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Onestar paced back and forth while Bramblestar tried to calm his former mentor down. He growled frustrated. Whatever they said, Firestar found the right argument to make it seem worthless. All of them had already tried to reason with him, however nothing worked.

What can we do?, wondered the former WindClan leader. Oh StarClan what can we do?

He shook his head and sat down. Glancing at Firestar, he winced. He never thought he would ever see the ginger leader like this. So…hopeless. Firestar always knew a way out, he always had another plan, he always did the right thing and now, nothing. Sighing deeply Onestar closed his eyes and tried to think of a solution. A weak smiled appeared on his face. In other times, he would've turned to Firestar for help.

"What can we just do?"

He looked up. Mistystar had settled down next to him. Her normally piercing blue eyes seemed dull. She'd the same impression of Firestar, Onestar had. Everyone had. Firestar was just the one leader everyone admired for at least one little thing. He'd a harder way than most others, considering his kitty-pet roots, but it never stopped him, it pushed him even farther.

I could've never managed to be leader in such a young aged, thought Onestar, remembering how many season's Firestar had led ThunderClan before Tallstar had appointed him new WindClan leader. Firestar had been warrior for not even five full seasons and still had managed to lead them all through the fight against BloodClan. If any cat who'd known him had been asked to name the one cat who never gave up, most would've answered Firestar. Sighing once more, Onestar remembered how broken the ginger leader had been when his daughters had disappeared, but how he'd pushed it back for ThunderClan's sake. He knew, Firestar had taken strength out of his mate and… Onestar's eyes widened.

"Of course", whispered the light brown tabby tom.

"What?", asked Mistystar.

Jumping up Onestar called: "I'll be right back."

And he sped through ThunderClan territory. Once again he thanked the ancestors that StarClan had no borders. He knew the way to ThunderClan's camp as well as he'd known every part of the old WindClan territory. Using all the speed his roots and StarClan were able to give him, he pushed himself to his limits. He needed to hurry. Who knew when the sun could rise. He dashed through the entrance into the camp and was greeted by a few growls. Ignoring them he scanned the rows of cats for a familiar pale-ginger pelt.

After a while he found Sandstorm and was relieved to find her, gazing at Firestar's body with pity.

Suddenly Brambleclaw stepped forward and growled: "What do you want?"

Onestar ignored the anger and answered: "We found him."

"And?", spat Thronclaw. "Why would we want that monster back?"

Onestar winced and new Firestar had heard him. "That wasn't Firestar", argued the tabby back. "It was Tigerstar controlling his body. Firestar can hear and see everything that's happening here. Tigerstar is trying to break him and the more distrust you give him, the sooner he'll manage it. You can't let that happen!"

"And why not?", asked Squirrelflight.

"Because without him the clans wouldn't be anymore", shouted Onestar, losing his patience. "Because, he is your father, because he is your leader. Because when you continue like this you all are nothing better than Tigerstar!" He breathed heavily. Why were those cats so stubborn?

"I don't believe that", growled Mousefur.

Onestar was about to argue, when a familiar voice called: "But I do!"

He almost yowled in happiness while Sandstorm stepped forward.

"What?", gasped Cloudtail. "Why?"

"Because I know him", answered Sandstorm, her voice thick with sadness. "Firestar would never do anything that happened. One-Onestar just has to say the truth."

"You believe the leader of another clan?", asked Ashfur.

Onestar softly stated: "Firestar and I have our differences, but I would never, never ever, watch how ThunderClan suffers under Tigerstar. Not because WindClan owes it, but, different clan leaders or not, he is my friend." He locked eyes with Sandstorm. "Firestar is lost within doubts, Tigerstar's lies and ThunderClan's distrust. Sandstorm you are the only one who can get him out of it."

"Me?", asked the she-cat hopefully.

"Yes you. You are his mate, the cat he loves. If you can't, nobody can", assured Onestar. "Will you come with me?" She nodded, then Dustpelt pounced at her. Onestar pushed him away and urged: "Fast, we don't have much time. To WindClan border."

Sandstorm raced off, while Onestar blocked the tunnel. Half of ThunderClan growled at him, the other half looked confused, sad and hopeful. They wanted to believe his words, but couldn't.

"I still don't see why we should trust you", growled Mousefur. "WindClan stays WindClan."

Onestar growled and asked: "What am I supposed to do? Get Sunstar here to vouch for me?"

"Would be a beginning", stated Cloudtail.

The tabby narrowed his eyes at the white tom and said: "I can't understand why you believe me the least Cloudtail. You are his nephew after all."

"Exactly", growled the white tom back. "I held to him the longest and what did I get?" He showed Onestar a large scar on his flank.

"As I said", soothed Onestar. "It was Tigerstar, not Firestar. Look into your heart Cloudtail. Would Firestar ever do such a thing? Remember, he even decided to break the warrior code to stop the battle between ThunderClan and WindClan, just to make sure ThunderClan doesn't have to fight for nothing. He saved lives that day, like he's always done it. Do you really think that tom could be capable of doing such a thing?"

Cloudtail hesitated with the answer, but in his eyes shone something. Not believe but the hope of believe. He wanted that Onestar's words were true, but something kept him from believing. Then Onestar saw him. A shadowy tom with piercing blue eyes sat under a bush.


Onestar unsheathed his claws and sped forward. He rushed past the surprised ThunderClan cats and lunged at the tabby. Hawkfrost wasn't prepared for the attack and Onestar managed to run his claws over the others snout. Then Hawkfrost pushed him away and attacked as well. Both toms attacked furiously, then broke apart and growling Onestar spat: "Who else?"

"What do you mean?", asked Hawkfrost innocently.

"Who else except for you and Tigerstar is behind this? Thistleclaw, Antpelt, Breezepelt? Anyone I don't know about?"

Hawkfrost laughed and asked: "My, my Onestar, someone gave you crow-food instead of prey? Why so snappy?"

"You know why", growled Onestar back.

Hawkfrost laughed once more, then lunged at him again, to be pushed away through Bramblestar. Onestar watched how the dark tabby seemed to fight off his half-brother with ease. After a while, Hawkfrost fled by disappearing in black mist. Bramblestar turned around and asked: "Are you alright?"

Onestar nodded and asked back: "Did Sandstorm reach you?"

Bramblestar purred and gestured to the camp-entrance. "Does that answer your question?" Onestar turned around and sighed in relief. Sandstorm sped out of the tunnel, followed by the transparent form of Firestar. Immediately the ginger tom walked to the body Tigerstar had left and in a flash of light he disappeared in it. Then the ginger body sat up and Firestar shook his head. He stood up and opened his eyes. Another sigh of relief left Onestar's throat when he saw the familiar and warm emerald green.

Firestar walked towards him and said: "Thank you, Onestar. Thank you. Without you Tigerstar might have succeeded in his plans."

Smiling at his old friend he answered: "It was my pleasure Firestar, really. And if I hadn't thought of Sandstorm, someone else had."

"But probably to late then", argued Firestar softly. His glowing eyes darkened and he continued: "Tigerstar almost reached his goal. Sandstorm came just in time."

Onestar frowned, then stated: "But everything turned out right, not? And though it was terrible what he did, he did some good."

Firestar smiled now and answered: "Indeed. We now know that, as long as he can't reach anyone physically, he needs to attack mentally."

"And StarClan will be more alerted." Onestar smirked and murmured: "Like most of us already claimed to be."

Firestar laughed at this, then everything around the two of them became blurry.

"Time for you to wake up."

Smiling Firestar nodded, then argued: "Or more for you to leave. I need to talk to Shadow, then I can allow myself to wake up. Once again Onestar, thank you, thank you very much."

Onestar nodded and then he found himself in the apprentice den. He looked down at the small form of his friend. The ginger tom finally seemed to sleep peacefully.

Firestar watched how Onestar disappeared into thin air and then concentrated. He closed his eyes and when he reopened them, he found himself at Fourtrees. What you can do when you know you dream, thought the ginger tom amused. Then the bushes rustled and a big black she-cat stepped out. Firestar dipped his head in respect and before she was able to speak he said: "I don't blame you or your clan Shadow."

Shadow didn't seem to believe him since she shook her head and argued: "You're lying."

"Why would I be?", asked Firestar.

Shadow had despair in her eyes when she threw her head up and yowled: "After all that happened you ask me that?"

Searching for the right words, Firestar was silent for a while, then explained: "I do not blame you Shadow, nor ShadowClan. Do not forget, Tigerstar, for example, was a ThunderClan cat at birth and until he was exiled. Then he was a rogue and then ShadowClans leader. In other words, if I would blame ShadowClan for anything he has done, I'd have to blame ThunderClan and every rogue just as much."

This seemed to get through to her. She looked at him and asked: "What about Brokenstar?"

"What about Thistleclaw?", asked Firestar back. "Or Mapleshade, or Darkstripe, or Antpelt?"

Shadow laughed a bit and said: "Alright Firestar, I get your point."

Firestar smiled at her and padded closer. "Shadow whatever happens, those crimes were done by cats, not by whole clans. I have no reason to blame ShadowClan for anything, though during my first lifetime, it took me a while to realise this."

She nodded, then said: "We should both return into the real world. I need to go back to StarClan soon and you should continue your life."

Firestar nodded and then everything disappeared. After a short while of nothingness, the ginger tom felt how a soft tongue licked his flank. Blinking tiredly he opened his eyes and saw Sandpaw over him.

"Firepaw you're awake", exclaimed the she-cat. He smiled at her and tried to stand up. "Ah-ah-ah", argued Sandpaw and pushed him back down. "After what happened yesterday, Splashwhisker wants you to stay in camp today."

Firepaw looked at her and asked: "And what about Nightstar?"

"Splashwhisker and Sapphirefur convinced him that you were just shocked since you were almost carried away by an hawk. But that the owl luckily just got the vole you caught." The ginger tom nodded, but frowned at the memory of Snowkit, the last kit of Speckletail. He'd been deaf and carried away by a hawk. Suddenly Sandpaw padded away and said: "I have training with Reedwhisker." She smirked and said: "Don't you dare to leave the camp." Firepaw smiled and shook his head. He wouldn't dare to have her chasing him through the entire camp.

After she'd left, Firepaw thought what to do with this day. He started grooming his fur and after he was done with it, he tried to stand up. He felt a bit shaky, but managed it. Slowly he padded out of the den and thought; Well, then I'll visit the elders.

He made his way across the clearing, when Lionclaw caught him up and asked: "Firepaw where are you going?"

He looked up at her and answered: "I don't know what to do now so I thought I visit the elders."

Lionclaw seemed satisfied with the answer, since she nodded and turned away. Continuing his way, he got closer to the elders den, when he suddenly heard another familiar voice.

"Playing ill to skip training?"

He sighed deeply and turned to come face to face with Nettlepaw. "Nettlepaw I'm really not in the mood to…"

Firepaw broke off when he found Nettlepaw's claws at his throat.

"Nettlepaw what with StarClan are you…"

"Listen", hissed the white and silver tabby. "I am not stupid. You are the just so talented apprentice everyone loves, who just appears to also be the leader's son. But that doesn't make you special!" Firepaw stepped back and swallowed an angry answer. Instead he simply turned away and continued his walk. Nettlepaw hissed furiously behind him, however he ignored him and pushed his way into the elders den.

All five of them were awake and Stormwing greeted: "Firepaw what can we do for you?"

He smiled and answered: "Well, after what happened yesterday, Splashwhisker asked Nightstar to keep me in camp today."

"Ah yes", said Kestrelstrike. She looked at him. "Was it really bad?"

Firepaw did his best to look at least a bit scared and answered: "The hawk almost got me so…yeah."

"Hawk?", asked Whisperear.

"Didn't you hear", asked Scarpath. "Yesterday while Sapphirefur and Firepaw were hunting, a hawk almost carried him away."

At this Whisperear shuddered and asked Firepaw: "Are you alright?"

"More the less", answered Firepaw. "Still a bit weak on my legs."

"No wonder", stated Greeneye.

"Yes", agreed Kestrelstrike, then turned to Firepaw. "I got my name from kestrels."

"Really?", asked Firepaw surprised and settled down.

"Yes, when I was on my last assignment as an apprentice kestrels almost got me, big ones too. The scars on my flank are from them. But I managed to fight them off and kill one. That's why Wildstar gave me Kestrelstrike as my warrior name." "So, you weren't Kestrelpaw?", asked Firepaw curiously. Kestrelstrike shook her head and answered: "No, my apprentice name was…well, you can say the exact opposite. It was Mousepaw."

Firepaw smiled at that. The she-cat did remind him of Mousefur. Then he asked: "Did anyone else in the clan have another name before they had the names they have now."

"Let me think", murmured Scarpath. "Oh yes. There are Hopewing and Spiritheart."

"Sandpaw's and Dustpaw's father?", asked Firepaw.

Scarpath nodded and Stormwing caught up. "Both got their names changed after a fight against ShadowClan. A bad one at that. Only half of ThunderClan could fight since the other half was ill. Spiritheart and Hopewing more the less lifted our spirits and hopes before and after the battle. Spiritheart's old name was Crowtail and Hopewing was Goldenpaw. Well, Wildstar changed their names in honour of how they've helped ThunderClan."

Firepaw was in awe. He only changed a name one time. That was for Brightheart, since Lostface, the name Bluestar had given the she-cat, was too cruel. His thoughts went back in time and he just snapped out of it when Greeneye called for him loudly.


"Are you alright", asked Whisperear.

"Y-Yes", answered Firepaw. "I…just had a bad dream last night."

"What about?"

What am I supposed to tell them?, panicked Firepaw in his head. Finally he answered: "Well, about a hawk stealing a kit." "Do you want to talk about it?", asked Scarpath softly. Firepaw nodded and then told them: "Well, it was a white furred kit with blue eyes. Everywhere around it cats fled from a clearing and a pale tabby she-cat and a golden furred tabby shouted at it to run, but it didn't move. Then a hawk swooped down and got the kit. He was carried away and the she-cat and the tom ran after it." He fell silent. He'd just told the elders what had happened to Snowkit.

Kestrelflight said softly: "I guess it was your fear of what almost happened to you."

Firepaw shrugged and placed his head on his forepaws. He still blamed himself a bit for what happened to Snowkit. Suddenly he felt warmth on his flank and looked up. Scarpath had lain down next to him. The dark-grey tom smiled and stated: "Cheer up Firepaw. I want my grandson's time with us to be happy. Don't dwell in the past."

"Oh, well…wait a minute! Grandson?"

Scarpath laughed, joined by the other elders. "Nightstar never told you? I'm his father." Firepaw was speechless. He didn't expect the parents of his to still be alive. "In fact", went Scarpath on. "Both of your mother's parents are here as well."


The ginger tom looked to the elders and found Stormwing and Kestrelstrike smiling at him. "You two are Lionclaw's parents?" Stormwing nodded. Kestrelstrike stated: "Impressive that they really never told them." Scarpath nodded while Stormwing's face darkened. "You know why", sighed the tabby and sat up. "Why?", asked Firepaw. Scarpath looked away and Stormwing did the same, so Kestrelstrike answered: "Let's just say, though our kits, those three aren't exactly that fond of us anymore."

"Why not?", asked Firepaw. He didn't understand. The three elders were really nice.

"We…made mistakes once", answered Scarpath. "Nightstar's mother is a kitty-pet", admitted the grey tom. "He just got to know when he was deputy already. He is still angry at me for not telling him sooner."

Firepaw stared. Had he been right? Kitty-pets were more hated than in his time, and considering a lot of these cats were surely related to him, Cloudtail and Daisy, they all had a bit kitty-pet blood. "Why is that so bad?", asked Firepaw innocently.

Whisperear snorted and stated: "Because Nightstar, like many cats here, despises kitty-pets. It's said in the warrior code that a warrior rejects the soft life of a kitty-pet."

"B-But isn't that just it?", asked Firepaw, trying his best to not sound offended but confused. "What?", asked Kestrelstrike. "Well, isn't it just that. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kitty-pet. Why should we reject the cats themselves for the way they live?"

The elders looked at him, while Scarpath purred deeply. "I see finally someone shares my point of view", purred the grey tom. "You know, there is a legend that one leader of ThunderClan, was born as a kitty-pet and joined ThunderClan." Firepaw almost laughed now. Of course he knew. He was that kitty-pet. "Really?", asked the ginger tom instead.

Scarpath nodded and Kestrelstrike said: "Well, I can see that you both are right with your arguments. Why should we reject the cats? Most of them don't know any other life."

"And every cat was born free", agreed Greeneye. "Their ancestors surely were as wild and free as we are."

Smiling the ginger tom pressed himself against Scarpath. At least the elders started to realise what was important. After a while he looked at Kestrelstrike and Stormwing and asked: "Why does Lionclaw reject you?"

They both froze, then Stormwing whispered: "We both aren't ThunderClan by blood."

"Huh?", asked Firepaw.

Kestrelstrike explained: "We just found out by ourselves after we were warriors of ThunderClan already. I was born in ShadowClan while Stormwing's parents were a rogue she-cat and a WindClan warrior." Firepaw was speechless. That was no reason to reject the own parents.

"B-B-But…when you've been in ThunderClan your whole life, what's the problem?"

"Ask your mother", sighed Stormwing. "I'm still surprised that they allow you to spend so much time with us."

Firepaw nodded. He was surprised by himself. But now that he knew, he remembered some other times when he went to visit the elders. Nightstar always seemed to have bad days when he did it and even before, something had flashed through Lionclaw's eyes when he'd told her he wanted to visit the elders. Finally he stood up and turned to the exit.

"Where are you going Firepaw?", asked Stormwing.

"I'm going to talk to my parents", growled the small tom.

"Wait", called Scarpath after him, shock lingering in his voice.

But Firepaw ignored him and swiftly ran to the Highledge. Nightstar and Lionclaw sat under it, talking. This was going to be an interesting discussion.

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