Forever Is A Long Story

By E.E.Lewis

Mystery / Romance

First Degree Abduction

"I should know better than anyone-you can't tell who a person is just from his looks..."

It was a simple fact stating the obvious; Jo did not make it back to work. Fate had another much more diabolical plan in mind, tottering under the issue of fatality—abduction. Although abduction was less severe than being buried alive, tortured or raped, it still did horrific wonders to the human psyche, unless the abductee had police training and a bucket load of courage. Luckily, Jo possessed both. For a woman, she had balls of steel—but every human had their breaking point. The only way not to fall victim to it, is if the person got rescued before that happens. Some could withstand being kidnapped for months, it all depended on the perpetrator...and its prey. The last thing a victim would want to do was run, because there was nowhere to flee to...dying was usually the only escape route. In the midst of desperation, Jo wasn't going to be the prey, she wanted to be the survivor...

Jo didn't know her car had been tinkered with; sabotaged after the engine started coughing up smoke and choking like a man with food stuck in his wind pipe. Pulling her car next to a curb, she got out and slammed her fist onto the bonnet out of frustration. Her day seemed not to like her since she felt it getting worse and worse. She cranked open the hood, letting the engine cool down, needing to call a tow-truck. Cars were never her strong suit; guns were more adequately fitted with her expertise. She sighed, the Lieutenant was not going to be pleased with her coming into work with extreme tardiness stamped on her forehead.

She took her phone out from her pocket, but didn't ever need a number for a towing service. She would have to ask someone, or find the yellow pages. The detective eyed her surroundings. She was situated on a small back street, (she took this route because it was a quicker way to the precinct) not many cars passed through since it wasn't anywhere worth knowing. Perfect spot for predators to seek out their target—but Jo didn't know that.

She bent down, checking her engine once more, just in case it worked well enough for her to be able to drive it to the precinct. Alas, that was when she was the most vulnerable. She was caught by surprise, not having a chance to touch her gun. It was much less painful than being hit by a shovel. A hand moved in front of her face, covering it with a cloth. A chloroformed cloth. She didn't even have time to scream. The anesthetic took its poll, and she fell into a mandatory dream state. Even with her combat training, being taken by surprise always had the upper hand. Escaping was futile because she was already taken.


She awoke in an unknown warehouse, feeling extremely dopy and head pounding like there was a hammer at work. She started to lift her hands to her head out of instinct, but couldn't. They were chained behind the chair she sat upon. Ropes snaked around her ankles. At least she wasn't gagged. If she were an ordinary woman, she would start screaming bloody murder, but she was an intelligent young one. Screaming for help would get her killed much faster, and she didn't have a death wish.

It was hard for her to concentrate on the problem. The chloroform was still giving her side effects. Jo struggled ferociously with the restraints, but nothing came loose. Even the chair was solidly bolted to the ground. She found that her gun was missing, along with her badge, not to her surprise. Her coat had also been taken off, no chance of recovering her cell phone. Knowing she couldn't do anything, she scanned her surroundings, her head starting to clear up.

She was sitting in a large open area; a warehouse. Her only ringed ambience was composed of a couple of large beams, pieces of discarded trash, and another chair, facing her quite a lengthy distance away. The windows were very few so the lighting was obscure, but there was enough light sifting through to see. Jo couldn't lose hope and didn't panic, but sometimes that can all disappear in a blink of an eye.


Jo didn't know exactly how long she had been stuck inside the warehouse, forced to sit on an uncomfortable chair. She donned a watch, but sadly her hands were tied behind the chair, and she didn't have eyes in the back of her head. As the light shining from the windows got shrouded by darkness, a couple of light bulbs flickered on. The detective didn't know if it was a curse or a miracle; she wouldn't have to be in the dark, but now she wouldn't be able to sleep. The lights were quite bright.

That's when she heard footsteps coming from outside, becoming louder. It seemed like the person was dragging an object across the floor. Jo wished it wasn't human. The door opened with a click, sounding like a lock was placed on the handle, not letting anyone enter...or rather keeping people from leaving. She saw a man, sporting a hat, but her eyes were not fixed on him. She was centering her regard on the other man; passed out. Henry Morgan.

Jo wasn't scared for her life, or panicked whilst she realised she was kidnapped. Now was a whole different story. She couldn't let Henry die. That she feared much more than her own life. She could see dried blood soaked in his brown hair. She started squirming. Wanting...needing to go and see if her partner was alright.

"Let me go! Don't drag Henry into all of this!" Martinez yelled at the man who was placing Henry on the chair opposite her. Only tying his hands and nothing else. The chair was also bolted to the floor. It seemed Henry didn't need to be restrained as much because Jo was going to be used as leverage.

"It is a pleasure to meet you detective. Henry had told me so much about you...well he hasn't but that's not the point." The man said, ignoring Jo's angry tone towards him.

"Who are you?" She asked, still struggling, using all her force.

"Now think hard. I'm Henry's number one fan." The man chuckled, closing the distance between them. Jo gasped; it was Adam. "Now sweet dreams...I have to wait for Henry to wake up before starting our much needed conversation." Muffled by her many blasphemous screams, the immortal knocked her out, using the same technique as before. Anesthesia worked wonders in the criminal world.


Henry was having trouble keeping his eyes open. The blurriness was fogging his sense of sight. He assumed to have gained a slight concussion from what his symptoms were. His short term memory was foggy for a few moments, but then it started to all come back. Jo was missing, he went to her house, and then got hit from behind with a shovel. His head still hurt.

Henry shook his head, thinking he was hallucinating because Jo's silhouette appeared in front of him. He blinked continuously, seeing that his hands were tied behind the chair he was sitting on. Henry saw Jo with her eyes closed, it was unquestionable that she was not sleeping. Unconscious was a better definition. That's when he knew that his brain was certainly not playing tricks with him.

He was too wise not to know who was behind everything; Adam. The man who stood behind him, watching his friend's reaction to waking up in front of his also abducted friend. It amused him, seeing the expression of shock, then horror, knowing that she was in danger. Now he needed the female to wake up once again. He waited patiently, he had enough time. He slipped back into the shadows, not wanting to reveal himself just yet. Timing was everything.

Henry started to call Jo, trying to awaken her from her slumber. "Jo! Jo! I need you to wake up! Wake up!" He shouted, trying to get out of his restraints but to no avail, his strength was diminished because of his concussion.

He stopped struggling when he saw Jo stir, shifting positions, groaning from inhaling too much chloroform; it wasn't healthy. The M.E saw Jo's eyes flicker open, getting used to the light. When she saw Henry, fear and worry flashed in her eyes.

"Henry...its Adam...he's behind all of this." Jo whispered, not knowing that their abductor was able to listen.

"I know. We will get out...I promise." Henry whispered back with absolute sincerity.

"You shouldn't promise things you can't keep Henry." Adam finally revealed himself, walking in-between the two partners. Henry was about to object with anger, but Adam ignored him, taking out The gun out from his inner coat pocket. He kept staring at it, talking. "At first, I thought that the gun didn't kill you because maybe I used the wrong type of bullet...but then it struck me, and everything made sense." A satisfactory smile formed on his face, cleaning the gun with a cloth. "But before any of that." He looked at Jo. "I see you know our secret." He then looked at Henry. "You knew I would never let this slide. Everybody time." A flash of anger showed up on his face, touching Jo's cheek. The detective tried to remove herself from his touch, so Adam clenched her face tighter.

"She has nothing to do with this! What about Abe? He knows our secret. What? You're going to kidnap him too?" Henry asked, looking at Adam straight in the eyes.

"He can be trusted. I can see how loyal he is to his father. But, she on the other different." Adam sneered, letting go of Jo's face.

"I told you she is not a problem." Henry responded.

"Oh on the contrary, she's why we are all here." He smirked

"When I get free, I will arrest you and you will rot in prison forever!" Jo yelled, getting fed up of their hostage situation. She realised how crazy the guy really was.

"Feisty, but that will never happen." He laughed. "Now let's go back to my revelation. Did you know that here are few cursed objects that have been scattered through time? This gun is one of them. It cannot take away a curse...but it can give one to any mortal. Just—with—one—shot." He articulated slowly, pointing the gun directly at Jo.

Henry's heart stopped, he had to do something. "You are a monster, not respecting human life, only your own. How can it be so easy for you to kill?" Henry asked trying to release himself from his bondages. He was trying to stall.

Adam lowered the gun, going up to Henry. "It is true that I do not respect human life more that I respect my own. And if it is easy for me to kill, that is because I am not afraid of death. I can look at it in the face. That's why I am going to kill your partner. Don't worry, she'll probably just end up with the same curse as us. What a horrible way to live, as you well know. Then you will always know that it is your fault she will have to live forever. Don't feel bad...she'll still have you. But she will see all her other loved ones die, and have to relocate every decade." He untied Jo. She was now standing in the middle of the large room, hands in the air. The gun was pointed back at her.

"Henry..." Tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Jo, everything will be fine." Henry said, not completely telling her the truth. He felt like his heart was slowly giving away.

"I trust you." Jo swallowed, voice shaking. She did have a really old gun pointed at her. She was giving up, knowing she would die soon. This was when all hope left her.

"Now just tell yourselves that everything will be fine." Adam said with a cold voice. "Now goodbye, hope the water is warm." A loud bang echoed through the room, a shot was fired...

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