments for her to focus and her eyes landed on his.

Elliot's blue gaze was fixated on her and she was momentarily entranced by the look in his eyes and the vision of their naked bodies in the mirror locked together. Her eyes drifted from his to his ring covered hand rubbing her belly and down to his other hand working in and out of her. That was all it took. She shattered around his fingers and gripped the back of his neck tightly trying to hold on during the convulsions. Elliot struggled to keep his fingers through the spasms.

"Keep coming baby. I got you."

Olivia groaned while struggling to keep her balance as the sensations rolled through her and she didn't know when they would stop.

After a few minutes her breathing started to regulate and he rubbed her belly and kissed her hair waiting for orgasm to subside.

"That was…that was," she struggled to say licking her dry lips.

"Just the beginning," he finished for her. Before she could register what he said, he took her hand and sat her down on the edge of the bed.

She put her flat palms slightly behind her and proceeded to scoot further into the bed. He grabbed her waist and held her in place.

"El?" she questioned. He was kneeled down in front of her massaging her thighs and legs.

"Shhh." He kissed her lips again and began to trail kisses down her neck and chest. She hissed when he pulled her sensitive nipple into his mouth. The feeling was almost too much and she thought she would come from just that. He switched to the other breast and every flick of his tongue on her nipple sent a surge of wetness between her legs.

Elliot's erection was throbbing but he wasn't through with her. He wanted to make her come as many times as he could hold on before entering her. He was still mesmerized by how responsive her body was to him. The more she came and reacted to his touch, the more he wanted to test her and bring her to the brink.

He sank back on his knees and grabbed her upper thighs spreading her legs and opening her up intimately to him. Before she could make a sound of protest his tongue was inside her.

"Oh fuu—shit," she cursed. Her head was thrown back and she fell back limply on to the crisp cool sheets. When he flicked his tongue across her bundle of nerves she arched off the bed. "Elliot!" she screamed.

"Hmmmm," he moaned against her. The vibration of his voice caused a chill to run through her contrasting with the heat that was enveloping her. He licked the length of her and continued to plunge his tongue in and out. She was throwing her head side to side on the sheets trying to grasp some semblance of control but the feeling was almost too much and not enough at the same time. All her focus was on the feeling he was inciting between her thighs and as she got closer to climax she put her hand on his head and rocked back and forth against his talented tongue.

"Oh god," she cried out as she felt herself building again. Elliot could tell she was close and put his index finger inside of her while continuing to work his tongue. He curled his finger slightly and she quickly came apart and her legs shook in his arms. He lapped up the juices that poured out while she came down from her high.

She tried to form sentences but the orgasms left her exhausted and her eyes were low when he stood over her.

"Scoot back for me," he whispered moving his body on top of her. She hesitated not trusting her legs to have the strength to cooperate. Elliot kissed her softly while hovering over her and a new wave of desire coursed through her veins. She deepened the kiss and their tongues were wrestling for dominance. She scooted back until her head landed softly on the pillow.

"I gotta get inside you," he choked out. He had held out as long as he could but he was dying to be surrounded by her wet heat.

"Please," she begged.

He put one of her legs over his shoulder and spread the other one wider and gently sunk himself into her. They both gasped at the intense feeling of him inside her. He stayed still with his breath on her neck trying not to come with her slickness and involuntary clenches around him. Being inside of Olivia, felt like home to him. The feeling of her warm, tight core made him feel a sense of safety and possessiveness. She was his. Fully and completely.

"Mine," his whispered.

"Yours," she responded breathlessly.

She began to rotate her hips to spur him on.

"Oh baby," he moaned and began to move slowly trying to make sure this didn't end sooner than he wanted it to.

His strokes were long and deep with him almost pulling all the way out before sinking into her again. The measured pace allowed him to feel every inch of her. She met him stroke for stroke and tried to move faster. He sucked on her breast while he continued to move inside of her and he felt her muscles start to tighten. "Oh no baby, not yet," he said pulling out of her.

"Oh please," she whispered craving to release again. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold on if she came. He kissed her and sucked on her neck while holding the tip of his erection at her entrance. She tried to maneuver him inside of her but he was able to fend her off.

He stayed still waiting for her to open her eyes and look at him. When her chocolate brown eyes met his, he took his arm from under her leg and cupped her face with both hands. "I love you so much Olivia and I'm so glad you are my wife."

"I love you too Elliot," she responded. He sunk inside her again. "So much," she breathed through his thrusts. She spread her legs more to accommodate him and he increased his rhythm. Their pelvic bones were meeting after each stroke and with her hips slightly coming off the bed she was getting closer and closer.

"You feel so good inside me," she said causing him to groan and push even faster.

"El…El I'm about to come."

She exploded around him seconds later hugging him tight against her as she rode the wave. "Shit Liv," he croaked out and thrust into her a few more times before he was coming apart with her. They held on to each other letting their orgasms consume them and finding comfort in one another. Olivia listened to his heart slamming against her chest while breathing heavily into his neck and loosening her grip on him. She felt her involuntary spasms around his length and he jerked slightly at the movements.

They were both coming back to their senses when the baby began to kick. Olivia thought that she could only feel it until she saw Elliot jump and immediately get off of her.

"Oh shit, is she ok? Do you think I hurt her?" he asked looking worried.

Olivia laughed at his terrified expression. "No she's fine. I think she just wanted you to get off her."

He returned her smile but was still concerned. "Shit, I'm sorry I didn't mean to lay on you like that."

"It's fine Elliot. Don't worry you didn't hurt me. You're just a little heavy. Trust me you didn't do anything I didn't want you to do."

She caressed the side of his face to reassure him and he leaned over to give her a kiss while still touching her belly.

"Is she still kicking?"

"No she stopped. I guess she got her point across."

"You are a little young to be interrupting our sex life already young lady," he joked leaning down to talk closer to her stomach and Olivia laughed softly. "But daddy is sorry for making you uncomfortable."

Olivia jumped slightly when the baby kicked again and quickly moved his hand to where she was and he felt it too.

"It's amazing isn't it?" she asked in wonder.

"Yes. It is," he agreed.

"Either she likes the sound of your voice or you are pissing her off already," she teased.

"Probably the latter. I have a tendency to piss off my daughters so it looks like she is falling right in line. Definitely a Stabler girl."

Olivia laughed but couldn't stifle her yawn.

"Come on, let's sleep baby."

He arranged all the covers and pillows back on the bed and turned off the lights. She snuggled her back into his chest and he draped his arm around her waist. She yawned again and he figured she would be sleep soon. He touched her hand and played with her rings while she dozed off. He intertwined their fingers and settled into his pillow with the image of their ring fingers next to each other. The sight amazed him and he didn't know how long it would take for it to fully set in that she was his wife.

"El?" she asked interrupting his thoughts.


"I'm hungry."

He laughed into her shoulder. "I told you to eat more at the reception. You were warned."

"I know. I'm sorry," she said shyly.

"Don't be sorry. I figured you wouldn't listen. There's a food tray in the kitchen. Ill go fix you something."

"Thank you." She turned on the bedside lamp and got ready to head to the bathroom while he fixed her food.

"Liv?" He grabbed her arm stopping her movements.


"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For making my dream come true." She smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"You are welcome."

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