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Moonlight Melody


-10 years ago-

Well, well....if it isn't the princess herself waiting for Prince Charming.

The sound of that peculiar voice had you cringing, also wanting to punch that person. As you were working on school work in your favorite spot outside, you looked up to see the one person you despised.

Park Jimin.

Your biggest competition. Your number one competitor when it came to dancing. The school's biggest it boy and f-boy around campus. And yet, he was the only one who had their precious eyes on you.

And you hated every bit of it.

He would always try to make you jealous. He would try to flirt with you, play little games, and cause trouble to get you to break. He wanted to see you break at his touch, his voice, or himself alone.

He was only trying to make you his for one night.

As you saw other girls pass by, seeing you interact with Jimin, it was the only thing they loved to watch. Some popular groups were jealous but they already had a taste of Jimin. They know he doesn't commit. But they love to enjoy the fun of him.

"Just leave, Park," you said, annoyed. "I'm not in the mood for your stupid crap. Go mess around with your 'girlfriend'. I have actual stuff to do."

"Jeez, baby," he flirted, as he took a seat in front of you. You rolled your eyes before continuing your work. "Fiesty much? Or are you scared of being beat by me at the competition later on this month?"

That's when he had broke a part of the ice. You looked up from your work before standing up and slamming your hands on your books.

"Yah, Park Jimin," you scoffed before looking at him dead into his eyes. "You really want to see yourself dead, huh? Because I would love that. Now, I suggest you back away and stay away from me."

"I'm not leaving this spot until I make a deal with you," he said, smirking. You rolled your eyes before packing up your stuff and leaving. Right before you could leave, he held onto your wrist tightly.

"Park. Jimin," you gritted through your teeth. "Let me go."

"Nope," he said, with a laugh. "Not until this deal is sealed."

"A deal from your f-boy friends?" you scoffed. "No thanks. If you're trying to fuck me like your other hoes, I'm good. I rather focus on an actual career."

"Look, baby," he says, trying to look into your eyes. You look away trying to let go, not letting yourself fall into his trap. "I could get you into the dream company of your choice."

You started laughing so hard before giving Jimin a death glare.

"You think that just because your father," you said, scoffing, slowly having your anger rising inside you. "Your father who runs this school, could get me to my dream company? He could do it all for you. You could be a superstar right now."

You then got a hold of his strong grip and let it go before turning to him.

"He has all the money, the power, EVERYTHING," you say to him. "I rather work hard for my own journey that I want to accomplish by my own. I rather be living the way I am now, than being spoiled. *checks time* Wow, thanks for wasting my time. I have dance practice now. Thanks for nothing, Park."

And with that, you stormed off to the dance studio to meet up with Mina and Seulgi, your teammates of your dance team. As Jimin watched you storm off, he watched as everyone witnessed what happened, everyone talking amongst themselves.

"Okay, Romeo," Hoseok says, as he and Jungkook approach Jimin. "Enough flirting with Juliet for now. We have a competition to prep for. You can worry about your princess later. Let's go."

Jimin knew he had to win this competition first.

Then he had to win you.


It was the day of the competition. The competition that could lead you to the potential dream career of being a star. After endless two weeks with non-stop and back to back practicing, you've waited for this moment.

As you and your team members nervously await for the competition to start, you saw Jimin and his crew on the other side of the stage. You weren't going to let him distract you from this point on.

You then glanced at the audience, seeing everyone from school, and you see scouters from companies come in, greeting the judges. You could feel your heart race nervously, but as you met eyes with your childhood best friend, Irene, along with your father, who was sitting in his wheelchair. As they both saw you, you waved at them with a smile.

Once you turn back to your crew, you all huddled in a little circle.

"Alright, guys," you said, hyping your girls up. "We've been working on this non-stop, 24/7. Number one is a 50-50 chance but I know we can do it. We have to show these scouters how much we worked for this moment. And if I can show Park Jimin who truly rules dancing, then so be it. Let's do this!!!" As you and your girls were ready, the MC on stage was ready to begin.

As Jimin watched you and your team hype each other up, Hoseok, Jungkook, and him did their group handshake and got ready for the show. Jimin was ready to show you who truly ruled the school and dancing.


"Alright, welcome everyone to S.A.M's Dance Night!" the MC said through the mic. Everyone applauded. "Tonight is a night we've been waiting for! As you may know, this school has the best competition here and we're all ready for it!"

Everyone in the audience knew what he was talking about.

"For our judges tonight," the MC continues. "We have Mr. Son, our school's dance instructor!" Everyone cheered for him as he got up from his spot and turned to the crowd to wave before sitting back down.

"We have two famous choreographers here in the house," the MC says. "First, we have the lovely, Ms. May J Lee, choreographer at 1Million! And last, we have Choi Youngjoon!" Everyone started cheering, as the two judges stood up and greeted themselves to the crowd.

"Alright, now...Let's bring out the two teams that will compete tonight," the MC says. "First, we have 3J!" As Jimin, Hoseok, and Jungkook ran out to the stage on their side, the crowd went wild, well, mostly the girls.

"Next, we have the SD Girls!" As you and your team make your way out, the crowd cheers, the younger boys and guys screaming like crazy. As the crowd calmed down, the MC continued to speak.

"As you may know, winner tonight gets the chance to meet with a scouter of their dream company and get themselves ready for their future career," the MC says. "Alright, without anymore talking, let's get this party started! 3J, be ready!" The crowd starts to cheer as the curtains close, Jimin's team starts to get ready.

As you nervously prepare with your team, you watch as the three boys set themselves up for their one and only performance. They always had one performance for an all kill. And as the curtains open, the crowd goes wild.

(*they performed their 3J performance from 2017 FESTA* you're welcome ;) )

At the end of the performance, they exit the stage on your side and as Jimin passed by you, he whispered in your ear, "Try beating that, baby. Oh wait, looks like I won." It made you more mad but you had to calm down. You then look at your team before going in for one more handshake.

"Alright, let's kill it. Shownu, let's rock that stage," you said, as you and your dance partner for your choreography stage, got into positions.


As Jimin, Hoseok, and Jungkook found their spots in the crowd, they were wanting to see what kind of performance you and your team prepared. As the lights dim low and shined on the stage, everyone became quiet as you and another person were in place.


In your head, you were mentally ready to kick Jimin's butt. In your heart, you were nervous to impress these scouters. But with one deep sigh, you were going to do this to make yourself proud.

And for your father.

And with the start of the music, you let your body flow gracefully, every move with delicacy.

And you were ready to shock the crowd.

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