Der Rüpel


I dreamed a dream


"Amara?" I asked. My eyebrows pinched together. I stared dumbfounded at her innocent expression. Those blue orbs softly looked at me. Her alabaster skin glistened like watered down ice under an unfamiliar sun. Except, time felt as though we had been here forever.

"Common Elke! What are you waiting for?" My friend tugged my arm and then instantly darted through sprouting greens. The sunlight feed the thick roots of trees and blossoming of pearly flowers. I had never seen such a fantasy.

However, it seemed as though nothing had changed.

"What are you waiting for? Common, Elke!" Amara called my name. The wind carried her vibrations voice. A small fuzzy yellow and black bug zoomed around me. It's small body landed on a flower. Suddenly, the wilting plant sprung back to life. Its petals were more radiant than before.

"Common!" Amara beckoned me.

I looked to see her petite figure dancing gracefully on a miniature hill. Her once tethered clothes were replaced with silky royal blue dress. A violet colored ribbon twirled within the locks of her chocolate hair.

Her soul bounding energy pulled me forward.

With eager legs, I ran towards her. My heart leapt at every bouncy step I took. I could feel my effortless muscles carrying me, as if I were flying. The ticklish plants touched me as I ran by; they were gracing me with encouragement. I reached her without an exhausted breath.

A beautiful enchanting smile spread across Amara's face. Her teeth were no longer stained, her lips were rosy, and her ringed tainted skin looked smooth and polished. I was in awe.

"Amara-Amara you-you-" I stuttered. I wasn't sure what to say. Was she not aware of her physical state? Had she not seen the angel she had become? Amara, my dear friend, do you not see the light that's encircling you and enticing me?

Amara interpreted my thoughts, "you've changed too, Elke."

I didn't have time to question.

A thin red line gradually appeared around her throat. It started faintly then grew thickly. However, Amara kept her steady smile. The air around us cooled drastically.

"What's-what happened to your neck?" I asked. I walked towards her and touched her warm fluidly skin. Her neck immediately spewed a red syrupy liquid. My fingers jerked away. Horror crossed my face. "Amara-?" I nervously questioned. A dry lump formed.

"It's alright-things happen. People change. They change, Elke," Amara said. Her smile soon filled with that staining liquid. Her teeth were coated. Those pearly whites were consumed by that wretched metallically substance.

I watched as the skin around her neck began to separate. Those tiny fibers were losing their hold. The tissue underneath soon appear.

The smile remained.

"Amara! No-no-no," I pleaded. My body trembled at the sight of my friend's unraveling neck.

Soon the space around us became smeared. The colors blended together like mud and dripped down the sides of my vision. Uncertainty filled within me. The ground's life faded.

A chill ran over me.

My eyes caught glimpses of the wilting flowers. The tree's well-nourished trunks were now shriveled. The colors never died instead, they continued to seep. They pooled around my shoes. Greens, blues, reds, oranges, and pinks kept leaking to the ground, as though they never ran out of juice.

My ears picked up a faint buzz.

"People change. You've changed," Amara said.

My eyes starred at the horrific sight. There, in the moment of draining time, was my friend being cradled by a monstrous beast. I watched in shear terror as the opaque figure ripped into my dear friend. Her cheerful doll like face hung over the arms of her attacker. Unsharpened teeth tore into her flesh. The dress's fabric lay shredded over her stiff body.

My insides turned.

A sweat broke over the back of my neck and down my spine.

My own hand shot over my mouth.

"St-stop-stop." I tenderly choked. Tears pricked my eyes.

The hideous creature looked up from its meal. Its mouth aggressively chewed the mouthfuls of colorful organs. A drip of drool leaked from its satisfied jaw. My own tongue even began to taste the vital fluid.

I wanted to hurl at the disgusting sight.

Amara didn't seem bothered. Her body remained composed and relaxed even as another snap of flesh was ripped from her torso. Her grin and eyes were still open. No hint of pain threated her face. Like doll, she stayed positioned just so.

"Amara-!" I tried to yell. My throat closed at sudden onset taste of blood. I touched my lips. My fingers revealed the crimson stain. I let out a gasp.

"It's alright, friend. You've changed. People change."

I felt a heavy weight in my arms. I looked down to the mangled body of my cherished friend. Her stomach was hollow with only bits of intestines and other organs. Parts of her ribs poked from her sides. Her dress barely held its blue hue.

"Oh gosh-Amara-Amara." I sobbed, "no-Amara please. Please don't do this-no-" The tears dripped from my cheeks. I sat there shaking as I held her, once more. The reality was too great. Her blood filled my nostrils.

The sensation sent a thrill through me.

Even my mouth began to water.

No, please no, I thought to myself.

I struggled; I had to resist against the temptation.

"What-what's happening to me?" I cried with shaking shoulders. My mouth waded with sticky saliva. My tongue swerved back and forth like a snake on the hunt. My stomach growled, its demands raged against my protests.

A gentle hand tangled within my hair. Then I felt a finger lightly pass around the edge of my mouth. I sucked gasps of air. My eyes were drowning in tears.

"Appetizing huh?" Amara chuckled.

I shook my head.

"You're going to do great things, kid." Amara whispered in a different voice.

I froze.

I watched as she pulled the purple ribbon from her hair. The treasured tie was soaked from her blood. My friend lifted it towards my face, near my craving tongue.

"Don't resist."

I closed my eyes and allowed the thread to be pulled across my taste buds. The flavor, oh how I savored it. My right eye pulsed. I could feel the veins around the shaded iris wiggle with excitement.

"People change, Elke. You've changed," Amara drifted her words.

I screamed as her body disintegrated in my arms.

I dreamed a dream

From this point forward, there will be separate "mini-chapters" dedicated to symbolic moments and foreshadowing of events. I want these to be separate since, they are so important to the plot.

I don't want readers forgetting the goods.



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