Forever Is A Long Story

By E.E.Lewis

Mystery / Romance

Phones and Messages

Lester Cole: What do you know what goes on inside a man's mind? Outside he may look like a gentleman, but inside he may have the hankering for ... murder.

The car ride was fast, but caked with silence. Henry was looking out the window, off in his own little world; in a thoughtful state of mind—and Jo kept her focus on driving, knowing that she was not getting any answers at least not before arriving at the Morgan's residence. Impatience caught up with her every time a red traffic light halted them. She had even honked her horn several times at a car who was driving a little too slow...for her standardised opinion, and the detective almost put her police sirens and flashing lights on. She didn't proceed to accomplish this action, for there was no imminent danger, and her badge—especially her gun—were two possessions she wanted to hold onto.

Henry also gained much restlessness, but showed it less than his partner. He desperately wanted to make sure his son was alright. Any father would feel the same way; family was always important. Adam was never someone to be trifled with—more specifically mortals who stood in his way. The immortal shrink, from Henry's difficult analysis, had much pride. Thinking he had an immense superiority factor over everyone, including the medical examiner. This was one of the few things Henry could figure out about his 'fan'. It was apparent to see; the immortal called himself Adam for he had said he was in the world since the beginning. His narcissism was quite present when he also spoke. It was with overconfidence. All those traits jumbled together made a person have a hankering for murder...and cynical games.

Parking (legally) along the antique shop's street, the duo stepped inside, using long quick strands. The door flew wide open, making a chiming noise so that Abe always knew when a customer entered. The owner anticipated the duo to come promptly, so he waited next to the entrance, peering out the window for any automobile to pull up in front.

"Abe are you hurt? Are you ok?" Henry blurted, pushing his son in for a bear hug, glad nothing happened.

"I'm fine dad. I wasn't even here when Adam broke in…although I don't know if I could call it breaking in…it was done so expertly I hadn't even noticed until I opened the safe." Abe made clear, welcoming the hug, then moving to sit down on one of the antique chairs being sold in the store.

"How do we even know it's Adam? It could have just been a simple burglary." Jo stated, more tension adding to her day was something she didn't want, but expected.

"Look at the facts detective. The thief knew precisely at what time Abe was going to leave, so it couldn't have been a spontaneous robbery. Additionally, why would the thief only take a gun, when there are far more valuable items in the safe? So the culprit must have been Adam since he probably knew we had my gun hidden in the house somewhere." The M.E explained. Nevertheless, it seemed Jo still had yet to agree, until she knew why the gun was so special.

"Before we continue, I think it's a good idea to fill me in about this gun of yours Henry. I know it was what killed you before you gained immortality (she was still having trouble saying that word), but what have you not told me?" Jo demanded, crossing her arms at the same level as her waist, acting stubborn.

Henry cast a glimpse at Abraham, who was motioning with his eyes that he was not explaining a thing, letting the immortal do the honours. He adjusted his scarf subconsciously.

"You've probably already figured this out, but the place where you found my watch and the photo…I had been there…but died. I had a standoff with Adam. He wanted us to try out a hypothesis he came up with. That the weapons what cursed us, could take away our immortality and kill us for real. I am not a murderer so I couldn't kill him, but he shot me with my gun. As you can see, his assumption was way off." Henry said, motioning to himself.

"Ok, but if the gun is harmless to you, why are you both so anxious about it being stolen?" Jo asked, getting fed up. She didn't like being the one out of the loop, always having to ask questions, but it came with the occupation.

"Think of it this way. We are not concerned about what was stolen," Abe commenced.

"But who stole it." Henry pursued the sentence.

"If Adam stole it," The father continued.

"There must be a reason." The son carried on.

"And Adam's reasons are never good." The doctor finished, posing his fingers to his chin.

Jo couldn't help herself from chuckling. They were truly father and son; even finishing each other's sentences, sounding truly dramatic. Both parties looked at her strangely, not understanding the reason for her entertainment. They shrugged it off when it seemed she wouldn't elaborate. "If this were an ordinary robbery I would call it in, but since it isn't I don't know where to start. I don't see Adam trying to sell it, so we can't track the gun from any online bidding websites. I'm stuck Henry. This is one investigation I can't seem to find any leads on...since this guy has quite the upper hand." Jo let out an exasperated sigh, she felt like sitting down, but restricted herself.

"Don't worry Jo, we'll figure something out." Henry said reassuringly, exposing a warm smile.

She glanced at her watch 2:32. Time flew by when running all over the place. "I really got to run, I have already spent too much time on this and I have a job to get back to!" Jo said, rushing out the door. "I'll call you later Henry! After I'm finished work." She told him, rummaging through her coat pocket to find her keys, and unlocking her car with a swift push of a button. She half-waved before entering her car, zooming to the eleventh precinct.

Henry, whose work was less strict about him leaving at odd hours, also went back to the M.E's office, but with a much slower pace. He knew his assistant was good enough to work efficiently by himself...usually, so he was trusted not to muck up any of the autopsies.

The rest of the day was slow and uneventful for the student of death. Just an ordinary work day. He checked Lucas' reports of the two bodies, feeling quite proud of his assistant. He had taught him well.

Henry couldn't stop looking at the time, realising that it seemed to be going slower, but he knew that that was an impossibility. However, being immortal was an impossibility as well.

Henry got home quickly, for he was awaiting a phone call from Jo. He wasn't exactly sure when she was going to telephone him because her work hours were always shifting around, depending on the cases she was working on. However, the immortal knew that there were no baffling homicides on her plate right now, so she was going to phone him in the following hour or so. Along with Abe, they relaxed sincerely for once in a long time, putting to their lips the wonderful fragrance of red wine. Its taste on Henry's pallet was bitter, but sweet enough to enjoy with a feeling of pleasure.

When both family members sat together peacefully chatting amongst themselves, it was 6:00 o'clock. The most discussed topic was Henry's day, more precisely Henry's encounter with the taxi driver. Worrisomely, after dinner, a glass of wine and a long chat, it was 8:11—and Jo still hadn't got in touch with Henry. The Englishman's first thought was that she had forgotten or had been caught up with work, but he had a feeling that was churning his insides. Something wasn't right. Jo was always a woman who was true to her word, and never late. Both things not happening was not a coincidence.

Tapping his foot nervously, he stood up, needing to go and see if his partner was alright. Abraham had already noticed the vexed look on his father's face. Usually, that face was always connected with Detective Martinez somehow. This time he knew why.

"Dad, Detective Martinez can take care of herself. She'll probably call in the next few minutes." Abe assuaged, but Henry stayed hidebound to the thought of Jo being in some sort of dilemma. Seeing that reassurance wasn't working, the antique lover chose a different approach. "Why don't you call her instead of waiting for her to call you?" It seemed like the family roles had switched places.

"Yes, yes, indeed you are right as always Abe." Henry responded, patting his son's back and advancing to the phone. He picked it up, dialing Jo's cellphone number he had written down on a piece of paper in case of emergencies, which lay on top of the counter next to the telephone. It also contained her work number along with her extension and her home number that she needn't know he had.

It ringed until Jo's voice came on; her recorded message. Jo always picked up her cell phone. Now along with his churning innards, butterflies started to appear in the pit of his stomach. Something was positively wrong. Henry usually gathered facts before coming to a conclusion, but this time he was using mostly feelings. And this feeling wasn't good.

He called her work next. His heart lifted when someone picked up. It then plummeted when Hanson responded.


"Hanson, is Jo there?" Henry asked rather in a loud unnatural voice.

"Was going to ask you the same question. Haven't seen her since she left in a hurry sometime during lunch. Do you kn—" Henry put down the phone, not caring how rude he had just been. His gentleman-like personality was diminishing from being too focused on one specific thing...person. He would have to apologise later.

Henry's last resort was her home number, he dialed, it rang; nothing. An electronic message. She probably deleted her last one, due to the fact it probably contained her late husband's voice on it. Both of them talking merrily, asking the person who phoned to leave a message after the tone. Putting the phone down for the last time, he could see his hands shaking abnormally. It shocked him to realise how much of an impact Jo could have on him. He couldn't deny that a lot of unanswered feelings were being thrown into the blend, and he was going to make sure that he would discuss them...when he found Jo.

"She isn't picking up her phone. I'm going to her house just in case." Henry told Abe.

"You really shouldn't be doing this..." But Henry was already gone. "By yourself, I was going to say...never mind. Be safe..." Abe finished, mumbling even if he knew his father couldn't possibly hear him.

He ran, knowing she lived not that many blocks away (it actually was quite a lot). He was utterly distraught, even had forgotten to put on his scarf. The cold wind stopped hitting his face as he came up to his partner's front door, knocking on it rapidly, and calling out her name numerous times. Nobody was home.

During the period Henry called out his friend's name loudly, he didn't hear footsteps coming up behind him. He didn't even have time to turn around because darkness had already enveloped him, blood trickling into his hair. Was that a shovel? Henry Morgan...hit with a shovel. Terribly way to fall unconscious...or was it a terrible way to die?

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