I Miss My Brother: Rago (beyblade)

By Aliocornia

Adventure / Action

Meeting Chris

So now I and Scarlet were just walking through the forest it was the mid-day already. Scarlet was getting tired and me same thing. Then we heard water coming down it sound like a waterfall. I didn't know where it is, instead I got off of Scarlet and then followed the sound. But then Scarlet smelled something near us I felt It too. Rustle, the bushes leaves were moving, I held my ripcord then "Let it rip!”

Right there was one of the legendary bladers, Chris. "Hey what do you think you're doing?" Chris wasn't happy. Scarlet Reared right in front of him her two front legs look like she was going to kill him. "Whoa Scarlet he is not our enemy." I calmed her down while saying it. "Sorry if we were disturbing you Chris," I brought him back up, "My name is Aliocornia and this is Scarlet and that's my beyblade, Rainbow Alicorn." "It's ok, I am the one who spooked you." said Chris.

I grabbed Alicorn and Ask Chris “Do you know where water is?" "Actually there is a stream up ahead, I was going to go there too. Come on I'll show you!" Me and Chris were walking down I grabbed Scarlet's reins and went. I, Chris got some fresh water Scarlet got some too. "So what are you doing is the forest in Canada?” asked Chris "Well I am….." I sat there frozen waiting the words to come out of my mouth. I was too scared to tell a blader that Rago is my brother. "And you are doing what?" Chris tried to get me to tell him what I was doing. “Do you promise not to tell anyone and not scream or be scared?" I said It nervously. "Yes." Chris was started to get eager what I was going to say.

“I am… Rago's sister and I am looking for him." then Chris yelled "YOU ARE Ra….." "Remember what I said." I interrupted Chris "But If you’re his sister why are you here now?" said Chris "it is hard to expl…" Then Scarlet smelled trouble she started to kick back and forth. "Scarlet what...” Suddenly a cat boy appeared “Hello chumps looks like we had to get Chris on our side now." "Johannes what are you doing here!?" Chris yelled at Johannes. "Let it rip," Johannes Rips his bey, "GO LYNX!" "Let it...” "GO ALICORN." I interrupted Chris "What are you doing Aliocornia?! He yelled at me.

"What does it look like battling go now," Alicorn started flashing all the colors of the rainbow, "Special move, ALICORN RAINBOW DIVE." Alicorn horn was pointing down with different colors. Johannes screamed "Why you!" "Leave now or else." I stood up. "I've got to go tootles!" Chris face was impressed and then said "I don't think I have ever encountered a blader that is a girl that strong." I was embarrassed "Well let's go I know who can help." Chris smiled I smiled back and said "Let's go come on Scarlet, Alicorn." I got my beyblade and we then both left the area.

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