Prosecutorial Misconduct

Chapter 2

Jack walked swiftly through the crowded parking lot. The chilly ocean breeze whipped against his freshly shaven face. He knew it was a reckless thing he was doing. He knew better than to play head games with a murderer. But reason had given way to curiosity. Caution had been discarded in favor of defiance. He told himself that the risk was justified.

It was better than losing sleep over unanswered questions. Questions starting with how, just hours after having been released from custody, Samantha Weaver had known where to find him? But deep down, McCoy knew it was more than that a quest for answers that was driving him to dine with Samantha Weaver.

Over the course of the previous eighteen months, McCoy's moderate drinking, had steadily inched towards excessive. It was a trade off against his growing inability sleep through the night. It was no surprise that the migraines were also coming more frequently.

Both this primary physician and Liz Olivett shared the same diagnosis; post traumatic stress due to not one but two horrific events. Witnessing Leland Barnes being shot on the courthouse steps, after weeks of McCoy himself being a target on Barnes hit list, as well as the sudden and brutal death of his assistant ADA Alexandra Borgia, had left permanent scars. This was especially true of Alex's death.

It was a tragedy McCoy still held himself responsible for.

He knew he should turn back. Maybe even file a complaint with the police. Too bad Lennie Briscoe isn't around anymore to take that complaint, McCoy thought with a chuckle. He could only image the ribbing Briscoe would have given him for informing the 2 7 that he was alarmed by beautiful woman, who was almost half his age, kissing him and inviting him to dinner. Maybe we should call out the SWAT team...that would be something that wiseass Briscoe would have come up with...Yeah, Lennie would have been rolling on the floor over this.

Knowing what he should to do and actually doing it were entirely different things. McCoy was tired. Tired of jumping when a truck backfired. Tired of looking over his shoulder every time he received another death threat. He wanted control of his life back and confronting Samantha Weaver seemed like as good a place as any to try to regain that control.

Besides, it was a public place. Lots of tourists would be in for the weekend arts and crafts festival. It wasn't like he was cocky enough to meet her somewhere secluded. For all of her innuendo, McCoy was savvy enough to know this woman was toying with him. He wanted to know why. He wanted to know how she knew where to find him. He was also interested in seeing how far she was willing to take this seduction farce to get what ever it was she was really after.

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