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"Nightstar?" The black tom looked down at him and Firepaw took a deep breath. "Can I talk to you and Lionclaw in private?"

Both warriors looked confused, but the leader nodded and led his mate and son out of camp. Oh StarClan what am I thinking?, wondered Firepaw. How am I supposed to start? I… They stopped and Firepaw realised that they were at the lake. Nightstar sat down in front of him, Lionclaw next to him.

"Well son, what did you want to talk about?", asked the black tom friendly.

Firepaw took a deep breath, then softly asked: "Why…why did you never tell me that Scarpath, Stormwing and Kestrelstrike are my grandparents?" Now both looked taken aback.

Finally Lionclaw looked at him and slowly explained: "They…did terrible things Firepaw. We just…we just wanted to keep you away from their influence."

"F-Falling in love is…a bad thing?", asked Firepaw.


"They told me", shouted the apprentice finally. Everything burst out now. The frustration he'd felt since he started realising how much those cats hated kitty-pets, Tigerstar's attacks, the stress he was under, and now he took it out on his parents. "Why is it terrible to fall in love?", shouted Firepaw. "What does it matter that your mother was a kitty-pet? What she is should not have any influence on what you are. And still you are treating your own father like this."

He bared his fangs at Nightstar, who yowled: "I don't have to have my own son lecturing me. The warrior code says that a real warrior rejects the soft life of a kitty-pet!"

"But not the cats themselves", argued Firepaw. Thoughts of Tigerstar, Darkstripe and Brokenstar despising him for being born as a kitty-pet rushed through his head and he continued: "Why is it the kitty-pets fault that they don't know any other life?"

Nightstar was taken aback once more, then he growled: "Firepaw behave or I'll banish you from the camp for the next days."

"So that's how you solve your problems?", asked the ginger tom furiously. "By ignoring and rejecting the cats who see the truth?"

"Firepaw, calm down, your father…"

Lionclaw broke off when Firepaw spun towards her and hissed: "Come to speak about you. What does it matter that Kestrelstrike and Stormwing aren't born in ThunderClan? They are full ThunderClan cats by heart!"

"But not by blood", argued Lionclaw weakly.

Firepaw almost laughed at the situation. His mother was defending herself in front of him like he was the warrior and she was the apprentice.

"By blood? Really? What does blood matter? In their hearts they are ThunderClan, what else matters?"

Both grown up cats stared at him. Firepaw breathed heavily and stared up at them with burning eyes. He'd given away much, but those cats had no right to act like they had acted.

Finally Nightstar had gathered his thoughts and his eyes narrowed: "Well Firepaw, since you think that blood doesn't matter, show us how you get along in other clans territories. You're banished from ThunderClan territory till the next full moon."

At this the ginger tom went wide-eyed.


"You heard me", hissed Nightstar.

"Nightstar wait, maybe you…" Lionclaw broke off when the leaders glare fixed on her. She sunk her head, pity in her eyes. Firepaw stared for another moment, then spun around and tried to run off. He didn't manage it, since he ran directly into Scarpath.

"S-Scarpath", gasped Firepaw.

The grey tom didn't look at him, but growled: "Get behind me Firepaw." The apprentice obeyed and swiftly got behind the elder.

Nightstar narrowed his eyes more and asked: "What do you want here?"

"Trying to keep you from doing a terrible mistake Nightstar", answered Scarpath softly, fatherly care in his blue eyes. "You may reject me, but that doesn't keep me from being your father and caring for you. And believe me, when you allow your son to go now, then you'll lose him forever."

"What do you mean? How can you know this?"

"I know it from my own experience that when you allow loved ones to go, you lose them."

Scarpath's eyes glittered with upcoming tears.

"First your mother. Queen. She looked just like you." The elder shook his head, then continued: "She…didn't want her twolegs to take you away from her and they were old. They couldn't care for her anymore. She was terribly weak when I came to get you to the clan. You were just one moon old. I offered Queen to take her with us and she answered she would love to, but she couldn't now. The twolegs would use dogs to find her. She said, they would leave the house in a quarter moon and she could act like she was forgotten, then I could get her. It never came this far. When…when I came to get her…she was dead. Killed through starvation. I…taught her how to hunt. She was able to do it, but she barely got out. I…I found her in the garden. It looked like she'd managed to drag herself into it in a try to catch a mouse. I…guess she collapsed there and died. All because I didn't insist on getting her sooner."

Tears started to stream down his face. Firepaw pressed himself against Scarpath in a try to give the old tom some comfort. A grey tail wrapped around the small ginger furred tom and he purred. Scarpath took a deep breath, then looked at his son once again and continued.

"I…I always did my best to protect you. I…I never lied to you Nightstar."

"You did", growled Nightstar. "You said my mother was an honourable clan-cat who died to safe me."

"I never said she was a clan-cat, you just assumed it. However I told you the truth. She was an honourable cat. She wouldn't leave her twolegs to keep you safe. She rather died through their age, then have you dying through a dog." Nightstar was silent, his eyes were dull and held a confused shine. Scarpath padded forward and softly said: "The second thing I lost, was my son. You turned away from me the moment I told you who Queen was. I…I never understood why. You just rejected me." Scarpath shook his head and smiled a little. "When…Firepaw showed he shared my opinion about kitty-pets, I was out of it in happiness."

Blue and green eyes met when Firepaw answered Scarpath's gaze. He padded a bit forward and licked his grandfather's shoulder. Finally Nightstar moved. Firepaw looked at him confused. The black tom slowly walked forward, his eyes cast to the ground. Scarpath stiffened, but then it happened. Nightstar rushed forward and buried his muzzle in Scarpath's neck-fur. The grey tom stared, while Firepaw couldn't help but beam in happiness.

Finally Scarpath snapped out of his shock and his eyes started to shine. Firepaw padded up to Lionclaw, who watched the two toms with a warm glowing in her eyes. She licked her sons forehead and whispered: "I'm proud of you Firepaw."

He smiled at her, then whispered back: "What about Stormwing and Kestrelflight?"

She smiled back and answered: "I think it's time I accept it. They are what they are, but that doesn't matter. What matters is who they are. They are my parents and ThunderClan cats, no matter how they were born."

Firepaw purred then the four cats made their way back into camp. He smiled when he saw how close Scarpath and Nightstar walked together. Both were in an eager conversation. When they arrived back in camp, many cats' eyes widened in surprise at the sight of Nightstar and Scarpath so close together, but they kept their comments after a glare form Scarpath.

Firepaw watched them a while, then nudged his mother to the elders den. She froze, then stiffly walked up to it. Firepaw ran forward and into the den. The four other elders looked up.

"What is the commotion and murmuring out there about?", asked Greeneye.

Smiling Firepaw answered: "Scarpath and father get along again. They have much to catch up on. And someone else has too."

Stormwing and Kestrelflight both jerked backwards when Lionclaw came in.

She was silent for a while, then whispered: "I-I'm sorry. I should've never acted the way I had and…" She broke off when both of her parents licked her forehead. "What?"

"It's alright", soothed Kestrelflight and pressed herself against her daughter. "You needed time."

With this Firepaw left. He padded over the clearing and up to the apprentice den, where Sandpaw was eating a vole. She looked up and smiled at him. Firepaw smiled back.

Everything was alright again.

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