Semper Fi

It's the End

It seemed like a good idea at the time. When Lizzie forced him and Dickie to 'volunteer' to watch Noah, Charlotte and the twins with Eli's help, he thought it wouldn't be as bad as it seemed and it was for a good cause. Maureen was exhausted from watching the twins so Lizzie suggested that she, Olivia and Lucy take Maureen out for a day on the town. That day consisted of mani-pedis, lunch and a little shopping. They promised they would only be gone for a few hours and since he's raised five children and had Dickie by his side, Elliot thought he was more than up for the challenge….

He thought wrong.

"Dad-dy, juice," Noah whined holding his cup up to his dad who was rocking a crying Charlotte.

Elliot groaned in exasperation. Noah had been asking for juice for the last five minutes and wouldn't take no for an answer. He had to give his son credit. He was very persistent and wouldn't give up until he got what he wanted.

"Dickie, can you please get him some juice?"

Dickie huffed placing Violet in her car seat, "In case you haven't noticed my hands are a little full. As soon as I get one of them quiet, the other starts crying."

Eli ran forward with his hand in the air. "I can help dad. I can get Noah's juice."

Under normal circumstances, Elliot would never let Eli handle any kind of liquid in the kitchen especially having to pour it himself but he didn't have a choice. If he stopped the consistent rocking motion he had going with Charlotte, she would just get louder and possibly wake up one of the babies.

"Ok buddy, I'm going to go in there with you and watch you every step of the way. Come on."

Eli ran to the kitchen proud that he was given something to do. Elliot watched closely and gave him orders to pour the juice slowly and tie the top back on it tightly. When he was done he held the cup up triumphantly. "See I told you dad. Here you go Noah."

Noah took the cup and walked back over to the living room to his toys.

"You did a good job. How about you do me one more favor? Play quietly with your brother while I go try and put your sister down for a nap," he asked softly. "She's a little cranky."

"You got it. I'll go play blocks with him," he said walking back to Noah who was taking all of his toys out of the toy box.

Elliot walked towards the stairs and was stopped by a frantic Dickie. "Hey where are you going? "

"I'm going to try and put her to sleep," he explained.

"You can't leave me alone with both of them," Dickie complained. "Take Violet with you. She's almost asleep anyway. I'm trying to get Caleb there."

"Let me calm your sister down first and then I will come back for Violet."

Dickie nodded his head at the plan and went back to feeding Caleb.

Noah and Eli were starting to play too loud so he walked towards the foyer feeding the baby while keeping a close eye on his niece who thankfully hadn't woken up with the noise. By the time Caleb finished his bottle, Elliot was on his way down to collect Violet and put her in the nursery with Charlotte.

"Ok, try and put him to sleep while I get her down," he tiptoed past him keeping his granddaughter in her car seat so as not to wake her. "And say a little prayer that they all stay sleep and don't cry and wake each other up," he whispered to Dickie on his way back up the stairs.

Dickie couldn't help but snicker and shake his head. It had only been two hours since the girls had been gone and he had a feeling with all of them together that a couple of hours was going to turn into the whole day. As much as he hated to admit it since he gave his dad a hard time about babysitting, he enjoyed the fact that there was such a sense of family again.

Noah's cries quickly broke that thought.

"What's wrong with him?" Dickie harshly whispered to Eli trying not to wake Caleb who was dozing off.

Eli rolled his eyes. "I don't know he's just grouchy. I think he misses Olivia or he needs a nap."

"Shit not him too," Dickie cursed to himself.

Eli frowned and put his hands over Noah's ears. "Watch your mouth in front of the kids. Mom told you about that."

Dickie laughed at Eli suddenly forgetting that he was one of the kids.

He looked around the room panicking as Noah's whining got louder.

"What's the plan?" Eli asked annoyed.

"Ok grab his blanket and go lay down with him in there. Just for a little bit," he said nodding his head toward the guest bedroom. He was expecting Eli to complain, never one to be a fan of naps but surprisingly he complied.

"Come on Noah," Eli agreed grabbing his blanket with one hand and taking Noah's hand with the other.

Dickie followed them in case he needed help getting Noah on the bed but he didn't. Once they laid down, he shut the door and stood near it to see if he would hear any crying. Instead he heard Eli trying to soothe him. "It's ok. Let's just lay down. Your mom will be back soon."

Dickie smiled at the exchange and looked down at Caleb who was close to being sleep as well. He looked over the living room and kitchen and saw that the entire downstairs was a complete mess. The twins came with a lot of gear. Maureen overpacked since she was so nervous about leaving them alone for just the second time since they were born. Noah's toys were always all over the place and Charlotte had her share of equipment as well. There were empty bottles with labels on them on the coffee table so they were certain to not mix Maureen and Olivia's breast milk. The ladies didn't find it funny when Dickie made a joke that it all came from the same place and wouldn't be a big deal if the bottles were mixed up. The house looked like a crime scene and he laughed at the irony. He and Elliot were completely outnumbered.

"What's so funny?" Elliot whispered tiptoeing into the living room.

Dickie shook his head and looked back down at Caleb who was now peacefully sleeping. "Nothing dad."

"Where's Noah?" he whispered again walking around like he was on a landmine.

"Eli put him down for a nap," he replied with a smile.

Elliot laughed in response and Dickie joined him. "So that's why you are laughing."

He looked around him at the mess and shook his head.

"We really are kind of pathetic hunh?" Elliot asked.

"Well they are all fed, changed and alive. Seems like a victory to me."

Elliot agreed and began to pick up a little in the living room. Dickie decided to put Caleb in another room upstairs because he tended to sleep for longer periods of time and they didn't want the girls waking him up. Once all of the kids were down, Dickie and Elliot laid back on the sofa surveying the damage.

"Should we clean all this up?" Dickie asked.

Elliot's eyes were closed and he put his feet on the coffee table trying to get comfortable. "First rule with babies. You sleep when they sleep. This mess isn't going anywhere and it looks like we won't be either for a few more hours."

He checked the baby monitor to make sure it was turned up and they both began to doze off when Dickie's phone started singing some loud, obnoxious ringtone. They both jumped up trying to quiet the phone as quick as possible.

"Hello…yeah…everyone's asleep….yeah all of them….yes they are still breathing and alive…let me ask him," he said pulling his mouth away from the phone. "Mo wants to know why you aren't answering your phone."

Elliot looked around and realized in all the chaos he couldn't find it. "Shit, I don't know where I left it."

He got up and eventually found the phone on the kitchen counter with text messages from Olivia and missed calls from Maureen and Lizzie. He quickly called her back.

"Hey," he whispered into the phone.

Olivia was annoyed at first that he wasn't answering the phone but when she heard the urgent whisper in his voice she could tell he had been running ragged.

"Hey why didn't you answer?" she asked gently.

"Sorry I-I left my phone in the kitchen and didn't realize."

"Everything going ok? How are the kids?"

"They are fine. Everyone's asleep," he said scratching the back of his head. He was exhausted and really wanted to be sleeping as well. "So umm how much longer are you guys going to be gone?"

Olivia started to laugh and he couldn't help but let out a tired laugh as well.

"Are they wearing you out El? We could come back as soon as we get the ticket for lunch," she offered.

"No way, we haven't gone shopping yet," Lizzie complained in the background.

He let out a huff of air. "No no, you ladies take your time. We are doing just fine," he lied looking over at Dickie who rolled his eyes at him and laid down on the couch after hanging up with Lucy.

"Are you sure?"

"I promise. We are just fine. Have fun. You deserve it, all of you do," he said genuinely.

"Thank you. We won't be out too long," she affirmed. "I love you."

He smiled sweetly, still moved every time she uttered those three words to him. "I love you too."

"Ugh," he heard Dickie groan from the couch at the affection.

"Oh please, don't think I haven't heard you uttering it under your breath when you hang up the phone with Lucy," he teased him. "Scoot over and make some room for your old man."

Dickie moved his leg and they both assumed their original positions before quickly drifting off to sleep.

Olivia crept into the house carefully in case any of the children were asleep. Maureen had come an hour earlier to collect the twins with Lizzie and Lucy while Olivia had to run another errand. When she walked in, Dickie and Lucy were on the couch with Eli stretched across their laps. He had fallen asleep during a movie.

"Hey. Sorry it took me so long. Where's…"

They both pointed upstairs before she could finish the question.

"Mr. Stabler is up there with both of them. I think they are sleeping," Lucy explained sitting up on the sofa. "We are going to head out."

They woke up a groggy Eli and he gave Olivia a hug on his way out. "Liv, Noah's a handful," he said his voice full of sleep.

"Yes he is. Thank you for being so good with him."

He nodded his head and she shut the door behind them after saying good night.

Everything was clean which she suspected was due to Lucy and Lizzie and less because of Dickie and Elliot.

She went upstairs and opened their bedroom door and was humbled by the sight before her.

Elliot was asleep in the recliner in their room near the window with Noah asleep on one side and Charlotte bundled against his shoulder on the other side. His arm was around both of them. His mouth was partly open and he was lightly snoring. She saw the empty bottle on the small table next to the chair and figured Charlotte had just eaten so that would buy her a few hours to be alone with him. She thought to wake him to let him know she was home but stood for a few moments taking it all in.

Him with their children in his arms.

Olivia had never seen anything more beautiful.

Her heart was full and she could feel the emotions surging through her. Everything they had gone through had brought them to this moment and she felt so grateful and blessed.

She took Noah from his arms first and he flinched briefly before going back to sleep. She went down the hall to put Noah in his bed, kissing him on the forehead hoping that he would stay sleep longer than he did earlier in the day. He had only napped for about 30 mins with Eli earlier. Once he was settled she went back to collect Charlotte from him and he woke up.

"I'm so glad you are not a kidnapper because as tired as I am I think you could've gotten them both and I wouldn't have notice," he joked his voice laced with sleep.

"Well I'm glad to know I'm leaving our children in good hands," she teased giving him a quick peck on the lips. "Let me go lay her down."

After she returned from the nursery she closed and locked the bedroom door behind her. She walked over to the chair where Elliot had dozed back off and took off her shoes. She climbed onto the chair straddling her legs over his thighs and kissed him on the forehead. He slowly opened his eyes moaning and his hands instinctively went to her hips.

"Did you have a good time with the girls?"

She smiled lazily and kissed him on the lips. "I did. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back but it looks like you did a great job by yourself," she complimented him.

He smiled back at her his eyes still low, "I hate to admit it but damn they wore me out. I might actually be too old for this."

She giggled and ran her hands slowly across his abdomen kissing his neck.

"You? Too old? Never."

His answering laugh was low and she could feel the vibration from his chest beneath her hand.

Olivia continued to kiss his neck and a moaned slipped from the back of his throat. When she tenderly bit his earlobe he started to feel himself react to her and as had been the case for the past couple of months he pushed her away from him. It was still difficult for him to stop himself from getting aroused whenever she was near him or touched him. Undeterred by his actions, Olivia took his bottom lip into hers and straddled her hips wider, his semi-hard on hitting her square in between the legs causing them both to cry out.

"Liv we have to stop," he whispered trying to pull her hips away from him.

She smiled and trailed feather light kisses from his forehead to his nose and pulled him in for a deep kiss that sent desire coursing through his veins. It was the kind of kiss they made it a point to avoid because historically they always led to something more. Her fingers played with the hem of his shirt before she uttered the devastating words…."No we don't."

Elliot wavered between confusion and desire. His eyes opened to watch her for a brief second before the feelings of her hands on his hot flesh caused them to involuntarily close. "What do you mean?" he breathed into her ear his hands with a vice like grip on her hips careful to not move his hands anywhere else.

Olivia pulled back from him, her eyes hooded and a flirtatious smile slowly crossing her face. "Dr. Wilder was able to fit me in for my follow up appointment today."

It took him a minute before realization slammed into him.

Her forehead met his, their breathing beginning to get heavier.

"It's the end baby," she whispered kissing his temple and pulling out the drawstring of his sweatpants. "It's the end of holding back," she sighed against his lips, her fingers playing with the patch of hair above his now bulging erection. His breathing was labored as he digested her words. "It's the end of me not being able to make love to my husband."

Her tongue flicked against his lips, moving down to his neck and her hands stroked his length.

He started to feel his control slipping. He had been aching for her for months. To feel her touch more than superficially, to feel her warm skin against his as he rocked deep inside her. They had been so careful to avoid anything that would cause them to lose restraint but all of that control was slipping in one instant.

"Are you sure Liv? Everything's good?" he whispered urgently starting to move against her, all previous signs of fatigue gone. His hands moved up from her waist slowly dragging her shirt up with his movements.

"I'm positive," she assured him and plunged her tongue into his mouth cupping his face with both her hands and writhing against him frantically. "I want you inside me."

And that's all it took.

Elliot's restraint was lost.

He sat up instantly whipping his shirt over his head in one quick motion and pulled her shirt over her head. He wanted to be tender with her and she sensed his hesitance so she decided to up the ante.

Olivia climbed off him and stood up playing with the belt buckle on her jeans. She leisurely unhooked her belt and the buttons, observing him taking in her every movement. He watched her with a predatory gaze, his blue eyes turning almost black. She pulled her jeans down slowly over the curve of her ass and down her thighs to the floor.

She stepped out of them and leaned over him pulling down his pants and boxers freeing his bobbing erection. The sight of him made her mouth dry. Before she could crawl back on top of him he was already hauling her body back to straddle him. She saw the craving in his eyes and it spurred her on. He made quick work of the clasp on her bra still careful to be gentle with her breasts.

His fingers slid beneath the lace of her panties and his breath hitched when he felt how wet and ready she was. He teased her slick folds and buried his head in between her breasts still trying to maintain some sense of control but his days of holding back with her were long gone. For twelve years he held back, didn't touch her and maintained the thickest of boundaries. Now that he knew what it was like to feel her around him, when he touched her he had to be buried inside of her. There was no in between.

"El," Olivia moaned as one of his thick fingers penetrated her. She rocked against his finger welcoming the friction and he added a second. "Fuck me."

Her liquid heat coated his finger and he couldn't wait any longer. He tugged at her panties shredding them and positioned her over his erection. She lowered herself on to him slowly and they both let out a long moan as she felt every blessed inch of him fill her.

"Unhhhhhh. Feels so good," she whispered in his ear.

"You ok?" he rasped trying not to come from the feeling of her walls already starting clench around him.

She didn't answer him. She let her body do the talking. Without saying a word, she started to move, lifting up almost the full length of him and lowering herself back down.

He reclined the chair back so he could watch her. Her full breasts bounced slightly as she moved on him, pistoning her hips in a circular motion and her eyes rolling back in her head.

"So good," she whispered in ecstasy.

His eyes traced the length of her growling in approval at the sight of her. He watched as his length moved in and out of her and it was almost too much for him to handle. "So fucking beautiful."

Olivia's breathing started to get erratic and he could tell she was close. Her velvet walls began to close around him and he was fighting his release not wanting to come before her. He sat up suddenly wrapping his arms under hers to lock on her shoulders grinding her down on to him. Her rhythm faltered but he started a rhythm of his own, thrusting his thick cock into her. He held her against him for an extra second before he moved inside of her again. Each stroke rubbed directly against her clit and she couldn't hold on any longer.

"Shit. El I—"

Before she could finish he felt the rush of liquid coating him, which triggered his release. He maintained his furious cadence moving her against him riding out both of their orgasms as she tightened around him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck holding him close while their breathing returned to normal. He placed lazy kisses in the crux of her neck and shoulder and a few minutes passed when he eventually heard her low sexy laugh.

"What's so funny?" he asked while inhaling her intoxicating scent.

"You owe me a new pair of panties," she answered running her hands up and down his sweaty back.

He laughed in response. "It's a debt I will gladly pay."

She spread her legs wider to get more comfortable on him still reveling at the feel of him inside her.

Olivia sighed in contentment. Everything about Elliot was home to her, especially when he was inside her. "I missed you."

He tangled his hands in her hair and sluggishly slid them down the side of her landing on her waist. "I missed you too. So much."

He shifted causing her to wince a little at the discomfort.

"I wasn't too rough with you was I?" he asked concerned.

She laughed and playfully swatted his back. "I'm not made of glass I told you I'm fine."

"I know, I just don't want to hurt you."

She kissed him in response, tracing her tongue over his lower lip before taking it between her teeth. "I've never felt better. I'm glad I was able to fit in that extra errand."

"Me too," he grinned. "What do you say we finish this conversation in the shower?"

She lifted her eyebrow, "Are you saying I'm dirty Stabler?"

"Not at all," he said shifting to stand up with her wrapped around him. "And that's part of the problem. I plan to get you real dirty in the shower."

"We have to be quiet so we don't wake the kids."

"I know how to be quiet but you on the other hand," he teased slapping her naked ass and crossing the threshold of the bathroom.

"Ow," she yelped and quickly covered her mouth. "I can't help myself. You just feel so good inside me." She kissed him and started to move again. He started to harden again and she reached for the shower knobs to turn on the water. She purposely turned on the cold water and Elliot jumped in response. "Shit!" he yelled and Olivia laughed. "That's what you get."

He turned on the hot water and as soon as it was at a decent temperature he wrapped her in his arms as she settled down from her laughter. With no shoes on he had a few inches on her and he laid his head on top of hers. She felt the change in his demeanor and held on to him waiting for him to talk as the hot water from the shower coated his back.

"This is perfect," he said.

"Yes it is."

She broke their hold, grabbing the shower gel and squeezing it into a towel to rub over his body. She caressed his chest smoothing the gel into the dips and crevices of his muscular chest.

"Mhmm," he moaned at her touch. "Now why did we never try this before?"

"Because typically the second we get in the shower you immediately have me hoisted against the wall," she retorted.

"Well there is still time," he said wiggling his eyebrows.

She shook her head blowing him off and continuing to trace every part of his body with her hands in the towel. His abs were still tight, his thighs rigid. Elliot was in excellent shape and she didn't think she would ever get over her amazement at his physique. He watched her taking him in and a slow grin formed over his face.

"Are you done admiring the merchandise?"

"Merchandise? Well that would mean it's for sell wouldn't it? And it better not be."

Her hands cupped his ample ass and squeezed softly while placing hot open mouth kisses along his neck.

"Don't worry since you are my wife I will give you a good discount."

She laughed at him and he took the opportunity to switch their positions in the shower letting the water soak her back as he started a slow perusal of her body.

She chuckled watching his eyes wander, mimicking her moves earlier with him. He washed her all over and she was pleasantly surprised when he reached for the shampoo and began to wash her hair. She eyed him speculatively at first but relaxed into the feel of him massaging her scalp. He kissed her gently on the lips while she dipped her head back into the steady stream of water washing everything out of her hair.

His mouth trailed down her body as her head stayed back against the water. Goosebumps started to form over her skin as his tongue entered her belly button and down lower.

"El," she whispered breathlessly.

He ignored her. His attention focused on the small scar along her bikini line and it filled him with so much emotion.

This scar was different than the others that she had on her body. The healed burns from Lewis, the faint mark on her neck from Gitano, the tiny zig zag scar she had on the side of her head she had since she was a child. Those all represented something negative and reminded him of loss, fear and pain.

Her c-section scar represented life. Their child she brought into the world.

It was just another reminder of how far they had come in such a short amount of time.

"El?" she called out to him softly when she noticed he stopped. He looked up at her, the water cascading on both of them and he couldn't stop the single tear that fell from his eye. They had gone through so much and now here they were. Their unspoken communication spoke volumes. She felt what he felt.

Her hand rubbed the back of his head, his short cropped hair brushing against her fingertips. Without a word, he leaned forward and placed a lingering kiss on her scar. The endearment wasn't lost on her.

His lips then moved to her mound, kissing it softly. Her breath hitched at the contact and she braced her hand against his head and the side of the shower wall when his tongue flicked across her clit.

"Ahhh," she cried out. He took her against his mouth relentlessly sucking, teasing and licking her folds, pouring out every emotion he was feeling for her into the crux of her thighs.

Olivia struggled not to scream worried about waking the baby. Her breathing staggered and he knew she was close but he didn't let up. He held on to her thighs to hold her in place. Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip as she quietly hurled towards her release.

He lifted his head grinning up at her the evidence of her orgasm on his face.

"You managed to be quiet. I'm impressed."

Two seconds later, they heard Noah begin to cry and they both laughed softly. "Ill go get him," she offered.

"Well good thing is at least he let you finish," he joked while getting off his knees.

She dried off and put her robe on and as she walked out of the bathroom, Charlotte started to cry. She turned to him obviously amused. "And that sir is your cue."

"I'm on it."

This is what their lives would be like and Elliot loved every moment of it. He breathed contently, threw on his robe and ran to take care of his daughter.

Later that night in bed, they were half asleep when they heard a phone vibrating.

"Is that you or me?" Elliot asked.

"I think me. Damn I forgot my phone was still on vibrate," she cursed looking at the caller id to see it was Melinda and answered. "Melinda? It's late everything ok?"

Elliot was dozing off when he felt Olivia's body tense in front of him. "How? Do they know who? Ok…thanks for calling me."

She put the phone back on the nightstand and blew out a breath.

He watched her turn over on her back staring at the ceiling. "What's going on?"

"Melinda called to tell me that Lowell Harris is dead. He was killed in his cell. She thought I should know," she explained impassively.

Elliot immediately tensed and turned on his back as well. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah actually," she chuckled bitterly. "I know it's not right but I felt a certain sense of closure when Lewis died and I can't act like it bothers me that Harris is dead too."

Elliot shut his eyes tight and rubbed his hand over his face. "How did it happen?"

"He was beaten to death. Clearly he pissed someone off and I can't say I'm surprised. Melinda said it was pretty brutal."

She rolled over on her side and expected him to cuddle against her like he always did but he was lost in thought. She figured that the news would have some affect on him. Talk of Lewis or Harris always did. "Hey," she said looking over her shoulder. "We don't have to think about them anymore. It's the end of that chapter in my life finally. In our lives. I don't have to worry about him anymore and neither do you."

He didn't answer her and he didn't move. His reaction startled her so she turned around to face him. "What's going on?"

He looked over her shoulder not ready to make eye contact. He was fighting with himself about what to do.

"Elliot. Tell me," she persisted. "No secrets remember."

She could hear him swallow and sense how nervous he was.

"Please," she begged.

He met her eyes and uttered the words that could possibly change their lives. "A few weeks before Charlotte was born…I went to visit Lowell Harris in prison."

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