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Dragon Ball Z: Protea

By Fail2Ninja

Drama / Scifi


The force of a ki blast tore its way through the walls of the Saiyan palace, causing them to crumble. On other worlds, the palace guards would have jumped into action and rushed to see if their ruler was safe. Here however, no Sayian warrior dared to move a muscle, unless they wanted to become their king's next victim. Still sitting on his throne, King Vegeta rubbed his temples looking at what once had been one of his loyal soldiers. Who had been unlucky enough to give his king news he didn't want to want hear.

"Damn those Yousari bastards!" he grumbled. "Dangerously close to the agreed border? Since when did the border increase to include two whole systems?!"

The strength of the Saiyan race was infamous throughout the galaxy; the talk of horror stories and how they could conquer entire planets in days or annihilate them in a single night. Most would run in terror at the mere mention of their name. This was not the case for the Yousari, a race of humanoid plants native to the planet Alastromeria. Said to have the largest empire of planets next to Cold Empire. Lord Frieza, who had his greedy little eyes set on those thriving planets long ago, had ordered the Saiyans to conquer them like they had all the rest. The Yousari however, were formidable opponents. Not only had their warriors been able to stand up even to the Saiyan elite in a straight fight, but large groups had been able to topple and murder Saiyan warriors in their Ozuuruu forms. It took years of bloodshed on both sides before the current Yousari Queen had sent King Vegeta a message proposing a ceasefire.

King Vegeta at first had wanted to take said message and shove it down the Queen's throat, but Lord Frieza insisted that he agree to it. The humiliation had been unbearable, but King Vegeta gave in to the tyrant's wishes. When he inquired as to why the heir to mighty Cold line was giving in so easily, he simply said,

"Let's let this game play out a little longer."

King Vegeta still wasn't sure what 'game' Frieza was playing but it was causing him no end of grief. Six years had gone by since he had agreed to this ceasefire and the Yousari were becoming emboldened, taking advantage of the Saiyan's fear of disobeying Frieza's orders and expanding their territory. Following this infuriating order of keeping up an illusionary peace was going to cause the King and his infamous temper to snap one of these days.

"My my, still having trouble with the weeds are we?" King Vegeta felt a chill go up his spine as Frieza entered his throne room. As usual he was well-informed.

"Yes. According to them our last assignment was too close to their border." King Vegeta said in a low voice. He had to play his cards carefully. It was still too soon to confront Frieza with the bulk of his frustration, the mere idea of challenging his authority was suicide. All he could do was kowtow and hope to say something that would please him.

"So Queen Azelia is trying to wrap you around her finger then? Well, we can't have that." Frieza said in his usual casual tone. The tiny alien casually strolled up to the throne like he owned the place. He eyed the throne, giving the King a smug smile. King Vegeta grimaced and stood up, standing at the throne's right side, while Frieza took his place on the throne. "So, mighty King Vegeta. How are you going to respond to such an outrage?"

"As my lord has wished, I will ignore it for the time being. We will continue to test the borders to see how many planets the Yousari have taken and will wait for further instructions." King Vegeta kneeled and looked down to the ground, making sure not to look Frieza in the eye. His temper boiled at the disgrace.

"There's a good monkey. Finally learning to play it smart. Not all conflicts can be resolved by throwing a punch, though I'll admit it is satisfying." Frieza chuckled, tapping his long tail on the side of the throne. "It has been so long, and I feel you've learned some patience from this. So I'll throw you a bone."

"What do you mean my lord?" King Vegeta looked up confused.

"I mean, its time for you to make an example of the Yousari. That anyone who defies my will or the will of the Saiyans will die a horrible death."

"I will mobilize a strike team of my finest warriors. Please allow me to lead this assault personally my lord." King Vegeta bowed low in the hopes that Frieza would humor him.

"No. A strike team will not be necessary." Frieza shook his head as the Saiyan king looked up, his eyes wide with confusion.

"Lord Frieza, the Yousari may be a bunch of arrogant fools but their skills in battle are not to be underestimated. Eating a single fruit from their Tree of Might can make a mere child as strong as a Saiyan Elite. It will take no less than our best to face them."

"I'm well aware of their battle capabilities Vegeta." Frieza said curtly, silencing the king. "Which is why this will need to be a covert assignment. No strike team, no army, just you and your son." Frieza said coldly.

"My son?" King Vegeta asked. His confusion quickly becoming concern.

"Yes, I want you to send a message to the Yousari Queen. Tell her you are coming on a peaceful visit to discuss modifications of the ceasefire agreement and be sure to sound as polite as possible. Mention your son and how you will be bringing him with you to introduce to the Queen's daughter, forming a political bond of friendship that will bring your people and theirs closer together." King Vegeta hung on Frieza's every word.

"Then when her guard is down, kill her. With her out of the way, the Yousari resistance will be crippled and all their worlds will be as good as ours." Frieza stood up from the throne, holding out his palm and clenching it into a fist for emphasis. King Vegeta smirked. While he hated taking orders from Frieza, he admired his tactical brilliance. He only wished he had thought of the plan sooner.

"An excellent plan my lord, but what of the queen's heir? Should I have my son dispose of her as well?" Frieza looked back to the Saiyan King, and evil glint in his eye.

"No. Leave her alive, but make sure she bears witness to the Queen's demise. From what I hear she is a spineless, little whelp. Without the strength of her mother, she will crumble and her people along with her." Frieza let out a cackling laugh as he got up to leave. King Vegeta stood and bowed once again, his eyes following the tiny alien out of the throne room, glinting with vengeful satisfaction.

"It will be done, my lord"

"Why can't we just blow up the planet and be done with it?" the young prince Vegeta sneered as he fidgeted in his space pod. Having been pulled away from a big assignment at the last minute he was more than a little cross. He adjusted his scouter on the right side of his face to make sure it his father could hear him.

"Believe me, I would like nothing better, but Lord Frieza's orders were very clear. Besides, if you're to be King, you must learn that not all enemies can be defeated by force alone. The Yousari have their uses. The Tree of Might is a powerful weapon and the organic technology they use is incredibly valuable. With enough energy they could terraform an entire planet, something Lord Frieza is very interested in," his father said from his adjacent pod. It had been almost a week since he had been given his orders and departed with his father from planet Vegeta. The young prince rolled his eyes in boredom as their pods came in visual range of the planet Alastromeria. He knew little of these Yousari and had no intention of learning more. Once they were subdued, he would be able to get back to training, honing his skills even further to become the elite warrior he was born to be.

"Lord Frieza this, Lord Frieza that. When will we be able to overthrow him father? We should be the rulers of the universe, not him!" Vegeta protested.

"Mind your tongue Vegeta!" he heard his father shout, the volume of his voice hurting his ear. "A good warrior must be patient as well as strong. You would do well to remember it. I want you on your best behavior when we arrive." Prince Vegeta huffed in disappointment as he tapped the pod door with the tip of his shoe. He hadn't wanted to displease father but there was no way he was pleased about the whole ordeal either.

"Trust me." He heard his father say, in a much calmer voice. "It may be painful now, but if we are patient, all the humiliation we suffer will be returned ten fold. It will all be worth it my son, you'll see." Vegeta could hear his father smile on that last sentence. A confident smirk returned to the Prince's face, as he looked toward the planet as it got larger and larger. At the end of this mission, these foolish pests would know to fear the almighty Saiyan race.

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