Semper Fi

Love you Forever

The next two days of their honeymoon were pretty eventful. They went shopping, stopped in the different restaurants, walked along the beach, had a picnic, rented a boat and took it out on the water for much of the day. Olivia watched in amusement as Elliot attempted to fish while she opted to lay back and relax. She was pleased enough to just watch him as he occasionally sighed contently and seemed completely at peace with his surroundings and in her company. She was at peace too. She was so used to having her phone on her at all times that she forgot what it was like to not be on high alert knowing that at any given moment she could be called away to work.

He laughed to himself a couple of days ago when she couldn't help herself and had to call Fin to make sure that everything was okay. He assured her that everything was fine but not before cracking a joke about the picture of her in the kitchen that Elliot sent. She was still going to get him back for that and was determined to find the perfect way of doing so.

Maureen and Noah were getting along just fine and Elliot was proud to see that she was handling taking care of the toddler very well. His little doubts that maybe she wasn't quite ready to have a baby were finally starting to fade away. They called the kids twice a day and were told each time that everything was fine and to just enjoy their honeymoon, so they did.

Olivia woke up suddenly the next morning at the sound of thunder outside. She was about to get up but as had become commonplace, Elliot was wrapped around her. One of his arms was between her head and the pillow, the other draped around her torso and his legs were tangled in hers. She paused momentarily taking in his smell and his steady breathing through his slightly parted lips. He was truly in his element out there she thought to herself and decided that they needed to make sure they always took time out for just the two of them in a place just like this, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and police work. It was going to be difficult with a new baby, a toddler and a 7 year old but it was important for them to do so.

Unable to hold herself back any longer, she began to kiss his face gently starting with his forehead, his cheeks, his nose and when she placed a soft kiss on his lips he jolted awake. It took him a moment to focus and realize where he was and then he returned her kiss.

"Mmmm good morning beautiful," he muttered. "How long have you been awake?"

"Not long. The thunder woke me up."

"Damn, is it raining?"

"You're quick. Were you a detective in your former life?" she joked.

He started to tickle her lightly and she squealed with laughter trying to move out of his hold.

"Stop El, stop," she yelled between laughs.

"You know I may have to come up with something to quiet that smart little mouth of yours."

"Hmmm and what's that?" she purred.

Elliot was now partially on top of her and his erection was pressed into her side.

"I can think of a few things…or maybe just one," he growled kissing her deeply. She was beginning to open her legs up to land on either side of his hips when she felt the baby move. They both stopped simultaneously.

"You felt that?" she asked.

"Yes I did," he said beginning to move back.

"You don't have to stop," she said pulling him back down on her. "She's just moving around. Continue please."

He leaned back down on top of her and picked up where he left off kissing her and bringing his hand around to cup her breasts.

"You are so soft Liv, you always feel so good," he whispered.

Olivia moaned loudly at his touch and the baby kicked a little harder causing her to jump slightly.

"You've got to be kidding me." He pulled back off her and leaned down to her stomach. "Can you just give daddy about fifteen more minutes? I'll be done by then I promise."

"Elliot!" Olivia exclaimed slapping him on the back causing him to snicker softly. The rain was pouring and knocking on the windows grabbing both of their attention.

"Ok so the moment's gone," he groaned. "Thanks a lot my beautiful daughter." He kissed her belly and then rolled out of the bed checking the windows to make sure they were locked and assessing the weather outside.

"Is it going to be like this all day?"

"Let me check the forecast." He sauntered over to the nightstand to retrieve his phone and Olivia sat up on her elbows admiring his glorious naked form. She let out a low moan and fell back on to the pillow silently cursing the fact that their moment was temporarily ruined by the baby. Their baby. She smiled to herself thinking about the baby's reaction to Elliot and the fact they already seemed to have a banter and rhythm between the two of them and she wasn't even born yet. She couldn't wait to see him hold her for the first time.

"Well Mrs. Stabler it looks like we will be in the house all day. It looks like rainstorms for the rest of the day at least until the early evening," he said putting the phone on the nightstand and turning to look at her. "What's that smile for?"

"Oh nothing. Just thinking."


"What shall we do with all of that idle time around here all day?"

She didn't give him the chance to answer. Instead she got up from the bed, not bothering to reach for her robe and strutted purposefully to the bathroom pausing only briefly to shoot him a flirtatious glance over her shoulder.

"You coming?"

"I certainly plan to."

They laid in enjoyable silence for several minutes listening to the rain pour outside while in the tub with his chest against her back. He was rubbing her belly and kissing the crown of her head while she stroked his forearm.



"Where are we going to live?"

"Are the cardboard boxes we are living in not good enough for you?" he teased.

"I'm serious."

"I know I know."

"With planning for the wedding and everything I guess we haven't really thought about it but my place is certainly not big enough for all of us."

"And I don't plan on spending too many more months raising my family in an apartment that belonged to you and Cassidy," he added.

"That too."

"Well I do happen to know a real estate agent. I'll text Dickie when we get out of the tub and have him start looking for places."

"So what should we get? I don't want to move to Queens or too far away. I want to stay as close to the city as possible so I don't have to travel far if I get called in to work," she explained.

"I understand that but you know it's hard to find somewhere nice with a lot of space in the city that doesn't cost a fortune."

"True," she agreed. "Well I guess we could look outside the city."

"Ok how about this? What if we find a place that's not so nice.." he started and she immediately jerked her head around to give him a puzzled look. "Hold on a second Stabler before you give me that look. Hear me out."

"Go on," she nudged.

"Ok. Maybe not so nice BUT Dickie and I did a pretty good job with remodeling his place. I also helped Eric do some stuff to his place in DC. I happen to be a bit handier than I realized. I know the baby will be here in a few months but I think we can find a place and have it ready by the time she's here. I'm not talking major overhaul because I'm not that talented but enough to where we can work out a fair price and have some decent space. Ok. Now what do you think?"

She sat back thinking a moment and was astonished at what a great idea it was. "That's actually a really great idea El."

"Well don't sound so surprised," he said sarcastically.

"No it's just a really great compromise. I like it. Let's do that BUT we have to both talk and agree on the place, budget and renovations."

"Of course. Deal?" he asked extending his hand.

"Deal," she agreed shaking his hand.

"See that was easy. We are pretty good at this marriage and compromise thing already," he said kissing the back of her head.

They laid silently for a few more minutes before she spoke up again.


"Yes ma'am."

"How come you have been so willing to be so adventurous with me sexually out here? You've been treating me with kid gloves ever since you found out I was pregnant. Why the change?"

"I have a bit of a confession."

She turned her head to the side again so she could look up at him. "Ok, let's hear it."

"I called Dr. Wilder and Dr. Thompson before we came out here."

She looked at him in stunned silence.

"Oh my god. They both already think you are a horndog so you just made it worse," she said rolling her eyes feigning annoyance. "What did you ask? Is it ok for me to have sex with my wife all over the house, in the pool, the hot tub, the beach and so on and so forth?"

"Well not in so many words. I was warned about hot tubs so I made sure it was the right temperature and just reminded to make sure you got a lot of rest and if you looked tired to let you sleep. Pretty simple instructions."

"And?" she smirked.

He sighed a little before continuing. "They told me to not worry, to be as normal as possible and trust my judgment. That the baby was fine and developing normally and to just enjoy our time but they both found it quite comical that I called to ask for permission to have sex on my honeymoon."

"I'm going to have to go back to the doctor with a paper bag over my head. My innocent reputation is ruined," she joked.

"Well honestly Liv from the looks all those nurses were giving me the last time we went to Dr. Thompson's office I think they all consider you pretty lucky so no need to be ashamed. You should be quite proud," he said with an arrogant grin.

"Oh really." She splashed water on him and he splashed it back on her.

"Just kidding. I was just…," he sighed. "I just don't want to hurt you Liv or our daughter. I wanted us to have a good time and I just wanted reassurance that everything was ok. Sometimes I think I need to hear it a few times. That's all," he whispered suddenly turning serious.

"Hey, hey," she said reaching for his chin so he would make eye contact with her. "We are fine. Absolutely fine. Never better. Ok?" He nodded. "I promise to tell you when I'm tired or if it's too much. You've been taking such good care of us and those massages are wonderful."

"Ahh, those were Dr. Wilder's idea. She said to make sure your muscles stay relaxed too."

"Here, feel this," she said moving her hand to her stomach. "She's moving again."

She watched him as the tension gradually left him and he relaxed into the tub again.

"I think she may realize you need the reassurance too which is why she's so determined to make her presence known," she said kissing his cheek.

"She knows me so well already. I love her so much Olivia," he whispered kissing the side of her forehead. The sincerity in his voice almost brought tears to her eyes.

"I know you do." She caressed the side of his face while he rubbed her belly. "She loves you too already."

He laughed lightly, the vibration humming against her, "Is that so?"

"Yeah. Think about it. She hears me talk all the time and she doesn't move much. She reacts to the sound of your voice almost every time you are near my stomach."

"I thought that was just her getting in the way of me taking advantage of her mother," he joked and Olivia laughed a bit before continuing.

"I'm serious El. She's not kicking at you. I think she likes the sound of your voice. She's already dying for your attention. Daddy's little girl."

He took in everything she said and appreciated her easing his fears. "Well if that's the case then maybe I can help her relax and sleep just as well as I can rile her up."

"And how do you plan to do that?" she raised her eyebrow questioningly.

"Let's get out of this tub, have some breakfast and I'll show you."

After breakfast and another call to the kids they settled on the oversized sofa in the living room. They positioned their bodies so they could see the pouring rain outside. The disastrous weather should have been a distraction but instead it soothed them both. Olivia was starting to drift off but was interested in seeing if Elliot really could get the baby to relax and put his theory to the test.

"Ok Stabler. I am patiently awaiting this master plan of yours to help her sleep," she challenged while yawning.

"It's not some master plan Liv. It's something as old as time…"

"And what is that?"

"I'll read her a bedtime story."

She laughed out loud and snuggled more under her blanket leaning into him.

"Umm ok. Yeah why didn't I think of that?"

"I'm serious. It worked with the other kids when they were in the womb. I'm sure it will work on her too."

He gently lifted her up so he could slide from under her and reposition himself laying in the opposite direction so his mouth was near her belly. He lay on his side careful to make sure she had enough room and they were both comfortable.

"Well we do have one slight problem," she said.

"And what is that?"

"Well I forgot to pack baby books with my honeymoon attire," she joked.

"We don't need them. I've been reading stories for years. I know plenty of stories by heart," he gloated.

"Is that so?"

"Yep as a matter of fact, I will even take requests. What story do you like?"

She laughed and didn't answer.

"I'm serious," he insisted.

She was going to ignore him until the baby kicked again jolting her slightly.

"Ok," she said sitting up slightly to get more comfortable. "One of Noah's favorites is Love you Forever."

"Oh geez," he scoffed and rolled his eyes.


"That's not even a challenge Liv. I thought you were going to give me something that was hard," he said arrogantly.

"Oh really now, well let's hear it hotshot."

"This is the one you really want?"

"Yes. I've always loved that book," she said. He watched her for a moment thinking about her words. She said she was the one that loved the book, not Noah. He realized it must have been something that her mom read to her when she was younger. Olivia never liked to talk about her childhood or her mother because it was painful but every once in awhile she would share a story or memory that showed him that her life wasn't all bad. There were times when she was sober that Serena Benson was actually a decent mother, after all she had to be he reasoned to himself, because her daughter was the best person he knew.

"El, we are waiting," she said breaking him from his thoughts. He smiled down at her lovingly as she snuggled more into her pillow and her eyes were closed. "If this one is too hard for you.."

He laid his head gently on her belly careful not to put too much weight on her and began the story.

"A mother held her new baby and very slowly rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

And while she held him, she sang:

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

Olivia peeked her eyes opened watching him recite the words as if it was second nature and caressing her stomach affectionately. She closed her eyes again and listened to his voice sooth her to sleep.

"The baby grew. He grew and he grew and he grew. He grew until he

was two years old, and he ran all around the house. He pulled all the books off the shelves. He pulled all the food

out of the refrigerator and he took his mother's watch …"

He stopped and saw that Olivia was sleeping soundly and the baby seemed to have calmed down as well. He continued on with the story a little longer until he too drifted off in a peaceful sleep.

Olivia woke up after a couple of hours to the continuing sounds of the rain hitting hard on the patio. The weather had still not eased up but it didn't bother her because she was enjoying just spending time in the house with Elliot. He was still asleep next to her his hand resting on her stomach. She laid for a moment before she suddenly had an idea. She lightly moved his hand off her stomach and moved very carefully to be sure to not wake him. Once she was upright, she stole another glance at him with a smile on her face before lifting herself up off the couch.

"I love you Elliot," she said pecking him on the cheek. She headed to the bedroom to prepare thinking to herself, 'It's time for a little payback.'

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