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Prophecies Attacks and Truths

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"So why are we here", asked Whitepaw. Firepaw took a deep breath and answered: "Well, for one, Spottedpaw received a new Message from StarClan."


"I have", said Spottedpaw. "It was: Moons of peace followed the fight of blood. Now blood threatens once more. But does it threaten the Tiger or the Lion? Only Dawn can reveal!"

"Dawn", gasped Bluepaw and looked at Firepaw. The ginger tom nodded and said: "I think the same Bluepaw." The others stared and Firepaw explained: "Remember the day Bluepaw and I came back and informed Nightstar about a badger at WindClan?" Everyone nodded. "Well, we met the badger and…had a conversation."

"You had a what", exclaimed Silverpaw.

Bluepaw calming said: "Calm down young one. We were never in danger."

Wide-eyed Whitepaw asked: "How can you not be in danger when you talk to a badger?"

Firepaw smirked and explained: "Well, Dawn is Midnight's great-great-great granddaughter."


"Be more silent", hissed Bluepaw. "Or you get every cat suspicious." The others bowed their heads. A silent purr of amusement rose up in Firepaw's throat. Everyone still treated everyone the same as in the past. He and Bluepaw had both taken up positions as leaders and Greystripe and Whitestorm acted like the deputies they'd been. "Yes", answered Bluepaw. "Dawn is a descendant of Midnight and seemingly can help us."


Firepaw looked up and answered: "When we met her, she told us about a prophecy she received. Ten from starry sky have to come to find goal of six travellers. Dawn will help. Those were her words."

Dustpaw's head fell to the side and he murmured: "The goal of the six travellers. That sounds familiar."

"We believe it means the sun-drown place", stated Bluepaw.

"The sun-drown place?", echoed the rest, except for Firepaw. Then Silverpaw's features shone with realisations and she exclaimed: "Of course. Bramblestar, Squirrelflight, Feathertail, Stormpelt, Tawnypelt and Crowfeather met Midnight there. They were six!"

"That could very well be", murmured Whitepaw and glanced to the sky. It was far after sun-high. "…the ten of the starry sky would be us then, not?", asked Spottedpaw. Everyone nodded and then Firepaw froze. When the Dark rises once more, pain is all they leave behind. The hunt goes on, deep in the night, until the last breath of the warriors from the Sky. If they fail, eternal night will end the time of the Clans. Since long he thought of this prophecy once more. …until the last breath of the warriors from the Sky…the warriors from the Sky…US!


His head shot up and he looked at Ravenpaw.

"Oh thank StarClan", exclaimed the black tom. "You spaced out for like forever!"

Firepaw was still stunned from what he'd thought off and Dustpaw had to raise his voice to get his attention. "Honestly what's wrong", asked the tabby. He sounded truly concerned.

"The first Prophecy", whispered Firepaw. "The first Prophecy, the one Spottedpaw received during the storm." "Yes, and what is with it", asked Hollypaw confused. "…The hunt goes on, deep in the night, until the last breath of the warriors from the Sky. If they fail… Until the last breath of the Warriors from the Sky? That could mean us as well!"

At this the others froze and Ravenpaw asked: "So…we have to die again to stop the Dark-Forest?"

"Not at all", argued Bluepaw. "When Firepaw is right, then the clans will come to their end. That's something we cannot let happen. However the fight might also just go one until the last breath of one of us. It's a quite disturbing thought, but all in all possible."

"Maybe…we should gather all of the prophecies we got yet and look what we can find out?", offered Sandpaw. Everyone nodded and Whitepaw said: "Then Spottedpaw's is the first…" "Actually", cut Greypaw in. "Firepaw received one sooner than her."

"Oh yes", exclaimed Firepaw. "It's just short. Time will solve all Mysteries. Thunder told me that before I was able to open my eyes in the nursery."

"I see, then the second was: When the Dark rises once more, pain is all they leave behind. The hunt goes on, deep in the night, until the last breath of the warriors from the Sky. If they fail, eternal night will end the time of the Clans", said Whitepaw.

Firepaw nodded and continued: "The next one is the one Spottedpaw got on our first day as apprentices."

"Many seasons went by, but now Fire and Tiger will meet once again to fight over the peace of the clans", told Spottedpaw, her voice clear and strong.

"Then?", asked Silverpaw.

"Dawn's", answered Firepaw and Bluepaw unison.

"Dawn's was… Ten from starry sky have to come to find goal of six travellers. Dawn will help", said Sandpaw. Firepaw nodded and then looked at Spottedpaw. She nodded back and said: "And the newest just reached me." "What was it again?", asked Hollypaw curiously.

"Moons of peace followed the fight of blood. Now blood threatens once more. But does it threaten the Tiger or the Lion? Only Dawn can reveal!", answered Ravenpaw. "I think we all can agree when we say blood means BloodClan, or more Scourge, not?", asked Dustpaw. Everyone nodded, thought they shuddered at the thought of the black tom with the white fore-paw.

"Tiger and Lion?", asked Whitepaw on.

"Probably again Tigerstar and me, or better us", answered Firepaw.

"Why?", asked Hollypaw.

"The day Firepaw became leader and received his names and nine lives", answered Bluepaw. "He also received a message. It was: Four will become two. Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and Blood will rule the forest. In this Prophecy, Lion was LionClan, led by Firestar, Tiger was TigerClan, led by Tigerstar and Blood…" She gulped and Sandpaw whispered: "Blood was BloodClan."

Every cat gulped now and then Dustpaw asked: "So what now?"

"We wait", answered Whitepaw.

"Right", agreed Bluepaw. "Spottedpaw can go to Moonpool at half-moon and after she rested a day, we go to meet Dawn."

"That could give us major trouble", exclaimed Silverpaw.

"A risk we have to take", soothed Greypaw.

"Yes", purred Ravenpaw and rolled his eyes. "It's not like any of us is mating with a cat from another clan."

The group broke out in laughter and Greypaw scowled at them while Silverpaw hid her face behind her tail. After a while Firepaw calmed down and then he heard Sapphirefur calling for him.

"I've got to go", said the tom and stood up.

The others nodded and he dashed out onto the clearing to meet up with his mentor. Sapphirefur smiled at him and said: "We go out to hunt Firepaw. The other mentors will instruct their apprentices." Firepaw nodded and followed his mentor out of camp. He tried to focus on hunting, however his thoughts always got drawn to Tigerstar and Scourge. He gulped when he once again felt Scourge's claws in his neck.


He heard Sapphirefur's voice, however couldn't react. For him, it was like he was pulled into his memories. He saw how Tigerstar killed so many cats he cared for. Then his memories switched back to their last battle.


Firestar gasped a bit, but didn't allow himself to show any weakness to his lifelong enemy.

Tigerstar scowled at him and growled: "Well, looks like it's just you and me once again Firestar."

"Agreed", growled Firestar back. "And it will be the last time."

"For you kitty-pet", spat Tigerstar and pounced on him. F

irestar jumped out of the way and ran his claws over Tigerstar's ears. Tigerstar roared in anger and jumped at him again. He got Firestar's tail between his fangs and bit down. Yowling in pain, Firestar spun around as good as possible and scratched over Tigerstar's nose to get him to let go. Tigerstar jumped back, then forward once more and both cats rolled over the ground in a ravel of claws and fangs.

Everywhere cats backed off, not wanting to risk attacking their own leader. Also farther away more and more cats stopped fighting and watched the fight of the two enemies.

Brambleclaw had still Hawkfrost's scruff between his fangs, Darkstripe still pinned Greystripe down. Hollyleaf and Ivypool stood back to back, their claws still raised for swipes on Breezepelt and Icewing. Crowfeather still stood protectively in front of Leafpool, who had bared her fangs at the Dark-Forest cats around them. The other leaders stood frozen over their enemies and watched like every other cat the fight.

The cats of StarClan weren't moving either. Bluestar and Oakheart were crouched down side-by-side in a try to together get Thistelclaw down, however those two, as well as Spottedleaf, Runningwind or any other cat, shocked watched the fight.

Firestar was suddenly thrown back and he screamed when his back crashed against a rock. Struggling to his paws, he ran to the left, to have Tigerstar crashing into the rock. Firestar spun around and immediately leaped onto the bigger tom's back. He scratched his back and ears and bit into his scruff. Tigerstar tried to shake him off, however Firestar held on tight.

Suddenly Tigerstar jumped and in the last second Firestar got away, before Tigerstar would've flattened him. He tried to leap onto the tom, but he was on his legs again already and lashed his claws out at Firestar. The ginger leader backed off a bit and shook his head when his vision started to blur. He couldn't give up now. Firestar knew he wouldn't survive this fight, but now wasn't the time to allow himself to weaken.

He jumped back in shock when Tigerstar took a mighty leap and the starry forms of Dustpelt and Ravenflight leaped away. Both warriors had fallen already. Firestar continued to dodge and back off until Tigerstar would make a fatal mistake. Tigerstar leaped at him again and finally Firestar saw his chance. Allowing himself a smirk, he fell back and Tigerstar landed between his claws. Firestar started to furiously claw his enemy's body and he caught a glimpse at Bluestar, who now stood next to Oakheart, Stonefur and Mistystar.

Her eyes shone with pride, however also sadness.

All cats of StarClan also knew that Firestar was never meant to survive this battle, but this didn't make him fight less fierce.

Suddenly Tigerstar threw him off and pinned him down, throat exposed. The loyal clan-cats gasped in shock. Firestar weakly glanced up at Tigerstar and knew, this was it now. However he'd done his work. Tigerstar wouldn't be able to win against Lionblaze, Dovewing and Jayfeather anymore. Everyone had done his work. Thanks to Jayfeather, StarClan had gotten the chance to join this fight, thanks to Dovewing, they'd known when and where to expect Tigerstar's army and Lionblaze would finish it by killing Tigerstar. The fights would be over, the dark tabby's shadow would never lie over the clans again.

"Seems like it's over for the fire of ThunderClan", spat Tigerstar loudly and his claws pierced into Firestar's throat. The ginger tom didn't even wince.

"You lost", growled he back.

"Well, how will you stop me? How can you kill me when you're dead?"

Firestar laughed and hissed: "I was never meant to kill you!" S

hocked gasps erupted everywhere and Tigerstar hissed: "Liar!"

"Is he know?", asked Bluestar. She stepped forward and growled: "He says the truth Tigerstar. Against to you, Firestar is an honest and loyal cat. He was always meant to be your enemy. And in this fight, to lead you to your downfall, but no, to forever defeat you, that was never his destiny."

Tigerstar snarled at the she-cat and spat: "He fooled my plans often enough!"

"But did I ever kill you?", asked Firestar. He didn't even try to struggle. It would've no avail. The ginger leader saw how Tigerstar continued to weaken. "No, I never did. That was Scourge not me. And now…now it isn't my destiny either. I've fulfilled my part."

Tigerstar sneered at him and hissed: "Then you won't mind this!"

With that he raised his heavy paw and even before it went down, the cats of ThunderClan and many other cats screamed in fear and disbelieve. "NO!" Sandstorm's scream sounded in Firestar's ears when Tigerstar's claws went down. The next second he felt numb when his last life came to an end. Darkness swallowed him and the last thing he saw was Lionblaze, pushing Tigerstar away with a yowl of rage.

Then Sandstorm's sweet scent surrounded him, followed by Spottedleaf's.

The next second everything became black.

End of Flashback


With a yelp he snapped out of his memories and looked around. He was in the forest, Sapphirefur stood in front of him. Slowly his gasping turned into deep calming breaths and his fur lay flat again. Then his legs gave away and he collapsed onto his stomach.

"Firepaw what's wrong?", whispered Sapphirefur and licked his forehead.

Firepaw, sounded Tigerstar's voice in his head. Pathetic kitty-pet. To have yourself falling down so much. A real leader would fight for what he is.

"No", whispered Firepaw and closed his eyes. "No, get out! I don't want to hear it. Leave my head."

Kitty-Pet I'm not in your head. I'm in you! Your fear is what gives me strength to survive in here. HA! And with all you fear, I just grow stronger.

"Firepaw talk to me. Why are you crying?"

Cry-Crying, thought the tom. Just now he felt the tears that ran down his face.

As I said, pathetic. She treats you like a kit. Just show her you aren't one.

"NO!", shouted Firepaw and shook his head. "Stop! Leave me alone!"

Tigerstar drove him insane.

"Firepaw", asked Sapphirefur.

How can you stand this name?, hissed Tigerstar tauntingly. It's weak. You became weak Firestar. When you were a leader you were at least I cat that I knew was an enemy. Now you are just weak.

"I'm not weak!", hissed Firepaw angrily and his claws unsheathed.

"Firepaw I'll get Splashwhisker!", called Sapphirefur. She ran off and Firepaw found himself alone, trying to fight he mocking her received from his oldest enemy. Tigerstar continued to insult him and finally he couldn't take it anymore. He jumped up and ran. He just ran, not knowing where, but not really caring.

Typical. Tigerstar's voice wouldn't disappear. You run away kitty-pet. How you managed to become leader is a mystery to me.

"Leave!", shouted Firepaw and leaped through some bushes, to run directly into Sandpaw and Reedheart.

"Firepaw?", asked warrior and apprentice unison. Then Tigerstar spoke once more.

Honestly why aren't you stopping them. You are Firestar for crying out loud. Show them.

Firepaw shook his head and ran on. He had to get away. He just couldn't stand. Again and again Tigerstar repeated his words. After a while the managed to find their way into his sub consciousness and he thought; What…what if Tigerstar is right. I was once a leader and I…I could easily beat every cat in the clan…I… Then he shook his head and snapped out of it.

Oh Firestar what am I gonna do with you, sighed Tigerstar in his head.

"Shut up!", shouted the tom into nowhere. "At the moment I'm no leader but an apprentice and I plan on keeping it that way for a few more moons." Then terrible pain spread through him and with a scream he broke down.

Not so fast, hissed Tigerstar, then his voice became softer and he continued; For the first time in my life I'm, trying to help you.

Why would you help me?, thought Firepaw back.

Tigerstar laughed and answered; Simple, I can take advantage of it as well. Accept it Firestar. You are no apprentice and you know that. You are a former leader of ThunderClan and you should be one again.

Firepaw was silent. Tigerstar had a point. He'd been ThunderClans leader once, however that was many seasons ago.

Many seasons ago, but now you can become it again, just accept who you are. You are Firestar, not a little defenceless apprentice.

While Tigerstar continued to put all those thoughts into his head, Reedheart and Sandpaw, as well as Splashwhisker and Sapphirefur caught up to them. The grey she-cat worried deeply for her apprentice. He just lay on the ground when they reached him, his eyes glassy, as if his mind wasn't there anymore.

"Firepaw", whispered Sandpaw in shock and bounded up to the tom. She licked his flank and whispered: "Common react. What's wrong?"

Splashwhisker gently pushed her away and looked after the apprentice. "Well, it doesn't seem to be something physical", stated the healer after a while, then he turned to Sapphirefur. She had to force her gaze away from his almost move-less body. "What did he say again before you left to get me?" Sapphirefur thought shortly, then repeated his words.

"No…get out! I don't want to hear it. Leave my head… No! NO! Stop! Leave me alone! I'm not weak!"

While Splashwhisker made a thoughtful face, Sandpaw froze completely.

"Sandpaw", asked Reedheart his apprentice.

She was still frozen in place. Then she spun to the ginger tom and shouted: "Firepaw when you can hear me, don't listen to him! He's lying!" Firepaw's ears twitched, but except for that he didn't move. "Firepaw please", begged Sandpaw and licked over his forehead. "Please!" Again his ears twitched and shortly his eyes flickered to her, then he clenched them shut and whimpered softly. "Firepaw you never let him win", continued Sandpaw and Sapphirefur could just watch and listen. At the moment she didn't care what Sandpaw meant since it seemed to help her apprentice. Suddenly she leaned closer and murmured something into his ear. Sapphirefur strained her ears and gasped at what she heard. "Firestar, please, I love you. Don't let Tigerstar win. Come back to me."

With this Firepaw's eyes snapped open and he let out his breath. Then his emerald eyes flickered to Sandpaw and he weakly mewed: "Th-Thank y-you, Sandp…" He smirked a bit and he twitched his tail and she leaned closer.

Again Sapphirefur strained her ears and heard him murmur: "Thank you Sandstorm."

She purred and licked his forehead.

"I want an explanation now", called Reedheart now angrily.

Firepaw and Sandpaw shared nervous glances and she murmured: "If we ever find him, I kill him and be it at a gathering."

The warriors and Splashwhisker backed off, Firepaw however pushed himself up and stepped in front of her.

"Calm down. Though this was the worst he ever did to me, we don't need to trouble StarClan more than they already are."

"I'm sure StarClan agrees to my point of view!"

"Maybe, but just because he's...", Firepaw seemed to search for the right word. "A traitor, a murder, evil?", offered Sandpaw furiously. Firepaw sighed and continued: "Just because he is who he is, you don't have to throw the warrior code away. You know than the fight would've been useless."

Sandpaw sighed and sunk her head. "It's just not fair", whispered the she-cat and pressed her head against his shoulder.

"Of course it isn't", whispered Firepaw and licked her forehead. "But when is life fair?"

Sapphirefur couldn't hold it anymore. Having also heard what Firepaw and Sandpaw had said to each other silently, she blurted out: "Who are you?"

Both froze, their eyes widening in shock, then Firepaw accused: "Eavesdropping on a clan-mate isn't good!"

"I'm your mentor and have a right to know what's going on", growled Sapphirefur angrily.

Firepaw stood up and glared back at her. "Then ask the question in the way a warrior should and don't growl at your own apprentice", said the tom back, a knowledge he shouldn't have was in his eyes. Sapphirefur felt how Reedheart took position beside her and growled at both.

"You should respect older cats."

At this Sandpaw burst out in laughing and she shook her head. Her eyes now also held this strange knowledge. After she's calmed down, she looked at Firepaw and said: "I doubt Thunder, Bramblestar or anyone for that matter is happy now."

Firepaw sighed and his strong attitude dropped a bit.

"We can't change it now", assured the ginger tom. Then he turned to his mentor and said: "Come with us…please."

With that he turned away and ran off. Sandpaw ran after him immediately, giving the three grown up cats a knowing look. Sapphirefur sighed, then bounded after the apprentices, followed by the other two. None of them saw the small dark-brown tabby tom, who crouched in the tree, growling angrily. After a while Splashwhisker called: "They're leading us to Moonpool."

"What? Why with StarClan?", asked Reedheart. The she-cat shrugged and tried to keep up with the young cats speed. They ran up the path like it was for the hundredth time in their lives. Finally the two stopped and looked at the Moonpool.

"It's been so long", whispered Sandpaw to the ginger tom.

Firepaw nodded and whispered back: "But nothing has changed."

Sapphirefur got impatient now and snapped: "Can you tell us now?"

"No", answered Firepaw and she was about to object when he continued: "But we can show."

With that he walked up to the Moonpool, tail held high. Sandpaw nodded at them and followed him. Sighing frustrated Sapphirefur padded after them. They reached the pool and Firepaw and Sandpaw bent down to lap a bit of the water. Splashwhisker, thought he threw suspicious glances at the two, copied them immediately and so Sapphirefur and Reedheart followed. The water was icy and she felt strangely tired.

Everything became blurry and then she collapsed.

After a while she woke up again, to find herself in a place she hadn't expected. It was the clearing Firepaw had found on their territory-trip. She looked around and found Splashwhisker and Reedheart, sleeping next to her. Carefully she called: "Splashwhisker, Reedheart, wake up!" Both raised their heads and gasped surprised. Splashwhisker looked around, then crouched down.

A tom with the fur-colour of autumn leaves, a broad head, broad shoulders, amber eyes, and big white paws walked up to them. Sapphirefur and Reedheart crouched down as well and the tom said: "Stand up young ones." The three sat up and the tom continued: "Aren't there two missing?"

"We're here", answered Firepaw, who had unseen, climbed onto a rock together with Sandpaw. The big tom purred amused and offered: "Why don't you come over to me." Firepaw raised an eyebrow like it was the most normal thing to do in front of a StarClan cat. "You know what will happen when we cross the stream", argued Sandpaw. A nod came from the tom and then Firepaw jumped down and slowly walked up to the stream.

In front of it he hesitated and glanced at the three ThunderClan cats.

Then he took a deep breath and stepped into it.

The moment he left it on the other side, his body glowed shortly and then a grown up ginger tom stood in his place.

The tom looked himself over and stated: "It feels strange to be this big again."

A laugh came from the other tom, who was still slightly bigger than him.

Suddenly there was another short glow and in Sandpaw's place stood a beautiful pale-ginger grown up she-cat.

She stretched and mumbled: "Ah, I missed this."

Then the two joined up with the tom and he turned back to Sapphirefur and the other two. Sapphirefur just stared at the ginger tom. He looked exactly like her apprentice, safe a few scars. One large scar went over his flank, one of his ears was torn and three claw-marks went from his forehead, over his left eye, to the left cheek. He held a pride only leaders could hold and his tail was wrapped around the she-cat's.

Suddenly the bigger tom took a step forward and calmly introduced: "Greetings, Sapphirefur, Reedheart, Splashwhisker, my name is Thunder. I'm the founder of ThunderClan and was his first leader."

Sapphirefur gasped and Splashwhisker asked: "Why are you showing yourself to normal cats like us."

At this the ginger tom let out a short laugh. "You are much, but not normal. Not with the cats you are training."


The tom smirked and said: "Maybe we should introduce. My name is Firestar. I'm a former leader of ThunderClan, though at the same time I'm Firepaw, Sapphirefur's apprentice." Sapphirefur was frozen in place now. This tom claimed to be a former leader and her apprentice.

Then the she-cat raised her voice and said: "I'm Sandstorm, Firestar's mate and the best hunter ThunderClan had in my life-time, however I'm also Sandpaw, Reedheart's apprentice." Sapphirefur saw how Reedheart's eyes widened at this. Then Splashwhisker spoke up once more.

"Let's say we believe you. Why am I then here?"

"Because Spottedpaw is just like us", answered Firestar calmly. "Her real name is Spottedleaf, a former medicine cat of ThunderClan. And there are more of us." The three cats just stared, then Thunder explained: "You see, Firestar and nine others one day…just disappeared from StarClan. We all thought they were gone for good, however seasons later, they just reappeared in the world of living. In ThunderClans nursery. With all their memories and a new duty."

Sapphirefur locked eyes with Firestar, who's emerald eyes locked on her. His gaze held nothing but honesty and hope. She took a deep breath. Firepaw being this tom would explain much. Why he was so talented in fighting, why he was so mature. She found out, in her heart, she'd believed it from the begin with. Thunder suddenly purred and looked at her.

"It's good you believe Sapphirefur."

"But…who are the others who disappeared", asked the she-cat curiously, but she nervously crouched down, fearing to have said too much. Firestar laughed at this and stated to Thunder: "What Bramblestar told me is true."

Thunder sighed and answered: "Yes, for some reason the Clan-Cats started to fear us."

Chuckling Firestar said: "He told me how Nightstar reacted when he visited him. I can't remember to have ever crouched down like that."

"None of us did", said Sandstorm softly and looked at the three cats. "StarClan was respected because they were our ancestors, not because they had so much might."

"You know we aren't that mighty", sighed Thunder. "Otherwise we would've put a stop to what he just did from the begin with. However Sapphirefur, to your questions, the others are Dustpelt, Greystripe, Ravenflight, Silverstream, Hollyleaf, Whitestorm and Bluestar."

Sapphirefur gasped at this.

Then Reedheart growled: "And you want us to believe that?"

"We need you to believe that", said a new voice and a dark tabby tom stepped out of the bushes. "Considering just today there was a mental attack on Firestar."

"Bramblestar", greeted Firestar happily. "How are you."

"Good", answered the tabby and looked at him worriedly.

"I'm alright again", assured Firestar.

Bramblestar sighed deeply and said: "I just…can't really stand the thought of having my father attacking my former mentor while I can't do anything to put a stop to this." Sapphirefur watched them in shock, then she asked: "Your…fa-father?" Bramblestar nodded and explained: "Yes. Tigerstar. The worst traitor the clans ever had to face." His face went grim. "We thought we got rid of him in the last battle against he cats of the place of no stars, however like ten StarClan warriors got reborn in ThunderClan, some Dark-Forest cats got reborn in ShadowClan."

Sapphirefur swallowed dryly and Splashwhisker asked: "So…what shall happen now?"

Thunder glanced away shortly, then answered: "It's soon half-moon and after Spottedleaf rested a bit, she and the other nine need to find someone who can help them. That can take a few days. I ask you to try to cover them."

"We shall lie to Nightstar? Not to mention the queens", asked Reedheart in shock.

"If there was another chance", interjected Firestar. "We would never ask you. But since Tigerstar almost succeeded with his last attack, it's obvious that he's more of a threat than ever before."

Sapphirefur hesitated, then called: "I'm in." She smirked and continued: "I can't leave my apprentice alone now." Firestar purred at this and after a few heartbeats Splashwhisker and Reedheart agreed as well. Firestar and Sandstorm were about to cross the stream and return to them when a female voice yelled: "WAIT!"

Both smiled and turned around.

Then two she-cats broke out of the bushes. "Squirrelflight! Leafpool!", called Sandstorm happily. "Father! Mother", called the she-cats back and the four cats greeted each other. "The others wanted to come too", whispered the brown tabby she-cat. "But they are busy." "We understand", assured Firestar.

After a while they parted and the moment he and Sandstorm turned back into Firepaw and Sandpaw.

Both shook their furs and Sapphirefur smiled.

What a secret she knew now.

This was going to be a big adventure.

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