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The Lion King War Of Ideals

By Hatari05

Action / Drama

Intro: The path that has led us here

The Lion King

The War of Ideals

By Hatari05

Over ten years after Zira's death Simba, Kiara, Nala and Kovu set out to build a united world only to discover new prides with entirely different belief's, belief's that may conflict with their own. Now as Simba and his family struggle for their way of life they will begin to uncover the greatest secret of all, the beginning of the lion's reign a revelation that force Simba to ask himself the ultimate question, do the lion's deserve to rule?

: Intro:

The path that has led us here

Mufasa looked down on the Pride Lands from the heavens above, He would often look down on his former kingdom and gaze in wonder at what it had become since his death. So much had happened since he passed on, so much had changed and nearly all of it for the better. Mufasa remembered what things were like before Simba's reign, the endless cycle of death that seemed to define the Pride Lands, the cycle Simba and his family had freed them from, Mufasa remembered it all perfectly, the events that have led to this era.

It was nearly a century ago that his father, King Ahadi was born, though he wasn't a king at that time but rather a lowly street rat, born without a mother or father; he was bitter and envious to the world around him and absolutely hated the royal family. Of course this hatred was almost entirely because of his envy towards them, he hated them because he desperately wanted to be them. Ahadi was born during much darker times, the kingdom was under the rule of Mohatu, a lion who could best describe as a ruthless tyrant as well as the father of Uru, Mufasa's own mother. The kingdom was during that time very nearly on the brink of the war with the hyena clan, tensions between the two sides had always been high especially between their leaders Mohatu and Kamara. Kamara, Mufasa wondered if she had any idea the impact she would have when she gave birth to her daughter, Kecila.

Kecila, never in all of history had someone shaped the destinies of so many, even Mufasa was still stunned that the ramifications of her actions were still being felt over seventy years after her death, she impacted so many, and few more so than his own father. Ahadi met Kecila when he was a cub, the two of them bonded quickly and forged a friendship which over time turned into a deep and passionate romance. It was unthinkable, a romance between a lion and a hyena, it was revolutionary and could possibly be the key to ushering in a new age, well in a way it did, but certainly not the age anyone would want. Mufasa wondered what would've happened if his father had actually married Kecila, what would've it met for the hyena clan and even himself, what kind of world would emerge from that. Unfortunately the answer to that was irrelevant, Kecila was revealed to be the true mastermind behind the growing tension between the lions and hyenas, She then murdered her own mother and declared war on the Pride Lands. It was during that moment that his father rose to his position ultimately having to marry Uru and become king for the sake of the entire kingdom.

The thought still surprised Mufasa, his parents weren't actually in a happy marriage, but his mother had made it clear apparently his father had never moved beyond his first love, Kecila. It didn't matter his mother and father took their place and ushered in a golden age for the Pride Lands or at least everyone thought that. It was here where the true struggle that has led the world to where it is now began, with the birth of Mufasa and his brother Taka. Mufasa felt a sting of pain at the mention of his brother, he had hoped he would have a much happier relationship with him instead they created the war of the legacies, that was what the Pride Lands called it, Mufasa called it a tragedy. At first everything seemed perfect, Mufasa and Taka could've been closer things only got better for both of them when three lioness cubs, Sarabi, Sarafina, and Zira arrived. Taka met Zira when he saved her from drowning while Mufasa stumbled on the other two. They grew closer, With Mufasa developing a romantic bond with Sarabi while Taka fell for Sarafina.

It all seemed perfect, then one day Taka and Sarafina met three hyenas Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. Taka took great pity on the hard life they faced, exile to the elephant graveyard, unfortunately this made him easy to manipulate by Kecila, who used his emotions to twist him into her weapon; his father didn't exactly help either seeing Taka's more carefree ways as a potential threat to his responsibilities ultimately he took a risk, threatening to take his mate from him in order to force him to become more responsible, it was a gamble, and he lost, they all lost. Taka in his desperation decided the only way to insure his happiness was to become king, his attempt was disastrous and it was in that gorge that he was given his scar. In truth that day was almost a death sentence for all of them, his father sealed his fate the moment he scarred him, and Mufasa sealed his own fate by doing nothing to stop it, Taka sealed his fate by refusing to turn away, their family was shattered. It was all Kecila needed exploiting Taka now Scar's pain and need to be recognized to control him, using him to lure Ahadi to the gorge, to his death, their mother died there as well.

Mufasa still found it hard to believe that Kecila could kill her lover so easily, she truly was a monster. With both his parents dead Mufasa and Sarabi both took their place as king and queen, and just in time as Kecila and the hyenas attacked Pride Rock, it was this battle that finally marked the end of The Great Hyena War, Kecila was killed by Zira who she emotionally scarred when she slaughtered her pride she was then succeeded by her daughter Shenzi who was far less of a monster than a her mother. However the battle did not end there, no it ended with Mufasa battling his own brother, Scar would not turn away from his goals even if he did turn his back on everything and everyone he loved; Mufasa was victorious though it didn't feel like a victory and for good reason he lost his brother on that day. Things seemed to get better after that; Mufasa and Sarabi were married and even had son, Simba, to further add to things it seemed Scar had forgiven him as well, if only Mufasa had known. Scar had not forgiven him at all; he trapped Simba in a stampede with the intent of killing him then lured Mufasa into as well, while Mufasa did save his son, he couldn't save himself. Mufasa felt a great pain in his chest as he remembered the moment, Scar grabbing his paws and sending him to his death in the Stampede below, he then tricked his poor son into thinking it was his fault and sent him into exile.

Scar ascended to the throne but had no idea how to manage any of it nor could he control the hyenas he tried to bring into the Pride Lands. During this time Zira, who had been in self imposed exile returned. She quickly became Scar's queen having always been his most loyal follower ever since he saved her. They eventually had a family of their own, through both their own son and their adoptive cubs Kovu and Vitani, who were the children of a lioness called Hasara. Mufasa didn't know much about Hasara, it was Zira's deepest regret, he knew that much. From what he had been told by his mate, Zira and Hasara were best friends who Hasara in trusted with raising her cubs while she recovered from an injury, Zira however unwilling to let them go betrayed Hasara, which ultimately drove her insane; she tried to kill Zira in a psychotic rage, regrettably Zira had to kill her to survive. This was just one of the endless horrors that occurred during Scar's reign, the only possible end seemed to be death for both the Pride Lands and everyone in them. Then just when all hope seemed lost Simba returned, persuaded by both Rafiki, an old friend of Mufasa and in truth Mufasa himself. Simba battled Scar and managed to defeat him who then was killed by his own former friends Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. After Scar's demise Simba finally took his rightful place on the throne, at last it seemd as if the dark days were finally over, it was not, not yet.

Simba in his final moments gave into his hatred allowing Scar to die an act that brought the rage and wrath of Zira down upon him. Zira sought to make Simba feel the same pain she did, she would do this by targeting his son but first she sought retribution on the hyenas. It was brutal, she wiped out the entire clan including her three former friends even worse the rest of the world didn't even care, ever since Kecila the hyenas had been regarded as nothing but murderers. Mufasa felt sadness at the extinction of the hyenas, true he had never really helped them but that was because he didn't really know how. So much darkness, it was almost all consuming except for one, a true miracle.

Simba and Nala had given birth to two cubs Kopa and Kiara. Kopa was barely a child having embraced his responsibilities to such an extent that he burdened the weight of the entire world on his shoulders, nothing seemed to be capable of turning him away from it, then the unthinkable happened against all odds Kopa fell in love with Vitani who returned his feelings. It was unthinkable, a cub falling in love, and indeed it changed everything none more than Vitani herself whose love for him still burned to this very day. Zira took Kopa captive planning to use him against Simba during the battle Kopa was lost, his death was devastating not just to his family, but the entire world, Zira included. Enraged and consumed with hatred Simba exiled Zira and her family as well all who followed her, this only made matters worse throwing the two prides into a violent war, each fighting for a past legacy, Zira, Scar's and Simba, Mufasa's.

Both were consumed by their hatred, neither was willing to let go, and both prides were all but prepared to kill each other and their didn't seem to be any hope of stopping it. Then everything changed, Kiara met Kovu, Zira's son and Scar's heir. They bonded instantly, a friendship formed quickly and a friendship turned to romance even quicker. Of course what so few realized was that Mufasa himself had planned for them to get together, it was the key to ending this cycle of death, just as Ahadi and Kecila could've been.

In all truth it could've made things worse, but Mufasa still had hope as did Kopa, even if it did seem impossible. Zira had raised Kovu his whole to hate Simba and now she was molding him into an assassin who would infiltrate the pride and kill Simba, however Kovu's feelings for Kiara won out and he turned away from his family during an ambush to kill Simba, resulting in Zira scarring and disowning him and finally igniting the war between the two prides.

Mufasa almost wanted to cringe at the thought of the war, he as well as others had done everything they could to prevent the war, and it had all been in vain, the war had begun. The first battle was horrific, Zira and The Outsiders took Pride Rock, there were causalities on both sides but the single worst loss was the death of Rafiki, Mufasa's closet friend, his death was agonizing to watch, even more painful he was killed by Vitani, an innocent girl, forever tainted by the horrors of war. It never should've happened, she was so full of life and killing killed her outside, it was all his fault. Mufasa always felt that the death of his friend as well as many others was his fault, not just Rafiki but even his own mate Sarabi.

It was his brother and himself did this, now their families were suffering because they couldn't move beyond their conflict with each other, Scar was still consumed with rage though the sadness that had always been his soul had grown, the pain of seeing his family self destruct had revived his long dormant humanity. It was during the final days of the war that they came face to face again, finally Mufasa was able to reach his brother, and at long last free Taka from the darkness of Scar. However things weren't truly over yet, Simba and Zira had met in the gorge for one final showdown.

The battle was brutal and divided the entire kingdom, many more perished during this battle including Simba's adoptive father, Timon. It all seemed hopeless when Kiara stepped forward demanding the fighting to stop. She appealed to all of them, recognizing each pride as one family are part of the great circle of life, uniting the prides together, unfortunately it was not over yet, Simba and Zira had one last battle, it was here that Simba finally rose above his hatred. Zira met her end shortly after sacrificing her life to save her children, she died happy that her family finally had a home, and forgiven by them. Finally The War Of Legacies was over, they were united, they were one.

Mufasa remembered it all, he was beginning to wonder if the violence would ever end. He had expected the kings to be happy at the turn of events, instead they were very serious. He didn't understand, what were they worried about? Mufasa could feel the presence of the kings hanging over him. He turned to them, he then heard them speaking to him, what he heard shocked him.

"What!?, That can't be! Are you certain!?" Mufasa asked in complete shock.

"Do not question the kings, my son." Ahadi told him.

"If this is true what does it mean?" Mufasa asked.

"It's here" Ahadi stated.

"What do you mean?" Mufasa questioned.

"The beginning and the end" Ahadi answered.

"End, end of what" Mufasa asked.

"Everything" Ahadi replied.

"Our world and our era." Ahadi finished.

Mufasa took in his father's words and for the first time in a long time he felt truly worried, what would this mean for Simba? Mufasa stared down at Pride Rock, looking down at Simba. He wondered if Simba could face what was coming, if he could understand the beginnings of their era, if he could accept what it all meant and if he couldn't what would he do?

"You've done well Simba, but there is still more you must face." Mufasa said.

You don't understand, you think you have left the past behind." Mufasa stated.

"But you can never truly leave the past because it will always be a part of us." Mufasa continued.

"The past will always forge the future" Mufasa said.

He looked down on Simba hoping his words would reach him.

"Soon you will face the moment you're whole life has prepared for." Mufasa stated.

Mufasa then turned away leaving Simba who was resting in his den. Mufasa did not know what was coming for the first time he truly did not know, all he knew was that whatever was coming connected back to the past, the beginning, the beginning of the very lion reign.

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2. Intro: The path that has led us here

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