One to Remember

By AngeliqueBouchard1972

Drama / Romance

A Change Of Pace

Welcome to my new book! Alright, here we go again. Another book, right?! I apologize for starting so many books only to ditch them a few chapters in... I have a bad habit actually. I have tons of ideas for Dark Shadows fanfics, but not complete story lines. Which obviously results in... a bunch of unfinished stories. Again, sorry about that. But, I've finally found a way to solve my problem. I thought, If I can't start a story at the end of Dark Shadows, how about the beginning? Which helped result in the creation of this story. Since Tim Burton's story already has structure I can use that for my basic structure. But really, I created this story so Angelique can be understood. I love the fact the Tim Burton left her character with some breathing room to experiment with because it has resulted in many possibilities for stories. Speaking of Tim Burton's take on Angelique (Who, by the way, I am completely obsessed with), I don't think he really did a good job of making people feel about her in certain way. Which is why most people feel sweet and sour by the ending of Dark Shadows, and, in my case, sparked my interest in fanficiton.

After reading several fanfictions where Angelique is the antagonist, I've found some really interesting concepts I can play with. This, being my favorite one. This story is going to be set in the mindset of Angelique from the day Barnabas returns when they're young adults, to (hopefully) far beyond the ending of the film. But, of course, I will be separating this story into sections. I plan on having three parts to this story with several possible sequels.

Since I'm going to push myself to make this a long, clean cut and enjoyable story in which (hopefully) people will come to understand Angelique the way I do, these chapters will not be coming out as quickly as Cracked and other fanfics I right.

Also, I would like to give a big thank you to all of the people who have showed me the need and want to create this:

Firstly, linalove, a fantastic writer and inspiration to me. This book is dedicated to you for many reasons, but mainly so I can hopefully explain her to you and many other people. As you know, I am a very strongly opinionated person and love to persuade. So that's what I'm going to attempt here. What exactly am I persuading you to? You'll have to read to find out...

I have many other people to thank but I've decided to do stretch it out among chapters.

This story is not going to be a parallel universe, so if you are only like a certain pairing, you might still want to read this because every part of Dark Shadows will make sense when using this story to fill in the gaps of Angelique's life.

Anyway, if you made it through this long shpeel and still want to read chapter one, kudos to you. Hope you enjoy...

*Warning* This story will change to M later on for a variety of reasons, so be prepared.

**Disclaimer**: I do not own Dark Shadows or any of the characters that are used in the 2012 Movie Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton.

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A Change of Pace

"The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of." -Blaise Pascal, Pensées, 1670

Sunshine flooded her eyes, temporarily blinding her vision. She pushed away the rough, cold sheets as freezing air bit her previously warm skin. The grogginess she felt many mornings was even worse today. Sometimes Angelique wondered what would happen if she didn't do what she was told, if she actually slept in for the first time in her life. But it wasn't even a question worth asking - she knew exactly what would happen. It was better just to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. Drab colored wallpaper lined the walls, a basic brown dresser faced her, a shard of a mirror leaning against the wall. Dust seemed to actually linger in the air in her room, the sunlight only accenting that fact. She turned her head toward the light, glancing out the window to her right for a moment. She heard scuffling in the yard and looked out to see a carriage approaching in the distance.

The sound of horses on the cobblestone path of the driveway captured her attention. Who would be visiting this early on a Monday morning? The carriage came to a halt and the crimson curtain inside swayed with the opening of the passenger's door. She scurried over to the window out of curiosity and saw a flash brown hair. Was that-?

Oh God, Barnabas!

Angelique inhaled sharply as he took a step out of the carriage and onto the ground. His brown eyes sparkled as he looked up, noticing someone standing in the window. She quickly swerved out of the window's line of vision and pushed a strand of her long black hair away from her face. Barnabas was home? Angelique cursed slightly under her breath as she had forgotten his return. She got so caught up in her own thoughts sometimes she overlooked things. He had changed so much.

She leaned against the cold wall and let out a small sigh and shivered. She felt a rush of excitement and fascination rush over her as she peered over the window again once she heard the horses hooves trotting towards the stables.

Angelique hadn't seen him for three years. He had been away at college overseas, and had finally returned home. Memories of him flooded her mind of them when they were children. Her best childhood friend. Well, he was her only childhood friend. But then again, who would she have as companions? Everyone else in the household was much older than them, not that they would speak to her anyway. Besides, she didn't want to be nice to anyone but Barnabas. He was the only one who deserved her kindness; or what was left of it. The realization sank in that he was really here. After he left, she adjusted to a different way of thinking. But he was back, now everything would change once more. Wouldn't it?

When they had been around the age of ten she remembered having a long conversation with him, only to be caught by one of the older maids. She was scolded so harshly that night that she didn't speak for a week. Though strangely, it almost felt as if it was worth it. Barnabas had always fascinated her, as he had already possessed an aristocratic aura by the age of six or seven. Angelique rushed over to the small dresser and got ready rather hurriedly. Barnabas was already here. She had kitchen duty at six! Damn it! She increased her speed as she pictured her awaiting punishment. Angelique opened one of the drawers and grabbed the first thing she saw. She didn't have anything nice to wear, being a servant. But she still managed to look beautiful despite all the bland shades of grey and blue she was forced to wear.

The shard of glass above the dresser provided a sorry excuse for mirror, but she wouldn't dare to ask for anything better. She could hardly make out her own figure but continued to pin up her hair nonetheless. She grabbed her shoes from the stool in the corner and half stepped, half tripped her way to the door. She started her way down to the dining hall. The hallways were lined with crimson and gold wallpaper, and every few feet a tall window overlooked the extensive grounds of the manor. Or at least that's what the others called it, to her it was a vast mansion. Which wasn't an overstatement in any form, it had over two hundred rooms. Logically, a mansion of it's size and quality would be more than a bit excessive for a family of three. But she knew that they could do whatever they wanted with their money, as that was certainly beyond her. She was bought with their money.

After taking the back staircase down to the kitchen, she looked around for Agatha, the Collins' head maid.

"Angelique!" She heard Agatha scream from the other side of the kitchen. She never particularly liked her name, but she accepted it just like everyone else did theirs. Of course hers had a reason behind, like so many of the day. The witch hunts. Angelique's mother had named her it so it would be more easy for her to blend in like everyone else, being a witch herself. Most all girls were named from the Bible, to try and make them seem holy. That reasoning was why her mother had chosen Angelique, it meant "Angelic". She tried not to laugh at the thought of that. There was no such thing as an angelic witch. Or if there was, she certainly wasn't.

"Coming!" she shouted back and rushed to the origin of the noise, part of her french accent slipping out. In the doorway of the kitchen she found Agatha standing stiffly, her worn hands placed confidently on her hips. Her gray hair was pulled back in a bun much too tight, but that was the way she liked it. The Collins' had picked Agatha to be the head maid long before she was sold to them. Agatha was strict, orderly and generally scary. But she wasn't frightening to her, just aggravating.

"Where have you been?! Young Master Barnabas has already arrived. Kitchen duty started ten minutes ago!" Agatha scolded. She was clearly furious with her, as this was not the first time she had been late that week.

"I am sorry Ma'am. I... lost track of time" she confessed almost sarcastically and looked down. Agatha roughly grabbed hold of her chin and inclined it to look at her battered face.

"You think that you're better than everyone else? You are not. You are nothing. Your duty is to serve, know your place." Angelique stared at the woman, eyes filled with anger and hatred as she clenched her jaw. She wriggled in her grasp, having to resist with much difficulty throwing her to the other side of the room. Agatha pushed her away as she released her, leaving red marks on her jaw.

"Grab a tray and start serving, now." Agatha continued in a stern fashion. Angelique complied and picked up one of the silver trays containing warm breads and scones of some sort. Angelique hastily picked up the tray and took the door out to the dining room, making sure not to trip on the step up.

That damn woman.

Barnabas' eyes caught a glimpse of movement by the servant door and his eyes bolted to it. He saw a beautiful young woman with perfectly disheveled dark hair falling around her porcelain face. Her eyes darted up at him and their eyes locked for a moment. He immediately recognized the woman. Angelique. The girl he left behind several years ago had most certainly blossomed. She was beautiful. Her eyes were surprisingly a stunning shade of blue, despite her dark hair. She seemed rather disturbed when she walked in, but after she noticed him staring at her she seemed to be lost in thought. Angelique's line of vision brushed past her older master, glaring at her harshly. She immediately looked down as she stirred under his intense glare and shuffled a bit as she turned towards the table. Her lips slightly pursed as she began serving the contents of the the tray around making sure to keep her eyes off Barnabas.

"Barnabas?" He heard his mother ask softly from his left, bringing him out of the blurry daze he was momentarily dissolved in.

"Yes?" he got out after a moment and turned his attention to his mother. Barnabas straightened in his chair and made sure not to look at Angelique. For some reason he couldn't seem to think straight. He inhaled as his father questioned him,

"Well... How were your classes? Did you find them to your liking?" Barnabas directed his attention to his father and his eyes followed afterward. He tried to process his fathers question, as his mind was definitely elsewhere at the moment.

"Yes, entirely. It was splendid father." He answered respectively, making sure not to bring any attention to himself or Angelique.

"Wonderful. I would have loved to see it myself, if only the trip was not so long. Did you make any new friends? You did not include that in your letters." his mother continued while Angelique poured her more tea. His eyes found their way to hers again for a few seconds. She pushed a strand of dark hair away from her face and backed away from the table. He shifted in his seat and responded quickly to his mother,

"Yes, of course. " Naomi smiled and took another sip of her tea. She stared into her son's eyes as he watched one of their servants leave the room. Something wasn't quite right.

Thank you so much for reading! I greatly appreciate any feedback. If you want me to continue, please comment and I would love any suggestions or questions.

Also, anyone who would like a preview to the next chapter, comment telling me so and I'll put you on my list. I'll be sending through private messaging here on fanfiction. Anyone is welcome to get the preview!

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