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Firestar wanted to groan in pain. His whole body felt sore and for a moment he forgot why. Then he remembered. He had led Bramblestar his way to StarClan and then he had felt dizzy and had blacked out. Sandstorm, thought the former leader in panic. What's with her and Greystripe. Is Silverstream alright? He tried to move, but found himself to not be able to feel his body. Great StarClan, what has just happened, wondered the tom. He blacked out, that was true, but what happened them. Firestar growled mentally.

Suddenly a sharp pain struck through him and the next moment sweet, milky scents went into his nose. The nursery, wondered Firestar. StarClan had nurseries, for the dead kits, but why would he be there? And what was with the others?

"When do you think will they open their eyes?" The voice was foreign to Firestar, and he knew almost every StarClan cat.

"I don't know, but they aren't that old yet, be patient."

A sigh reached his ears and the first voice meant: "I know, you are right. But call me when it's time."

It was silent so Firestar guessed the second voice had just nodded. He wanted to open his eyes, to find out what was going on, but tiredness numbed him and against his will he fell asleep once more. When he opened his eyes, he found himself on an empty field, a tom stood in front of it. Firestar immediately recognized the large tom with the fur-colour of autumn leaves, a broad head, broad shoulders, amber eyes, and big white paws.

"Th-Thunder", gasped the tom and stared at the first leader of ThunderClan in amazement. Thunder padded closer and said: "Firestar, I bet you wonder what happened." Firestar just managed a nod. This wasn't the first time he saw the tom, but the first time he was alone with him. Thunder smiled and explained: "Something happened, something none of us expected. You and a few others must fulfil a new Prophecy Firestar. Time will solve all mysteries."

Thunder began to disappear and Firestar called: "Wait, what do you mean?"

"Time will solve all mysteries", repeated the first ThunderClan leader before he was gone completely.

Firestar jerked out of his dream and woke up with a start. With wide eyes he looked around. This was the nursery in ThunderClans camp, though it was smaller in his memories. Many cats were in here, more than he knew. All in all the cats in here were completely unknown to him. Firestar strained his ears, but heard nothing but the steady breathing of sleeping cats. He was about to stand up and explore when a golden tail wrapped around him. With widened eyes he looked at the owner and saw a beautiful golden she-cat with yellow eyes smiling at him.

She nuzzled him and purred: "You're finally awake. And you've opened your eyes." Why is she treating me like a kit?, wondered Firestar. I'm older than her. Then he realised it. When this she-cat and the nursery were so big, wasn't it more realistic that he was smaller? He looked down at himself and barely held a surprised scream. He was smaller, he was a kit to be exact. But…but how is that possible, questioned the leader himself.


He looked up. He reacted to fire, though the kit was new for him. The golden she cat nuzzled him and meant: "You're the first one of you and your two brothers to be awake."

"Two brothers?", asked Firestar, hope building up inside of him. The she-cat moved a bit and his gaze fell on a long-haired, grey tom with broad shoulders and a stripe of darker grey fur and a black tom with a white dash on his chest and a white-tipped tail. Firestars heart beat harder and to be sure he asked: "What are their names?" The she-cat moved her tail and pointed at the grey kit, then at the black one.

"Greykit and Ravenkit."

Firestar silently prayed to StarClan. Those two had to be Greystripe and Ravenflight. Then the she-cat asked him to sleep a bit more. To not upset her Firestar curled up again, but his mind went back in time, to the day Ravenflight re-joined ThunderClan.

Firestar padded through the forest alone. He needed to think for a while. Not even three moons, then they would face Tigerstar and his warriors in a battle. He sighed deeply, then a scream echoed through the forest and his ears twitched. A new scream followed, this time he recognized the voice. "Dovewing", gasped the leader and dashed forward. Running towards the scream he soon found Dovewing's scent, together with Lionblaze' scent. He followed the scent-trail and finally burst out onto a small clearing, to freeze in surprise. Dovewing cowered behind her former mentor in fear, while Lionblaze battled with a mud-covered tom. Firestar barely saw the black fur underneath the mud and his heartbeat fastened. Confused he narrowed his eyes, then he saw them. The familiar amber eyes he hadn't seen for seasons and missed since the clans left the old forest.

Dashing forward he shouted: "Lionblaze stop!"

The warrior hesitated and the next moment Firestar was between him and the mud-covered tom. His back facing the tom he ordered: "You two, get back to camp, now!" Lionblaze tried to argue, but Firestar ordered once more: "Now!"

Slowly Lionblaze walked backwards, then turned away. With one last glance over his shoulder he disappeared in the bushes, Dovewing after him. Firestar turned to the other tom and immediately a purr rose up in his throat. Ignoring the mud on the others fur he pushed his nose into it and purred: "Ravenpaw, I'm so happy to see you again."

Ravenpaw purred as well and answered: "Same here Firestar, did Greystripe reach you?"

Firestar smiled and answered: "Yes, yes he did, he and Milly have been with us for a few seasons already." Ravenpaw's eyes shone, then they dimmed and Firestar asked: "What's wrong Ravenpaw?"

The black tom looked at him and explained sadly: "The barn was destroyed by twolegs and Barley died." Firestars eyes widened. True, Barley hadn't been the youngest tom but still. "I…I wanted to ask you", went Ravenpaw on. "May…may I join ThunderClan again?"

Firestar smiled immediately and answered: "It would be ThunderClans honour to have you Ravenpaw." The other tom smile and side-by-side the two toms made their way back to camp. Firestar questioned Ravenpaw about his journey and found out he went through the twoleg-place Brambleclaw and the others had crossed while they were looking for midnight. Finally they reached a small stream and Firestar pushed the tom inside. Ravenpaw shrieked and scrambled out fast.

"What was that all about?"

Firestar laughed and meant: "I wanted you to be more the less clean when we reach camp."

Ravenpaw looked down at himself, then he grinned, jumped into the stream once again and splashed water at the leader. "Hey, stop that!" Ravenpaw laughed: "Try and make me!" Firestar growled playfully and pounced on his friend. Both rolled through the stream and when they got out they were soaked with water, but clean.

"Jayfeather is going to claw my ears of for getting wet like that", stated the leader while he licked his fur to get it dry. Ravenpaw did the same and asked: "Jayfeather?"

"Our medicine-cat. Cinderpelt is dead and Leafpool retreated from her duty because she got kits with Crowfeather."

"That WindClan tom?" Firestar nodded and Ravenpaw laughed: "ThunderClan surely has a strange thinking about mates. Bluestar and Oakheart, Greystripe and Silverstream, Crowfeather and Leafpool." Dovewing and Tigerheart, added Firestar silently. He knew about the connection between Cloudtail's Grand-daughter and the ShadowClan warrior. Then he snapped out of his thoughts and said: "Let's move on."

Both toms walked on, chatting about everything. Far too soon for Firestars liking they reached the camp, but walked in nonetheless. Immediately the younger warriors growled at Ravenpaw while the older ones stared. Greystripe snapped out of his surprise first and raced forward. "Ravenpaw", exclaimed the grey tom happily and both touched noses. Firestar stepped aside while the cats who knew his friend welcomed him. Sandstorm sat down next to him and asked: "Why is Ravenpaw here?" "I'll explain later."

Firestar jumped onto the High-ledge and called for a meeting. When the cats were there he explained: "Cats of ThunderClan, for those who don't know our visitor yet, his name is Ravenpaw and he's a good friend of ThunderClan. Ravenpaw, without you ThunderClan could've been destroyed many times. You asked me to join your birth-clan once again and I gladly allow you to do so."

Immediately the cats of the old forest cheered for the loner while the others just stared in amazement and confusion.

"I, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this tom. He was forced to leave his clan because of Tigerstars Evil-Doings, but even as a loner he was a loyal friend and believed in you. Now I commend him as a warrior of ThunderClan. Ravenpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

Ravenpaw's eye shone and he answered: "I do."

Firestar smiled and went on: "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Ravenpaw, from this moment you will be known as Ravenflight. StarClan honours your loyalty and swiftness, and we welcome you as a full warrior." Firestar touched Ravenflights forehead with his nose and the black tom licked his shoulder in respect. "Ravenflight! Ravenflight", cheered the clan.

"Great StarClan what's going on!"

Firestar jerked out of his memories and opened his eyes. Greystripe stared up at the golden she-cat with wide eyes. Like with him she exclaimed: "You've opened your eyes, how wonderful." Greystripe looked completely bewildered and Firestar decided to safe him. He pounced on his friend, who squeaked in surprise.

"Firekit get off of your brother", scolded the she-cat.

Firestar backed off and meowed silently: "Sorry, I was just bored."

She purred and meant: "Just apologize to him."

"Sorry", said Firestar, then he whispered: "Just play along Greystripe."

The grey tom looked at him, then nodded and meowed: "Can we play when we are silent?"

The she-cat glanced at Ravenflight, then answered: "Just don't wake up Ravenkit or anyone else."

"Promise", called both unison and padded a bit farther away.

"Firestar what's going on here?" Firestar looked at his friend and shrugged. "I have no idea by myself, and no answer except for a strange sentence Thunder gave me." "And that sentence is?" "Time will solve all mysteries." Greystripe gave him a confused glance, then he meant: "Let's get back to…whoever she is. We have keep an eye on Ravenflight." "So that he won't freak out like you?", purred Firestar in amusement. Greystripe shot him an annoyed glance, then both smiled and padded back to Ravenflight. The black tom stirred when they reached him.

Firestar glanced at the she-cat. She was asleep, or dozing, he didn't know, however they had to talk to Ravenflight before he was too loud. The moment he opened his eyes, he jumped up and wanted to scream. Fast Firestar put his paw into his friends mouth and hissed: "Ravenflight when you scream now you'll get us all into trouble." The black tom nodded and Firestar put his paw back.

"What happened?", hissed the black tom confused. Firestar just shrugged again and Greystripe said: "We have no idea either Ravenflight, but it seems, wherever we are, we're brothers here."

"Bro-brothers?", asked the black tom confused. Firestar nodded and gestured to the she-cat. "I don't know her name, though she somehow seems to be our mother." "And now?", asked Ravenflight a little too loud and the next moment the she-cat purred loudly. "You opened your eyes as well." Firestar took the chance and asked: "Can we go outside?" The she-cat looked at them, then she meant: "Well, the sun rose already and…"

"Lionclaw who are you talking to?" The she-cat turned and Firestar saw a dark-grey she-cat with dark-blue eyes.

"Rockheart my kits opened their eyes", purred Lionclaw. "How nice, maybe mine will do it too soon as well." "Maybe", agreed Lionclaw.

"Can we go outside now", asked Greystripe with a whine, though Firestar saw how he rolled his eyes at the act. "Yes, get out back there, it's a safe spot behind the nursery, perfect for kits to play." "Thanks", exclaimed Ravenpaw and the three toms ran on. The moment they were out Greystripe groaned: "I hate this act. I am no kit and I don't want to act like one." "We all don't want to Greystripe", reassured Ravenflight. "But we have to." Greystripe sighed, but nodded and Firestar looked around.

This place was completely new to him, but they surely were in ThunderClan-Camp. They were on a small place with grass, surrounded by brambles, thick enough to keep even badgers out, but they were in the sun. "That's incredible", breathed the red tom. His friends looked up from their discussion and their jaws dropped. Firestar hit both of them with his tail and was about to speak up when a new voice reached his ears.


He looked up, to lock eyes with a small pale-ginger kit with pale-green eyes. She was followed by a dark-brown tabby tom. "Sandstorm, Dustpelt?", asked Firestar surprised. The next moment he was ran-over by the she-cat. Sandstorm meowed happily and Firestar pushed his nose into her fur, breathing in her familiar warm scent. "It's you", whispered Sandstorm. "I…it thought who knows what happened to you."

"I think what happened to us can be defined with who knows what", interrupted Ravenflight. Firestar nodded and asked: "So, are we five the ones that got transported here where…" He trailed off. This was ThunderClan, so why was he saying where. But all those cats were new to him. Thunders words echoed in his mind. "Time will solve all mysteries!"

Firestars eyes widened.

"Firestar, what's wrong", asked Dustpelt. "Not where", mumbled the red tom. "What?" He looked up and said louder: "The question isn't where we are, but when we are." Sandstorm looked at him confused. Dustpelt glared at him like he had done when Firestar had told from his plan to stop the battle between WindClan and ThunderClan while he still was deputy. Greystripe lost the track completely, but Ravenflights expression suddenly bright it. "Of course", meowed the black tom. "We surely are in ThunderClan camp. But those cats are new to us." Now Greystripe got it as well and he meant: "Then Thunders words make sense as well." "Thunders words?", asked Dustpelt. Firestar nodded and explained: "Thunder visited me and said: Time will solve all mysteries. Time, we are in the future!"

Sandstorms and Dustpelts eyes widened when they realised what he meant. They discussed what happened until it was about sun high. "So what do we do now?", asked Sandstorm. "Play along", guessed Ravenflight with a shrug. "No matter if we have our memories or not, we have the bodies of kits", agree Dustpelt. The five of them nodded, then leaves rustled and they froze. They all shared a glance, ready to get into one of those playful kit-fights, when three familiar cats appeared.

"Bluestar, Spottedleaf, Silverstream", gasped Firestar out. The three froze and looked at the group. "Firestar", called Bluestar carefully. The tom smiled at his old mentor and nodded. Then Silverstream shot forward and tackled Greystripe in the same way Sandstorm had done it with Firestar.

"Greystripe", purred the silver she-cat. "Silverstream", exclaimed Greystripe happily. Firestar purred amused while he watched them, then Bluestar sat down next to him and asked: "Firestar, what's going on here? Where are we?" "The problem isn't where we are Bluestar", answered Firestar. "But when. We are in the future." The three she-cats froze and stared at him.

Firestar was about to start an explanation when leaves rustled once more. Then a thick-furred, broad-shouldered, long-bodied, white tom with yellow eyes and tufted ears steps out and calls behind him: "You're acting completely unreasonable."

"Whitestorm", gasped Bluestar surprised. Immediately the tom focused on her and Firestar purred when he saw his first deputy. "You all…", gasped the white tom confused, then he meant: "Hollyleaf get out here finally." "Hollyleaf is here", asked Ravenflight. Firestar purred. The interest the black tom had in the same-coloured she-cat was obvious.

Grumbling a black she-cat appeared out of the den and froze when she saw them. "Holy StarClan." "Yes, I guess those words are matching for our situation", meant Spottedleaf.

For a while everyone was silent, scanned the other cats. Firestar still couldn't believe it that ten StarClan cats were sent back to life for a reason not even the first leaders knew about. Finally Whitestorm found his voice and asked: "Does any of you appear to know what's going on here?"

"You should talk more kit-like", advised Sandstorm. Whitestorm looked bewildered and confused and Firestar explained: "It seems the ten of us all got turned into kits and transported into the future of ThunderClan. We have to fulfil a prophecy, where not even the first leaders now much about. Thunder told me: Time will solve all mysteries. I guess for now we have to play along."

Whitestorm still looked completely bewildered, but then he snapped out of it and asked: "But why us ten?" Everyone shrugged, then Firestar heard Lionclaws voice. "Firekit, Greykit, Ravenkit come back in."

Firestar shuddered and meant: "I guess that's something we've got to get used to as well." "So we address each other with kit as well?" "At least as long somebody is around", meant Silverstream. The red tom nodded in agreement and pushed his nose into his mates fur one last time.

"See you then Sandkit." Sandkit nodded and answered: "See you Firekit." With that he, Greykit and Ravenkit dashed off.

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