When the Sky Cries

3 Part Pale-(Fill up 2)

My mind had drifted to an endless realm of darkness.

All my senses had been damaged except for my smell. And strangely enough, my nose was filled with the familiar scent of coffee spice and the twist of peppermints. I curled tighter into a ball the more I craved that aroma. My memory floated back to a brief period of time when Kaneki and I were together. Though, I didn't see any particular image, I somehow felt an internal connection. It was almost as if, his soul never left.

He was still with me.

"K-Kaneki-" An electric shock jolted me awake. My hands were clenched into fists as my muscles were coming to. Swallowing was rough; my throat was the texture of sandpaper. I feared if I coughed my lungs would produce dust particles.

"Hey-Hey-" A distant voice called. My eyes remained glued shut.

My shoulder felt a strong shove. I groaned with aching tiredness, I wasn't ready to face what punishment was about to be sentenced to me. I just prayed that the good graces were on my side, and maybe I would just get let off with a warning. Kaneki you're not going to be too furious with me, right?

"Hey-Hey common. Get up-" This time, a sharp punch was targeted at my ribs. I winced, before grinding my sore back tendons into a sitting position. It took a moment for me to adjust to the warm light that flooded my vision. The cracks of my eyelids kept blinking their protective layers over my sensitive pupils. Personally, I would have preferred to remain blind, except a forceful hand kept jarring me awake. Finally, my sight cleared.

My head hung low as I stared at my supporting hands. My fingers were smashed over little crimson fibers. I felt slightly numb as I sat in daze.

"Yo-Dude-" Another shake rattled my bones. I squeezed my brows together when a throbbing pulse evaded my skull. I let out an exaggerated exhale, gripped my head, before facing reality. My mouth nearly fell open when I looked at the individual at my side.

"About time you woke perox." The foreign tone spat in my ear. Even through nagging pains, I managed to press a frown on my face. I was heavy with indignation and grief. And for once, not seeing Kaneki was worse than being hit by a freight train. I could handle him; he was predictable. This situation however, was fickle and in the near future would likely be the cause of me spiraling into insanity.

I was feeling like a rag-doll. How could I possibly take much more?

I ran my fingers over my forehead, "And you are-?" I asked with exhausted frustration. The girl before me had lengthy violet-magenta hair with a noticeable cow-lick. Her sloppy chewing habit wasn't far from resembling livestock either, as she continued to munch on god-knows.

Her emerald eyes flicked harshly at me, "Cool it-perox, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have that polar bear hoodie or scarf of yours. You 'ought to be kissin' the ground I walk on." She pointed to her scuffed converse whose treads were facing me. I felt my jaw lock to the right.

"Fine-much thanks for keeping my belongings to their rightful owner." I let my eyes roll. I simply couldn't deal with the immaturity. Even though I turned away from her, she ignored my obvious body language. She tapped my shoulder.

"Here. Snagged-ya a muffin." Her beanpole arm extended towards me with a wrapped heavenly plump treat. I raised a brow. The girl next to me continued to dig into her food. I hesitantly resisted until she danced the item at me. Being courteous, I graciously took the snack.

"Uh-thanks." I ignored the food and instead found myself taking a gander at my environment. It wasn't anything like I recalled. Wait, what was the last thing I remembered?

"Yeah no probs-" The girl smacked her food as she talked in a hoarse voice. She could have easily been mistaken for a man had I not been introduce to her famine features before hand. "So what do dah kids call ya?"

"Huh? Oh, uh F/N." My eyes were focused on the strange decor that encircled us. The floral print walls with the exotic carpet were perplexing. My thoughts were cut short. The girl clapped her turquoise shoes together like a child.

"Well Ima' call ya perox anyway."

I faced her with a confused look, "What-what are you talking about?"

"You're all-you know-washed out lookin' like peroxide. So I shortened it for ya. Much catchier." She nodded her approval. I watched her eyebrow piercing bounce with her. "But you can call me, Chile."

I blinked with an emotionless gaze. The palm of her hand went to her sniffling nose and wiped it clean. Now, I was convinced I didn't know how to handle her. I scratched my head.

"That's-That's um unique."

"Yea, well you're the first dude not to think it was about the weather- cuz it ain't. "She brushed her bangs from her eyes. "Its short for Chile Pepper. Ya know the pepper that's for eatin'?" I decided not to venture into any more details about the topic.

"Classy. So Chile-" I took a breath.

"Yea?" She openly chewed her dessert; the crumbles fell from her lips.

"What is this place? Where are we?" My eyes locked on her. If she was going to lie, I was going to catch her in it. She shrugged as she peeled another side of the wrapper down.

"Donno. None us really know."

I looked around at the scattered individuals in the red and gold designed room. It was a mix of males and females. Our ages didn't seem to have much of a gap. Everyone was either sitting on a couch or leaning against the wall. It was if we were in a vacant pool lounge. There were no lights other than old style lanterns with flickering candles. A soft melody played.

"You mean out of everyone, no one has a god damn clue why they're here? Seriously?" I wasn't going to be a lab rat. I was going to have answers.

"Chill dude, we know why we're here. It's cuz we needed shelter from the battle, you know?" She made a jerky gesture to the outside door. "This is the police headquarters." My eyes widened.

"Police headquarters?"

"Yea, that's what we're guessin'. I mean-we all came in by similar people."

"Similar how?" I noticed more bystanders were taking notice in our conversation. Chile crinkled up her muffin wrapper before tossing it behind her. She rubbed her hands on her camouflage pants.

"Uh- somethin' bout' masks? Yeah, had to do with every officer wearin' masks. " Chille began licking her fingers from the remains of her treat. I narrowed my eyes as I thought about the information that was just given to me. Sadly, nothing was registering.

"What-like gas masks? Is-Is that what you're saying?" I kept pressing further. Another stranger made their way towards us. He was a fairly muscular man with cropped white sleeves and baggy jeans. Average, was his label.

"No. They were exotic designs. More sculpture like than actual functional gear." He sipped a steaming cup. That seemed odd.

Suddenly, memories flashed my mind like lighting.

"Whoa wait, are you describing a Ghoul's mask?" My voice cracked when I let the realization pass my lips. Having to say it was the same as literally having the burden of dealing with it. This was no longer the luxury of living in ignorant bliss. I felt as if my organs had just been washed and were rung out.

"Ghouls? You're delirious." The man shook his head as he held his drink. I pushed my muffin off to the side as I got to my feet. Clamor rose behind me. I carried myself to the solid brass door. My hand stroked the antique metal.

"Who-who remembers the person that escorted you here?" I asked anxiously. My eyes traveled to edges of the walls. The multicolored floral design was a blaring disturbance. The young man let out a snort.

"Hell if I know. It was dark and foggy and I was just relieved to be out of that shit hole. The gunfire was killing my ears. "

"Um-" I heard Chile stuffing another bite of yeast in her mouth. "I'm pretty sure-um-the dude I was with was like wearing some type of bird beak. Kinda like a hawk hottie, you know?" My nails drifted to the wall's surprisingly textured walls. I started to scratch at the surface. My thirst for knowledge kept surging. What the heck was this place?


The sound of warming hands filled the air. And the gruff man from earlier let out a shutter as he paced behind me. His heated breath puffed into his palms.

"Always fucking freezing in this damn place. " Another slurp followed after his complaining. I hadn't realized the room temperature until he mentioned it. I nearly let out a gasp when I noticed my own breath. "The coffee is the only saving grace in this crap shoot. "

I froze.

"Coffee?" I re questioned with a racing heart. Chile stumbled to her feet. She furthered zipped up her edgy street jacket. Her bulky sleeves engulfed her tiny frame.

"Yea, perox there's coffee. I would've gotcha some but I wasn't sure if you liked it. It's pretty bitter." Chile made a gag face. That's when her tongue ring was noticeable."Hold up-when did I arrive here? And-and by whom?" I asked rapidly. My lungs heaved each question as if I had just run a marathon. I was honestly afraid to know. I looked at Chile. She bit her nail and let out another shrug of habit.

"I dunno. Maybe like two days ago or somethin'?" She too grabbed a cup of dark bean coffee off the center ornate table. My eyes nearly bulged from my head.

"Two days!" I practically screamed. I noticed the uncomfortable stares and returned to my formal composure. "Whom did I walk in with? Chile, who!" I grabbed her shoulders the same way I had done to my sister. She got tense and only let out small mutters. That is when the gripping man from earlier interjected.

"Forget ditzy here." He motioned towards Chile. "You didn't stroll in with anyone. You were dragged in and set on the floor. The only thing we were told is that you were unconscious due to being caught in crossfire. And that was the reason for the blood stains on your coat. The officer, the human, told us so. " He finished with a huff of annoyance.

I shook my head in disbelief.

The events leading up to this imprisonment were starting to consume my memory chamber. The dumpster, the girl, the pipe, the well-manicured stranger, the-

"Was the person who brought me in, stylish in any way? As in tailored in a suit or had an accent?" My head ached the more I dug for adjectives. A strawberry blonde by the name of Gin agreed to my description.

"Sounds just like Tsukiyama. He's the head officer here." She smiled sweetly at the thought of his name. Everyone began to chatter amongst themselves. I heard bits of topics about his fancy catering, how charming he was, and also the promise he made about an upcoming banquet.

"Hey, perox you ok?" I felt a nudge from Chile. I looked at her with a horrified face. I so desperately wanted to run to a bathroom and puke my guts up. I knew what trap I was in. The panic was also knowing I wasn't alone and there wasn't just one monster out lurking.

I immediately rushed to the wall again and started to claw at it. I heard spouts from the strangers around me stunned by my aggressive actions. Finally, I managed to get a hold of a piece of the wall and strip it away. The tear was loud and filled the hushed gasps in the room.

"Its- Its wallpaper?" Chile choked on her coffee. Everyone was silent. Behind the floral print was a dusty grey brick. A spider scurried back under the darkness of the paper. I tugged the cover up to the floor. Then I knelt at the base of the room. My skin crawled with anxiety. Luckily, they hadn't taken my razor and I used the blade to cut through the floor. And long and behold the décor was hiding the same stone as the wall. I put the blade back in my pant pocket.

"Holy shit." The guy muttered. Suddenly there were wails of cries erupting from the disturbed group of students.

"It's a prison cell." I whispered. My own fears weren't far from the truth. My eyes wanted to water like the rest. I too, wanted to curl into a ball and weep. I pursed my lips before spinning on my heels to the cluster of strangers behind me. "Alright, can anyone tell me how long they've been here?" I got to my feet.

There were mumbles.

Chile of coarse, was the first to speak, "I've-I've been here 'bout five days. Does that help?" I nodded and waited for additional replies. The hulky man, who was called by the name of Kaito sighed before stating his story.

"I came in with Tsukiyama as well, probably around three days ago. What does it even matter?" I ignored him for the moment. Basically, once everyone had a chance to explain their happening it was concluded no one was there over a week. And either the French boy or another whose name was never mentioned, brought them in. All agreed to being rescued by masked officers.

I sucked in a breath.

"And you're telling me, that for your entire stay they've only served you exceptionally dark coffee and muffins?" I raised a tone. Chile stomped her foot for attention.

"That's not true. We've had brownies before." Again, I decided not to argue. Instead, I trotted to the platinum embellished table and started to rip into a muffin. I smelled the berry filled bread and pinched the substance between my fingers.


"What are ya doing, perox?" I faced the crowed with a cup of coffee and a chunk of dessert. I turned the cup upside down and allowed the steaming liquid to drain to the floor. Then I crumbled the baked good and let the particles settle. Everyone remained stunned.

"You've all been drugged. See?" I pointed at the tiny white fragments that lay over the crimson carpet. "They made sure to use highly scented and strong tasting ingredients to derail you from detecting the meds." Another round of sobs erupted. Chile put her hands on her knees. The outspoken man stood with raised brows and an open jaw.

"You all have to listen to me. This is no headquarters nor did officers help you. This is a prison; Ghouls lured you in. These people-monsters who are cannibals are going to sink their teeth into your flesh. Their heartless eyes will not show mercy for the weeping tears of humans. We are a food source, a filet minion and nothing more."

The room was quiet except for the heavy sobs of hysterical students.

"Dude, we're like pigs, round up for slaughter-"Chile put a hand to her forehead. I could see she was holding back tears.

"Exactly." I replied with a little disappointment myself. My confidence was equivalent to water leaking out a drain. I felt shattered and at a loss. My legs had carried me so far and to be caged like livestock was an unbearable reality. I'm so sorry Ume.

"Wha-What kind of drug was-was- it?" Chile stuttered. I let out a sigh and lightly shook my head.

"Not sure. Could have been a narcotic or a relaxer. Who knows, besides they're freakin'-creature-devouring-devils. There is worse to come than just a mild pill, I can assure you." I swallowed the emotions that were building inside me. Why did I ever leave him? I actually was starting to beg for him. I would give anything to be in the safety of his grasp again. Then I thought of another individual. Anger boiled in my chest. "Bastard" I sneered under my breath.

"What? Whose a bastard?" Chile sniffed as she straightened her back, her ADHD clearly getting the better of her. I rested my back against the brass door.

"The asshole who took my sister. She's gone. And I'll never see her again. She's probably a carcass by now. Her body has probably been rotting for days while I sit in this fucking tomb. And-and I never got to confront him. Never got the last word in. Ayato, that's the bastard I'm referring to. " I had to bite my quivering lip. My intestines twisted. At this point, I was the lost kid in the shopping market who just wanted to find their parent. Who just wanted to call it quiets and forget the candy they were after.

Kaneki please, please find me.

"I'm sorry perox. That's terrible. " Chile rubbed her arms, "What's your sister's name?" I knocked my skull against the metal.

"Doesn't matter. I'm going to be joining her lost soul soon. There's no point in telling. Not to mention, no one in this room is going to survive. Nothing matters." I choked in depression. "Might as well be considered dead."

I sulked with everyone else, until a familiar husky man cleared his throat.

"I'm not much of an optimistic person, but I don't know to many chicks who can sport that bleach color and hair cut not to be able to kick some serious ass." Kaito's tone was deliberate.

I glanced at his strong brow and chin as he marched forward. His messy chestnut bangs swept over his eyelashes.

"Now, quite being a pussy. You're not dead, yet." His words of encouragement flood through me. I smirked at his confidence once I realized his spirit hadn't been tampered. And though mine had been torn; mine wasn't broken. I faced my metallic reflection in the door. And there, I saw the fighter from before and also my protector Kaneki.

I was a survivor.

"I'm- I am going to put all my eggs in once basket." I announced against the group of surrounding people. Some were supporters and others were followers. Either way, we were going to be the prey that fought back.

I barely had a moment to fully remember myself when the door in front me came slamming into view. My eyes were instantly pooled with black blotchy vision. I was thrown into the opposite wall as my nose swelled with pain.

"Bonjour amis!" The cheerful visitor rang. Everyone remained silent as two men came into view. No one had a clue how to react to the situation; every move was like rolling the dice.

I heard a tsk from an expressive tongue.

"Try to be a little less abrasive Ayato. Really, you've startled our guests into becoming as stiff as Greek statues. My apologies ladies and gents-" The actor rambled on his fake script.

Ayato let out a grumble and several curses.

"Now-" Tsukiyama clapped his hands, "who's ready for a change in the stagnate routine, hm? You've all been such wonderful guests; I think a little refresher would be reviving, no? Help wash away all the troubles and have you looking so dandy for your folks when they come." It was apparent that a smile matched his cheeky tone.

Everyone kept their lips sealed.

"Attendez un moment-" The animated Ghoul shuffled further into the room. I could see the side of his pressed suit. Again not even a crease in his new ashen outfit could be seen. The group of students slightly staggered back as the monster advanced. Their low whispers of uncertainty spread throughout the area.

"Common already-" Ayato's complains was cut short. Tsukiyama held up a quick hand of silence.

"Unless my counting skills have gone astray-" he hesitated, "I'm only tallying fourteen of you. That's a problem." His tone dwindled at the end of the sentence. Suddenly, a slick indigo spiral like ribbon went diving into the group. Its tentacle like arm aggressively leeched onto Chile's torso. She struggled as the constrictor Kagune tensed around her. Tsukiyama let out a chuckle as he reeled in his find.

The end of the tail shifted into a pointed blade as he neared it towards her face. The sharp tip nestled between her eyes. My nerves raced as Chile's whimpers slapped me.

"No talkers?" The tailored man teased, "Quelle honte-" The tail swirled in circle around her horrified expression. Then within a blink the Kagune hooked into her brow piercing before ripping it clean. Chile screeched with pain as ring dangled from the Ghoul's extended arm.

The anger flustered inside me.

"Do we need another round?" Tsukiyama danced his tongue around his upper lip. Without thinking, my hand reactively gripped the edge of the door. I allowed all my strength to be built into my shoulders before slamming the heavy metal into the person in its path.

Though it didn't cause any damage it sure caused a ruckuses. The Ghoul dropped Chile in attempt to shield his body from the impact. A pow exploded as the metal became dented by the force. His typical sly grin snaked around the door. Those menacing violet eyes gleamed at me. I stood my ground, aware of my powerless abilities. The Kagune sharked around the doorframe.

"Ah Madame, I was curious to know where you had ventured off to. It's a pleasure to meet you, once again." I flicked away the extended limb.

"Where's my sister. " I practically growled. My demand was to be taken seriously. The Ghoul simply chuckled before tapping my nose lightly. I let out of snort.

"My, my Ayato you're right, it's a good thing she was knocked out before coming into our possession. Kaneki sure has divine taste in women." My teeth started to grind as my frustration boiled.

"Kaneki and I aren't together. He's of none of your concern you piece of shit." Tsukiyama waved me off.

"Now, now no need for such foul language, my lady. Besides-" The Ghoul became uncomfortably close. His aroma of cologne plunged into my nostrils. My lips met with his chest, the fabric almost brushed the skin. I was about to step back when his hand slid into the front pocket of my jeans.

"You still have something of mine, Madame." I let out my tense lungs when the man confiscated his handkerchief. He let in a loud sniff. "Kaneki sure chose well." He gave a twirl off his bouncy feet.

I was about to leap at him, when a body collided with mine. I couldn't hold back a yelp when my head slammed into the dense wall. The pain over the bridge of my nose flooded through my senses.

"Don't be too rash Ayato. We still need her for tonight's banquet. Be ready in ten. Oh an' stall fourteen like we discussed. "

"Let me go! Let go! Ayato!" I thrashed in his hold. The Ghoul simply held me across the chest as he dragged me down a narrow carpeted hallway. My eyes flickered past the rich wallpaper and warm candlelight.

No matter the amount of curses I threw, his concentration never wandered from his determined destination. I was roughly pulled through a side entrance. Ayato didn't hesitate to shove me out into the open space.

Even though I was ranting and threatening earlier, I faintly shook in his presence. In my mind, the memories of him flashed and I couldn't shake the unpredictable persona he had. At least, Kaneki gave fair warning if he was mad. This Ghoul was a whole new breed of hostility. Ayato closed the door behind him with a load bang.

I inconsiderably jumped at the sound.

"Where is she? Where's my sister?" I tried to come across forceful. Ayato removed his mask before strutting up to me. His cold demeanor sent pins through my chest. He practically rolled his eyes at my attempt at taking control.

He let out a sigh, "Still going on about that, huh?"

"You know where she is! Tell me-tell me damnit!" I let my foot stomp the ground. My hands trembled at my sides. I was exhausted. My body craved sleep or even just a relaxing moment. But instead, I was having to pry answers from an kidnapper, a murder, a seasoned villain."You're as ballistic as that day you set off that fucking store alarm. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised. I mean look at you-" He paused before lifting my chin to his gaze, "You've become a runaway, a pathetic street rat. No wonder, Kaneki let you go. If only he saw the pitiful deviant you've become. Honestly, did you believe that he was sincere when he said he'd keep you safe?"

I felt my heart sink like the Titanic. I had never really questioned Kaneki's word. I hardly even paid attention to him, let alone actually processed what he said. I violently shook my head before jerking my chin free.

"You're a filthy fucking liar. But honesty-" I toned up the sarcasm, "its not too surprising coming from a lousy flesh eating diseased pig. I mean look at yourself, who in their right mind would ever take you seriously-"

Ayato growled as his hand went to my throat. His weight and force pinned me against the wall. I chocked as his grip tightened. I felt my face swell from the rising pressure in my head. The blood had stopped flowing and the suffocation was making me panic. My nails clawed at his hand.

"You're the reason people end up dead! I can't stand that rancid non respectful mouth of yours." His fingers turned into my esophagus. The clam he had was painfully crushing the bone. My eyes began to water. No matter how I tried, I couldn't even inhale a once of air. My lungs burned for relief.

After a tense moment Ayato's hold gradually released. Instantly, I went into a coughing fit as I tried to flood myself with fresh oxygen. My body went limp against the wall. My energy was drained. I couldn't continue like this. My pulsed raced as the monster stood near. His eyes had changed to their Ghoulish appearance. With heavy breaths, I managed to look him in the eye. It was a stand off, human against devil. Ayato narrowed his gaze.

"You won't survive tonight. You're not fit enough to live. You're like my sister, a fake softy whose delusional perception on the world only leads to failure. Kaneki chose well in letting you go. " I pushed myself from my crutch.

"My duty isn't to survive. I'm not living, now, for myself. I'm still taking an extra step, waking up another day, only so I can find my sister. My sister is all that I'm worried about." I spat my words before rising to my full height. "And that's all I need to keep going."

Ayato unexpectedly closed the gap between us. His warm breath blew on flesh of my cheek. I could almost hear the beat of his heart. Our bangs touched as his hand slid up the side of my neck. I was started by his reaction.

"You're as fucking stubborn as a blind jackass." I was about to retort back when I felt his other hand reach under my arm. He immediately pressed his frame against mine. I let out a gasp of shock. I hadn't predicted this and my mind started to go fuzzy as the wires inside my head began to fry. I couldn't move. His weight along with power was beyond overbearing. I struggled to free my face but his Ghoulish physique kept me planted.

"Ayato what-what are you doing. Stop!" My arms did their best to shove him away but to no avail. I was subjected to his predator hold. His right hand crept to my jaw. His thumb smoothed my bruised skin. I let out a noticeable wince.

Ayato leaned in and forcefully laid his lips on mine. I wanted to scream but his tongue had covered my vocal passage. His grip on me was deadly tight. Between his pressed kiss and my squished body, I was struggling to keep from seeing stars. I jerked on his sleeves and even attempted to kick at him but the Ghoul continued. His coated lips never parted and his tongue invaded every inch of my mouth.

If I could have fainted and forgotten the moment, I would have traded my kidney for it. After several moments Ayato pulled back but only for a second before he returned with a firmer kiss. His hand behind my back traveled lower. I could feel my muscles practically sheading from straining so hard. I didn't want this; I didn't want him. To prevent tears, I tried to imagine Kaneki holding me. My mind locked away this event and replaced it with the calming time when we danced on the rooftop.

I now realized, the biggest mistake I ever made. Ayato probably wasn't far from the truth. Kaneki was most likely disgusted by me. He wasn't looking for me. My rescuer probably hung up his cape and retired. And if he saw me like this, like a street rat, all grimy and uncomfortable in my disguise, what would he possibly want with me? I was nothing but a pain. I did nothing but run him ragged and even disobey when he never did anything to me. In fact, all Kaneki did was shelter me and repeatedly got me out of trouble. Why would he ever want to save me again?

I pulled my lips from Ayato and laid my head on his shoulder.

Kaneki you wouldn't be mad, would you?

I couldn't control myself as I let my emotions seep onto his clothing. I was so drained, physically and mentally that my protective outer shell had crumbled. All I wanted was to be wrapped up comfortably under the covers in my bedroom. I wanted this miserable state I was in, to vanish. I wanted the fire to be put out, for my worries to be washed away, and for the pale's last drip of water to empty from the bottom.

"Wh-where is she, Ayato please tell me what happened to her? What happened to my sister?" I was barely able to pass the words from my mouth. I heard a slight smirk cross his mouth as he pulled me back. His eyes roamed over my weaken body."You know, I can save you. " His fingers ran down my arm. I didn't flinch. I didn't care. "I can take you away from here. And unlike Kaneki I would keep my promise, my plead and not let you in harms way." I pinched my brows as I looked at him. His invitation sounded so inventing, so comfortable. I wanted to jump into his arms and be whisked away from here.


I stayed limp in his hold.

"What about my sister? I need to find my sister." I whispered my true desire. Ayato stared into my searching orbs. I wasn't going to let the topic drop. I had to come to terms with her death. If her end had come, then so should mine.

"If your wondering if she's dead-she's not." Ayato was blunt. My heart skipped a beat. I felt my spirit perk up. Wait, was he lying? My hands clung to his ebony jacket.

"Tell me, Ayato tell me where she is! Now! I want to see her, tell me where she is- god damnit!" I pounded and slapped my hands on his chest. I let out final huff before the Ghoul brushed me off and then cupped my face.

"You'll see her. But don't you want to leave this place? Don't you want to be free and be human again? Don't you miss your parent's, your freedom?" His touch tapped my cheek. I swallowed before answering.

"Yes, well-yes -anyone would. Any of us would want that."

"I can grant you that. I can hand you the key to the locked door. " I felt his hand run through my hair. It was rather soothing. I snapped out of my trance when my head started to rise above the fog. With a confused expression, I looked at him directly once more.

"You? You would save me? You who bit me and then violently dragged me back to Kaneki? You?" I gave him a skeptical look. Ayato let out a small laugh before dragging a thumb under my jaw and down the side of my neck.

"You shouldn't hold such a grudge. I did what I had to, to save you then. " I felt his fingers wrap around the back of my nape. "Would you not want me to salvage the old you?" He had leaned in and whispered his captivating words into my ear. Normally, I would have shivered and even gone as far as to rip his tongue out. However, I glanced around the stone box I was held in, my future was so daunting I wasn't sure if I wanted to endure what was to come.

Kaneki you wouldn't be mad would you?

"Y-Yes-" I choked out with uncertainty. The Ghoul pulled his head back; I felt the sweep of his hair brushed over my skin. He raised my chin.

"It's good to know you still have some sense left in you." He paused. I raised a brow before I heard him continue. "You just have to relinquish your sister. And we can be on our way."

"What?" I questioned tiredly. I couldn't think of not one more thing. My brain had turned to mush and was being dissolved in acid. "What are you implying?"

"I can't drop my end of the bargain, otherwise I won't get what I want out of the deal. I promised this banquet a rare treat, something worth the entertainment tonight. But-the trade only included one person. I assumed my favorite human would crave this escape more than anyone. "

I was silent.

"Just leave your sister and you won't become a picked over carcass. And believe me, with your taste, they won't be so eager to stop once they start." I watched his Ghoul eyes vanish. I shifted uncomfortably on my feet. My teeth chewed over my already sore tongue. The cuts from before were already tender and starting to bleed.

"No." I pulled my shoulders back. "No-I would never leave her behind. I rather have my throat slit and my legs behind gnawed on like chicken bones than wake up every morning knowing I killed her. That's not who I am. I won't go to my grave with blood on my hands."

Ayato clenched his jaw before roughly pulling my hand from my side. I barely had time to react when a scorching pain raked over my palm. I let out a shriek when I noticed the blood dripping from the attacker's mouth. My hand throbbed and shook in his grasp. Ayato licked his lips clean.

My eyes expanded at his dramatically changed behavior.

"So be it. You'll be going with her shortly, you will forever have regrets -" Ayato pulled out a cloth and allowed the fabric absorb an ample amount of blood. The clean cotton lace was instantly stained into a smeared resemblance of a bleeding heart.

"Let's go, I.D fourteen."

"Don't-don't let go of-o-of my hand, F/N." I could feel Ume's grip shaking within mine. Her nerves were transferring into me as we waited before a massive metal bolted door. Luckily, no one could hear my trembling breathes. The theatrical music from beyond our wall was loud cover up. It sounded, as though, it was the melodies to an Opera. The boisterous singing along with the dramatic tune only sent more unsettling adrenaline into me.

I had convinced the other students, my sister, even myself that we could handle this. However, my courageous words seemed as useless as a pale of water putting out a raging fire. I gulp back any upcoming vomit.

My palm stung intensely as I squeezed Ume's clammy hand. The deep cut leaked its fatal reminder how fleshy venerable we, humans were. We were made up of nothing more than tissue, organs, and a few meaty tendons that were fused to brittle crunchy bones. It was sickening to realize how edible our entire bodies were.

I stood first in line with locked knees. My eyes met with the circler brass décor, a haunting old man's features carved into it. The darkness was suffocating as we waited in torture. The stomping of the guards and the clanking of weapons kept all of us clustered together, huddling in fear.

My heart's beat wormed its way into my throat.

"We're going-to-to be alright aren't weperox?" Chile whispered over my shoulder.

Out of the corner of my sight I caught the view of a dragging corpse. The light limited the assaulter but the trail of blood and chunks of organ matter was inevitable. I faced forward when the door in front began to grind upward. The clanking of the metal gears and the tension of the rope screeched as the gap between the floor was lifted.


Hope everyone enjoyed the chapter! Very different I know.

But almost done with the final chapter and let me just say….I'm on edge! lol

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