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Bluepaw lay in the camp and groomed her fur. It stood away in every direction after she'd spent the rest of the day fixing the thorn-barrier. Whitepaw and Hollypaw did the same, while Spottedpaw was still busy with sorting herbs. Dustpaw, Ravenpaw, Greypaw and Silverpaw had a playful fight in front of the apprentice den. The bluish-grey she-cat felt how her muscles relaxed under the warming sun of the sunset. Suddenly Whitepaw raised his head and murmured: "I wonder where Firepaw and Sandpaw are."

Bluepaw winced.

She hadn't really realised that the two still weren't back from hunting yet. Spottedpaw padded up to them and softly explained: "Something happened. During the day Sapphirefur came to Splashwhisker and told him there was a big problem."

"I hope nothing happened to Firepaw", stated Ravenpaw.

Everyone nodded, then the thorn-barrier waved a bit and the missing cats appeared. Each of them had prey in their jaws, Splashwhisker carried a few herbs. However something felt amiss to Bluepaw. It was the troubled look in Firepaw's eyes that worried her. Also, the moment they all had placed their prey down, Sapphirefur and Reedheart led their apprentices away from everyone else and settled down with them.

"I wonder what they are saying", murmured Bluepaw and watched how the two small cats spoke to their mentors. Splashwhisker joined them the moment he'd stored the herbs. He asked something and Bluepaw narrowed her eyes when she saw Firepaw wince.

"Something is not right here", murmured Dustpaw.

Bluepaw nodded and whispered: "Dustpaw, Hollypaw, come with me. Maybe we can find out what's going on." The three slid into the shadows of the Thorn-barrier and snuck up to the other five. When they were close enough to hear them Sapphirefur shuddered and murmured: "I can't even imagine that." She glanced at her clan. "How could any cat do something that terrible."

"If we would just know", sighed Sandpaw and lay down.

Catching a glance from Dustpaw, she knew he and Hollypaw were as nervous as Bluepaw herself. Sandpaw seemed to have dropped the act of an apprentice. What Firepaw said next made her freeze.

"No one, absolutely no one but Tigerstar himself can say what's going on in his head."

Bluepaw felt movement on both of her sides and Dustpaw and Hollypaw darted back to the apprentice den. She was shocked herself. Firepaw and Sandpaw should know how dangerous it was to allow those cats to know. Suddenly Firepaw's shoulder dropped a bit and Sapphirefur softly meowed: "You two should go to sleep. No matter who you've been, you are in the bodies of apprentices and you've both gone through much today."

Reedheart and Splashwhisker nodded in agreement. Nodding both got onto their paws, however Firepaw almost tumbled down again. Sandpaw moved to steady him. His eyes were dull and he panted for air.

Sapphirefur licked over his head softly and asked: "Have you two even eaten today?"

Both shook their heads and Reedheart said: "Wait here."

The moment he jumped away, Firepaw fell onto his stomach and closed his eyes. Though the warm evening he shivered and bit and Sapphirefur crouched down. She licked his flank in the opposite direction to warm him. Sandpaw looked worriedly at the ginger tom. Bluepaw crawled a bit closer, curious to what happened.

"You shouldn't spy on your clan mates."

The grey she-cat almost screamed in surprise when Reedheart stood behind her. She leaped out of the bushes and Sandpaw, Sapphirefur and Firepaw stared at her. The tom looked incredible exhausted.

"Did you listen?", asked Sandpaw surprised.

Bluepaw nodded and argued: "I thought we agreed to keep it a secret."

"It's not like they had another choice then to inform us", argued Sapphirefur softly and returned to taking care of her apprentice. Firepaw gazed at Bluepaw tiredly and whispered: "Ti-Tigerstar made his…first move."

Bluepaw's eyes widened and she asked: "What?"

"You heard him", answered Sandpaw while she smiled thankfully at her mentor when he placed two mice in front of her and Firepaw. She pushed one of them to Firepaw before she turned back to Bluepaw. "Tigerstar somehow managed to attack his…uh…spirit, I think. Firepaw went through horrible things today. Well, Splashwhisker, Reedheart and Sapphirefur were there when I helped him so we went to Moonpool and met Thunder and Bramblestar. They know what happened to us."

Bluepaw was still frozen in surprise, then she carefully padded up to her former apprentice, who tiredly nibbled at the mouse. He saw her coming and smiled slightly at her.

"Sorry", whispered the ginger tom.

"What for?", asked Bluepaw back and sat down next to him.

"I…I didn't manage to get…Tigerstar out of my thoughts alone…t-that's why they know", whispered Firepaw.

Bluepaw shook her head and licked over his head. Since he had first set his paws into the forest when he was still a small kitty-pet, she'd developed some motherly feelings for him.

"Don't be. Tigerstar is strong and you can't do everything either", assured the she-cat. Then she turned to his mouse and used her claws to cut it open in a way he would've an easier time to eat it. Bluepaw smiled slightly. He hated being treated like a kit, but at the moment he wasn't strong enough to eat his prey alone. She just hoped a good night's rest would help him to come to his paws again.

"Thanks", whispered Firepaw and finally managed to truly eat some of the prey. Bluepaw smiled once more.

While Firepaw was eating, Sapphirefur twitched her tail for Bluepaw to follow her. The bluish-grey she-cat did so and a few tail-lengths away Sapphirefur asked: "I got to know a bit about your past-life already. However when I asked Firepaw after his mother he became very silent and nervous. Sandpaw wouldn't answer me either, neither to his kit-hood. Why?"

Bluepaw sat down and glanced at the ginger tom in understanding.

"ThunderClan changed a bit in all those season's we've missed", began the bluish-grey she-cat. "It's natural he doesn't want to talk about it."

"Why so?"

Bluepaw hesitated, then answered: "Firepaw was born as a kitty-pet."

"What?", hissed Sapphirefur.

Ignoring the shock in Sapphirefur's eyes, she continued: "Yes, an adventurous young kitty-pet, but a kitty-pet none the less. Then again…maybe just these roots of his made him become the leader I wished to replace me."

"You…you've been ThunderClan leader before him?"

Bluepaw nodded and explained: "I often saw him sitting on the fence of the garden of his twolegs. Strangely especially when I was on night patrol. Somehow I knew he was special. The night he first set paw into the forest, he met first Greypaw. Then me and a warrior called Lionheart, Greypaw's former mentor joined. I knew he had a great destiny, so I invited Rust to join ThunderClan."

"But a kitty-pet", asked Sapphirefur confused. "I thought the warrior code says: A warrior rejects the soft life of a kitty-pet?"

"It does", answered Bluepaw. "But that's just it. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kitty-pet, but not the cats themselves. If it weren't for cats like Firepaw, who chose the warrior code instead of being a kitty-pet, ThunderClan probably would've been destroyed. We must not be nasty to kitty-pets for choosing their form of living. We have ours, they have theirs. Firepaw is one of the cats who understand this the most. And…in this time, it seems kitty-pets are more rejected than he ever saw rejection. It's natural he was scared. When I allowed him into the clan, he often had to proof himself worthy of being with us."

Sapphirefur nodded, then stated: "You speak like a queen would speak of her kits."

Purring amused Bluepaw answered: "I probably have motherly feelings for him. I was having kits in my old life, however had to give them away so I could become deputy. Thistelclaw, the other potential deputy, would've destroyed ThunderClan since his answer for everything was fight. I gave up my kits for my clan's sake. Firepaw…he was my apprentice. I got to partly raise him in the way I never had the chance to."

Sapphirefur nodded, then said: "If I would've still had any doubt in the story of your all, it would've vanished now. Your speech…"

Bluepaw nodded, then saw that Firepaw tried to get onto his legs. Sandpaw was trying to help him, however they still had a heart time. Fast Bluepaw padded up to them and dug her fangs into his scruff, pulling him to his legs. He glanced at her thankfully and Bluepaw smiled at him. Together the two she-cats led him back to the apprentice den.

Whitepaw glanced at them warily, however Bluepaw glared back, showing him she would explain soon. The white tom nodded and his gaze softened when he saw in what state the ginger tom was. Being slightly smaller than Firepaw, both she-cats had a hard time to help him walk, though he tried his best to do it by himself.

Whitepaw stepped forward and Bluepaw gave him his place. The white tom was the biggest among the ten of them.

Greypaw took over Sandpaw's place with being competing with Firepaw and Dustpaw about the place of the second biggest tom. The three disappeared into the den and Bluepaw glanced to the sky. The sun had long since set and the Silverpelt shone.

It seemed to shine brighter than usually.

"Are you trying to protect our dreams?", muttered Bluepaw.

It most certainly seemed like this for her. After watching the stars for a little longer, she also retreated into the den and curled up near Firepaw and Sandpaw, keeping a watchful eye on the ginger tom's breathing until sleep overcame her.

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