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I've been a killer most of my life. I'm called demon. I can't remember my past but I do know how to kill and steal. I guess that's a start.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Meeting him

I was walking threw the woods covered in blood like always. I wore a black jacket, ripped dark blue jeans, vans and a black mask with a sharp tooth smile on it. A bullet grazed my good arm. Walking up to a tree I looked around for a hole. Finding it I reached in and pulled out a backpack.

"Alright, time to head out." I threw it over my shoulder and head off. Sniffing the air I could tell it was going to rain. "Come on." I sprinted ahead and found a busted up cottage. Just in time the rain came down hard. Walking in I saw it was abandoned, everything was run down and threatened to break under my weight.

Walking around I found a small room I could stay in. Setting my bag down I took my jacket off and start patching up my wound. Once done I put everything away and picked a nice corner. Using my backpack as a pillow and jacket as a blanket I was off to sleep.

Boom! I jolted up getting scared at the sudden thunder. "Damn it. Come on demon it was nothing." I whispered to myself till I heard a creak of floorboards. "Now that was not nothing." Quickly I put on my jacket and grab my knife. I hid my bag it what could be a closet.

As the sound got closer I quietly stood at the side of the door waiting. "Toby! Get your ass over here!" Then the footsteps moved away from the door. Once they were far enough I let out the breath I was holding. Sounds like there's more than one. I better get out of here. I thought to myself and I walk to my bag.

Till suddenly the floor gave away at the worse possible time. My left foot was caught in the hole. I could hear them running over to my location. Taking out my knife I tried to break the wood but froze when they stopped. I can't turn around. Can't run. I'm cornered like prey.

I listened as they walked over to me carefully. One was right behind me, one to my left other right. The two I could see had weapons so there's a possibility the one behind he does too. The worse thing about them is the mask. There's no telling what they are thinking and where they are looking.

I have to assume they know I'm stuck. Keep head low and the knife close. Staying calm I watched their movements. One made a move swing hatches at me. I moved back a little then I noticed the pipe at the last minute. Using my knife I blocked it but suddenly something wrapped around my neck and pull me back.

It was a rope, I was being choked and held back. I dropped my knife when I was yanked back. They made me sit up for the other to grab me. The white mask one walked over to my trapped leg. When he was close enough I kicked him in the face. Then the rope got tighter around my neck.

"Don't make a stunt like that again." The guy behind me said. The one in goggles moved in. I kicked at his legs but nothing happened. He grabbed my free leg and held it down with an iron grip. I looked at the one I kicked to see he had a cracked lip. "How about we knock him out." He moved his mask back in place and walked twords me.

Desperately I tried to get my foot free but all I was doing was scratching it up. Once he was close enough he punched my face hard it felt like they used something heavy instead his fist. Then it was lights out for me.

When I woke up my hands and feet were tied up. There was a fire in the small cottage. Looking around I saw the two men sitting around the fire. Carefully I pushed myself up but a foot slammed me into the ground. I let out a small groan of pain. "Where are you going?" I smirked under my mask. "Just going to go see if your mom had a stick up her ass." That may not be my best move under the circumstances.

This time he slammed his foot on my head. "Knock it off masky. We are going to need him alive for now." A guy in a black mask said. "Masky? That's a odd name." Then I was kicked in the stomach. "Shut up already. I said we need you alive not the condition you have to be in." Then they left me alone and went to the fire.

They stayed quiet and soon fell asleep except for one. Every two or three hours they changed shifts. Quietly I reached into my boot and pull out a knife. Carefully I start cutting the rope on my feet then my hands. Once I was free I waited for my chance to run.

The one standing watch left the cottage to take a piss I think. Taking this chance I got up and head back to where they caught me. Carefully I grab my bag and knife and jump out the window. As I was about to walk into the woods I heard yelling but it came from outside. Looking to my right I saw the one in goggles running at me. "Fuck!" Is all I said as I ran.

He was hard to shake for a good while till I was able to lose him. I was leaning against the tree catching my breath when I felt something cold and sharp against my neck. "N-nice try." He said ticking and twitching. "Toby! Did you get him?!" Toby grab my jacket and pin me with his hatchet.

Then he walked off to his buddies. Guess this is it. They walk to me and pointed a gun at me. "You get one chance try anything and I'll shoot you." I raised up my hands and cooperate with them. They tied up my hands again and we walked off. I reached in my pocket and start listening to music.

I hummed along to some songs till a fog rolled up. Getting nervous I took the headphones out and put it up. When it was finally clearing up we reached a big house. Walking in I saw it was empty but not abandoned. "Go down there." The black mask on said with the gun in hand. I walked threw the door and down the steps.

They untied me and took my bag and knives. Then they put a chain around my neck and left me there. Moving the chain a bit I lay on the floor facing the ceiling. "Hello, demon." I sat up and looked around but no one was here. When I did a second look there was a tall faceless figure standing by the stairs. Getting up I quickly backed away from it.

"Don't be scared. I don't plan on hurting you. Since my proxies believe the you may be of use to me. I'm going to have you be our prisoner. No going outside or starting fights. You'll be sleeping down here. If the others needs a sparing partner or target you are to be one to them. If you misbehave in anyway you will be punished." He removed the chain and the door opens upstairs. When he left I grab my knife from the floor and head upstairs.

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