When the Sky Cries

Pale-part 1


I flinched.


I adjusted my back.


I held myself tighter and allowed my teeth to sink into my tongue.

The night was a never-ending torment. Never had I realized how aggravating cracking knuckles could be to an individual. Nor did I fathom, I would be held hostage in a bathroom with a cannibal. I assumed Kaneki hadn't fallen asleep from the sounds of his unsettled hands. As for myself, I was well aware of my lack of slumber. My eyes were beyond dry and burning to the highest degree of discomfort. My mind pulsed as if I was receiving resuscitation from a defibrillator device. And all the while my stomach ached from all the tears that had been spilled.

"You're going to make yourself sick if you don't get some rest, F/N." He spoke. Kaneki's steady voice never changed since yesterday. However, my blood still ran cold when I was in his presence. And let me say, it wasn't do to his charming actions either. His lips were just as disgusting as all the murders he had committed. They tasted just like a corpse, harsh and rotten.

I felt his hand lightly rub my arm. His ideas of comfort were far from my likings. I squeezed myself tighter into a ball. My head fell into my still dirty limbs and my knees curled into my stomach. All I wanted was to be left alone.

I heard him let out a sigh, "F/N, you can sleep. I told you- no one will hurt you. I'm here-" His body suddenly leaned against mine. His chin was propped up on my shoulder, his one hand laid on my stomach, and now we wereboth settled together on the grimy floor. Two diseased individuals sharing a space was beyond repulsive. Slowly, my panic attacks were returning. He couldn't hold me like this. The fear of being confined was brewing in my gut. I rapidly sucked in air.

"Kaneki-?" I asked quickly.


"Where's my phone-?" I slightly drifted my question. I knew confronting this topic was dangerous. However, I also was aware of my growing twitching insides from not being relieved of the pressure. I would have to take my chances.

I felt him release me instantly. It was a relief; yet unnerving to know I had triggered an unsatisfying issue.

"Don't worry about it." He huffed in response. I licked my lips, as I amped up my courage. Though, Kaneki was once a familiar welcoming face, he no longer held the same presence as before. His personality was flat and deadly quiet. While his eyes were emotionless. In retrospect, he terrified me.

"I would like my phone-please." I still faced away from him.

"I don't have it. It was lost a while ago." I pinched my brows. He was acting too reserved. Finally, I got my strength up to roll over and face him. Kaneki rested against the industrial sink. His silver bangs draped in front of his closed eyes. Again, his face was clear of any disguise and he was wearing the same edgy charcoal colored outfit as before.

"Kaneki-I need my phone. My-My parent's need to know I'm alright. They have to know I'm alive." My arms raised me to a sitting position next to him. "Please." I asked firmly.

His glassy eyes opened casually, "You hungry?"

His question caught me off guard. Food? Now that I thought about it, I hadn't eaten in forever. And all the vomiting just left my stomach with the sensation of a clawing animal turning in there. Not to mention, my headache was also probably due to lack of nutrients. Food was sounding good.

"That's not what we are talking about." I shook my head as I tried to convince myself that food was indeed not important. "I need my phone-"

"Tell you what-I'll bring you something and then we'll talk. Alright?" His fingers brushed some strains of hair out of my eyes. I almost preferred being locked away than the touchiness. Not sure of what to say, I simply nodded.

The Ghoul smoothly got to his feet. Before he ventured out he turned to me with stern gesture and said, "Don't try anything. "

Then the door sprang shut.

When I was younger, I remember being disgusted by those slimy green veggies on my plate. I use to gag. Then I would shove my food in the opposite direction of my mouth. Dad would laugh, when I pouted. I wasn't satisfied until more delightful meat was added to my dish. Then I would munch happily, like a little carnivore.

"Once you're done eating-I will take you back to your apartment." Kaneki stood over me as I simply held my bowl. The sight of grilled steak sent my gut spiraling into illness. I lowered my dish and raised my head in his direction.

"Really-?" I asked. I could barely believe my ears.

He nodded.

My heart sped up. The excitement grew in my chest at the thought of being free. Was he really going to let me go? The notion of no longer being held captive was enough to allow me to fake happiness. I cheerfully picked at my food, but still moved the steak pieces aside.

"Kaneki, would you mind if I-I asked you a question?" I peeked at him with a few mouthfuls of rice.

"You don't have to be so formal with me, F/N." He said with a small smile. I gulped my food down, roughly.

"Right-" I paused. "Um-do you know what happened out there-?" I motioned my head towards the wall, implying the outside. Though, I wasn't exactly confident, I wanted to hear the truth. Kaneki softly stared at me before he replied.

"War. Ghouls verses humans, a fight for dominance in this erratic world." Kaneki didn't seem impressed by the reality. I was surprised to see him so irritated; it was like the pot calling the kettle black. He was a lunatic in all ways, shapes, and forms. I figured town chaos would be his Saturday night thrill.

"Why did you start this-?" I asked as if I was an investigator.

"I wasn't apart of it." My capture snapped. I was slightly taken back by his abrupt response. Kaneki must have realized he startled me since; he then mouthed an apology. "I wasn't apart of it because- I was busy protecting you." My capture walked towards me. Our eyes met when he knelt down in front of me. I clenched my glass dish.

Keneki gently laid a hand near my collarbone. His fingers kneaded into a sore spot. Had it been anyone else, I would have melted. I hurt so badly. As a child, I use to howl at my grandmother for not being able to roll out of bed. She would gripe about her aching muscles. I experienced first hand the misery she had endured. Sleeping on the floor was the equivalent of being eighty.

"Finish your meal-then I'll bring someone in to stitch you up. "

"O-Oh Shit! -Shit!" I hissed in agony as another sharp pinch was entered into my forearm. "St-Stop!" I tried to yank my limb away but Kaneki held me still.

"Good lord, Ayato sure got a good taste-this is really deep." I heard the gun reload. I wanted to faint. My arm had already been sterilized to the bone and the tissue was shredded raw. The flamboyant clown squeezed my skin together before another staple was launched. The pain was beyond unimaginable. My hand instantly gripped Kaneki's shirt.

"Hang in there, F/N." He held me as another staple was pierced. I stuffed another cry. Normally, I'm not a weakling; in fact I've had surgery, twice, but nothing is worse than having several wounds closed without any painkillers. I was fatigued, my headache throbbed, and now my skin was stinging as if a hornet's nest had attacked me.


The side of my forearm flared. "Are-are you almost done?" I asked through clenched teeth.

"Just about-" The masked jester replied. Another bunch of mushy skin was grabbed, "However, if you escape without an infection-it will be an act of God." The gun sounded again, another prick entered my flesh. This was the final wound to cinch. After having several others closed, including; my leg, a scrap on my side, and not to mention the fingernail marks in my shoulder, I was done with the staples.

"My god- I'm going to kill that guy. God damnit-" I wormed under Kaneki's hold. I was brewing with hate. This was added agony I didn't need.


The clown, Nico, let out a goofy chuckle, "Don't go loathing Ayato. It's in his instincts to hunger for human flesh. And I can see why-you're so appetizing."


Once more, I was reminded I was in the presence of Ghouls, cannibal monsters, that had no mercy on us humans. It's funny, during all the pain I was starting to feel more comfortable around them. I had, for a brief moment, let my guard down. I felt myself shrink. No more talking, F/N, I told myself.

"I honestly don't know how Kaneki has resisted. You're a stoic boy Ken-" The jokester was interrupted.

"What further plans do we have to execute later this week-?" Kaneki asked. I could tell he wasn't in the position of authority since he decided to change the topic instead, of retaliating. I sat quietly and tried to handle the burning sensitivity.

"Don't expect me to spill any information, Kaneki." The clown hesitated before adding another staple. Then he gestured to me. "I may have a clown appearance-but I'm not foolish." I wish I could have read his expression. A pair of hands covered my ears, as if I was a child about to hear a dirty word. Had he been human, and the regular Kaneki I knew, I would have knocked him out cold.

However, I played up my best behavior. My mouth remained sealed and I forced my eyes to stay fixed on my closing wound. I hoped to draw their attention away from myself. Little did they know, I was allears on this conversation.

Nico spoke as quietly as possible. I could barely make out anything. The most I was able to register was, "You know-Jason-dead-" Whose Jason? Being too deep in thought I missed some of Kaneki's reply. Crap.

"-Tatara-least of my worries-" I felt the vibration from his voice fill my ears. Who were all these individuals? The two exchanged several sentences, most of which I failed to comprehend anything. I was lost from the start. Finally my interest spiked when I heard myself mentioned.

"F/N-importance-?" I watched as Nico gunned the final staple into my flesh. A large red strip of irritation ran in between the suture.

"No-nothing's been decided-until-" I slightly stirred as I caught Kaneki's words. Not important? The fear of becoming a delicacy returned. I had to control the shiver creeping up my back. The pit of sickness bubbled in my stomach. I cleared my throat trying to forget about the capture, the suffocation, which was eating away at me.

"What shall-be-" Nico ran a finger down my injury. I would like to believe he was checking to make sure it would properly hold.

"Death-" Kaneki replied dually.

I nearly threw up my insides. The steak from before remained in the dish and my wound cried a tear of blood.

I couldn't disclose my means of transportation, since quite honestly I wasn't even sure how I arrived either. The last thing I recall was the creepy clown tickling my injury, followed by Kaneki asking me to finish my meat; otherwise I would grow to thin, and typical me vomiting more jittery nerves. Somehow, I was then promptly blindfolded and escorted out of the bathroom by my man-eating caretaker.

"Only pack what is necessary. No extras." Kaneki instructed. We both stood at the base of the apparent complex. The place was deserted, not a soul insight. Again, the town's sirens had begun wailing in the town. Thankfully, however, the rain and ceased for the moment. I starred at the outside metal staircase that would lead me to my room, 666. Ironic-I'm aware.

I pondered for a moment, "Pack?" I looked at Kaneki who was once again covered in his Ghoulish face with the Cheshire smile.

"Yes-only simple things-clothes, maybe some food. Keep the list small. Alight?" He glanced at me as if I should have been well informed of my limits. In a state of confusion I confronted him.

"What do you mean pack? Kaneki, what are you talking about?" I raised both my eyebrows, I had a habit of making countless expressions whenever I talked. "I thought you were letting me go! Why'd you bring me here then?" Panic rose in my voice.

"I figured you would want some of your personal things. Nothing is worse than being homesick." I looked away from him for a moment. This sounded like a long trip. Before I could ask another question Kaneki spoke again.

"I'll be back in an hour or so. Have your things gathered by then." I wanted to interject my concerns but Kaneki was quicker and planted a long kiss on my forehead. I however, wasn't fooled and was still suspicious of him.

The Ghoul before me held my face, "Don't leave the complex without me." His voice was serious when he gave me that lecture. In a split second Kaneki vanished and I was darting up the staircase faster than a jackrabbit on Speed.

"Ume! Wh-what are you doing here? How did you-?" I glanced around wildly, "Where's mom and dad?" I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Oh F/N! I'm so glad you're alive! I-I thought for sure you were dead!" My sister hugged me around the neck despite my vulgar appearance. For once, I returned the embrace. I likewise, was elated to see a breathing family member. It seemed surreal being able to hold someone, someone who I was truly familiar with. After several moments we pulled away, both on the verge of welcoming tears.

"F/N-sis'-I don't even know what to say. I'm-I'm just so thrilled you're alive! Thank goodness!" My sister held my shoulders as she sniffled her way through her sentences. "What-What happened to you?" Finally she asked.

Before I could reply, that voice inside me kept knocking on my skull. I had an eerie feeling something wasn't right. Why would Kaneki leave me, alone, here at my own apartment? He didn't scout the place nor did he attempt to come back at a reasonable time. An hour seemed very broad especially for a control freak. What are you up to, Kaneki?

"F/N-your arm! My goodness what on earth happened-?" Ume was my second bible school mother. Her emotions rode a roller coaster more than mine. And before, call it what you will, The Ghoul Revolution, my sister had me beat with weeping over every small thing. One summer, dad decided to uproot an overbearing tree from the side of the house, eventually it led to Ume having a breakdown. She was fifteen.

"Ume-its not safe. Please listen to me-the best thing you can do is go and find help. I'll stay here-" My sister looked at me horrified through her thick framed glasses. She was a beautiful person until she wore those birth control looking lenses. How she was married is beyond my comprehension.

"F/N? Are you crazy? I would never leave you here! Besides-you desperately need medical attention!" Ume lifted my arm, "For goodness sake, you have staples in you!" She placed fingers to her lips as she started to sob.

I gripped her wrists and held them to her face, "Ume-this is no time to get emotional. Please-I-I need you to go. There isn't much time-please!" I tried to reason with her. However, it was pointless. Tears fell down her pixie shaped face; my older sister was becoming useless. We stood outside the room of my apartment. Her light blue dress blew in the day breeze, while my stained nightclothes and bare feet looked out of character during the falling afternoon.

"I won't leave you. Raiden is in the car-" my sister pointed behind me in the direction of the parking lot. "we'll go to mom and dad's together." She was about to tug me along but I planted my feet.

"No-no. You don't understand I can't leave here." I repeated Kaneki's instructions.

"F/N, please. Please don't leave me alone, again." My sister still held my wrist. I envisioned a straining heartstring, one I did not wish to see cut. I nodded, before following her quickly down the stairway again.

/I sat in the back seat behind my sister. My heart pounded as my nervous hands clipped the safety belt into its slot. I noticed the evening sun was fading fast. The mental stopwatch had begun.

"Common-drive!" I hollowed at the driver as my hand beat his head seat. My sister's husband wasn't amused. He and I had a mutual hate ever since I called him a dork and he retorted with an intellectual comeback.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, F/N" Raiden sighed annoyed.

"We can have a proper introduction later-drive!" I wined like a kid. I saw his boney hand reach for the gearshift before shifting in reverse.

"Did we have to stop at your sister's first." My brother in law angrily whispered to my sister. Ume, being the gentle soul, just placed a loving hand on his.

"She's been through a lot, dear." She said quietly. I rolled my eyes then it dawned on me.

"Ume, why are here and not mom and dad?" I asked. The car pulled out of the reverse and was rolling toward the main road.

"Mom just asked if I would check on you-since-since I was in the area. They hadn't heard from you and were worried. They were still planning on coming tomorrow, though. They will be happy to see you early. " My sister gave me a small smile.

"Wait-you mean you haven't seen the main part of town?" My faced grew worrisome. Raiden snorted before interjecting.

"No-we only pass that street on the way out. We live on the opposite side and-"

Oh god…

Instantly, the roof above our heads caved. The metal became jagged daggers that tried to spear us. Shouts and screams erupted from the front seats. My ears erupted when a massive mixed explosion of glass and smoke shot through the windows. I threw myself down on the seat and quickly covered my head.

The vehicle veered over the bumpy road. Its engine roared as the gas was accelerated. My sister clung to her husband as he desperately tried to maneuver the out of control steering. My heart was spilling out of my throat from the adrenaline pumping through me.

"What the hell-!" Raiden jerked the car right and sent the car into a tailspin. The tires screeched over everyone's lungs. Another collision rammed the car from the opposite side of myself. The force was so violent it sent the vehicle tumbling. Our heads smacked the ceiling while our limbs were thrown out the exposed windows. My cheek heated up as I felt my skin being scraped by the pavement. Debris whirled around as if we were caught in the high winds of a tornado.

The car rattled to a halt.

There was a moment of peaceful silence. The only sound was the drips of oil trickling on the concrete. My head lay crammed between the front seat and the side door. I could feel my body was tightly wedge, while I noticed my legs were tangled in the car's seat belt. I did my best not to panic as my senses came to. My blood pumped through me and then out my newly open wounds. The law of gravity was taking effect as the arm over my head poured handfuls of the metallic liquid. The sounds of whimpering moans began to pierce through the air.

I groaned as I tried to maneuver my way out. My legs were badly roped by the seatbelt and were causing shooting pain to run down my thighs. I was contorted upside down; my stomach was bent at a ninety-degree angle and leaving me in ultimate discomfort.

I heard my sister crying from the front.

"U-Ume-Ume are you ok-?" I asked in a raspy voice as I struggled with the nylon. Small burns began to choke my ankles. She only answered with more sobs. I couldn't see anything other than her broken frames that had skied out of the car. I took a breath knowing she was indeed alive.

"Hang on Ume-" I kicked at the seat trying to break free, "I-I'm stuck-but just hold on." I continued to struggle. After a moment of thrashing I felt one of my limbs come loose. I sighed with relief. The tension in my back, from being cramped was flaring and making me winded quickly. Keep pushing, F/N! I encouraged myself.

"No-no! Help!-Let me go!" I heard my brother-in law's shouts as the car began to rock. Metal was torn, glass cracked, and the car horn went off. What was happening? Again, my sister's scream sent a spear through my chest. In the nineteen years I have known her, lived with her, I had never witness such a fit of despair. It was worse than hearing a dying animal.

"Ume! Ume-what's happening-?" My fear, of being trapped, started to choke me. I had to mentally control my emotions. I couldn't get worked up. Breathe.

"Ah-such a disappointment. Sorry boys not much meat on this guy-"

Imaginary bullets shot through my lungs. Oh god, why, why him?

"Let go! Let me go-!" Raiden bellowed his forceful cries. I heard wrestling outside the vehicle. Scrapping of feet on the gravel pavement, grunts and groans followed, and a continuous round of curses stirred the once quiet town.

"No-No-Please! Raiden-Raiden-please come back!" Ume called out to her husband. I heard her shuffle in her seat.

"Ume-don't!" I reached my hand toward the front and smacked the side of the door to draw her attention. "Shhh-don't! Stay quiet. Please-Ume-please just stay quiet-" I begged her. It was too late.

Suddenly, another slam jolted the front of the vehicle. Orange sparks crackled as we were sent flying backwards. My brain was jarred as we crashed landed, again. My vision even danced. I lay there motionless as the chimes and rings tingled in my ears. Time slowed as I watched my sister, in her torn blue dress, frantically twist as her body was being dragged out of the windshield. I was barely able to make out faces as I tried to get to my feet.

I fell forward; my hands braced myself against the gravel. My knees ached as they held my weight. Next to me was the damaged fuming car. My sight began to clear as I recognized the now crumpled tin can. Its frame was bent around a lamppost. How I was ejected, let alone alive, was beyond me.

"U-Ume!" I called to her as I began crawling. My lungs heaved as my muscles strained to pull me forward. I was so weak. What could I even do? My head spun. My mouth let a wad of saliva leak from the end of my tongue. My watery eyes watched in horror, as both my sister and her husband were relentless attacked.

Two masked individuals dressed in rugged attire kept pounding into Raiden. His slim lanky body looked like a twig ready to snap. I could see his ginger hair being ripped from his skull. Raiden never was a fighter, but he wasn't bending either. Even during the endless kicks and punches he remained strong. He wasn't boxing for himself; he was battling for someone he admired.

"Don't touch her! Let her go-let her go!" Raiden shouted as he was hammered to the ground. His suit soon matched his hair. Ume was locked in an arm hold. Her legs dangled as her attacker kept suffocating the life out of her. Even from a distance I could see her face turning a darker shade. Her delicate hands were barely holding the man's grasp. His jacket's hood, the cream fur, instantly gave his identity away.

"Ayato!" I screamed his name. I would do anything to draw his fixation away from my sister. I inched another few crawls forward. I wasn't afraid. If Raiden could fight for her, so could I. Making a quick quarter turn, the hellish Ghoul faced me. His pointed beak mask lowered down at me. Amusement crossed his eyes.

"Common, you're looking like road kill. At least die with some dignity!" Ayato laughed as he watched me stop to catch my breath. The gravel dug into my palms and knees. Half of my staples were missing from my wounds and were likely punctured in new locations. My fatigued body just stayed on my wobbly fours. It was all I could do not to vomit.

"I know-I know- you're not after her! Just eat me and get it over with! Stop tormenting everyone -!" I wheezed the last words out. My eyes fluttered as the night crept into sight. The streetlights replaced the day sun. I struggled even more to see the threats in my path.

Ayato swung my sister around like a rag doll. Her face was swelling from the lack of oxygen. He did anything but loosen his hold. He was enjoying all of this too well. I felt my head grow heavy. All I wanted to do was sleep. I wanted so badly to be at home, in my bed. I pictured mom bringing me warm dishes of cooked noodle soup as I sat up in bed sketching a new idea. I took for granted those normal Saturday nights.

Mom, How I thought of her. My mind remembered dad too. Our memories as a family flashed in my head. I relived the times when I was jealous of her, of my sister. My sister did no wrong; studios, beautiful, heartwarming, were just some of her many qualities. And no matter how many times I resented her, Ume was always there for me. Ume, was an angel. My gut ached. I couldn't bare the thought of seeing my parents, especially mom, having to burry her. It would be the death of them. I would be responsible for letting my entire family die.

I gripped a hefty rock. Then stood on my two feet. I swayed and nearly collapsed but I stood my ground. Ayato had turned his back. His gaze was fixed on the other monsters wrestling with Raiden. I reared my right arm back, balanced the weight of the stone, aimed, and fired.


The apple size rock sped threw the air before it collided with Ayato's skull. It apparently caught him off guard. His shocked mind instantly dropped Ume. Her petite frame fell to the ground. Her blue gown rested still.

"Ume!" Her husband cried, before another kick was rammed into his side. He groaned before resuming the war between him and his two rivals. Ayato, however, turned his aggression towards me. His Ghoul orbs narrowed in my direction. I reloaded with another weapon.

"Fuck you!" I yelled before launching another missal. As expected, he easily dodged it. His anger boiled. I stood there as I watched a flaming claw-like wings emerge behind him. "Oh shit." How could I have forgotten about their abilities? These are Ghouls, monsters, creatures of the night! They prey on weaklings like myself. They hunger for fear, the exact emotion that was over taking me.

"You fucking bitch-" The Ghoul growled. The intensity of the fire flared around him. His bloodthirsty eyes beamed under his indigo hair. "I'm going to fucking rip you apart! Come here-" His body leaned forward, ready to pounce. I took that as my cue to flee.

My ankles twisted over themselves as I veered backwards. My hair whipped my face as the wind caught it. I was bolting like an Olympic runner and hurdled myself over broken rumble. I ran behind the nearest corner dumpster. I hoped the new construction site would slow him down, as it had me. I had to clasp my mouth to quiet my breathing. Please, don't look here. Please, don't look here…. Please…

"You're pathetic-"

My head-shot upwards to see the enemy perched on the edge of the trash bin. I couldn't even get to my feet before the dumpster behind me was crushed. I ducked and wrapped my arms around my head. A firm hand bit into my leg. I screamed as I felt myself being rapidly dragged. A familiar nightmare was being reenacted. My fingers clung to the earth as I tugged myself away. The monster on the other end refused to let his meal escape. As I reached my hand out to grab another mound of dirt a deeply grooved tread stomped my wrist.

I gasped.

"You stupid humans-" I was hoisted to his gaze. And like my sister, my legs dangled over the ground. "never seem to learn the sequence of the food chain." He practically chuckled at his own joke. I had decided if I were going to die, I wouldn't be remembered as an easy meal.

I collected my germs and spit in his face.

Even though I shook, I wouldn't regret my actions.

Ayato jerked his mask off exposing his gritted teeth. I wasn't brave. Really, I wasn't. My nerves sparked like a broken circuit. Having my flesh peeled off was starting to literally eat away at me. Not fond of my fate I decided to close my eyes. I wanted to drift off. Maybe I could actually sleep through all of it. Please God, just let me fall into a peaceful slumber.

"Ra-Raiden!-Sis-F/N! P-Please!" I heard my sister crying out for help. My eyes reopened. How, how was that possible? Ayato is right here…

"Release her-Ayato."

The Ghoul before me lowered me to the ground. I turned my head just slightly to see Kaneki enraged with his tentacle extensions holding everyone, creatures included in his bound. The red pulsing muscle squeezed out any movement. His silver hair was illuminated under the moon's glow as he watched his target's reaction. At the moment, I wasn't sure if I should be relieved or worried. I winced when a pair of hands spun me around.

"Kaneki you're being brutal-" Ayato said slyly. His harsh hand ran over my dusty face and through my hair. He toyed with my locks hoping to press his opponent further. "You wouldn't chew into my meal? Fucking bastard-" His whispering laugh crawled up my spine.

"I have no interest in them. Have them-but surrender, unharmed what is rightfully mine." Kaneki cracked his knuckle.

"Kan-Kaneki! Save them! Save my sister-Please! Do-don't let them go!" I begged with the strength I had left. Ayato held me tighter.

"Trade-?" The Ghoul behind me asked. "After all-it was in fact, fair game."

I violently shook my head, "No! Kaneki-please! Please don't let go!" I knew exactly the terror that would arise if my sister and Raiden were left in Ayato's hands. Envisioning my innocent sister being devoured by him sent my stomach into knots.

"I won't disagree." Kaneki dropped the two lone Ghouls and an unconscious Raiden.

His once tailor suit was torn to pieces. His face was scrunched up and twisted like a rotten pumpkin. Blood poured from his mouth and nose. He lay there, with contorted limbs; his bones clearly mangled. I wish I could say I felt pity, or that I felt something. Reality was, I couldn't feel anything. My emotions were frozen-stiff as if they had been stored away in a freezer of my subconscious.

Ume continued to cry. Fear was etched in her injured face. Her once dark-luscious hair was now ratty around her shoulders. Her powder blue dress resembled more of the corpse bride than it's usual elegant style. She treasured that gown. Ume would only entertain the idea of wearing it if it were for a special occasion.

She told me it was her good luck charm.

"Hand her over." Kaneki snapped. He was loosing his patients. His tentacles swayed through the air. I felt my attacker, Ayato, slowly began to lighten his grip. He was about to shove me forward and back toward my original enemy. But I couldn't. I couldn't go!

"No!" I chocked out my resentment. I staggered back into Ayato's grasp. "I'm-I'm t-taking my sister's p-place." I could barely get the words out. No one, not even brave soldiers, were comfortable with sacrifice. It's a painful choice to have to make.

"Human emotions-" Ayato gagged, "so unappetizing."

In a flash Kaneki was at my side and holding me hostage. I blinked and already the two Ghouls had made their trade. My heart pounded with anxiety. My sister now was at the mercy of an unstable cannibal. Her pure soul would be stripped, shredded to nothing. I could see it happening before it did.

"Kaneki-let me go! Kaneki-please-please save her! No-Kaneki!" I thrashed all my weight in his hold. Anger and sickness flooded me. He easily had looped my arms behind me as I struggled. Tears spilled over the rims of my lids. I gagged up any emotions that had been brewing in my gut. Watching Ayato drag my sister away was more agonizing than being stabbed.

I tried to jerk my way free. My shoulders were grinding against the tug-a-war fight between Kaneki and myself. He wouldn't surrender. I twisted into him, hoping to use my weight to shove him away. The more I fought, the stronger he became, and the weaker my muscles grew. My feet stomped and stirred up the gravel at our feet. My breathing was erratic as my body tangled with the enemy.

I attempted to make him buckle by nailing him in the shin, but the monster absorbed the blow. Unfazed, Kaneki allowed me to continue my fit of rage. The bones in my wrist were shooting painful aches as I resisted. Raiden's gurgling screams detonated like a grenades against our tussle.

"Enjoy, boys." Ayato grinned devilishly before adjusting his mask.

"Raiden-Raiden! No-please Lord no-!" Ume cried relentlessly.

I wanted to faint, as I saw Raiden's clothing ripped and the hungry mouths of Ghouls tear into his flesh. Chunk of red tissue was pulled from his bones. I could almost here the snapping sounds of the skin being removed. I couldn't believe I was even conscience. I watched, as his colored organs were gorged from his stomach. A kidney splattered left while a piece of intestine was slurred down a Ghoul's throat. The horrible realization was knowing Raiden was still alive. His mind was feeling every claw and bite into him.

"Kaneki! Do something!" I faced him. His eyes were emotionless. "How can you just stand here-? Kaneki he's dying! Do something!" I pleaded with everything I had. But the stone cold demon refused to acknowledge my despair.

Ume screamed relentlessly. Raiden's limbs were being chomped on like scrap bones. Each Ghoul had one arm; both were battling for the remaining meal. Their teeth were wedge deeply into his skin as they continued to pull. They looked like rabid dogs fighting for the kill. Raiden continued to wail as his exposed body started to loose its tension. The blood squirted like a fountain. The flesh began thinning quickly as the two creatures tugged harder.

I was petrified.

I couldn't move.

I couldn't breathe.

"Don't look." Kaneki quickly pulled my head into his chest. His head rested on mine as he held my quivering body. I didn't resist this time; I clamped my hands over my ears and shielded my eyes with his embrace.

But it did little to stop the elastic shot from penetrating my hearing.

The moment paled in comparison to any horror film I had ever watched.

Thanks again everyone for all the reviews, likes, follows, etc!Lots of dialogue and emotions to take in!

Probably won't update for a while-really long chapters are exhausting! Let me know what you think! J


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