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千と千尋の神隠し: Return of Sen

By MizushimaKeiichi

Romance / Fantasy


After Kohaku quit his job at the bathhouse, he was all set to return home, his river. However, his true desire of leaving the bath house was something else. Eventually, there were complications in satisfying his selfish desire of bringing Chihiro back to his world and making her his. How would he be able to find her if she has grown from the scrawny 10-year-old to a stunning 16-year-old?

Chapter 1

"Will we see each other again?"



"Promise. Now go and don't look back."

The reason he told Chihiro not to look back is that he was afraid her desire to stay in the Spirit World becomes stronger than her desire to be in the Human World. He didn't want that for no human could last in the Spirit World for more than a month. He didn't want her to die out in a place like that. After she went into the tunnel, Haku's smile turned cold. Though he said that he will quit his apprenticeship with Yubaba, he didn't know which way is home. It flowed underground and he didn't know the entrance to that but he could stay in Zeniba, Yubaba's sister's, house for a while until he figured out a way to return home.

He turned and walked the familiar way to the bathhouse. Apparently, Lin and Kamajii were still on the bridge for the bathhouse was closed for the day. Lin must have seen the look on Haku's face because she grinned really big and teased,"What's with the face?" Haku walked past her, keeping quiet.

"Hmm," Lin muttered,"What's his problem?" Kamajii looked at her,"Don't you get it? Its love!" he said as he headed back to the bathhouse.

"Why so bitter," Lin mumbled and headed to the bathhouse too.

"Mom," Chihiro said, in their car on the way to their new home,"What happened in the black tunnel?"
Yuuko Ogino, turned back to her,"Don't you remember?" she said,"We went there and ate some food while you wander off to one building!"

Chihiro kept quiet,'Did I really?' she thought as she turned to see the little guardian houses. Suddenly a white dragon scale dropped from her hair onto her lap. She wondered how it could've got there. She turned again and saw a white being floating in the sky. She thought its a cloud but;

Its Haku.

"Yubaba-sama?" Haku said as he knocked on the door to Yubaba's room. He needn't wait longer for the door knocker rolled its eyes and in the exact same Yubaba voice said,"Oh, Haku, its you." The doors opened and Haku went the right way and turned to the right way.
The door to Yubaba's office opened, as if expecting him. Yubaba is sitting on her desk, busy with the workers' issues as well.
"What an unpleasant surprise to see you here, Haku," Yubaba said, without looking up. Haku feels insulted, for he knows that she's angry for her apprentice to side with a human girl.
"I hope you know what I'm here for," Haku said calmly, for he doesn't want to show any hints to her. Yubaba raised her eyes,"What is it, Haku. You wanna go visit the human?" Haku cringed and spoke out,"I wanna quit."
Yubaba stopped her writing and looked up completely. "Remarkable effort," she said, emotionless,"You got your name?"
Haku nodded,"Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi." Yubaba is not at the least worried. In fact, she grinned,"Well, Kohaku-sama," she said menacingly,"You do realize that you are, in fact,"she trailed,"Leaving your friends and the only home you've got?"
Haku stiffened, its true that he's leaving his friends and got no home but he could always go to other rivers. "I understand," Haku said, bowing slightly,"But I have no intent of staying here any longer." Yubaba grabbed his scroll which was yellowish with age. The scroll burned into dust and the memories of his life before the bathhouse came flooding into his mind.
"Now leave," Yubaba said, coldly.
Haku didn't know how he got out from the bathhouse, or even how he had ended up in his river. He just... did. Chihiro's face appeared in his head as if she had just left. He felt his chest tighten and stomach butterflies whenever she popped out in his mind. It just seemed that he is actually -
"Haku? Nigihayami Kohaku?"
He heard a voice from above the water and as he looked up, he saw a different modern world. The used to be huge green trees changed to concrete buildings, the used to be soft green grass changed to tar roads. But the river is still as big. There is no underground tunnel to flow through.
Its in the middle of the night and the moon shone on Haku and also a shadow of a short, stumpy figure. "Its me," came the voice again,"Grandma Zeniba."
Haku leaped out of the water and saw the other twin of Yubaba. "Zeniba-san," Haku said, "What happened?"
Debris of concrete spread around his river. Its like a destruction hurricane slammed things everywhere.
"M'boy," Zeniba said,"You just ruined the tunnel that your river was flowing into. The humans will come and wonder what happened."
"Well, serves them right," Haku said, sitting on one of the debris,"My river should be well off without any human construction."
"My word," Zeniba said, surprised,"You weren't like this when Chihiro came now, is it?"
A wave seemed to make Haku fall into his river again at the mention of her name. Chihiro Ogino. He felt sad letting her go but he thought it was the best of it.
Or was it?
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