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Test Pt 1

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"Whitepaw, Bluepaw, Firepaw", called Rivertail. The three apprentices looked up from their play-fight in front of the apprentice den.

"Yes?", asked Firepaw and sat down.

"I told Nightstar about the improvement you ten made, and I included Spottedpaw. She's a great fighter for a medicine cat and her fine nose is very helpful. Nightstar wanted you to show him your abilities. I want you all to come to the mossy hollow, at sunhigh. Don't be late."

With that the light-grey tom padded off. Firepaw shared a glance with Bluepaw and Whitepaw, who seemed as surprised as him. Yet the white tom stood up and stretched: "Well, alright. I'll get Sandpaw, Dustpaw and Ravenpaw."

"Silverpaw, Greypaw and Hollypaw are out hunting. I'll get them", added Bluepaw.

"Then I'll get Spottedpaw", stated Firepaw and the three separated. Swiftly the ginger tom padded over the clearing and meowed a greeting while he stepped into Splashwhisker's den.

"What now?", asked the healer and sniffed at Firepaw's fur. The ginger tom burst out in laughter. He'd been so often in Splashwhisker's den, at least in the past moon, that the healer suspected a new injury in every visit.

"Nothing. I'm not injured, don't worry. I just need to borrow Spottedpaw for a while?"

"Borrow?", asked the healer amused. "Don't let her hear that." Firepaw grinned, then explained what Rivertail had told him, Whitepaw and Bluepaw. "I see", said the medicine cat afterwards. "Alright. At the moment she takes care of the elders. I'll send her to you when she comes back. Alright?"

Firepaw nodded, meowed his thanks and left the den. He checked the sun and thought; It's pretty close to sunhigh. I better get moving. And with that, he bolted out of the camp and through the forest. The fresh scent of leaves hit him when he broke through a bush and Firepaw grinned happily. That was what he loved ThunderClan territory for. The fresh green-leaf days, the colours. Far too soon for his liking, he reached the mossy hollow, to gasp in surprise. Except for Bluepaw, Silverpaw, Greypaw and Hollypaw were also, Rivertail, Nightstar, Lionclaw, Leopardclaw, Reedheart, Spiritheart, Lynxfur, Eagleflight, Rockheart, Wolfheart, Hopewing, Hawkpath and Weaselflight present. All of the apprentices mentors. Firepaw slowed down and padded up to them.

"Firepaw", greeted Rivertail. "Where is Spottedpaw?"

"Splashwhisker sends her when she's done helping the elders", explained Firepaw and settled down next to his brother. Greypaw smirked at him and Firepaw grinned back. He was just as excited as his brother was. They'd never done anything like this in the past. Suddenly a few bushes rustled and Whitepaw, the ones he gathered, Spottedpaw and Splashwhisker appeared.

"Good", began Nightstar and stood up. "Now that everyone is present, I can explain." The teen apprentices shared glances, then returned their attention to the black tom. "Rivertail told me about the improvement all of you already made. What we're going to do today, is something I've planned since long, yet never had the right apprentices and to less in number for. You will be separated in two groups. One group will be a ThunderClan patrol, the other can choose which clan they want to represent. Rivertail pulled a border straight through our territory, you'll find it easily. The side of the border, that opens to camp, will be ThunderClan territory, the other side will be the other groups territory. The ThunderClan patrol has to check the border and try to hold the others off, while the other patrol has to try to cross it and get back here, to the mossy hollow. Only if every member of the enemy-patrol reached this place, you won. The other group won when they manage to keep the other group away till the end of sunset."

The ten stared at Nightstar. That sounded pretty easy, yet they all knew, when they gave their best, it would be hard to win.

"Any questions?", asked Rivertail.

The teen shook their heads and Nightstar continued: "Alright, Firepaw will lead the ThunderClan Patrol and Bluepaw the other one."

"Can we play WindClan?", asked the she-cat innocently.

The other nine snickered to themselves. Nightstar nodded and the two padded off to discuss who could take who.

Splashwhisker watched how the two apprentices discussed in a whisper. He smirked and murmured to Reedheart: "Why do you think he chose exactly those two? Both groups will have it harder than any other time now."

Reedheart chuckled silently, then answered: "Because, when I heard how Nightstar and Rivertail discussed about this yesterday, I dropped the fact that those two have great leadership-skills to Rockheart."

"Loud enough for Nightstar to hear. You'll never make it easy now, do you?", asked the healer amused.

A part of him didn't quite believe that he was truly a friend of Reedheart now. The older tom barely let cats close and Splashwhisker had almost never talked to him, until the day Firepaw and Sandpaw revealed who they and their friends really were. From this day on, he, Reedheart and Sapphirefur had spent lot of their free time discussing about those ten. They were each filled with pride that StarClan decided them for being good enough to teach former StarClan warriors. Also was it amusing to see that even if the ten had lived long lives already, they could still be taught something.

Reedheart nodded to his apprentice while he answered: "Sandpaw would claw my ears of when I make it easy for her."

Before Splashwhisker could answer, Firepaw and Bluepaw came back and shortly talked to their friends. They nodded and parted in two groups.

"Firepaw, Sandpaw, Greypaw, Dustpaw and Ravenpaw against Bluepaw, Silverpaw, Whitepaw, Hollypaw and Spottedpaw. Interesting groups", stated Eagleflight.

"Not stupid or surprising though", said Weaselflight. "If those ten ever part, it's mostly in those two groups."

Splashwhisker heard an agreeing meow from Reedheart, then Nightstar asked: "Are you ready?"

Impressed he watched how the ginger tom and the bluish-grey she-cat checked their cats, before both answered: "We are."

"Very well. Rivertail please lead 'WindClan'" …an amused tone had snuck into Nightstar's voice at this… "To the lake. Firepaw, you and your group follow me." With that both tom's led the groups away, in different directions. Splashwhisker waited anxiously. He was truly curious how this would turn out. Suddenly Nightstar came back, and Rivertail followed soon. "We'll watch from the trees", explained the leader.

The whole group of grown up cats climbed up and started to leap from branch to branch. After a while, Splashwhisker was gasping and wondered how with StarClan those ten had managed to move like this the whole way from camp to WindClan border. Suddenly Nightstar hissed for a stop and retreated into leaves and shadows. Everyone followed his lead and curiously Splashwhisker checked their surroundings.

On the ground below them, Firepaw led Greypaw and Ravenpaw through the bushes.

"Where are Sandpaw and Dustpaw?", asked Spiritheart worriedly.

"I doubt you need to worry about your kits Spiritheart", soothed Reedheart.

"Why so?", asked Leopardclaw.

"Sandpaw is the fastest of them. And a formidable stalker", stated the spotted tom proudly.

"So I should be worried about Whitepaw?", joked the brown spotted she-cat. Reedheart rolled his eyes at her and Splashwhisker shook his head before he returned his attention to the three apprentices, who'd now stopped.

Firepaw had opened his jaws and took in air, before he meowed: "I can't sent them here or west, where the wind comes from."

"Then let's walk east", offered Ravenpaw. "That's the ground Sandpaw and Dustpaw can't cover", added the black tom more silently.

His brothers nodded they snuck away. Splashwhisker thought; As much as I want to see how Spottedpaw is doing. I have no idea where she went. Following them can't hurt. The healer slid out of his hiding-place and leaped after the apprentice's. Glancing back he found Nightstar, Lionclaw, Rockheart and Weaselflight following him. Suddenly they heard a wail. Splashwhisker froze on the branch he was on and saw that the three apprentices under him had frozen up as well.

"Isn't that the sign for…", began Greypaw, when Firepaw hissed at him to be silent.

The ginger tom turned his ears to the noise and when it came again, he stated: "That's Spottedpaw, not Sandpaw."

"What if she's in trouble?", asked Ravenpaw worriedly.

Splashwhisker saw that the ginger tom seriously fought with himself, then he said: "It lies in the direction Sandpaw covers. When she gives the sign, we'll go." He turned back to the direction they'd walked in and said: "Let's continue."

The other two nodded, though all three of them glanced back at times. Splashwhisker frowned, then muttered: "I'm going to check up on her."

"Of course", muttered Nightstar back. "She's your apprentice. Go."

And Splashwhisker left. He leaped over the branches with renewed energy. It could very well be possible that his apprentice ran into a fox. But Firepaw said she's in the direction Sandpaw seemingly is in too. When there's serious trouble, she'll give a sign. Splashwhisker forced himself to repeat these words in his head over and over. Surprisingly they truly calmed his troubled thoughts.

Reedheart had caught a glance of Dustpaw in the trees and was now following the brown tom from branch to branch. Firepaw's strategy was clever, he had to admit that. On the tree's, Dustpaw had true advantage. His brown fur blended with most of the trees' barks. In that way the brown tabby swiftly, and effectively, covered much ground. The spotted warrior guessed Sandpaw did the same. Suddenly Dustpaw froze on his branch. The warrior froze too, then heard the rustling of leaves behind him. It was just faint, so Dustpaw was too far away to hear it.

Glancing back, he found Lynxfur and Hopewing behind him. The two used their tails to gesture down. Reedheart followed their gestures and gasped. Bluepaw's whole patrol, except for Spottedpaw, jumped over the lower branches of the trees, directly to Rivertail's border. Then a yowl cut through the silence of the forest. Reedheart stared at Dustpaw, who yowled once more. Birds flew up and out of the forest, yet the apprentice yowled a third time, before he dropped to the height Bluepaw and her cats were in.

"Going somewhere?", hissed the brown tom.

Reedheart found Bluepaw smirking and muttered: "Of course. He's completely outnumbered."

That was when it happened. A yowl of fear tore itself from Hollypaw's throat, then she was suddenly gone from her branch. Everyone stared down in shock. Firepaw pinned the black she cat down to the ground. He'd pulled her off of her branch. Suddenly Dustpaw lunged at Silverpaw and both fell to the ground. There they wrestled.

Bluepaw leaped down to help, when Ravenpaw rammed her flank and both got flung away from the wrestling cats. Whitepaw had managed to get Firepaw away from Hollypaw, who was now attacked by Greypaw.

Only Sandpaw and Spottedpaw weren't in the fight.

After quite some time, Bluepaw ordered retreat and the four disappeared between the bushes. Firepaw twitched his tail and shook his head when Greypaw and Dustpaw were about to follow them.

"Don't", gasped the ginger tom out. "It's not necessary. We…just need to make sure they can't get to the mossy hollow."

The three nodded, then Sandpaw appeared from the bushes and stated: "Wow, quite some fight I missed here, uh?"

"You could say so", answered Dustpaw and shook his fur. Leaves rained to the ground. "Where did you disappear to?"

"I surely wasn't the only one who heard Spottedpaw's wail", asked the pale-ginger she-cat.

"We heard it too. It was a trick then I presume."

Sandpaw nodded and licked the ruffled fur on her flank. "It was. She can put up quite a fight when she wants to. Well, that and she caught me in I don't know how many cobwebs."

At this the tom's chuckled, then Firepaw asked: "So, everyone caught his breath?" The other four nodded. "Then, Ravenpaw, think you can handle the ground alone with Dustpaw?"

"Sure we can", answered the black tom. "Right?"

Dustpaw nodded and Firepaw continued: "Then Sandpaw, Greypaw and I will use the trees to find out where the others are hiding. Let's go." Ravenpaw and Dustpaw ran off, while the other three swiftly climbed up the trees.

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