Fireflies : The Man From Nowehere Sequel

Forgive Me for Still Being Here

I am back. Forgive me for not visiting the last 8 years. And I’m sorry for still not being able to be with you.

He bent his head over the memorial, a little enclave that housed a photograph of a beautiful lady and a sweet pair of white baby shoes.

He tried to build a new life when he met her.

He was a decorated officer.

The best in his game, and the most lethal.

Then his wife came into his life – and he did not want to be a government assassin anymore.

Did not want to be their killing machine again.

He wanted a new beginning.

But they would not let him.

They killed her. Together with his unborn child.

Hoping he would stay with them. Or die.

They rammed into his car while she waited for him, and made it look like it was done by the enemy.

And they shot him in the chest.

Leaving him to die.

But he survived. And he did not go back to them.

He did die with his wife and child that day.

And he disappeared from the face of the earth, into a pawn shop.

As a ghost.

Where So-Mi was his only friend.


Again, as he paid his respects, an alert but sad pair of dark brown eyes observed him.

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