Prosecutorial Misconduct

Chapter 11

Hawthorne got in her car. She watched through the rear view mirror, as McCoy helped the woman gather what looked like a tackle box and a pair of fishing poles. She grinned, shaking her head with disgust as she saw McCoy embrace the woman, whispering in her ear. The woman said something that made him laugh again as, she kissed his lips.

Same old Jack, she thought as she turned the key. He hasn't even had time to change the sheets and he's out looking for his next conquest.

Hawthorne watched intently as the couple left on foot. They were walking towards the marina. Hawthorne assumed they were either going to fish on the pier or maybe take the morning charter out. Either way, that gave her the time she needed to tie up loose ends.

She parked around the corner from the Cape Cod style cottage and put on her gloves. She was alone. No people outside. No cars on the small street. She carefully looked through the windows, as she went around to the back of the house, retrieving the key McCoy and his ex wife had kept for years underneath the stack of firewood on the side of the house.

Hawthorne quickly slipped it in the lock. It still amazed her that two otherwise intelligent people, would fall into such an obvious and potentially dangerous habit. Once inside, she punched in the code she knew by heart and headed towards the master bedroom.

She smiled to herself as she pulled the box down from the closet shelf. She looked around the room she herself had been a guest in many times. The only thing that seemed to have changed since she and McCoy were together, was the comforter at the foot of the bed.

All these years and Liz still hasn't replaced the wallpaper, she thought smugly, as she stared at the striped walls. The only taste that woman ever had was in her mouth..

Hawthorne sat on the side of the bed. She set the box down as she brought a pillow to her face. She closed her eyes, breathing in the scent of McCoy's musky cologne.

With a sigh, she opened her eyes and picked up the box. She lifted the lid. Satisfied the contents were in order, she replaced the cover and stood.

Hawthorne was about to reset the alarm when the sound of a chair leg scrapping against the wood floor behind her made her turn suddenly.

McCoy waited for Monique Jeffries to make the left turn out of the parking lot and onto the main road before continuing their discussion.

"You're sure Diana saw us?"

Jeffries fought the desire to roll her eyes. She nodded, trying to keep the edge out of her voice as she answered the same question for a third time.

"Jack. I was facing her. When I kissed you - even from that distance - I could see her turn whiter than Casper. She saw us," she said flashing him a smile. "Just remember what I said about extra services."

McCoy grinned.

"Monique, your willingness to play along is worth whatever rate I find on my bill from your office. I'm just glad you were willing to go along with Fontana's scheme."

"I've learned to trust Joe instructs," she said seriously. "When he said he hadn't found any useable prints at your house, I knew we'd have to set Hawthorne up somehow. I just hope our little scene in the parking lot was enough. She did drive off towards you place. Hopefully, she thinks you were going to be gone long enough for her to try to get that camera."

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