Per Diem

Chapter 15

Several months later.

"Ah, I can't b'lieve I've made so much food for you since y'got here n' this's the first time I get the pleasure o' havin' you over for a propper dinner!" Mrs. Kido beamed at the calligrapher.

Her husband and son along with Handa sat at the dinner table of the Kido house, a spread of various foods lay out before them.

"Yes, I'm very happy to finally be over for dinner. I can't thank you enough for all the food you and Hiro have made me," Handa bowed his head slightly.

"Its nothin' at all! When Hiro tells me you enjoy the food, tha's enough for me," Mrs. Kido cupped a hand to her face and smiled.

"I'm real appreciative of ya bein' here too n' all Sensei, but I think we should get t'eatin' b'fore the food gets cold!" Mr. Kido said in a jovial voice.

"O' course, o' course!" Mrs. Kido nodded.

"Thanks for the meal!" They all nearly said in unison.

Hiroshi and his mother had been working on the meal all day, and it only took a single bite to tell that the food was delicious.

"Ahh, this is amazing," Handa sighed after swallowing a bite.

"Glad y'like it," Hiroshi said, amused at the sheer joy on Handa's voice.

"This's all I could think o' doin' to thank you for takin' my boy to visit Tokyo with ya," Mrs. Kido added.

"Oh, its nothing at all! In fact, I'm more than happy to take Hiro with me and show him around Tokyo," Handa glanced across the table at Hiroshi, who couldn't help but smile a bit.

"I was so afraid m'boy would be all scared n' lonely in Tokyo, too," Mrs. Kido pouted a bit.

"I woulda been fine on my own..." Hiroshi defended himself.

"Well, say hello t'your ol' man for me too, yeah?" Mr. Kido said, looking over at Handa.

"Of course," Handa nodded.

The rest of the dinner was spent filling their stomachs and chatting about the upcoming Tokyo trip.

Hiroshi graduated high school a few weeks ago. He managed to get mark's above average, to his and his parent's surprise. On his graduation day, Handa announced that his gift to him would be a trip to Tokyo.

"I want to support you if you decide to go to college in Tokyo," he said.

Hiroshi was happy, even if it would be a little bitter sweet if he wouldn't be able to live in the same place as Handa during that time. It was obvious Handa wanted him to be successful in his life as much as he did, and it showed that Handa was thinking about their future together.

Concerning Handa and Hiroshi's relationship, they somehow managed. Despite getting very little alone time, their feelings never faded and they had their own intimate moments when they did have that rare chance alone. Hiroshi hoped this endurance would account for something in their relationship to last a long time.

"Don't you two worry, I'm jus' fine with the dishes. Jus' go n' relax," Mrs. Kido said as she gathered the dishes from the table.

"Um, me n' Sensei are gonna go to my room, alrigh'?" Hiroshi said as he stood up.

"Okay, boys," His mother replied.

Hiroshi led Handa to his room. It was weird, he had been to Handa's house so many times, knew every inch of it. But Handa had only been to his house on a few occasions, and never in his room. It was a little nerve-wracking.

"So... This's my room," Hiroshi shrugged as he turned on the light and shut the door behind them.

"Huh..." Handa looked around, "Pretty normal."

Hiroshi sat on his bed and Handa joined him, sitting beside to him. "Well, what else were you expectin'?"

"I was expecting normal," Handa smirked.

"Funny guy," Hiroshi nudged Handa lightly on the arm.

"I was actually expecting the dinner to be a little more stressful," Handa sighed, loosening his tie.

"Yeah, with you all dressed up like some business man I thought you was goin' t'ask my mom if you could marry me," Hiroshi joked.

"I'm a little too scared to do something like that yet," Handa's face soured a bit.

Hiroshi's mother was a sweet woman, but he felt like he might need to be careful with getting on her bad side. And considering she didn't even know about his and her son's relationship yet, that would probably be one way to get on her bad side.

"Yet?" Hiroshi asked, his eyes lingering on Handa's face.

Handa glanced over at Hiroshi. "Well, two men can't get married in Japan..." he mumbled under his breath, "But we could figure something out..."

Hiroshi chuckled, "Are you proposin' t'me, Sensei?"

"I dunno..." Handa scratched his head.

Hiroshi leaned closer to Handa and gave him a peck on the cheek. Handa turned his head towards Hiroshi, feeling the younger man place his hand on his shoulder, his eyes lidded as he prepared for another kiss.

They'd kissed a lot since they've been dating, so now it just seemed so natural to just go with the flow of where it took them. It was weird to be kissing in his bedroom, Hiroshi thought. He had, admittedly fantasized a lot of things about Handa in his room, but he never thought he'd actually have the man in there with him, making out on his bed. But of course there was the reminder in the back of his mind that his parents were mere meters away. It would probably be worse if they walked in than any Miwa or Tama, he thought.

With one last kiss, Hiroshi pulled back, seeing the flushed face of Handa he loved so much.

"Ha..." Hiroshi leaned back and let his back hit the mattress.

He waved his hand a bit to signal for Handa to join him. The other man did, Hiroshi enjoying lying face to face with him.

"Too bad my folks are home," Hiroshi said quietly.

"Shush..." Handa glanced away a little flustered, knowing what Hiroshi was implying.

"Ah, if my folks're scary, I don' even wanna know how your folks are gonna be," Hiroshi sighed.

"Yeah, sorry that we're going to be staying with them," Handa wished he had a place of his own back in Tokyo.

"'S fine, but... I'm meetin' my boyfriend's parents for the first time, y'know? And we ain't necessar'ly public with it. Its a lil' intimidatin'," Hirosh mumbled.

"That's how I feel around your parents! Even worse - they see me more as your role model," Handa groaned.

Hiroshi let out a laugh, "Oh man, naughty Sensei preyin' on his students," Hiroshi teased.

"Y-You're eighteen! And our ages are only five years apart!" Handa's face reddened and looked like he was seriously trying to defend himself.

"Y'know I'm teasin'," Hiroshi laughed again. Handa was obviously pouting, so Hiroshi gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "I'm sure everythin'll be fine.

Handa seemed to calm down fairly quickly, "Just be mindful of my mother, I guess. She was the one keeping me so sheltered so she's a little... sensitive."

"Will do," Hiroshi noted.

"And, uh, well..." Handa fidgeted a bit, "I... asked Kawafuji to book a hotel room for a couple days..."

Hiroshi quickly lifted his head and propped himself up on his arm, "R-Really?"

"Yeah..." Handa's face started to flush slightly. "I figured I could just tell my parents that we'd be busy those days so we decided to get a room as to not bother them at night."

Hiroshi smiled, "Sensei..." He flopped back down on top of Handa with a hug.

"Oof," Handa felt a bit of wind get knocked out of him. Hiroshi was about his size, he wasn't like Naru! But he still reciprocated the hug, gently patting Hiroshi's back.

"We'll... finally be alone," Hiroshi said quietly next to Handa's ear.


"So that means Sensei also wanted us to be alone," Hiroshi breathed a laugh.

"It's only natural," Handa said in his defense.

Hiroshi propped himself up on his elbows on either side of Handa. "I love you, Sei," Hiroshi said in a low, quiet voice.

It took mere milliseconds for Handa's face to turn beet red. But he still managed to keep his cool - he wasn't going to let Hiroshi outdo him. "I-I love you too, Hiro," he said steadily and quietly. He wasn't sure if he maintained eye contact the whole time though.

Hiroshi smiled, a blush on his face. Their lips met again in another passionate kiss, one of Handa's hands resting on the small of Hiroshi's back and the other on the back of the other man's neck.

"Sei..." Hiroshi's voice rattled slightly and Handa could feel his body shiver at the mention of his first name again.

Hiroshi's lips traveled down Handa's neck. Handa didn't really like him leaving any hickeys, especially since the one incident when Tama noticed, so Hiroshi got sly and started to leave them where no one would see. Hiroshi tugged at the loose tie on Handa's shirt and unbuttoned the top button of the collar. Handa groaned a bit when Hiroshi started to lightly nibble and suck the now exposed area. Hiroshi's hand wandered up Handa's waist, untucking his shirt from his slacks, and sliding his hand underneath.

"H-Hiro, we shouldn't..." Handa's voice was a little raspy as he felt Hiro's hand touch the skin along his torso.

Only a few moments earlier, Hiroshi was thinking that it was too dangerous to attempt anything at his parents house. But knowing that Handa actually went out of his way to make sure they could be alone for a couple days... Well, maybe now he wasn't thinking too logically.

Hiroshi lifted his head and brought his lips to Handa's again. "Do you want me to stop?"

Handa hesitated for a moment, "No, but.."

A knock on the door halted everything, as Hiroshi experienced Handa's weird strength once again, and before he knew it, his back was in pain and he was looking up at his bedroom ceiling from the floor.

"Ow..." He groaned in pain.

"You boys want some desert?" Mrs. Kido's voice sounded on the other side of door.

"N-No thank you! I'm fine!" Handa said quickly.

"Alrigh' then!" She said and muffled footsteps shuffled away from the door.

"Sensei, y'can't do that every time y'think we're gonna get caught," Hiroshi got up slowly, rubbing his back.

"I'm sorry, its just impulse..." Handa got up from the bed to help Hiroshi up.

Hirosh groaned, he wondered where Handa got that strength considering he mostly sat indoors and painted.

Which reminded him of something...

"Ah," Hiroshi exclaimed quietly as he turned to walk towards his desk. "Might as well since I'm up. I kinda forgot 'bout this since I wasn't sure you'd like it, but..." Hiroshi shuffled through his drawers until he found a sheet of paper. "I... I did this a while back. 'Fore we were datin'," Hiroshi's ear reddened from his slight shyness as he handed the sheet to Handa. "I know it ain't that good, 'specially for a pro like you. But I jus' felt... like writin' somethin'..." He started to mumble towards the end.

Handa took the paper to see pretty crudely drawn calligraphy. Hiroshi probably hadn't done much calligraphy outside of what was required in school, but despite the amateurish way it looked, Handa could tell there was a lot of feeling behind it. Not just something that was splattered across the paper to appease a teacher and get a passing grade. Handa chuckled a bit.

"Don't laugh..." Hiroshi seemed a bit offended over Handa's initial response.

"No, no, its just..." Handa looked down at the page again. "You chose such a common thing to write. 'Passion'?"

"S-So..." Hiroshi was pouting a bit and Handa thought that was a rare but cute sight to see. "I picked it 'cause the kanji looks so similar t'the one in your name... And I was thinkin' o' you when I wrote it..."

Handa's mouth opened briefly before turning into a smile. "... Can I keep it?"


"I want to keep it - can I have it?" Handa asked, a kind smile on his face.

"Yeah... 'o course!" Hiroshi seemed a lot happier knowing that maybe Handa liked it after all.

"Thank you, Hiro," Handa leaned in to give Hiroshi a quick peck on the cheek.

Hiroshi smiled and gently brought Handa into a hug. "I'm really glad I'm with you, Sensei," he said softly.

"Me too," Handa replied, gently holding the calligraphy in one hand and wrapping his arm around Hiroshi with the other.

Hiroshi thought that he was destined to live in mediocrity forever. He never would've guessed a guy from Tokyo would end up not only being his inspiration for his future, but would be part of his future as well.

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