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Soul (Da-iCE FanFic)


Muggles now have to do the schools deadly end of year exam, how will it go?

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

ORIGINAL OWNER: @ShinyLight12_Jiseok

Jayde turned it into a shared book as a YoungSeok book.

Hayate’s POV

I walk over to a group of friends, I’ve known these five for my whole life, “Morning Hayate!” Said Sota giving me a high five “Morning, we all aren’t here yet?” I ask looking at everyone “No, Jitsuko said she was walking in with a friend” Taiki explained, “Yep, everyone meet Ami!” Says Jitsuko walking over to us.

“Hello! I’m Ami Watanabe! It’s nice to meet you.” Ami bowed politely. “Hello, Ami! I’m the leader of this team, I’m guessing you will be joining us?” Taiki asks as she nods “I’m Taiki Kudo, I’m a full blood” “I’m Iwaoka Toru, I’m also a full blood” “I’m Yudai Ohno, a half-blood” “I’m a half-blood named Hamanura Sota” “I’m Hayate Wada... a mugle” I say quietly” “I’m Jitsuko Ito, also a Mugle” Says Jitsuko quiet. “Oh, I’m also a full blood!” Ami looked at Taiki and Toru amazed.

“Now, we have a rule, and that’s to treat everyone with respect, we don’t discriminate because someone is a mugle or half-blood” “That I can comply since I’m brought up to respect everybody regardless full blood or not. Everybody is of equal footing!” Ami smiled and nodded. “also, this school has Normal Blood students, so if one of them is in danger, try and help them as much as you can” “Of course!” Ami nodded with a smile. “Is Ami normally like that?” I asked Jitsuko silently as she talks to the rest. “Happy? Yes,” He says back to me. Both Jitsuko and I stand back as Ami gets to know everyone. us to get along because we both come from normal blood families, somehow we were born as a Mugle. we don’t get bullied because our team leader is also the head of the student council.

“What is wrong Hayate? Jitsuko? Join in the conversation!” Ami turned to us and waved. “Huh? We’re fine listening” Jitsuko says back. “Thank goodness. I was worried for a while when you guys kept your silence.” She said. “She’s quite petite for a full blood.” I can hear Sota whispering to Toru but it looks like Ami didn’t hear them. “They both don’t normally talk, they listen, they need to start talking more,” Yudai said.

“I agree too.” Ami agreed with Yudai. “Want to have lunch with us?” Taiki asked Ami. “Sure why not?” Ami giggled. “She’s apart of our team, so why wouldn’t she,” Jitsuko said back, the loudspeaker soon goes off “All students pleas ego to there assigned classes for an announcement” We all do, Jitsuko and My self sit at the far back of the Mugle class, 10 minutes later the teacher walks in “Right so, Mugles are now apart of the exams, They did this because other schools have had mugles in for a long time, we where the only school that wasn’t doing it. so you are now being added, ask your fellow team members about it, they will help you train for it. that’s all everyone head out to lunch” JItsuko and I look at each other worried, we know how much the other struggle every year. how much are we going to struggle.

“Where are Ami and the others?” Jitsuko asked me. “I don’t see-AH! THERE!” My eyes are scanning until I noticed Ami chatting happily with the rest. When we get to the table, everyone is laughing and talking, we don’t even try and hide the fact that where worried. When we get to the table, everyone is laughing and talking, we don’t even try and hide the fact that where worried. “Hey, why are you both looking worried?” Toru asks “Mugles are now doing the exam, can we ask what will happen? we know how bad it is for you all” Jitsuko tells them.

“I did struggle a bit for mine.” Ami pouted. “The exam is something down at the end of every year, it shows how much you have or haven’t improved, you go in this giant dome, everything is run by a computer. you get a chip put in your arm, every school does it, it scans for your heart rate, so people, mostly fellow team members and teachers can grab you out if something goes wrong, it is pretty hard” Taiki explains

“You have a defeat this thing, it’s different with each bloodline,” Toru says. “Full bloods are pretty difficult. I could barely scrape through no matter how hard I work.” Ami sighed. “Full Bloods level is about expert, Half-blood is about Hard, as for mugle, some schools put them on easy so it will keep the governments off there back about getting them to improve” Yudai explained “But our school won’t do that, your level will me Medium,” Said Sota said.

“It will be good if you guys performed well with the first opportunity given,” Taiki said. “Has....” I stop my self from asking it. “Has anyone died in an exam like this?” I ask, they all just look away “At this school, a couple have” Taiki said. “About half will die in my previous school,” Ami added. “Well, that reassuring!” Jitsuko says we both stand there shocked. “I am always the one that barely made it.” Ami turned to us and pointed out. “That’s even more reassuring!” “OKay don’t panic, we all survived, the both of you will” “You sure we will?” I asked and Ami nodded. “Just believe in yourselves yeah?” Taiki put his hand on my shoulder and added to what Ami said. “You will be safe, we will help you train, we know the ins and outs of the place” Toru Said

“But will they have different requirements though?” Sota pointed out and everybody begins thinking. “only the thing they have to defeat, everything else would be the same” Yudai spoke up. “Yeah true.” Ami nodded.

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