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I Can Change [Draco Malfoy]


"I hate you, Draco Malfoy." I spat glaring at him. His passive expression turned into one of anger as he stalked towards me with long strides. Suddenly, he grabbed my face in his hands and roughly connected our lips in a passionate and hateful kiss. He pulled away after a long moment, his breathing raggid and uneven. His face was mere inches from mine as his silver eyes stared into mine. "I hate you too." he said

Romance / Fantasy
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When I first met Kaitlynn, I was 11. She stumbled out of the train at Hogwarts and bumped right into me. Making us both fall to the ground with her on top of me.

"Watch were youre going!" I snapped, glaring up at her.

She had looked down at me with her blue eyes; her black hair sprawled around us like a veil.

"No need to be rude!" She said, getting off of me quickly.

We stood there glaring at each other with our arms crossed over our chests. We had a sort of staring competition; the one who looks away first loses. And I never lose.

Suddenly, her hand shot out to me.

"I'm Kaitlynn Graham." She said with a sly smile forming on her face.

I snorted, but shook her hand anyway.

"Draco. Draco Malfoy."


I first realised Draco was going to be a pain in my behind the moment we got sorted into the same house. Slytherin.

He had smirked at me as I took a seat next to him at the house table.

"Welcome to the dark side, Graham." Draco said, nudging my shoulder with his as we started eating our food.

I rolled my eyes, glaring at him as he took a piece of potato from my plate.

"Never touch my food!" I warned grabbing the potato back.

Draco chuckled and pushed me off the chair, making me fall on the floor with a loud uhmf.

"Never deny me something I want." He said back, grinning down at me from his seat.

I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

Spoilt brat.



I immediately knew I liked Kaitlynn the moment I found her sitting alone in the astronomy tower, reading a thick book about Jupiters moons.

She was different then all the other girls in our house. She was smart, and liked being smart.

Her blue eyes twinkled in the moonlight as she read the pages in wonder. Taking in all the information the book provided.

I smirked, gripping my own book about constellations and walked over to her. I sat down next to her and opened the book. We glanced at each other with a smile and stayed there reading in silence.


I found out I liked Draco when I saw professor Snape handing him back his potions test.

I had glanced over his shoulder from behind him to see he had got near perfect marks. His proud smile stretched across his face as he flipped through the pages of the test. I knew then that he actually cared about his school work and wasnt like the other dumb blokes who skidded by with their marks just enough to pass.

"Congratulations, Malfoy." I said. His head snapped to me and he smirked.

"Jealous, Graham?" He asked with a cocky smirk.

I rolled my eyes and handed him my test. I smirked back at him as he stared at my perfect score with wide eyes. "Try and beat me next time, Malfoy." I said and snatched my test out of his hands.



I first realised I wanted to be friends with Draco the day we were outside in the forest with Hagrid. He was telling us some boring little story about a bird like creature named Cluckbeak. I snickered as he threw a ferret at the thing. He caught it with its beak and ate it.

Draco glared hatefully as Potter managed to successfully fly the creature and everyone started applauding him as they landed back on the ground.

"Oh please!" Draco spat, jumping up from his seat on the rocky wall and shoving past everyone towards the creature. "Draco!" I warned, trying to stop him. "Yes youre not dangerous at all are you?" Draco sneered at the creature.

Everyone started screaming as the beast stood up on his hind legs and kicked Draco on his arm as Draco was trying to block. Everyone ran away but I ran towards him.


Everyone else ran away as the beast attacked me, but she ran towards me with concern laced on her face. My arm was in immense pain as I lay on the ground groaning. "Its killed me!" I moaned as she knelt down beside me.

She giggled despite my pain, but took out her want and pointed it at my arm. "Youll be fine Malfoy." Her sweet little voice reached my ear as the pain subsided immediately after she performed a healing charm.

I sat up and looked at her. She had run towards me even though the creature was dangerous. While everyone else ran away.

Thats when I realised I wanted her as my friend.



I was 14 when I realised Draco cared about me. We were in DADA class with the crazy loon of a professor as he levitated a vicious spider looking thing around the classroom.

I let out a terrifying cry as he levitated the thing in front of me. It was inches from my face. I could see it trying to claw at me with its big crab-like pinchers. I was deadly afraid of anything insect-like.

A tear slipped from my eye as the professor let the thing dance around in the air by my face.

"Enough!" Draco said as everyone started laughing at me.

The whole class went silent as his voice echoed through the room.

But the professor didnt let up; he only brought the thing closer and let it land on my hand. I whimpered and stayed deathly still.

"Professor, please. She's afraid of insects." Draco said with an angry tone in his voice. The professor looked at him and then suddenly the insect was levitated off me and shot across the room, landing on Dracos face.

I let out a shaky breath as I watched Draco freak out about the thing sitting on his face.

It was later that day at dinner when Draco admitted that he too has a fear of insects.



I never knew I could be so extremely furious at someone. That is until I caught Kaitlynn kissing Saint Potter under the stairs in the halls. They were pressed close against each other and his hand stroked her hair lovingly.

I felt the rage build up inside me as she gazed up at him with love in her eyes.

I spun around hastily and made my way back to the Slytherin common room.

Later that night after dinner I found her alone on the couch reading a book.

"You traitor!" I spat, glaring at her shocked face as my hands balled into fists at my side.

"What?" She asked me, standing up and crossing her arms over her chest. "I saw you! I saw you with Potter." I spat out his name as flashes of them together entered my mind. Her eyes widened at the realisation that I caught her.

"So what, Malfoy?" She asked. "You're disgusting." I spat. She flinched back like I had slapped her. "Excuse me?!" She asked. "You're a pureblood Slytherin fraternizing with the disgusting bloke of a Gryffindor." I accused. "Don't talk about him like that!" She defended him, which only made my blood boil more.

"I dont want you anywhere near me." I said, not able to control the words spilling out of my mouth.

"You have got to be kidding me! You want to stop being friends with me because Im with Harry?" She asked, hurt and anger crossing over her porcelain coloured face. I glared at her as she said his name.

"You know I hate him." I said. "Well that doesnt mean anything Draco! I like him! We like each other and Im not going to ignore my feelings just because you two have a meaningless feud going on since First year." She raged, her eyes glaring back at me with equally as much rage as mine held.

"Well its settled then! We're nothing to each other anymore." I said, realising that I had to let go of one of my best friends.


My eyes hardened as the words he said sunk in. He was my best friend and he was abandoning me because of my relationship with Harry. It just shows me what our friendship actually meant to him. Nothing.

"Nothing at all." I spat as an uncontrollable feeling seeped into my chest.

We knew each other extremely well. There wasn't anything we didnt know about each other and there was no one else who knew us like we did. We've had the best friendship since second year and I couldnt believe he was throwing this away because of some stupid childish feud.


I can't believe she wouldn't leave Potter for my friendship. It just shows me what our friendship meant to her. She didnt care. And now neither did I.


"I hate you." I spat watching his stare harden at my words.


"I hate you too." I spat, watching her face fall as she realised our friendship was over.

I scoffed and spun around going to my room leaving her standing in the common room.

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