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Heir to the Kingdom of Pandora

Unfamiliar Faces

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Kyo Kara Maoh or XXXHolic!

"Whether it is a meeting by chance or a major event, every occurrence will affect the future… because a man's path of life is not only unstoppable but also never-ending. The smallest thing, the shortest amount of time, the littlest piece of record or memory… the fate that accompanies you will never disappear." XXXHolic-Yuko

Yuri coughed and sputtered when he finally emerged from the water, sending small droplets spraying everywhere off his lithe body. And once the ripples stilled, his blood mixed with the water from the cuts on his feet. Which had been caused by a large pane of glass that caught his feet while jumping from the window frame through which he escaped.

Now the soles of his feet were throbbing painfully and bleeding. They stung like mad. However, the cool temperature of the water slightly soothed the aches from that and his other smaller wounds.

So. For a brief moment Yuri didn't want to think about anything at all. Yuri just sat there in the large bathtub and didn't worry about how this happened to him or where he even was. Not wondering how he was alive. Nor of what to do next. Satisfied in knowing he was finally free.

Although, as Yuri expected, his respite was short lived when he heard a pair of voices from just the other side of the large room near the doors.

"Did you hear that splash?" one asked.

"I think so, let's take a look just in case." said the other. "It might be His Majesty."

As soon as Yuri heard that they were heading this way, in painfully slow movements, he got out of the bath tub and tried to find somewhere to hide. It would be bad if anyone saw him, because he already stood out with his tattered clothes and bloody feet. Also Yuri didn't want to alert anyone with his sudden appearance. Accidental or not he was still an intruder.

Yuri peered through the other door on the far end of the bathing room and dashed for the nearest open room. But Yuri tripped and crashed to the floor with a sharp groan through his teeth at the pain. His cuts had become inflamed.

Cursing under his breath, Yuri saw that the cuts on his feet were worse then he feared. He noticed that there was still some glass shards in his skin. Embedded deeper from running on them. There wasn't enough time to pull them out though, someone had heard him and Yuri needed to hide quickly.

After straining himself in such a way Yuri began to feel chilled, feverish, and lightheaded as he tried to get up. Pain shooting through his legs. Then, to make matters worse, suddenly Yuri began coughing very hard; so hard in fact that he gasped desperately for air. When Yuri finally recovered he attempted to get up again, but he found that he too weak.

Therefore, being unable to even stand properly, Yuri resorted to using the wall to support him and slowly limped towards the nearest room. Driving the glass further into his feet with every step despite his light footing. There had to be somewhere to hide. Although, Yuri realized, a trail of blood would be hard to miss.

Yuri hissed with frustration. How am I supposed to get out of this place when I can't even walk? I'm unarmed and I can't think straight...He shook his head as a wave of sleepiness washed over him and covered his moist face. No, I have to stay awake. Everything I did to finally escape from that place will be meaningless if I get imprisoned here.

Therefore Yuri began to scan the room for a defensible position. Knowing full well that he would be unable to in his pitiful condition. Still, Yuri felt better going through the motions. Knowing that he had still taken action instead of giving up.

As Yuri examined the room he noted that it was a bedroom. A fancy one at that. Likely the royal chambers of whoever ruled here. With a large king size bed with satin drapes and a arched window to the left where you could see into the courtyard. Everything was well kept, with a few knickknacks here and there.

What was strange though was how familiar it all seemed. The longer he looked, the more Yuri couldn't help but notice the nostalgic feeling in this room. In fact Yuri felt it in this whole place the moment he came here.

Had he been there before? Yuri wondered. There was something about this place that made him feel as though he'd returned home. However, Yuri knew that wasn't possible. And now wasn't the time to think about such things.

There had to be some way out of here without being spotted and or caught. Yuri had to hope. Despite the hopelessness of the whole situation. That's all that had kept him going all these years. Hoping against all odds.

But it was too late. Yuri's crash from before sent the soldiers running down the halls, wondering if it was their King who had crashed or worse, invaders. They followed the sound to the hallway only to look down and see the trail of blood mixed water leading strait to their King's room. Before they could investigate further though a silver haired man in a white uniform appeared and asked them what was going on.

"We heard something and came to investigate Sir." the soldiers reported.

The silver haired man nodded, then he too noticed the blood. And an overwhelming feeling of alarm about how much blood there was sent him running inside the room. When they followed the trail to their Kings room they found the owner.

It was Gunter who spotted him and exclaimed, leaning against the bed beam looking utterly spent, "King Yuri?" while it was shocking to see him back so soon it was more so to King Yuri's cloths were torn to shreds.

He looked terribly ill, and Yuri was completely drenched. Not only in water, but in his own blood. And Yuri looked at Gunter as though he were a stranger. Which troubled him as well.

Yuri flinched back away from the strange man as he came closed and tried to edge away when his side began to throb so he clutched it. Feeling only now that he had bruised his ribs in the fall. Confused by the strange feeling he had that he knew this person. Somehow...

"Who...are you? How do you know my name?" Yuri asked steadily, trying to stay calm and focused so he wouldn't black out. Although he knew already that there was no chance of escaping now. Soldiers flooded the room. There were to many of them since he was so weak, unarmed and feverish. It was over. Yuri was certain that he was going to be thrown in jail for breaking and entering.

Yuri's question unnerved them and the soldiers exchanged looks with Gunter. "Your Highness, it's me, your loyal servant Gunter. What happened to you? Who did this?" Gunter stopped his questions when he noticed Yuri's large bruise stretched broadly across his side. It needed immediate attention. Surely some ribs were broken given the place the bruise was.

So the experienced man knelt down to examine Yuri with a practiced eye rather then panicking himself, but then Yuri flinched away from him and asked Gunter honestly, "I didn't mean to intrude, really, but, what are you going to do with me now? Are you going to throw me in jail just after I've won my freedom back?"

Gunter was even more confused and tried to calm his obviously delirious King. Slowly, he continued to ease closer to Yuri as not to startle him. Carefully he reassured Yuri, "No Your Highness, I'm not going to do anything of the sort. I just want to help. Now please, let me take a look at your wounds. And stop moving. You'll make it worse." But before he did anything else Gunter turned sharply to the soldiers, "Go fetch Geisila at once. Tell her that His Majesty has returned and he's badly injured."

"Y-Yes my Lord!" they bowed and left the room.

Yuri's eyes fluttered dangerously low as his exhaustion began to set in from the blood loss and his high fever. But Yuri refused, he refused to give in even now. Even when it hurt to even breath, when each breath slicing at his lungs. And his feet flashed from hot to cold and shoot pain up his legs every time Yuri shifted.

Gunter looked Yuri over more fully and he noticed that the wounds were mostly on his feet, except for the ugly bruise his side. What could have caused all this? Had he been captured? Tortured? What did this to his beautiful young King?

It was just then when Gunter made these observations that none other then Wolfram entered the room and demanded, "What happened Gunter? The guards weren't at their usual-" However, the instant Wolfram noticed Yuri his entire attitude changed. "Yuri? When did you get back?" he asked excitedly. However, then his green eyes widened with horror when he saw Yuri's tattered cloths and the blood all over him. "What happened to you Yuri?" he dashed forward to his fallen fiance' with deep concern and rage, "Tell me who did this to you! I'll make them pay dearly!" he snarled.

Upon realizing that both men had called him by name Yuri shoved Wolfram away and scowled deeper, clutching the beam harder. "How the heck do you both know my name? Just who are you...pe...ople..." he began to cough slightly.

Before Yuri could finish his entire question though, Yuri swooned to the side that wasn't as injured and fell over onto the floor in a violent fit of coughing. Urgently, Gunter bent down and rubbed his back gently to avoid any wounds that Yuri still might have under what remained of his cloths. Trying to help open Yuri's lungs a bit more so he could breathe.

Meanwhile, Wolfram protested indignantly to Yuri, "Of course I know your name! We're engaged, right? How could you have forgotten me? Wimp!" he asked with a hint of hurt in his voice.

Wolfram was really starting to wonder how Yuri could have forgotten. Sure, he was a wimp but he'd never forget the people he cared about. Was it from the trauma that caused all these wounds? Did it give his beloved amnesia?

Yuri really did try to reply to that question but before he could he began coughing again. Though not as badly this time thanks to Gunter lending a bit of his own healing magic.

When it finally stopped long enough Yuri said between gasps, "I'm sorry but...I...don't know...who you...are. You see, I've been...imprisoned for a long time. This is...my first time outside...in years..." then he closed his eyes and sadly pictured that day...

The distant memory of that night was far to vivid in his mind. The men, with his fathers hot blood on their blades reached for Yuri with hunger in their cold eyes. His father had been murdered before his eyes from trying so hard to protect him. Then he lay cold in the streets of that city, felled at the hands of unknown villains.

But Yuri had fought back.

Yuri remembered when he took his father's sword and fought them off. Even when he was too small to use it properly. Knowing all to well that it was futile. Now wasn't any different. He wouldn't lose his freedom again so easily.

Gunter came closer again and felt Yuri's forehead, it was scorching hot. "Wolfram, he has a high fever, we have to treat him now before he gets worse."

Wolfram nodded and left to tell Geisila to hurry while Gunter started to look for signs of any head trauma that may have caused the memory loss. Not seeing much except for a few cuts on his face Gunter assured their confused young King, "Now listen, you have to trust me Yuri. We want to help. But you aren't yourself right now. Therefore I have no other choice. This is for your own good Yuri."

Gunter raised his hand to knock him out with his magic, but before he could even finish raising it, Yuri's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he went limp in his arms. To his alarm, Yuri's breathing became more heavy and labored. He seemed to be in a lot of pain. Finding it a chore to simply a breath. Like there was a vice constricting his chest.

Alarmed now, Gunter shook Yuri's shoulders lightly, "Your Highness? Your Highness! Get a hold of yourself!" He shook his head and then lifted the young double black up in his strong arms and rushed him to the bed so that Geisila to begin healing his wounds.

Meanwhile, Wolfram arrived and after staring after them he asked out loud, "Yuri...who did this to you?" then clenching his fists Wolfram vowed again, "I'll make them suffer for this..."

Once Yuri awoke again, despite his fever, he tried a few times to escape. Only to be led back to his room and put under guard for his own safety. And it wasn't only that which made the entire castle wonder what was going on in the young Demon King's head.

Seeing as this was an emergency after hearing the news from Gunter, Gwendal sent for Conrad and Yosak to return from their patrol at once. He also did his best to keep Yuri's condition under wraps until they could get to the bottom of this. As far as the Kingdom knew, the young Demon King was only severely ill, therefore, that was why Yuri was confined to the castle. They knew nothing about his memory loss.

Thankfully, Gretta was off with Yosak and Anissina visiting Rinji in the Wincott family lands. She wouldn't be back for at least another day or so.

Still, the other residences of the castle itself noticed that Yuri was acting out of character. Not only that, but Wolfram especially couldn't help but notice that something was off about Yuri. The usual bashfulness and naiveté wasn't there at all. Yuri seemed to be more restless, mature, and attentive. However, Yuri was not convinced that they knew each other.

Yuri was still bed ridden most of the day though after he finally gave in to his exhaustion and fell into a fitful sleep. Well, he still had been forcefully bed ridden at this point. After how many times he tried to escape, they thought it was best. It worried them that Yuri didn't even remember the layout of the castle and kept getting lost.

As for his memory loss itself, Geisila herself warned the people within the castle that she would rather have Yuri remember the rest of it himself. Rather then them telling him about it because it might make things harder. Even if Yuri couldn't remember right now, it wasn't like his memories were completely gone. She believed they were still there, somewhere.

The moment that Yosak and Conrad received the distressing news the two of them made preparations to leave at once. Yuri had only left a few days ago so with the time lag, they expected him to be gone for awhile. So to hear that he had returned already was troubling. Even more so hearing that Yuri was hurt when he did.

The two men pushed their horses into a run as soon as they packed up their camp. Wanting to see for themselves that Yuri was alright. From the message Gwendal had sent, Yuri had been badly injured and what's more, his memories were gone. Other then that, he didn't anything more to report. Since Yuri was still sleeping off his fever right now.

Back at the castle, Wolfram had taken leave of his normal duties so that he could remain with Yuri. Arguing that someone needed to watch him anyway. Watching his sleeping face Wolfram held Yuri's hand while he rested.

Even in sleep Yuri seemed very restless. When Yuri had finally fallen asleep, he tossed and turned which only made his ribs ache more. It got so bad that Geisila was forced to give Yuri a drug so that it was harder to move. To make sure Yuri couldn't hurt himself unconsciously while twisting in his sleep.

"Yuri..." Wolfram whispered, holding Yuri's hand to his own forehead. "Please hurry and get well." Soon after Wolfram eased his eyes open again and gasped when he saw tears in Yuri's eyes. Narrowing his own eyes, Wolfram leaned forward and kissed Yuri's trembling eyes to ease his pain. And when he pulled away he promised, "Everything it going to be fine. I promise."

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