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Like the title of the chapter already says, in this chapter will be much information about what happened in the past, shortly before the fight against the dark-forest. I tried to keep it a bit with the books.

However, in german, the newest book we have is Sunset.

Yeah, the last book of the second season, i know. The problem is, i haven't any english books yet, so please don't mind when a lot of things aren't like in the books. I tried to keep it a bit with the story-line, because i like that, however got a few of my informations from the internet.

That's all i wanted to say.

Warriors doesn't belong to me.

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Firepaw sighed softly while he pressed himself against Sandpaw in the healers den. A New-Leaf storm blew through the forest, making it impossible for even big cats like Reedheart to walk. He, Sandpaw, Dustpaw, Greypaw and Ravenpaw had helped Splashwhisker in gathering herbs. Ironically while those five were stuck with the medicine-cat, Spottedpaw had to stay in the elders den. A lighting struck and every cat winced.

"I can't remember to have ever seen such a storm", murmured Greypaw while he glanced out onto the clearing.

It wasn't raining that much, but the wind was blowing like it wanted to blow the stars from the Silverpelt.

"Me neither", whispered Ravenpaw back.

Firepaw nodded and gazed out. They'd all once seen a storm like this, however not even half as bad. It had been the day before Tigerstar had appeared in the middle of ThunderClan Camp, claiming the four clans and daring Firestar to call war.


Worriedly Firestar glanced out of his den. The leader saw how Hollyleaf and Foxleap dared to leave the warrior den to get a bit prey and moss to the elders.

Oh StarClan don't let the wind blow them away, prayed the ginger tom silently. Hearing a scared whimper behind him, he turned around and purred sadly. The kits of Sandstorm's and his last litter where with him up here, together with Hollyleaf and his deputy Brambleclaw, who were both mentors of two of the young cats. Firestar turned around and purred softly while he gave each of his kits a lick between the ears.

Strawberrypaw stayed close to her mentor, something Brambleclaw didn't seem to mind and Russetpaw did the same with Hollyleaf. Flamepaw and Honeypaw were cuddled up together and Firestar curled around them to spend them some warmth. The apprentices looked up at him and he smiled at them. They smiled back closed their eyes in a try to sleep.

"Firestar", whispered Brambleclaw after a while.


"Do you think this storm is a sign?"

Sighing softly the leader nodded and whispered: "I fear so. Though I do wonder what the sign is."

"Well, whatever it is", whispered Hollyleaf. "I'm sure StarClan will tell the Clan." "

The Clan as in", asked Strawberrypaw curiously.

All three warriors stared shortly. They'd expected all the apprentices to sleep by now. But then, thought Firestar. Though she looks a lot like me, she is more like Sandstorm. Nothing else is to expect from her.

"The Clan as in Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Dovewing, Leafpool, Cinderheart, Brambleclaw or Firestar", answered Hollyleaf.

Firestar and Brambleclaw stared at her surprised for the open answer and she smiled apologetically. Shaking his head Firestar turned to his daughter and gently touched her ear with his nose. "Try to sleep Strawberrypaw. Everything is going to be okay." She looked at him for a while, then curled up against her mentor and closed her eyes. Swallowing a new sigh, Firestar gazed back out into the storm. If this storm was an omen, then he knew, he'd rather not know what it meant.

End of Flashback

"…not Firepaw?"

Firepaw snapped out of his memories and shook his head.

"What have you said Dustpaw?"

The tabby rolled his eyes and said: "I said: But Tigerstar's ego was surely far too big for his body, not? Just popping up in the middle of ThunderClan after that storm."

Nervously Firepaw glanced around and Sandpaw soothed: "Don't worry, Splashwhisker is asleep."

A relieved sigh came from the ginger tom and he sat up.

"I agree Dustpaw."

"Oh yes", purred Greypaw. "I never thought he would be able to talk to you this long without lunging at you."

Firepaw laughed at this and said: "Well, we all saw how much it took from him to do so."

The five of them purred at the memory of Tigerstar, always unleashing his claws and snarling, just to calm down and continue to talk.

"Remember that?", asked Ravenpaw. He stood up and took a steady position. Then he crouched down and snarled at them, just to sit straight in the next second. Then he said: "That is my only condition." The other four burst out in laughter at him, imitating Tigerstar.

Smiling Firepaw got lost in his memories once more.


"How can that be?"

Firestar immediately raced out of his den to gasp in shock. In the middle of the clearing, black mist appeared out of nowhere and started to take shape. A few apprentices were approaching, meowing curiously when Firestar yowled: "Stay away from that!"

He jumped onto the Highledge and ordered: "Everyone stays away from that and close to their dens!"

The cats obeyed, thought the she-cats whose kits were apprentices already had to chase them to the apprentice den. Sandstorm was no exception. After a while everyone had cleared the clearing and Firestar carefully stepped forward on the Highledge. He heard claws scratching on stone behind him and glanced back. Brambleclaw climbed up to him, his amber eyes glowed with worry. Firestar nodded reassuringly and together the toms snuck up to the peak of the Highledge.

Suddenly the mist seemingly exploded and Firestar hissed in shock at the cat he was facing. A

n exact copy of the tom he had next to him, except for two things. The different scars and the cold evil in the amber eyes.

"Tigerstar", hissed Firestar in shock.

Immediately Sandstorm and the other former queens took positions in front of their kits, the mates of the momentary queens got ready to protect the nursery. From the corner of his eye the leader saw how his deputy glanced at the nursery worriedly. He placed his tail on Brambleclaw's shoulder.

"She will be alright."

The deputy nodded and both toms focused on Tigerstar once more. The dark tabby hadn't moved a muscle, so Firestar figured he had to speak up first.

"Tigerstar what do you want?", asked the ginger tom coldly.

Smirking the tabby asked back: "What? No how can you be here? What did you do?"

"I know enough", shot Firestar back. "I do not care how you got here Tigerstar. I just want to know why you are here!"

Laughing Tigerstar spat: "Well, I'm offering you a deal."

"A deal?", asked Firestar.

"Yes. As you might already know, I and the other Dark-Forest cats are recruiting Clan-Cats. I could tell you who I have and you could exile them."

Firestar smirked and answered: "No thank you. I know very well what you are doing Tigerstar and I won't make your way easier by giving you a chance to reach my warriors better…and I know who of the cats here are betraying the warrior code. I just hope they sooner or later realise what big mistake they make!"

Now Tigerstar was taken back, then he growled: "I always wondered how your medicine cats could escape me."

"I do not have this information from Jayfeather or Leafpool Tigerstar."

"Well, who then?"

"You think I'm gonna tell you? I could also announce the cats that are siding with you now. I could also name all of the other clans."

At this ThunderClan gasped and Tigerstar narrowed his eyes. "Prove it!"

Firestar narrowed his eyes back, then said: "Very well, the first ThunderClan cat you tried to influence was Brambleclaw." ThunderClan stared at their deputy, who showed nothing in his amber eyes. "However your plan backfired when Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost instead of me."

Tigerstar scowled at his son and growled: "Watch your back Brambleclaw, one day we'll get you back for this."

"Try it", spat the younger tabby.

"Another ThunderClan cat was Lionblaze, however you lost him as well."

"Just as weak as you."

Firestar wasn't affected by the insult and asked: "Am I supposed to continue Tigerstar?"

"Oh please."

"Very well, the cats which are still training in the Dark-Forest are Birchfall, Blossomfall, Thornclaw, Mousewhisker and Ivypool!"

ThunderClan gasped and struggled away from those warriors. Especially the cats which had still witnessed Tigerstar's crimes snarled at them angrily and unsheathed their claws. Tigerstar laughed and sneered: "Seems like you are weakening your own clan." "

It truly seems so", answered Firestar calmly. "And I'm very disappointed by myself. Especially from you Thornclaw. You could do better than that. You are the only one who was already alive when Tigerstar caused his most terrible crimes. Or have you forgotten who caused Brightheart's accident?"

At the mention of his sister the warrior winced back and looked to the nursery. Brightheart stood in the entrance, pressed against Cloudtail. Her eyes were wide with sadness and betrayal. Then she turned her head away and disappeared in the nursery. Cloudtail shot a glare at the warrior he trained with as apprentice. Thornclaw then looked at Firestar and whispered: "I…I just…"

"Just what?", spat Brackenfur angrily. Thornclaw winced away from his brothers rage, however Brackenfur followed and growled: "Have you forgotten that he isn't just responsible for Brightheart's, but also Cinderpelt's injury? If it hadn't been for her leg she may would've survived the attack of the badgers."

Tears started to run down Brackenfur's face. Thornclaw took another step back, when Firestar called: "Enough!" Everyone looked at him, even Tigerstar seemed interested. "I will not exile any of those warriors", explained the leader. "However you all will be kept at camp and guarded by trustful and loyal ThunderClan warriors. All of you…except for one."

Confused gazes reached him and Firestar once again turned to his oldest enemy.

"Don't you wonder how I know who the cats that train under you and the others are?"

Tigerstar narrowed his eyes at him, then hissed: "I guess StarClan is stronger than I thought."

"StarClan has nothing to do with this", argued Brambleclaw now. "Nothing at all. The only reason we know, is that one cat knows what kind of monster you really are. What your evil plans are and though it is highly dangerous, this cat still trains in the Dark-Forest. This brave warrior of ThunderClan has been acting as our spy in your rows for moons Tigerstar!"

Now the dark tabby growled and spat: "Nice lie!"

"It is no lie", cut Lionblaze in. "And I'm very sure you are curious to know who is the traitor in your own rows, huh?"

Tigerstar growled and was about to argue, when a female voice cut in: "Accept it Tigerstar." The whole clan froze and Tigerstar spun around. "Not every cat falls for your tricks and is as greedy as you are." Ivypool bared her fangs and snarled: "You are a true fool. Making me one of your very own warriors." The she-cat shook her head. "I've been ThunderClans spy for so long Tigerstar. I know many of your secrets." She stepped to Dovewing, who licked her sister's shoulders. "And I could never betray ThunderClan, StarClan or the warrior code."

Tigerstar growled at the she-cat, when suddenly a yowl of cheer rang over the clearing. Whitewing raced over the clearing and licked her daughter's forehead. "My brave warrior", purred the white she-cat loudly. Firestar turned to his whole clan.

"I hope all of you do realise that we have to expect far smarter moves now. But I want to tell you something. Tigerstar got these cats to join him by stoking fears, making promises and turning to cats who feel jealous. There is no reason to believe him. You are cannot be perfect, no one can or will ever be, but you are perfect in the way you are. You are great fighter, great hunters and wonderful warriors. Warriors a clan can be proud off. You don't need any special training from the Dark-Forest to be good warriors, because you are not a warrior by body and blood, but by heart and soul."

The Clan was silent, however they looked up at him with shining eyes, full of trust and believe. Suddenly Birchfall raised his voice. A few growls were heard and he stopped. Firestar stopped those growls with a flick of his tails and asked the warrior to speak.

"I…I first thought that…that Tigerstar and the other cats would just train us some moves but…when I got to know of their plans…I guess I was too deep in it and…I'm so sorry. Firestar I'm truly sorry. I will never do something like that again. Please allow me to show that I can be someone you can trust!" Firestar held a purr at the bit of shock he saw in Tigerstar's eyes and said: "Birchfall, I do not expect you to prove anything. When you turn your back on Tigerstar and the Dark-Forest, it's enough for me."

Birchfall nodded immediately and then Ivypool and Dovewing ran up to their father, followed by Whitewing and Dustpelt, who licked his son proudly between the ears. Tigerstar growled angrily, however Fireheart heard a slight purr and narrowed his eyes to find out why. In shock he saw how Mousewhisker and Blossomfall unleash their claws.

"NO!", exclaimed the leader, but too late.

The two had pounced at Birchfall, who screamed when they pinned him down. Before anyone had time to react, Thornclaw raced up to them. However against what anyone expected, he pushed them away from his niece's mate. At this everyone stared and Thornclaw growled: "I'd never fight against my own Clan. I was there to become stronger, however if Tigerstar's plan is to destroy the warrior code and ThunderClan, then I'm out!"

At this Brackenfur let out a yowl of cheer and jumped to his brother's side. Sadly Firestar had to realise, that there was no way to get Mousewhisker and Blossomfall back. Tigerstar seemed to have realised it as well. He turned to Firestar, satisfaction in his eyes.

"Very well, since your little spy informed you about my plans, I will get to my point now. I guess you know that I want the clans under my control." Firestar nodded with gritted teeth. "Good. The morning after New-Moon, I will take over the clans Firestar. You can fight if you want, however I have an offer for you." Firestar was silent. Tigerstar still didn't make his point, however the tabby seemed offended by the silence and unleashed his claws.

He growled: "Well?"

"What kind of offer?", asked Firestar calmly. He had no intention on accepting the offer however allowed Tigerstar to talk.

"It's simple kitty pet. You…" He was interrupted by many angry growls. They came from most of the older cats. It took a while until Firestar had silenced them, then said: "Continue Tigerstar, and give your tries up. You can call me kitty pet as often as you want, I won't be offended by it." Tigerstar growled and Firestar saw how the dark tom tensed, then he relaxed and said: "It's simple. You leave your clan the evening before New-Moon and return to your pathetic twolegs and I will take over your clan without killing anyone."

Every cat in ThunderClan winced when the leader burst out in laughter. After a while the ginger tom had calmed down and answered: "That's an offer I have to decline Tigerstar. Because even if I would leave, do you really think ThunderClan would you allow to take over without a fight? Brambleclaw would lead them into the fight."

"How can you know?"

"Against to you, your son is a deputy that can be trusted." From the corner of his eye the ginger tom saw how Brambleclaw glanced at him and smiled at his deputy. Brambleclaw nodded and then he turned to his father.

"Firestar is right. I would never just watch you taking over ThunderClan!"

Tigerstar crouched down and snarled at Firestar. Then he sat straight and said: "Think of it kitty pet. That is my only condition. Go and ThunderClan will be safe."

Before Firestar was able to respond, Sandstorm stepped forward and snarled: "If Firestar would even consider accepting your offer you monster, then I know, that I would pin him down for a moon straight to keep him from going." "As would I", agreed Ravenflight and stepped out of the shadows he'd hidden in. Tigerstar's eyes widened a bit at the sight of his former apprentice. Then he snarled at Firestar: "Very well kitty pet. Have fun in your last moon as ThunderClans leader."

With that he disappeared and unfortunately Mousewhisker and Blossomfall with him.

End of Flashback

"Remember how Tigerstar looked when Birchfall spoke out against him?"

Everyone nodded at Greypaw's words and Firepaw pointed out: "I'm just glad that in the end, we got Mousewhisker and Blossomfall back as well. It was a close call with the two of them." Again everyone nodded, then Sandpaw suddenly pounced at Firepaw. "Hey!", exclaimed the tom. Sandpaw smirked and sneered playfully: "You fought better against Tigerstar mister fourth cat of the prophecy."

Firepaw smirked back and threw her off easily. He sat up and asked: "Better?"

Sandpaw just smiled, then Greystripe stated: "I still don't fully understand why you had to fight alone and get to be killed."

Firepaw looked at his friend and answered: "Greypaw we had this so often. I've been Tigerstar's lifelong enemy, however though it was my destiny to work on his downfall, it wasn't my destiny to be the cat who does it. Those cats were Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Dovewing. I was supposed to weaken him. To be honest, I'm still surprised I managed as much as I did. After all, I had fought before this last battle, Tigerstar didn't."

Sandpaw pressed herself against him and whispered: "I never want to lose you in such a terrible way ever again."

Softly Firepaw licked her forehead and whispered: "You know I can't promise that. I…"

The next moment Spottedpaw raced into the den. Her amber eyes were wide and she gasped: "We have a problem!"

"Problem", echoed the five cats.

Spottedpaw nodded and whispered: "The storm cleared up, however the moment I stepped out of the elders den, I got a new message from StarClan."

Immediately the five sat straight and Ravenpaw asked: "What was the message."

Taking a deep breath, the spotted she-cat said: "Moons of peace followed the fight of blood. Now blood threatens once more. But does it threaten the Tiger or the Lion? Only Dawn can reveal!"

Firestar's fur had stood on end after the first sentence and he whispered: "B-Blood? As in BloodClan?"

Everyone went wide-eyed and Sandpaw asked: "But what does Tiger or Lion mean?"

"Well, when I got my nine lives, I got a prophecy. It was: Four will become two. Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and Blood will rule the forest. That meant LionClan, TigerClan and BloodClan."

"But, how can BloodClan be back?", asked Ravenpaw.

"Probably not BloodClan", offered Greypaw.

"Yes", agreed Dustpaw. He narrowed his eyes and hissed: "Maybe just the worst cat of all of them."

"Scourge", whispered Sandpaw. "But…what does 'Only Dawn can reveal' mean?", asked the pale-ginger she-cat on.

Firepaw gulped. Neither he nor Bluepaw had told the others about Dawn yet.

"I have a good guess", admitted the ginger tom softly. "However the others should be there as well."

"Alright", said Ravenpaw. "Greypaw, Dustpaw and I gather them, you three wait behind the apprentice den."

Firepaw nodded and the three toms ran off.

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