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StarClan's Interference

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Restlessly Bramblestar paced through StarClan's ThunderClan camp. An annoyed growl announced the arrival of the cat he wanted to see the least at the moment.

"For every Clan's sake Bramblestar stop it finally!", exclaimed a female voice.

He glared at Squirrelflight and hissed back: "Against to you I am worried about them. What Tigerstar managed today showed that we underestimated him far too long!"

Squirrelflight growled at him and yowled: "Bramblestar my parents can look after themselves. Sandstorm managed to help him."

"But they got discovered", argued another male voice.

A broad shouldered, golden tabby tom with amber eyes marched up to them, siding with Bramblestar.

"Oh for StarClan's sake Lionstar", exclaimed another male voice and a grey spotted tom padded up to Squirrelflight.

"No Ashfur", argued Bramblestar. "They got discovered. Luckily just by three cats, however that's quite enough. When…"

"If…", cut Ashfur in.

Bramblestar growled at Ashfur and repeated: "When Tigerstar manages such an attack again and the one he's trying to hit is in the middle of the camp, they can get into big trouble."

Ashfur snorted and asked: "So you have no trust into all of them, not even your foster daughter or former mentor."

"Trust has nothing to do with that", argued Lionstar. "Firestar and Hollyleaf, as well as everyone else, are smart and strong. They know what they do, but Tigerstar is an enemy that was underestimated far too long and you know that."

Ashfur growled, however had nothing to argue back.

Suddenly a soft voice said: "Ashfur those two are right."

He spun around and Bramblestar saw a mottled grey tabby she-cat with green eyes walking up to them.

"Brindleface", greeted Bramblestar the mother of Ashfur. She greeted them back, then turned to look at her son.

"He is right Ashfur and you know that…all of us know that, some just don't want to accept it." She gazed to the border of the clearing and Bramblestar followed her gaze. He swallowed a sigh. Quite some cats had gathered to watch their argument. Shaking his head, he stood up and turned to the tunnel in the thorn-barrier.

"Where are you going", snapped Squirrelflight. "We are not done yet!"

"Probably", answered Bramblestar and looked at his mate. "However, I'll go to Moonpool and make sure Tigerstar isn't doing anything tonight. And no cat is going to stop me from doing that!" He turned away again, when fangs held him back in a gentle grip around his tail. He turned back to meet the bright green eyes of Strawberrystar. Firestar's and Sandstorm's eldest daughter of their latest litter. She'd succeeded Lionstar.

"What is it Strawberrystar?"

She smiled and stated: "I'm coming with you."

Surprised gasps came from the crowd and then Lionstar stepped to them.

"I'm not going to stand back either."

"Nor do we", stated a new voice and two more toms stepped out of the crowd and towards them. The first one was a muscular dark ginger tom and the second one was a bright ginger tom with long fur and yellow eyes. "Sunstar, Redstar", greeted Bramblestar politely. Suddenly four more cats walked up to them and Bramblestar secretly thought; Just former leaders uh?

"Mistystar, Tallstar, Onestar, Tawnystar", greeted Strawberrystar.

The four greeted back and Bramblestar said: "Well, let's go." Everyone nodded and fast the StarClan cats dashed through the forest. Tawnystar ran side-by-side with her brother. He glanced to her and saw the troubled look in her green eyes.

"Troubled", murmured Bramblestar.

Tawnystar sighed and answered: "You have no idea how much. Why do these things always happen to ShadowClan?"

"Not even the ancestors can answer us that", answered Bramblestar. "don't worry, I'm sure everything will turn out fine." The former ShadowClan leader nodded and then they already reached the moon-pool. Surprised they found a black she-cat waiting there. Bramblestar skidded to a halt and his eyes widened when he recognized Shadow. She looked at them, understanding shone in her eyes.

"Come forward, I will not stop you from doing what has to be done."

"So…you haven't a problem with us helping this much", asked Sunstar interested.

"I'm not completely happy with it, however I have no wish to get between Rainbow's claws", answered Shadow and shuddered. Bramblestar winced at the memory of the white she-cat. Suddenly Mistystar and Strawberrystar stepped to Shadow and the grey she-cat soothed: "Shadow, no one, not even those ten are blaming ShadowClan for any of this. It happened and for everything that will happen, everyone will blame the dark-forest. Not ShadowClan."

Shadow didn't look convinced and after a quick glance at everyone, Bramblestar offered: "You could join us."

"What?", asked Shadow surprised.

Redstar nodded and stepped forward. "We all agree to this idea Shadow. No one blames you or your clan for what happened. Every cat who would, would be a shame for the warrior code. Join us and in their dreams, you can ask those ten by yourself."

Shadow hesitated, thinking about what they'd said. Bramblestar became more and more anxious with the time that went by. Finally Shadow answered: "Alright." Smiling Bramblestar padded up to the Moonpool and waited at the shore. Everywhere around the pool the former leaders took place and then they all stepped in. By now he was used to the coldness and the flash of pain that followed it. Bramblestar simply closed his eyes and when he opened them, they were in ThunderClan camp. While most of them padded up to the apprentice den to check it, Bramblestar hesitated. He quickly glanced at the other leaders, then bounded off to the medicine cat den. In there he slowly padded up to Spottedpaw. He didn't know what exactly he wanted to tell her, but the fact that Tigerstar managed to do something in life, he should just be able to do in death was a hint that it could be the same for the ten former StarClan cats.

Finally making his decision, he leaned down to touch his nose to her forehead, when a voice teased: "When you start to break the rules, you can do it completely to, not?" He spun around to see Tawnystar pad up to him. She smiled and said: "I'm coming with you. Maybe it's easier to explain in that way." He nodded and together the siblings touched Spottedpaw's forehead with their noses. They were quickly sucked into her dreams, though they landed in a place they hadn't expected.

"The old forest", whispered Tawnystar amazed. Bramblestar just nodded, then a familiar scent reached him and Tawnystar said: "That's coming from…"

"…the sunning rocks", answered Bramblestar and ran on. Soon they reached the stones and found Spottedleaf, sitting on the edge of them, gazing over the river. Bramblestar walked up to her, followed by Tawnystar. A few tail-lengths away, he called: "Spottedleaf!"

She spun around and looked at them in fear.

Then she calmed down and said: "My apologize, I was expecting someone like…"

"Tigerstar", offered Tawnystar softly.

Spottedleaf nodded, then asked: "What exactly happened today?" Bramblestar sighed and sat down, burling his tail around his paws.

"Long story short, Tigerstar attacked Firestar mentally and Sandstorm managed to free him. This resulted into revealing everything to Sapphirefur, Splashwhisker and Reedheart."

Spottedleaf's eyes widened and she whispered: "A…mental a-attack. B-but…I understood when he could do that when he was in the Dark-Forest, but…he is as alive as Firestar is."

"That's why we came to you", explained Tawnystar. "When Tigerstar can still do that, then you all maybe too."

"You…mean like sending out our mind like I did it sometimes for Firestar and Leafpool?", asked Spottedleaf.

Bramblestar nodded and said: "It's just a Theory. But the possibility is there."

Spottedleaf nodded in understanding and asked: "But…when Tigerstar really figured how to do that…how can we even sleep peacefully?"

"At least for tonight", answered Tawnystar. "You are safe. Bramblestar, Strawberrystar, Lionstar, Sunstar, Redstar, Mistystar, Tallstar, Onestar, Shadow and I are here to keep you safe."

"Shadow too?", asked Spottedleaf confused.

"Yes. She has a hard time to believe that no one is blaming ShadowClan for what's happening", explained Bramblestar.

"That's mouse brained!", shouted Spottedleaf. "Of course no one is blaming ShadowClan. Traitors like Tigerstar and others come from every clan. That they got reborn in her clan was bad luck."

"Try telling that Shadow", stated Tawnystar. Bramblestar thought they'd given the medicine cat enough to think about now, so he stood up and said: "I'm very sure you'll soon get other visitors except for us, but we have to go now."

"May StarClan light your path", called Tawnystar while they started to leave her dream.

"Yours too and thank you", called Spottedleaf after them before they stood in the medicine-cats den again.

"Let's see how the others are doing", offered Tawnystar. Bramblestar nodded and together they left the den. Strawberrystar and Onestar smirked when they saw them, but nodded in understanding. The other two nodded back and joined up with them.

"Where are the others?", asked Tawnystar.

"Sunstar is visiting Bluestar, Mistystar is keeping an eye on their bodies and will switch with Sunstar the moment he's out. She surely wants to talk to her mother. Redstar and Tallstar are behind the den to make sure no one gets in in that way. Lionstar is checking up around the camp, then he'll probably will visit Hollyleaf."

"And Shadow?", asked Bramblestar.

Strawberrystar frowned and answered: "She's been in Firestar's dream ever since we arrived."

Nodding Bramblestar gazed to the sky. It was almost moon high and they'd arrived here shortly after every cat had gone to their nests, which wasn't too long after sunset. He just hoped everything was alright. Suddenly all of them heard something. Shadow's voice run in their heads. "Bramblestar, Sunstar, anybody. When you can hear me. HELP!"

Shadow directly walked into the apprentice den and up to the ginger tom that had been attacked today. He didn't seem to sleep peaceful since his claws sheathed and unsheathed constantly and sometimes he snarled silently. Narrowing her eyes, Shadow placed her nose on his forehead. She began to disappear in Firestar's dream, when suddenly great pain struck through her. It was overwhelming, that she blacked out. When she came to, she felt sore and cold wind brushed through her fur.

Groaning she opened her eyes and then she heard a voice say: "Hey, she's waking up!"

Shadow groggily pushed herself up and blinked a few times before her sight became clear. Surprised she recognized the cats in front of her. It were Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, together with Sandstorm.

What with StarClan, wondered Shadow while she looked at them. That just couldn't be.

Finally Bramblestar stepped forward and asked: "State your business here, what are you doing on ThunderClan territory."

Then it dawned to Shadow that Firestar was probably dreaming about his past.

"My name is Shadow and I need to speak to Firestar."

Sandstorm hissed and growled: "Why would you want to speak to that monster?"

Monster, wondered Shadow. Something is not right here. She took a steady stand and pushed herself up to her full size. "I think that lies with me", answered Shadow. Even Bramblestar, Brambleclaw in this case, seemed surprised that she was challenging his size. She smiled. She definitely was tall for a she-cat. Thunder was one of the few toms who were actually bigger than her. Finally Brambleclaw nodded and three cats led her to ThunderClan camp. However they all threw suspicious glances at her. Shadow ignored it and debated why Sandstorm would call her mate a monster. Shaking her head she swallowed a sigh and wrinkled her nose.

Crow food? What with StarClan is going on here?

Finally they reached the tunnel into camp. Squirrelflight went in first, followed by Sandstorm. Then Shadow went in and Brambleclaw followed her. Every cat in ThunderClan raised their heads when she walked in and she almost winced at the sight. Before she hadn't noticed but ThunderClan was in a very bad shape. Every cat was so skinny, she could see their rips, even the queens.

Brambleclaw turned to ThunderClan and asked: "Where is Firestar?"

"Out hunting", growled Dustpelt.

"Maybe even meeting Blackstar again", continued Brackenfur.

Blackstar, wondered Shadow. What would Firestar want to do with Blackstar?

"Hunting, that I'm not laughing", growled Sandstorm suddenly. "He never catches anything but is eating only StarClan knows how much."

"Watch what you say", hissed Cloudtail, his blue eyes flickered with panic. "He might hear you."

"I don't care", spat Sandstorm.

Shadow watched all of this in shock. Something was definitely wrong here. All this sounded nothing like the brave cat she knew the ginger tom was. Suddenly the Thorn-barrier waved and every cat immediately crouched down. Shadow gazed around confused, then froze in shock. Firestar walked in, but his ginger fur was covered in scars and his eyes flashed in a cold…amber?

Tigerstar, of course, thought Shadow angrily, however kept a plain face. He ignored everyone and walked up to his den.

Finally Brambleclaw stood up and called: "Firestar." His head snapped to the tabby, who gulped loudly, then answered: "T-This she-cat wants to talk to you." Firestar's eyes locked on her and he narrowed his eyes confused. Shadow tensed in her effort to not to grin. She'd caught the tom off guard with that.

Finally he nodded and growled: "Follow me."

Immediately Shadow stood up and swiftly followed the leader to his den. There he settled down and gazed at her coldly.

"What do you want?"

"What, not even a who are you, Firestar? Or should I saw…Tigerstar."

At this Shadow finally allowed herself to smirk and it became a grin when the ginger tom's eyes widened in shock.

He jumped up and hissed: "Who are you?"

"My name is Shadow and I want you to let Firestar be, now", she hissed the last word. At this the ginger tom laughed evilly and his voice changed into Tigerstar's. Now, though he still was in Firestar's body, he truly was Tigerstar.

"The just so great first leader of ShadowClan", sneered Tigerstar. "What do you want to do?"

Shadow hissed and launched herself at the traitor. Tigerstar laughed and attacked her as well. Soon Shadow realised that the den was too small to fight properly, so she threw him off, spun around and leaped out of the den. She landed on the Highledge and leaped down to the centre of the camp. Spinning around, it was just in time, to catch his leap at her. Both scratched each other and Shadow finally managed to pin him down.

"I'm going to say it just one more time! Leave him alone. You are already a shame."

Tigerstar sneered at her.

"What…not proud that I rebuilt your clan after that illness."

"Proud that you rebuilt it, yes, proud to what happened afterwards, no. No get out of his head or I'll make you!"

The cats started to murmured confused and Tigerstar asked: "How will you make me?"

"I'll find a way."

At this Tigerstar burst out in laughter and called: "To bad that when you injure me, it will just end up like it would in the dark-forest. His useless little body will take the damage."

Shadow jerked away at that. That means I can't attack him. Every injury I give him will weaken Firestar's body. Despair started to build up in Shadow's heart and she finally sunk her head. "Giving up now Shadow, are we?" Bramblestar, Sunstar, anybody. When you can hear me. HELP!, shouted Shadow in her head, then looked up with a growl.

"I won't give up!"

She attacked him once more, however Tigerstar dodge easily. Shadow had to admit, for being in a body that was smaller than his, he fought well. Suddenly there was a yowl and then three cats burst onto the clearing. Shadow yowled a cheer while Tigerstar backed off in shock. The cats were Sunstar, Redstar and Lionstar. The three big toms looked around and finally Sunstar asked: "What is going on here?"

Shadow was about to answer when Mousefur gasped and shouted: "S-Sun-Sunstar?"

Sunstar looked at her, then back at Shadow and the she-cat hissed: "It looks like the one who attacked him today has taken this place over."

She carefully tried to avoid using the names of Firestar and Tigerstar. Immediately Sunstar's gaze went to Tigerstar, who glared at them scornfully.

"It still seems your reinforcement is too late Shadow. Too bad."

This pulled the trigger and she once again attacked him. Pinning him down she was about to bite through his throat, when he called: "Ah-ah-ah Shadow. Remember what I told you. It's just like in the Dark-Forest. Everything you do to me, will happen to his body." Shadow growled frustrated and once more backed off. Redstar's eyes were wide and Lionstar glanced around in shock.

Then he looked at Tigerstar and asked: "When you are here, where is he?"

Tigerstar grinned and answered: "Somewhere where he has to watch all of this but can't help or put a stop to it."

The four leaders frowned and Sunstar spat: "Give him free!"


With that Sunstar lunged at him and pinned him down.

"Sunstar stop", shouted Lionblaze. "When you hurt him…"

"I have no intends on doing so", shouted Sunstar back. "But I may have an idea." He closed his eyes and suddenly stars glowed around him. "Of course", exclaimed Redstar. "His power is strong, but the four of us should be able to get him out!" Immediately Shadow padded up to Sunstar and placed her nose on Tigerstar's forehead. Redstar and Lionstar joined them and finally it was time.

Shadow, Redstar and Lionstar jumped back and Sunstar dug his fangs into the throat of the ginger tom. Surprised gasps came from the ThunderClan cats and Shadow whispered: "It's just like when you take a new member of StarClan. Just like that. Just like that." Then it happened. The ginger furred body fell limp and Sunstar fell backwards.

Immediately Lionstar jumped in front of him, taking the hit from the attack Tigerstar had made. Now separated from the ginger body, his true body became visible and his amber eyes blazed when Lionstar threw him back.

"Tigerstar", shouted Cloudtail. Now Shadow leaped forward and pinned him down.

"Now, where is Firestar?", hissed the she-cat.

"You think I'll tell you?", spat Tigerstar. "Ha, even if I would, everything I had him see, s going to change him. Too bad for you Shadow. You came here in a try to talk to Firestar and ask him if he blamed ShadowClan for anything I've done. After all he's seen now, he surely will."

"You monster", shouted Shadow and clawed him furiously. "Why are you putting ShadowClan through so much? Scourge, your legacy, the Dark-Forest, everything because of you!" Tigerstar struggled under her, however didn't manage to break free.

"Shadow stop!"

Shadow's head snapped to the entrance. Bramblestar, Mistystar, Onestar and Tawnystar raced up to her.

"Stop", repeated Bramblestar. "We have to find Firestar and get him out of here. Tigerstar can't be stopped by killing him here and you know that."

Shadow hesitated, then jumped away from the bleeding lump of tabby fur. He gazed at them and laughed.

"Have fun. I'll give you a hint. What comes from the Sky is kept now nearby."

He laughed, then disappeared in black fog. The former leaders looked at each other. It was silent for a while, then Sandstorm finally shouted: "What with StarClan is going on here?"

All of them looked at her, then Sunstar turned to Bramblestar and asked: "What is with the other two?"

"They stayed behind to make sure nothing more happens", answered Bramblestar. "But what happened here?"

"I can answer you", hissed Mousefur. "Firestar became worse than Tigerstar was."

"WHAT?", exclaimed Bramblestar, Tawnystar, Mistystar and Onestar unison.

"Actually", cut Shadow in. "That was Tigerstar all along. He took Firestar over. Now we have to find him."

"But…what did he mean with: What comes from the Sky is kept now nearby?"

Everyone shrugged, then Shadow remembered something. "When the Dark rises once more, pain is all they leave behind. The hunt goes on, deep in the night, until the last breath of the warriors from the Sky. If they fail, eternal night will end the time of the Clans", said the she-cat. "What?", asked Tawnystar confused. "The prophecy. You know who the warriors of the sky are. And Firestar can't be kept in the sky, so what is the closest to it a cat can reach?", asked Shadow.

Finally Bramblestar's features brightened up and he called: "Of course, trees!"

Shadow nodded and then Brambleclaw padded forward and asked: "Might someone explain now what's going on here?"

Bramblestar hesitated, when Onestar said: "Believe me, you're better off without knowing."

Then, in unison, the StarClan cats leaped away and climbed onto the nearest trees. "We separate", called Shadow. "Then we should find him faster." Everyone nodded and off they went. They searched for what seemed like forever then suddenly Onestar's voice reached her. "I found him. It's worse than I thought. I'm near the WindClan border!"

Immediately Shadow set off to find Onestar. Fast she raced over the ground, leaving it to others to jump over trees. Fast she came forward and soon found Onestar's scent trail. She followed him and almost ran into Tawnystar.

The she-cats eyes were wide and she stared at something. Shadow stepped around her and froze. Onestar loomed over the weak outlining of a ginger tom. He shivered the whole time and his eyes were wide.

It seemed like Onestar was trying to reason with Firestar, who hissed back at him and then broke out in new shivers.

Oh no, thought Shadow. What has Tigerstar caused?

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